Avenging Betrayal

Paring: Jagan, Kenlos, Kogan, Jarlos

Summary: James and Carlos learn not to mess Kendall and Logan about

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show even I would love to own them especially Logan and Kendall. I also don't own anything you may recognise just my own idea.

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Once they had managed to return to their normal breathing pattern, they were just about to go and clean up when they heard the door to the apartment open.

"Shit." James said, jumping away from the bed and Carlos, eyes scanning the floor for his discarded clothes.

Carlos jumped up to do the same, grimacing as something wet and sticky trickled down the back of his thighs. He hissed as he moved towards the foot of the bed where his clothes laid in a crumpled heap, his body protesting the movement. Moving as fast as his body would allow, Carlos began to tug his sweatpants up his legs, kicking his boxers under the bed.

He looked up as he pulled his shirt over his head to watch James secure the buckle on his belt, the pretty boy now fully dressed. The only problem was James' hair. The usually sleek and smooth locks were rumpled from Carlos' hands repeatedly running through them, a few strands now wavy from where they had stuck to James' once sweaty forehead.

"James your hair." Carlos pointed out, his ears straining for any signal that Kendall and Logan were nearing the room.

James let out a small unmanly squeal, hands rising to caress his precious hair. Several moments of silence passed between the two boys' as James attempted to smooth his hair. He let out a groan when the locks wouldn't go the way he wanted, hands falling defeated to his sides.

"We'll tell them we were watching the film and fell asleep. They woke us when they slammed the door." James babbled, pacing in small circles where he stood.

Carlos remained silent for a moment, thinking over what James had just said. It was a plausible explanation, both boys' holding a habit of falling sleep as soon as a movie started, their snores ruining the experience for both their boyfriends. Carlos felt a lump form in his throat as his thoughts turned to his boyfriend, his precious angel Kendall, who he had just cheated on with their best friend.

"I...I...It may work." Carlos stuttered feeling tears sting his eyes.

Silence engulfed the pair once again as they made the final adjustments to their clothes, both mentally preparing themselves for what was to come. James coughed to break the silence, his feet muffled against the carpet as he made his way towards the door. As soon as the wood left the doorframe, the sound of Logan and Kendall's voice floated down the hallway and into Carlos' ears, somewhat haunting the Latino.

Looking up Carlos noticed that James had left the room. Scrubbing a hand across his eyes, Carlos took a deep breath and made his way out of the bedroom. Carlos could feel his body shaking as Kendall and Logan's voice grew louder and nearer.

"That last painting looked like a five year old had done it." Kendall's voice was filled with mirth suggesting that he had enjoyed his day out with Logan, even if it was spent looking at musty old paintings.

"Kendall it was meant to look rushed and unprofessional. It was some sort of abstract painting." Logan chuckled, the happy sound sending waves of guilt through Carlos' body.

Rounding the corner, Carlos was greeted by the sight of Kendall and Logan lounging back against the couch, feet resting against the coffee table. A rustle in the kitchen drew the attention of all three boys'. Three pairs of eyes swung towards the kitchen where James stood, a glass of milk resting in front of him on the counter.

He shot a small almost cautious smile towards the two on the couch, picking up his glass as he made his way over to join them. James' smile widened as Kendall returned the gesture, the blonde neutral as always. It was Logan's reaction that surprised Carlos. Normally when James and Logan shared a few choice words, one of them would leave the other alone for the rest of the day. They would always unite before bedtime, each drowning out the other's 'I'm sorry' as they clung to each other.

However today it was obvious that the distance spent between them hadn't improved Logan's mood, the smart boy promptly shrugging off the arm James rested around his shoulders. James' smile dropped instantly, his arm resting awkwardly by his side.

"Hey baby." Kendall's voice made Carlos jump, his eyes darting from James and Logan to look at his blonde boyfriend.

The same carefree smile that always graced Kendall's features was in place, his green eyes filled with affection. Carlos smiled back, slowly making his way over to Kendall. Lowering himself slowly onto the couch, Carlos couldn't stop himself from jumping when Kendall slung an arm around his shoulders, drawing him closer.

"You okay baby, you seem sleepy?" Kendall asked, pressing a kiss to Carlos' temple.

"You woke us up." Carlos replied in a small voice. He heard Kendall chuckle and watched as he looked over at James.

