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"Are you sure that Indath can do this, L'ram?" A pair of hazel eyes flashed uncertainly in the light of the rising sun. "I mean...I know that Stella was able to get there and back without any problems, but-" She was cut off as a gentle finger touched her lips.

"Hush, my love. If Stella was able to do it, so can Indath. Not only has she made the jump many times, but she even laid her latest clutch in the hot sands of the area. If that isn't enough proof for you, I don't know what is!" He reached up to stroke the gold fire-lizard on his shoulder. Stella chirruped appreciatively. "If it makes you feel better, I'll send her there and back once more before I leave. It's really no trouble at all. The picture I was able to print from what's left of AIVAS is more than enough of a reference."

"I know, but-"

"Krya." L'ram spoke firmly, cutting off his mate's protests. "We can do this."

He is right, you know. Indath is fully capable of making the leap, as am I.

Krya turned to smile at the large, golden dragon who sat a few yards away. As her eyes met with those luminous, blue-green orbs, she felt her anxiety melt away. 'Thank you, Serenth.' She thought back, sending a warm wave of love back toward her dragon. "Alright, L'ram. Send her one more time and then you can go."

"Oh, I see how it is!" L'ram said in a voice of mock indignation. "You'll listen to Serenth, but not me!"

"That's right!" Krya laughed and gave L'ram a kiss on the cheek. "Now, you'd better get going before I change my mind!"

"Yes, 'your Highness'." L'ram rolled his eyes and held out his arm. Little Stella gazed attentively at him for a moment before leaping into the sky with a crack. After a few minutes, she reappeared from her journey between with another crack and a proud chirp. "Our turn, Indath!" He called over to Serenth's smaller, bronze counterpart.


The dragon's voice was disgruntled and impatient, but understanding of Krya's need for reassurance. L'ram patted his gleaming hide affectionately as he settled himself in his saddle. With a wave toward his mate, L'ram closed his eyes. He brought the photo that he had memorized flawlessly to the front of his mind.

A high, lonely hill...

A burning sun that is shrouded by only a few meager clouds...

A tall, pure white building...

He opened his mind so that Indath would see the picture as clearly as he saw it. He felt the bronze beast leap up into the air. With a few powerful pumps of wing and another crack, L'ram and Indath were transported to the cold of between, ready to reappear at their new destination...

In the time it takes a person to cough thrice...


"How's your arm feeling, Rex?" Noah asked as Rex came to a halt in front of the Providence building. "You seemed to be wincing a bit when we were playing basketball."

"It's fine." Rex flexed his shoulder nonchalantly. "I just twisted it while killing those crazy Evo hamsters the other day."

Noah's eyes widened with disbelief. "Hamsters? Seriously?"

"Hey, don't laugh till you need to fight one of them!" Rex muttered, stooping down to pick up a rock. "They're nastier than normal hamsters!" He started to throw the stone, then stopped. "Hey, cool! Check this out, Noah!" He held out the rock.

Noah took a step forward to examine it. It wasn't the normal color of sandstone or limestone, which was most commonly found around the Providence building, but mottled green, brown, blue, and bronze. "Sweet. Looks kinda like a marbled Easter egg."

"Yeah." Rex shoved the rock into his pocket before turning back toward the door. "Say,wanna go upstairs and watch some TV? I taped the new NCIS episode."

"Sounds good!"

Sadly, their television reruns had to wait: Six's voice blared on Rex's intercom. "Rex! Report to airship number 7, now!"

"Kay..." Casting an apologetic glance at Noah, Rex ran toward where the airships were docked.

As the ship began to take off, Rex slumped back in his seat. "One day...is it too much to ask for me to have one day free?"

"This job knows no schedule." Six muttered as he polished his katanas for the upcoming battle. "Did you listen to the briefing on what we're fighting?"

"Yeah...wasn't it some giant deer?"

Six breathed an exasperated sigh. "It's a firebreathing amphibian, Rex! It can swim and breathe underwater, but shoot fire when on land." No reply. "So you'd better get your head on straight."

"Yeah, yeah..." Rex murmured, staring out the window. "I just think that-WHOA!" He stood up and stared down below him. "That thing is Ug-ly!"

