Some one


Naruto x Xion


Author's Note


Some slight spoilers for my Kingdom Hearts Unleashed Series, but not everything mentioned or hinted at will be cannon.


Story Start


Xion sat upon a bridge, her legs hanging over the side as she was watching the son set. In her hand was a sea-salt ice pop, the warm rays of the sun causing it to trickle. She sighed and took a glance at her watch. 'He's late?' she thought as her mind turned back to the sun. 'He's probably with Aqua-san again. Ever since her and the others were restored and we lost...' she paused as she felt a bit of sadness coming from her heart...her heart.

''Hey...'' A voice called out from her, standing upon a cloud several feet in front of her.

''Hey,'' she replied shyly, then feeling her cheeks burn red in embarrasement.

''I'm late huh?'' he asked as hopped unto the bridge.

''Yeah, where were you?''

'Sorry...I was...searching,'' he answered as he took a seat next to her. ''I'm not convinced he's gone. A heart that powerful doesn't just vanish. And I think your ice-cream...''

Xion took notice of her ice drops dripping unto her sky blue skirt. She held up her ice-cream away from her clothing as her companion took a lick.

''Naruto,'' she whined as he grinned.

''Well Xion, want not waste,'' he said as he wrapped an arm around her. ''What's wrong?'' he asked as she shook her head.

''It's nothing...''

''It must be something. Because normally you always running up with an excited look on your face with some book or asking me tons of questions,'' he teased as the girl went red.

''It's's my fault.'' she said as shedded a tear. ''He's gone...'' she paused as she felt Naruto runs his fingers through her hair.

''He saved all of us. How could you think it's your fault?''

''Because he used all of his power. If he didn't bring me back to life as well then he'd be here too. He...he was a someone and I' one...I'm not even a nobody.''

Naruto grasped her chin and turn her face to face him. ''Don't you ever say that again you hear me?''


''You're just as a bit as a someone as everybody else.'' He then placed his forehead against hers. ''True you were created to be a replica, but Sora was born from pure light. He developed his own heart and it gained darkness which was mastered and then purified. You being born as imperfect it what makes you unique. When you were reborn you gained a heart remember? It makes you someone too know.'' he said as he pulled her into his lap. ''My Someone.''

''Thank you...'' she said resting her head against his chest. A bright smile forming on her face. Her eyes widened when she noticed her ice cream had been half eaten by Naruto. ''HEY!'' she cried out.

''What! I was hungry...'' he said with a shrug. ''Come on...let's go get some lunch or something.'' he suggested as Xion nodded. Her confidence restored that she was wanted and that she was someone.