"What did you two attempt to watch then?" Kendall asked, voice laced with amusement.

Carlos watched with bated breath as James ran his fingers through his hair, eyes fixed solely on Logan. "James." Kendall prompted.

"Alice in Wonderland" James replied, eyes never leaving Logan.

Kendall chuckled again, the arm resting around Carlos' shoulders tightening. Carlos let out the breath he had been holding, laying his head against Kendall's chest as his boyfriend and Logan started discussing their day once again. It was obvious to anyone that looked that Logan had really had enjoyed his day out with Kendall but if you knew him as well as Carlos did then you could tell that he would of enjoyed it even more if James had gone with him.

Carlos snuggled closer to Kendall, inhaling the blonde's scent, relaxing his once tense muscles. The taller boy's fingers rubbed Carlos' shoulders through the thin t-shirt he wore, the blonde pouring every ounce of love and affection he felt for Carlos into the simple gesture. It was only then that Carlos noticed that Logan had stopped talking. Glancing over at the smart boy, Carlos noticed that Logan was watching him and Kendall, sadness flickering through Logan's brown eyes.

It didn't take Logan long to notice that Carlos was watching him from where he rested against Kendall's shoulder. The pale boy's lips tilted up into a small smile which Carlos returned but the Latino wasn't sure if the gesture was an apology for keeping Kendall away from him all day or what it normally was, a friendly gesture.

Logan soon began talking again, body tensing when James slid a tentative arm around his shoulders. Shooting an apologetic glance towards Kendall and Carlos, Logan turned to glare at James. Kendall and Carlos watched as James slowly slid his arm away from Logan, the smart boy abruptly raising himself off the sofa before stalking to the room he and James shared.

The three boys' left on the couch winced as the door slammed behind Logan, James immediately raising himself off the sofa to follow Logan.

"James, I wouldn't." Kendall warned the taller boy.

The pretty boy ignored Kendall, walking down the hall to the room Logan had previously entered. Curling his fingers around the door knob, James sighed in relief as the door knob twisted, Logan having obviously forgotten to lock the door behind him. However as James opened the door, he felt a small yet strong strength that he knew straight away was Logan pushing against the door to keep him out.

"Logan" James spoke as he used minimal strength to push back against the door.

The pale boy ignored James which frustrated the brunette. Pressing his shoulder against the wood, James used every ounce of his strength to push the door open. He winced when he heard a small yelp, the door swinging open easily. Walking into the room, James shut the door behind him, eyes locked firmly on Logan. He felt a surge of guilt wash over his body when he took in the way Logan was rubbing his arm.

"I'm sorry." James said

"What was that?" Logan snapped, making James take a snap back.

He had never really seen Logan this mad and this was only a small issue of James being a conceited self centred bastard. James couldn't even fathom how mad Logan would be if he ever found out that James, the person he loved most in the world was not just a conceited self centred bastard but a cheating conceited self centred bastard. Waves of guilt washed through James' body, making his breath hitch in his throat.

"I said I'm sorry." James spoke louder this time.

Logan's head snapped towards him, brown eyes swimming with hurt that had been thinly veiled all day. James took a step towards Logan, glad when the smart boy didn't move away from him.

"I said I'm sorry, I should have thought about what you wanted to do today but I didn't. I was stupid and obnoxious and I was only thinking of myself when I should have been thinking of you. Logan I love you with all my heart and I hate myself for having hurt you today. Please forgive me, I need you Logie." James took a deep breath when he finished, waiting for Logan to say something.

Silence filled the room, James' heart sinking when Logan didn't automatically reply. The brunette turned to head towards the door when he heard a small voice.

"I forgive you. I just wish you had considered what I wanted to do today. Yeah it was fun going with Kendall and he made me forget about this morning but I would have preferred to have gone with you." Unshed tears glistened in Logan's eyes.

James moved quickly, arms pulling Logan close to him. Logan wrapped his arms tightly around James' waist, head burying into the taller boy's broad chest. James could feel Logan's body shake against his own, the material of his shirt dampening as Logan let the tears flow.

"I...I...I'm sorry as well. I shouldn't of snapped at you this morning." Logan stuttered, his voice thick with tears.

