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No one touches MY Dog

Chapter 1

The feeling of the blond's hot and soft lips on his own, the feeling of their tongues battling for dominance and the hands that were currently undressing him, nearly ripping off his clothing in a passionate attempt to get the fabric out of the way. The lips were wandering down his jaw and neck to nibble on his collar bone and continue down to his chest and were nibbling, sucking and liking on his nipples causing the brunet to moan and his breathing to speed up considerably. That and the rocking of the blond's hips on his lap were driving him crazy. He wanted him, no he needed him. The blond looked up into the azure eyes of the brunet. The brunet loved the longing in them but most of all the fire the same fire that was in these amber eyes every single time that they were about to fight. He loved the fire in the blond's eyes more than anything, the energy in them was always making him even hotter for the hot and sexy body that came with those eyes.

Both enjoyed the feeling of their by now naked bodies pressed against each other to the fullest. The feeling the brunet got from the lips of his blond lover, of his tongue moving over his skin and licking and playing with him. His eyes were hungry for more, hungry for him. Nothing in the world was better than he was his eyes with his mouth and his energy. Nothing could ever even dream to compare to it and he wanted him just as much.

Suddenly he heard a beeping noise and woke up. It was just a dream. Seto was in his room in his spacious bed, alone. His alarm was still beeping, so he hit it to get it quiet. He was mad that he had been disturbed at such a moment in his dream. He had been just about to finally be in the hot male body. He had been having such dreams for a month now. Different settings in each of them. He had dreamed of a hot make out session on the beach, at different places in his office, on the teacher's desk, and he even had dreamed of breaking" into an ice cream café to make out there, playing with the ice cream on the blond's body. But he would always wake up just before it got good and he was always rock hard afterwards.

Seto got up and had a cold shower before getting ready for school hoping that he wouldn't have to see the sexy blond he was so hot on. He still had the dream on his mind as he went to school.

On that day they had a test. Nothing big just a small little practice test. Seto had all the questions answered within a few minutes. He was the first to be finished and afterwards he sat on his chair looking bored. But in truth he was amusing himself with watching the blond third rate duellist that had been starring in his dreams during the last few weeks. The way he looked just now, trying to figure out something that was to hard for him, was just too amusing. Seto loved to watch him like this. The way he would ruffle his hair and chew on the back of his pencil like a dog on his bone. Which again reminded him of other things he had 'nibbled' on during his dream. But the most fun part was watching Joey staring daggers at the paper in front of him like he wanted to set it on fire, it all was just too amusing as well as arousing to the young CEO.

The more time passed the worse Joey got. He was restlessly moving in his chair and towards the end watching the teacher for a chance to look at the filled out papers of Yugi or Téa. Of course he wouldn't try Tristan. Even if he wasn't nearly as hopeless as Joey, he would have too many mistakes and the teacher would notice it if they had the same mistakes. Seto started to cough a little every time he tried to sneak a peek somewhere, causing the teacher to look up and Joey to stare daggers at him. It was even more amusing to drive him nuts than to just watch him. The fire he had in his eyes when staring daggers at Seto Kaiba was something the young CEO wanted to see. He would never admit it, but he loved it. He got a kick out of seeing him look like that. A way he never looked at anyone else. The determination and the rivalry in his amber eyes was electrifying. And it always made the young CEO hotter than he would ever admit.

He enjoyed his game till the last second of class when the teacher collected the finished, or in Joey's case unfinished, papers from all the desks and they cold leave. Kaiba knew what would come next and listened for the steps stomping closer from behind and the sound of Joey's clothing when he moved his fist up and tried to swing it to the back of Seto's head. He heard it coming and moved just his head out of the way and grabbed his arm. "Since when are you the kind of guy to attack someone from behind, what, too scared to face me head on?" Seto asked with a smug grin.

"Like hell, I ain't afraid of ya. I just knew yara freak with eyes in da back of ya head." He more or less screamed at the CEO.

Seto just smirked and said, "I don't need eyes in the back of my head to HEAR a loud barking dog attacking me."

"I ain't no dog." Joey stated angrily.

"Great, if you 'ain't no' dog, then why do you sound like a street dog, because you certainly speak like one, so just accept it." Seto's smug grin grew.

"Like hell. It's more likely da freeze down there den dat I accept being a dog, " Joey said, and Seto could hear the fire he surely had in his eyes reflected in his voice.

Seto's smug smile grew even more, and he wanted to see those burning amber eyes. He pulled on the wrist he was still holding onto and threw Joey onto the floor in front of his own feet. "Well my employees always say I'm ice cold as well as the devil in person so congratulations it just froze in hell Mutt,"

Joey stared up at him with his eyes still burning with fireand said, "Ya right ya are a frozen piece of shit but ya're no devil. Dat guy is way nicer."

"I admit I'm worse than the devil and more powerful so a little street dog should get out of my way and stop wasting my time." Seto said enjoying the attention as well as the sight of the blond hot youth in front of him and the fire in his eyes.

"Who do ya think started it?" Joey asked sounding angrier by the second.

"Maybe the one that attacked the other from behind?" Seto asked, enjoying the increase of the fire in those amber eyes as the blond heard his words.

"Only cause ya got on my last nerve in class." Joey stated as he started to get off of the floor.

"And why would you say that, I haven't talked to the little mutt at all, was it that maybe? Did you miss your master?" Seto enjoyed calling himself the blond's Master. He had heard the blond call him that way in his dreams a few times. And even there he had done so only after being talked into it. He was a fighter after all.