Below them was a weird combination between a frog and a salamander, with expired-looking gray skin, sickly yellow eyes, giant green claws, and some very nasty pink-colored warts dotting its hide. It opened its mouth and belched out a surplus of fire.

"Lovely..." Rex sighed as he turned and jumped out of the doors, morphing his Boogie Pack. "Here, froggy froggy froggy!" He called as he swooped down, propellers grazing one of the warts and releasing a wave of foul-smelling ooze. "Ugh! Someone needs a dip in the pool!" Rex taunted as the thing snapped at empty air, howling in pain. Another release of noxious fumes told him that Six was busy stabbing away. 'Okay, froggy...let's see what we can do...' He pressed his hands to the thing's slimy hide and closed his eyes, concentrating. 'C'mon, nanites...' He could feel the frog's nanites. He tried to take them in...but couldn't!

"Not curable, huh?" He muttered, narrowly dodging the creature's tongue. "Well, I hate to do this to you, but..." He shot forward and landed on the frog's back. He morphed his arm into the BFS and stabbed down.

The good news? The blade hit home. The bad news? It only made Mr. Frog angry. With a wild bellow, the Evo threw Rex off, smacking him into the pavement. Hard.

"Ow..." Rex could feel searing heat above him. The creature just blew a gust of flame over him. He blinked blearily. It was taking aim again... It was...

Suddenly, Rex was in a cage. At least, that was his first thought. When the cave wrapped around him and lifted him up off of the ground, he realized that it was a hand, a very big hand! With a thick, bronze colored hide...and claws... He felt heat in the air, but it wasn't from the frog this time. It was from the thing that had just picked him up. The amphibian Evo roared in protest, just as another pair of claws flashed forward and came into contact with those bulging yellow eyes. Rex watched, half unconscious, as the beast fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The ground slowly rose to meet him. He was placed gently in a patch of grass just as his vision went black.


"Rex? Rex?" A soft, gentle voice whispered in his ear. "Come on, Rex. Wake up."

"Holiday...?" Rex opened one eye and flinched at the brightness of the room he was in. "What happened?"

"That's what I'd like to know." He felt Holiday pulling another warm blanket over him. "Six tells me that a giant flying Evo saved you and killed your opponent before vanishing. Do you remember anything?"

"Not really...just that I got picked up...and...Ugh..." Rex's head sank back into his pillow. "How bad am I?"

"Just a little bruised. Once the medicine I gave you wears off, you'll be just fine."

"Will I be okay for dinner? It's Friday night. Remember?"

"I remember." Holiday brushed some stray black locks out of his face and smiled. "We got the meatloaf all ready for whenever you come down."

"Kay...you guys can go ahead and start. I'll be down in a minute..."

"Alright." Holiday paused and picked up the multicolored stone she had found in his pocket. "Say, Rex? Is it okay if I take a look at this?"


Holiday went back into the office, where Bobo was tapping his fork on his plate impatiently. "He'll be down in a few minutes." She reassured him. "He said to go ahead and start."

Six reached for the meatloaf and cut himself a slice, staring off into space. He couldn't stop thinking about that creature that had saved Rex. It hadn't been an ordinary Evo... There was something about it that was more intelligent and sane. Not only that, but he had seen a figure riding on the creature's back...a person with long black hair... 'It could have been Van Kleiss...though he has no more reason to want Rex around...at least... And how did it disappear into thin air like that?'

"Whoa, green bean! Save some for the rest of us!" Bobo called over.

'Huh?' Six looked down. He had been mechanically cutting meat while thinking. As a result, about a quarter of a loaf sat on his plate. Wordlessly, he passed the plate to Bobo.

"Perfect!" Bobo grinned appreciatively as he dug the knife into the beef. "Hey, whatcha got there Doc?"

"Just a stone." Holiday turned the marbled item over and over in her hands. "A really pretty stone... It was in Rex's pocket. I just can't figure out what it is. It's so light. It's almost as if-"


Everyone at the table froze and Holiday dropped the rock. A large crack had just shot across its colorful surface.

"Eh...not to point out the obvious...but I don't think that's a rock!" Bobo muttered, backing away from the table.


A bit of shell fell off of what they now knew to be an egg, revealing a tiny reptilian snout...

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