James just ssshed the smart boy, hands rubbing soothingly along the length of Logan's back. It took a few minutes before Logan calmed down completely, his tears turning into hiccups, James' hands never faltering their soothing pattern on his back. When he was fully composed, Logan pulled his face away from James' now damp shirt, smiling up sheepishly at his boyfriend.

"Sorry about that." Logan said, scrubbing a hand against the back of his neck.

James smiled softly at his boyfriend, thumb brushing away a remaining tear before leaning forward to press a soft loving kiss to Logan's forehead. He heard Logan sigh, what he hoped was happily, the pale boy leaning into his embrace.

"We good?" James asked nervously.

"Yeah we're good." Logan replied happily, leaning up on his tip toes to place a kiss to James' cheek.

James smirked as Logan lowered himself back down to the ground, hand curling lightly around the back of the smart boy's neck. A look of surprise flitted across Logan's face but it quickly disappeared when he realised what James was doing. Two pairs of eyes fluttered closed when their lips touched, the arms around Logan's waist tightening.

Logan hands moved to grip James' hair as the pretty boy's tongue lapped along his bottom lip. Logan's lips parted immediately allowing James' tongue to swoop forward and press against each of Logan's sensitive spots. The pale boy let out a small moan when James' tongue slid across one particularly sensitive area, the pretty boy pressing the muscle against it once again just to hear Logan make that noise once more.

They pulled away with a small pop, both breathing heavier than before. Small content smiles were spread across both features, James leaning down to brush his nose softly against Logan's. A pink hue appeared across the smaller boy's cheeks, Logan burying his head into James' shoulders.

"I know you said you forgive me," James started, watching with anticipation as Logan's head moved away from his shoulder, "But I still wanna make it up to you."

Logan's brows furrowed for a moment as he contemplated the many ways James could and more than likely would try to make it up to him. However the only one that kept screaming at Logan was sex and the smart boy wasn't sure if he wanted James to make it up to him that way.

"Let me take you to dinner." James interrupted Logan's thought process, making the pale boy sigh inwardly.

"Okay let me just go wash my face." Logan replied, standing on his tip toes to kiss James' cheek.

"I'll be waiting in the living room." James said, turning towards the door.

He heard Logan gasp and was quick to turn back towards his boyfriend, eyes scanning for any injuries. He felt his heart beat return to normal when he didn't spot any immediate injuries on his boyfriend. Lifting his gaze back to his boyfriend's face, James took in the shock spread across Logan's face.

"What, Logan say something please." James pleaded, confused when Logan let out a small chuckle.

"It's just that your hairs a mess and you want to go out without fixing it." Logan chuckled.

His laughter soon died down as James stalked forward, hands gripping Logan's hips. He leant down until he could feel Logan's breath against his own lips.

"I don't care about my hair. I just care about spending time with you." James ducked his head down as a pink hue covered his cheeks.

Logan was silent for a moment, before he placed a finger under James' chin, tilting the taller brunette's face up towards him. "I love you." He said, pressing their lips together softly.

James smiled into the kiss, pulling away before he got too carried away. Releasing his grip from Logan's hips, James turned the smart boy around, swatting him on the ass as he moved away towards their adjoining bathroom. Logan let out a small squeak of indignation but when he looked back towards James, a wide affectionate smile was spread across his face.

James returned the sentiment, turning and making his way out of the living room. He stopped dead when he walked into the living room. Carlos and Kendall remained snuggled up together on the sofa, the Latino's head buried in the blonde's chest. James watched with a morbid fascination as Kendall's hand moved from Carlos' shoulder up to his hair, where long fingers carded through the short raven locks.

James couldn't help but feel out of place when Kendall raised his gaze to his. The blonde smiled at the pretty boy, his smile widening when James immediately smiled back. It was obvious Kendall had been wary about what mood he was in but now it was obvious he was happy. Kendall rested his head against Carlos' as he watched James pace up and down the room.

Soon enough the sound of a bedroom door opening could be heard from down the hallway. A small almost whimsical whistle could be heard growing louder down the hallway as Logan approached. Soon enough the smart boy stepped into the living room, eyes widening as both Kendall and James turned to stare at him.

"What?" He asked lowering his voice when he noticed that Carlos' eyes were closed.

"Nothing, you just seem really happy." Kendall replied, fingers carding through Carlos' hair.