"Like hell, ya pretend coughing nearly got me caught." Joey explained his complaint from before.

"Oh please do enlighten me. Why would I bother to pretend anything just to get YOU in trouble? You're well able to do so without any aid, not that I would care enough to begin with." Seto said with a cold voice.

Joey growled after that and said, "I know ya did, ya looked right at me da whole time."

Seto just smiled his smug smile again. Joey was about to attack again but Yugi and Yami walked up from behind and stopped him saying, "Forget it Joey he's not worth it you'll just get in trouble you know who they'll think started it." Joey growled again but let himself be dragged away by the two spiky haired teens. Seto was certain that Joey could have gotten rid of both if he truly had wanted to. He was a good fighter that used to be in a gang, a very rough and feared gang. But Seto Kaiba was even better. He was better then the young blond male at everything.

Kaiba was disappointed as he watched the three disappear. He loved a good fight with Joey. To get close and be able to touch him that way, grabbing his clothing and pushing and hitting him. He didn't care how he would get his hands on his body, as long as he could touch that slender but strong body. That pure thought was more than enough for the CEO to get an erection. He was just happy that he had his coat with him today, because he could put it on and pretend to be cold, holding it close and cover his problem in the process. That was the only reason he always had the coat. He knew by now that he was getting hard by just thinking too much of the blond and watching him in class was only making it worse.

He watched him walk away till he no longer could enjoy the view of his moving butt. After that he left for his company to work for a few hours. It was a time for him to relax a bit from his raging teenage hormones.

The work distracted him from his longing for the blond duellist that he always had looked down on. And he still did, just now he was hot for his body. That was all he wanted, or at least all he would admit to himself that he wanted. But it wasn't easy to get since Joey loathed him after all the looking down on him that he did. And the fact that he was never seen alone didn't make it any easier. He was always with Yugi and Yami or Téa or Tristan or Duke. And what made it worse sometimes was that Kaiba had the feeling that Duke too was enjoying the view on Joey's backside a bit too much.

The mere thought of someone else touching his puppy angered the cold CEO more then he could ever say. He wanted him, wanted to touch him, feel him and have him all for himself. But he didn't want to say it and get rejected and he knew that he would. Joey would laugh at him for ages. No if he ever made a move he would have to carefully plan it. But right now he didn't want to do so. All he wanted was sex anyway. So why should he even risk his reputation just for the body of a third rate little street dog. No matter how hot, he wouldn't do that.

Seto worked till late that night like always and wanted to drive right home. He ordered his limo to wait out front as he got the papers he would take with him and his laptop into his case and closed it. He took the elevator to the bottom floor and walked out just to freeze for a moment at what he saw right in front of him.

The young girl that worked part time after school at the reception desk wasn't working, she was kissing someone instead. Normally Seto would walk right up and kick her sorry ass out of the building but this time there was something different about the situation. And the difference was, she was kissing Joey. 'No one touches what's mine' wasall Seto could think and he wanted to rip her into pieces instead of just kicking her out. Just kicking her out wouldn't do any good since she could just happily continue kissing his dog.

Unfortunately for the two kissing love-birds Seto Kaiba was an intelligent man and a fast thinker, but not good when it came to socializing with others on a friendly basis. This combination gave him the intelligent idea that instead of flirting with the Mutt, to get his attention, just to make sure no one else would stay with him. So Seto Kaiba walked right up to them and looked down saying, "I thought I paid you for working and what is a Mutt doing in my building?"

There was the fire again in his eyes a blazing fire full of energy and fighting spirit. "Just be glad I ain't a cat or I'd ate a rat like ya for breakfas',"

Seto stared down at the blond and for a split second, too short to be noticed by anyone, he was speechless but then he said, "I'd love to see you try we would be like Tom and Jerry. After all you couldn't outsmart me if your life depended on it."

"Don't need da do dat. I can get da gang together and we can kick ya butt, and ya ain't got nobody on ya side." Joey said certain to win with that.

"You're right on target there, I 'ain't got nobody'. You really need to work on your language skills Mutt." With that Seto gestured the guards towards him and once they were there he said, "Kick the fucking dog out."

Seto turned towards the bitch that had been kissing HIS doggy and looked her in the eye. He could see her already getting her stuff together knowing what he usually does when catching someone slacking off during working hours. But he really didn't want her outside with his mutt right now and so he said, "Listen you can keep your job but there is one condition or rather two." She just looked surprised and he said, "dump that idiot out there and go an a date with me."

Seto tried to look as charming as he could feeling sick at the mere thought of dating that woman. But her eyes got huge like dinner plates and she said, "Sure of course who wouldn't want to go out with you?"

'Stupid gold digging bitch.' wasall he could think. But there was one thing he wanted to do. He could see Joey looking through the glass door and so Seto leaned down and kissed Joey's soon to be ex. Partly to break them up for certain and partly to make sure that nothing of the taste from Joey's hot mouth could stay with her. And she kissed him back enjoying herself a bit too much for Kaiba's taste. He felt sick about the feeling of her eager lips pressing against his and her arms moving around him and her body starting to press against his. He kept the kiss as short as he could, without it looking fake. He was unable to stand anymore of it than absolutely necessary.

After he had kissed her he looked towards Joey who was currently staring daggers at him. But then he turned and left the place. Seto was pleased with himself this girl would never get to touch his little blond doggy ever again. He turned to the woman and said, "I've got to go, I'll talk to you at some point, just make sure to dump that loser." and with that he left the building and drove home. Wondering what sort of dream he would have that night.

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