Avenging Betrayal

Pairing: Kenlos, Jagan

Summary: James and Carlos learn not to mess Kendall and Logan about.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show even I would love to own them especially Logan and Kendall. I also don't own anything you may recognise just my own idea.

When the boys of Big Time Rush walked into the Palmwoods six months ago, a million hearts broke. The other residents had heard about the new arrivals, staying at the luxurious complex at the expense of Gustavo Roccque but were not ready for what they saw when the group arrived. All four boys were extremely handsome just as they were expected to be but it wasn't that, that was the shock.

James stood above the rest of the group, his perfectly styled brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips turned up into what they would learn to be his winning smile, immediately drawing the attention of every female at the pool. A tight fit white v-neck clung to his body, topped off with a black waistcoat, tight jeans covered his muscled legs accentuating everything he had to offer but that wasn't what got the girls attention the most. As their eyes scanned down the tall boy's body, their eyes were drawn to his hand which was intertwined with one of the shorter boys' hands.

Logan was said small boy and couldn't but help feel the beads of sweat run down the back of his neck and down behind the material of his green jumper. The others' had told him not to wear such a thick top but he hadn't listened to them, now regretting it. Beige slacks covered his legs making him feel geekier than usual as he stood next to his god of a boyfriend. Lifting his spare hand up, the small boy ran his hand through his lightly gelled hair, something that only happened since he started dating James. A small smile spreading across his face, dimples cutting into his cheeks, at the mere thought of the beautiful boy next to him.

On the other side of the pair was a tall blonde, his hair messily splayed across his forehead partially covering his bushy eyebrows. A slightly oversized nose, led down to a pair of full lips which rose into a smirk when he spotted the amount of girls watching them. A grey long sleeved shirt covered his slightly muscled body, stopping at the waistband of his jeans, the dark material clinging to his legs. His assessors looked down to his hands not surprised by the contrast of his pale skin with that of the caramel coloured hand his was holding.

The tan boy next to him caused many a raised eyebrow. Dressed in a dark blue and black shirt and jeans, the boy looked normal. A goofy smile spread across the Latino's face when he spotted the pool, tugging slightly on his tall boyfriends' hand. You couldn't tell what colour hair he had as it was covered by a shiny black hockey helmet which was secured under his chin. Some people thought he was simple but the real reason for why he wore the helmet soon became obvious as he tumbled down the three stairs leading to the lobby. The blonde boy helped him up, placing a kiss to the boys' helmet, making the Latino blush.

Everyone was in shock. What were the chances of all four boys in Gustavo Roccque's new boy band being gay and together?

That was six months ago and now it wasn't unusual to find James and Logan snuggled together on a sun lounger even if it was prime tanning time while Kendall could usually be found helping Carlos with one of his elaborate pranks. People had come to accept them as couples, a few giving them trouble at the beginning of their stay but soon backing off.

And if Kendall wasn't with Carlos then he could be found with Logan, his oldest friend. The pair had been friends from the first day of Kindergarten, an unbreakable bond already formed by the time they accepted James and Carlos into their group. James and Carlos had been the same as Kendall and Logan, the pretty boy being instantly drawn to the over excited Latino in the hockey helmet.

The four boys kept these bonds even as they began to fall in love. Logan was the first, his admiration for James turning into something more. He couldn't help but blush and avert his eyes every time the pretty boy would showcase his slowly developing abs. His dreams slowly turned into fantasies and Logan began to wake in the middle of the night with a raging hard on. Freaked out the smart boy began to avoid James.

James was the second one to realise he felt more than friendship towards the boys. He had to admit he had small crushes on Kendall and Carlos; the blonde for his confidence and the Latino for his outrageousness, however the strongest feelings he had were for Logan. It wasn't just the small boys' smarts that James fell for. It was Logan's bright chocolate eyes that lit up whenever he received an A and that half smile of his which showcased his dimples soon became things that haunted James at night.

The pretty boy accepted his feelings and tried to spend more time with the shorter brunette but soon grew frustrated when he realised the smart boy was avoiding him.

The tall boy didn't understand why Logan was avoiding him, and one day it all came to a head. After a tiring hockey match which ended in victory, James decided to confront the small boy. Waiting until the brunette had showered, James cornered him.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" he demanded his eyes looking anywhere but at Logan. The pretty boy was having a hard time focusing with Logan only in a towel, water dripping down his chest.

"I...I...I haven't," Logan stammered. James being this close to him was not good for his body.

Without thinking, the smart boy shoved James away. Forgetting the taller boy was quicker and stronger than him; Logan let out a yelp as James grabbed his wrist and shoved him back against the wall. Stepping closer to the small boy, James heard Logan's breath hitch. Looking down, the brunette couldn't help but get turned on as he noticed Logan looking up at him with wide innocent eyes, a pink tint painted across his cheeks.

"You have and I want to know why," James said, his chest now pressing against Logan's.

The shorter brunette shoved the taller boy away again, this James didn't react. Logan moved to the centre of the locker room, his back facing James. The pretty boy could tell Logan was upset, by the uneven rise and fall of his shoulders. Scared of making the boy clam up James stayed where he was and allowed the smart boy to tell him in his own time.

"I...I...I've been avoiding you because..." Logan paused as he felt a tear slide down his cheek. He took a breath before he continued.

"I've been avoiding you because I have feelings for you that go beyond friendship and anything you may feel for me. I can change just please don't hate me," By now the smart boy was sobbing and didn't notice James come up behind him.