"There's nothing wrong with that." Logan said, smiling when James walked over and wrapped an arm around his waist.

Kendall chuckled softly as James steered Logan towards the front door, muttering something about dinner. The sound of the front door shutting woke Carlos out of his slumber, fidgeting in his spot next to Kendall.

"Hey baby." Kendall said, fingers moving down to stroke the soft skin of Carlos' cheek.

Carlos smiled, leaning into Kendall's touch. He pushed his lips into a pout when Kendall stopped stroking his cheek, body relaxing against the blonde's when he felt Kendall's fingers curl around his shoulder. Resting his head back against the taller boy's chest, Carlos listened to the steady thump thump of Kendall's heart, the sound both comforting and relaxing.

"You wanna watch a movie?" Kendall asked, playing with the material of Carlos' shirt.

"Yeah sure, what we watching?" Carlos inquired sleepily. The days previous activities had left Carlos weary and not being able to sleep through his post coital bliss meant that it was now catching up with him now.

"How about Alice in Wonderland." Kendall said.

Carlos felt his body tense, eyes widening at his boyfriend's suggestion. He could still picture the menu playing on the TV in his and Kendall's shared room as him and James hurried to dress themselves. Guilt and sickness washed over Carlos' body, the Latino holding back a gag. Keeping his head resting against Kendall's chest, Carlos took several deep breaths until the urge to be sick went away.

"Do you mind if I take a shower before we watch a movie, I skipped it this morning and now I feel all icky." Carlos said, head never leaving Kendall's chest.

"Yeah sure what film do you want me to get ready?" Kendall replied, releasing his grip on Carlos' shoulder.

"Hmmm, something scary." Carlos replied, raising himself off the sofa.

"You just wanna cuddle with me don't ya." Kendall joked as Carlos made his way to the bathroom.

Carlos didn't answer, just let out a light chuckle and turned back to wink at his boyfriend. Kendall laughed in return, eyes following Carlos' every movement as he made his way to the bathroom.

Carlos shut the door behind him, leaning back against the wood. His heart felt heavy as he replayed the conversation between him and Kendall in the living room. Everything seemed so carefree and happy between the pair like nothing had happened, but Carlos was in anguish, tears stinging his eyes.

Making his way over to the shower, Carlos turned the water on. He slowly stripped himself of his clothes as he waited for the water to reach the temperature he liked. Carlos couldn't bring himself to look in the mirror, knowing that there were a few reminders of this afternoon on his stomach. Running his hand under the water, Carlos realised that it was how he liked it.

Sliding under the warm spray, Carlos bowed his head forward, allowing the water to run down his weary body. After a few minutes, Carlos raised his head, hands feeling blindly for the shampoo. Finally locating the bottle Carlos squirted the cool liquid into his hands before raising them to his head. Scrubbing the shampoo into a foam on the top of his head Carlos stepped under the spray, eyes closed tightly as the suds washed over his face.

When the last of the suds had washed down his face, Carlos ran his hands over his face making sure to wipe any leftover shampoo from his eyes. Carlos reached for the shower gel and sponge, wetting it under the spray. Squeezing more than necessary onto the sponge, Carlos began the slow task of washing himself.

Scrubbing along his arms and chest, Carlos contemplated what movie his boyfriend would choose. It was no secret that Kendall was a lover of horror movies, claiming them the perfect date movie. Tears pricked Carlos' eyes as his thoughts turned towards his boyfriend. Kendall had always treated him so well, had always been the kind caring boyfriend that he longed for, never a cross word spoke between the pair. Allowing the spray to wash away the bubbles covering his arms and chest, Carlos moved down towards his stomach.

He froze when he felt the few reminders that coated his stomach. Running his fingers over the dried cum covering his stomach, Carlos felt the same lump from earlier return, stomach flipping. The tears that had threatened to spill over earlier began to run down his cheeks, body racking sobs washing through his body.

The bottle of shower gel that was once clutched in Carlos' hand fell to the floor with a muted thud. The Latino pressed his hand flat against the tiles in front of him as he continued to sob, head bowed between his shoulders. The sponge was quick to join the shower gel on the floor, Carlos pressing both hands flat against the shower wall.

Sobs racked the Latino's body as hot salty tears rolled down Carlos' cheeks. Smalls moans of misery echoed through the small cubicle as Carlos turned his back to the tile. He ignored the burn of the tile against his skin as he slid down to the floor, clutching his knees to his chest. He couldn't believe that he had cheated on Kendall with James of all people. It was going to break Kendall's heart if he found out that Carlos had cheated on him but it would rip his heart out if and when he found out it was James, one of his oldest and closest friends.

It seemed like an eternity passed before Carlos' sobs dissolved into hiccups, the tears slowly rolling to a stop. Carlos wearily lifted his head from where it rested against his knees, shivering as the now cold water pounded against his exposed body. Carlos shivered as he turned his head towards the cold water, blinking as the now freezing droplets hit his skin.

Pressing a hand against the wall behind him, Carlos raised himself up, body shaking as the cold water continued to pound against his body. Turning towards the dial, Carlos quickly switched the water supply off. Grabbing the towel that rested on the rack, Carlos covered himself from the hips down, taking slow steps out of the shower.

Stopping in front of the mirror, Carlos looked at his reflection in the glass. Dark hair was plastered to his forehead, droplets of water running from the ends down his cheeks. His usually warm brown eyes were dark and filled with sadness, the usual mischievous spark that lurked there now gone. Red rimmed his eyes, a reminder of his break down.

Turning away from the mirror, Carlos grabbed another towel and began the usually arduous task of drying himself. Today however it was more of a comfort, the task somewhat normal in this weirder than weird day. But Carlos didn't want to dwell on the day's earlier events, instead he chose to focus on the feel of the soft material against his skin, wiping away any remaining moisture from the shower.

When he was finally dry, Carlos dropped the now damp towel into the hamper, reaching for his sweatpants. Tugging the material up his legs, Carlos turned to glance at himself in the mirror once again. The red around his eyes had dimmed now, making it look like he had gotten shampoo in his eyes instead of sobbing on the floor of the shower.

Tossing his second towel into the hamper, Carlos reached for his t-shirt pulling the material over his head. Running a hand through his hair, Carlos turned towards the door, taking a deep calming breath before he twisted the knob. The sound of Kendall laughing at a trailer playing on the TV echoed in Carlos', the carefree sound making Carlos' heart sink.

Taking slow steps Carlos made his way back into the living room, watching as Kendall's head dropped back to rest against the sofa. Walking around the edge of the couch, Carlos took in the way Kendall's legs lounged against the coffee table, body laid back against the neon couch cushions.

"Hey baby." Kendall greeted his boyfriend, taking note of the way Carlos' eyes roamed his body.

Kicking his feet off the coffee table, Kendall made his way over to the now blushing Latino. The blonde gripped Carlos' hips lightly, thumbs tracing the soft skin there.

"Let's forget the movie, I believe I have something to make up for." Kendall whispered huskily in Carlos' ear.

Carlos shivered yet didn't respond, hand moving to curl around the back of Kendall's neck. He tugged the blonde down until their lips met, lips parting as Kendall's tongue swept across his bottom lip. The small boy moaned lightly as Kendall's tongue dragged across the roof of his mouth, body arching into the taller boy's.

Kendall's hand slid down from Carlos' thighs to squeeze at his ass through his sweatpants making the tan boy moan wantonly. Carlos was quick to jump upwards when Kendall gripped his ass firmly, wrapping his legs around the taller boy's body. Their lips didn't disconnect as they stumbled towards their bedroom, Carlos' hips rolling into Kendall's, making said boy moan and gasp into the kiss.

Luckily for the pair it didn't take long for Kendall's long legs to carry them to their room, the blonde kicking the door shut behind them. Finally breaking the kiss, Kendall pressed a series of sloppy open mouthed kisses along Carlos' jaw until he reached the tan boy's neck. Grazing his teeth against the caramel coloured skin, Kendall revelled in the way Carlos arched into him, their clothed erections rubbing together.

"Fuck Carlos." Kendall moaned, taking tentative steps towards the bed. When he felt his knees hit the side, he let his arms loosen from around Carlos' waist, laying the tan boy on the bed.

Kendall lost the ability to breath when he took in the sight of Carlos laid back against the covers. His caramel skin was tinted pink, eyes dark and hooded. The Latino's lips were red and kiss swollen. Kendall's eyes watched as Carlos' tongue swept slowly and seductively across his bottom lip, a small smirk spreading across Carlos' features as his took in Kendall's lust filled eyes.