Placing a hand on Logan's shoulder, the tall brunette wasn't surprised when the smart boy jumped. Gently guiding him so they were face to face, James looked at his friend. Tears were streaming down the small boys' face and the pretty couldn't help but feel guilty. It was his fault Logan was like this.

Reaching up, James placed a hand on Logan's cheek, his heart breaking slightly as the pale boy flinched away from his touch. Using his thumb to wipe away Logan's tears, James tilted the smart boy's face until they made eye contact.

"How could I hate you when I feel the same?" James replied, his hands moving to Logan's shoulders.

Feeling more confident now he knew Logan felt the same, James leant down and connected their lips. Feeling Logan's soft lips pressed against his, James felt sparks run throughout his body. When they pulled away, both were smiling goofily, cheeks painted red.

"Wow," Logan said, his blush deepening as he realised how cheesy he sounded.

James couldn't help but smile as he pressed his forehead against Logan's.

"I don't want people to know yet." Logan said, scrunching his eyes up, scared of James' reaction.

"Of course, I would wait forever for you." James replied, kissing the tip of Logan's nose.

That night still remained magical to Logan, the night when they took each other's virginities coming close to beating it. They had managed to keep their relationship a secret for the first few months, blowing their cover one night at Kendall's when they were both so horny, they ended up fucking in the blonde's kitchen too wrapped up in each other to notice Kendall walk in. Only the blondes' exclamation of "holy shit" broke them out of their own little world.

Once the embarrassment had died down and they had made themselves look decent, did the pair dare to venture back into the living room. Carlos and Kendall sat on the sofa, the Latino not able to meet his friends' eyes. It was enough for Logan to let a tear slip down his cheek. Kendall quickly noticed this and nudged the tan boy. Looking up Carlos spotted the tears streaming down the smart boys' face and immediately jumped up from the sofa, engulfing his pale friend in a huge hug.

"I don't hate you Logie, it was just a shock," Carlos explained when he released the smart boy.

"I think Carlos' explanations sums up everything I wanted to say." Kendall said as he rose from the sofa.

Logan had never smiled so hard in his life when he heard those words. Wrapping his arms around his three best friends, the small boy knew everything was going to be alright.

Kendall and Carlos had not hidden their relationship from anyone, claiming anyone with a problem could go fuck themselves. The blonde realised his feelings towards Carlos had changed when he began to worry even more than usual about the tan boys' daring pranks and stunts. He began to imagine what his life would be like without the Latino and he found that he hated it. He soon found himself becoming more protective of Carlos, making sure he was involved in the smaller boys' stunts instead of James, Carlos' usual partner in crime.

Carlos quickly noticed the change in Kendall's behaviour, much to his delight. Ever since he had met Kendall, the Latino had admired the blonde; his strong personality and protective nature towards the other three boys making him perfect in Carlos' eyes. Over the years, his hero like worship turned into something more. The small boy wasn't sure if it was love but he knew that what he felt for the blonde was more than friendship.

The pair began to spend more time together, unlike James and Logan, the pretty sullenly tagging along with them while Logan used homework as an excuse to stay away from the pretty boy.

After winning one of their most crucial hockey games, Kendall and Carlos left James in the locker room waiting for Logan. Mama Knight had given the blonde money to take the guys out for a pizza after the game, regrettably unable to get there as she had to work. Smiling at his small companion, Kendall led the way to their favourite pizza joint.

Ordering their favourites, the pair sat in silence as they waited for their order, something they rarely did. They stayed like this until Kendall couldn't bear it anymore.

"What's the matter, you're never silent." He said, his words shocking the Latino out of his dream world.

"Well," Carlos started, "It doesn't matter," He stopped unable to meet the blondes' eyes.

"You can tell me anything," Kendall promised, his heart beating incredibly fast as Carlos played with the straps of his helmet, a pink tint appearing on his tan cheeks.

"Okay, I like someone but I don't know if I should tell them in case they hate me for it." The Latino couldn't bring himself to look into the shining emerald orbs he had grown to love.

"Who could ever hate you?" Kendall replied, the idea of someone hating the boy he loved incredulous.

"You would," Carlos whispered so quietly that Kendall had to shake his head to make sure he heard properly.

"I could never hate you," Kendall said, his hand automatically placing itself on top of the tan boys'.

The small boy managed to make himself pull his hand away from underneath the blondes.

"You will once you hear what I have to say,"

Kendall couldn't believe it, this was the most serious he had ever seen the Latino and it kind of worried him.

"IlikeyouandIhavesinceIwasten," Carlos said, his words coming out to quickly for Kendall to understand.

"Again, this time slower,"

Taking a deep breath, Carlos said it again, "I like you and I have since we were ten."

Kendall sat there, mouth open in shock as he took in the words. Was Carlos really telling him that he liked him in the same way he did. The Latino went to leave when Kendall didn't say anything. Spotting the small boy rising from his seat, the blonde grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"You don't know how long I have waited to hear you say that." Kendall said his mouth still hanging in shock.

Carlos couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. Not caring who was looking the small boy leant forward and pressed his lips to Kendall's. Before he could pull away, Kendall wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him back for another kiss. Their lips moved smoothly against each others, the pair only breaking apart when they heard a cough from behind them.

Pulling away, the couple looked up sheepishly at the waitress who had arrived with their orders. As she placed them down on the table she said, "Don't worry about me boys, I think you two make a cute couple."

The rest of the meal was spent joking and laughing, their hands intertwined on top of the table.

They had been couples now for little under a year and kept going from strength to strength but something was about to happen that would shake them up.

Author's note: I apologise for the crappiness of this chapter but it is only the intro and I promise that it will get better. :D