Carlos' eyes rolled into the back of his head as Kendall reached down and palmed him through the material of his sweatpants. Carlos moaned low in his throat, hips thrusting up into Kendall's touch. Kendall smirked down at his boyfriend, lips reattaching themselves to the skin of Carlos' neck. Moving his hand faster along the bulge in the Latino's sweatpants Kendall bit down on the soft skin under his lips.

Carlos moaned, hands scrabbling against the covers, hips thrusting against Kendall's hand. The blonde sucked against Carlos' skin, leaving a mark for the whole world to see. It wasn't that Kendall was possessive but he loved for people to know that Carlos was his and no one else's. Pulling back slightly, Kendall flicked his tongue against the deep purple mark now adorning Carlos' neck, a wave of arousal rushing through his body.

Trailing his tongue down to Carlos' collarbone, Kendall nibbled on the protruding bone as his hands travelled upwards to play with the hem of Carlos' shirt. Carlos was quick to get the hint, leaning forward as Kendall drew the material up and over his head. He shivered as the slightly cooler air hit his newly exposed skin, watching with apt attention as Kendall stripped himself of his shirt.

Carlos let his fingers do the talking as they reached out to graze along the softly pronounced abs rippling under Kendall's lightly sun kissed skin. He watched as a shiver ran down the length of Kendall's back, the blonde's hips thrusting forward of their own accord. He was quick to lower his body back down against Carlos', shivering as their chests pressed together.

Pressing open mouthed kisses against Carlos' chest, Kendall paused to draw one of the small boy's nipples into his mouth. He revelled in the way Carlos arched into his mouth, small breathy whimpers escaping through the smaller boy's parted lips. Pulling away, Kendall ran his tongue over the now erect bud, relishing in the gasp Carlos emitted.

Using his fingers to tweak and twist the neglected nub, Kendall continued his path down Carlos' chest. Kendall's tongue traced each defined line of Carlos' pronounced abs, dipping briefly into the Latino's navel.

"Kendall please." Carlos moaned as the blonde's tongue travelled along the waistband of his sweatpants.

Said boy chuckled, fingers curling around the waistband of Carlos' sweatpants. He shot his lover a smirk as he began the slow task of drawing the material down Carlos' thighs, licking his lips slowly as Carlos' cock bobbed free. Throwing the material to a random corner of the room, Kendall ran his hands up Carlos' thighs, watching with delight as Carlos writhed against the covers.

Blowing a puff of air across Carlos' length, Kendall groaned as the tan boy thrust his hips up into the air, cock twitching with anticipation. Wrapping his fingers around the rigid column of flesh, Kendall gave a soft tug making Carlos whimper. Letting his fingers fall free from Carlos' length, Kendall grazed his fingertips along the tan boy's cock, watching as Carlos shivered and whimpered.

Letting his fingers trace down over Carlos' balls, Kendall traced a finger over the small pucker he found. Drawing his fingers away, Kendall sucked them into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the tips when he spotted Carlos watching him. Sliding his fingers out of his mouth, Kendall slipped them back between Carlos' spread legs, tracing the Latino's entrance.

Carlos shivered, his eyes falling shut as Kendall pressed a first finger into him, his walls still somewhat stretched from earlier. A wave of fear washed through Carlos' body as Kendall continued to prepare him, pleasure soon washing it away as the blonde added another finger. Carlos moaned low in his throat as Kendall scissored his digits, curling them upwards to press against Carlos' prostate. The tan boy moaned, his back arching as a surge of need washed through his body.

"K...K...Kendall." Carlos whined, hips pressing down against the blonde's digits.

The blonde smirked as he pulled his fingers back, ignoring Carlos' whimper of protest. Stepping away from the bed, Kendall made quick work of pulling his belt free, nimble fingers popping the button and pulling down the zipper. Kendall curled his fingers around the waistband of both his jeans and boxers, pushing the material to the ground. When the material pooled around his ankles, Kendall kicked them to the side, lowering himself between Carlos' spread legs.

The tan boy shivered as he felt the head of Kendall's cock nudge against his entrance.

"Kendall wait." Carlos spoke softly, eyes unable to meet Kendall's face.

"What is it?" Kendall asked voice filled with concern.

"I want you to take me from behind." Carlos replied, a pink hue covering Carlos' cheeks.

Kendall smirked down at his lover, the look filled with a mixture of love and lust. Gripping Carlos' hips, Kendall flipped the tan boy over onto his stomach, running a hand over the caramel coloured cheeks in front of him. Using his grip on Carlos' hips, Kendall pulled the Latino onto his knees. Gripping the base of his cock, Kendall pressed it against Carlos' hole.

Pressing a kiss to Carlos' spine, Kendall began to slowly slide into the velvety heat of his boyfriend. His hips moved forward on their own accord as he listened to the continuous stream of breathy moans leaving the boy below him. Feeling his hips press against Carlos' ass, Kendall paused for a moment to allow Carlos to adjust, even though it was unnecessary.

"Move." Carlos panted, hips grinding back against Kendall.

White knuckling Carlos' hips, Kendall pulled his hips back slowly before rolling them forward. Simultaneous moans spilled past both boys' lips as pleasure racked their bodies. Kendall quickly repeated the motion, his head falling to rest against Carlos' backs. Heavy pants and small moans filled the room as Kendall's hips repeatedly thrust forward into the tight heat that was Carlos.

"Fuck so tight baby." Kendall moaned, his hips moving faster.

Carlos moaned in response, his back arching as the head of Kendall's cock brushed against his prostate. He moaned as the blonde angled his hips just right, thrusting back in and hitting his sweet spot dead on.

"Fuck Kendall harder." Carlos moaned, his head bowed between his shoulders as his back arched against the onslaught of pressure being pressed against his prostate.

He could feel that familiar tingly feeling growing in the pit of his stomach, moaning as Kendall's hand slunk around his waist to grip his leaking cock. Carlos' hips rocked forward into the tight fist Kendall had round his cock while rocking back against Kendall's hips. Small moans and pants spilled past his lips as Kendall's cock continued to pound against his prostate.

He moaned lightly when he felt Kendall's thumb slide across the head of his cock, the pressure in his stomach, quickly becoming too much.

"Kendall, I'm close." Carlos whimpered rocking forward.

"Let go baby." Kendall moaned, hips working double time in his attempt to get his boyfriend off.

With a final hit to his prostate, Carlos let go. He came with a broken moan that sounded suspiciously like Kendall's name, his seed splashing against his chest as well as covering Kendall's fist.

"Ngh... fuck Carlos." Kendall moaned, pressing his hips against Carlos' ass for a final time.

With a small moan, Kendall let his orgasm wash over him, hips stuttering against the soft skin of Carlos' ass. Carlos moaned low in his throat as he felt Kendall's essences coat his insides, forehead resting against the crumpled covers beneath him.

Heavy pants filled the now silent room as both boys' came down from their highs. Kendall was the first to move, his hand releasing its grip on Carlos' hip. He moaned quietly as he pulled back, watching as his dick slid out of his lover's abused hole. Carlos whimpered lightly as he felt Kendall pull out, the strength in his knees disappearing.

Slumping against the covers, Carlos glared into the material as he heard Kendall give a tired chuckle. Turning his head to the side, he was greeted with the sight of Kendall moving towards him, arms outstretched. The tan boy didn't complain when Kendall's arms wrapped lightly around his waist, manoeuvring him gently until he lay on the bed where the covers once were.

Keeping his head firmly on the pillow, Carlos watched as Kendall slid in beside him. The blonde wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him close.

"You okay baby?" Kendall asked, smiling as Carlos snuggled against his chest.

"Sleepy." Carlos muttered, pressing a soft loving kiss to the taller boy's sweaty skin.

Kendall chuckled lightly, pressing a kiss to Carlos' forehead. Soon enough a soft snore emitted from the boy curled against Kendall's chest, causing the taller boy to smile and card his fingers through the Latino's hair. Letting his eyes slide shut, Kendall joined his boyfriend in the land of dreams.

I'm so sorry for the less than perfect smut and crappy ending. I feel like it should be something to do with how Carlos feels after having sex with both James and Kendall in one day but I think that may be something for the next chapter.

I really hope you like this new chapter, I've been trying my best to finish it for you all as quickly as possible but work's been getting in the way.