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Seto Kaiba was 25 years old. But not much in his life had changed since he'd gone to high school. He was still the CEO of Kaiba Corp. and still a perverted stalker. Mokuba had gotten him a psychiatrist way back when he had first found out, but unfortunately said psychiatrist ended up in a therapy. She had totally lost it with Kaiba's mind games. After that Mokuba had given up on fixing his brain.

He was in his limousine on his way to the office building after a business lunch as his phone rang. The sound was the one he had set for all four of his private detectives. 'Joey entered Kaiba Corporation's office building alone.' the message on his mobile screen read. Interesting, he thought, I wonder what he is doing there. I bet I could guess it.

There weren't many possibilities. And if he was alone what he wanted was always the same. He gave a sigh, he really wanted to give him what he came for but Seto wasn't even there right now and once he did get there he had a meeting.

When he arrived at his office building a few minutes later Kaiba looked at his watch. He had about 30 minutes before the meeting would start. Considering the time the elevator would need that might give him 10 minutes in his office with Joey. Not really enough but he could ask Joey to wait there for him. He decided to go all the way to the top to his office instead of the floor where the meeting would take place. Once up Seto smiled already as he walked to his office. After seeing him his secretary started to say, "Welcome back Mister Kaiba, your..."

"I know, I know." Seto just interrupted. He knew who was in his office. But he still got a bit of a shock as he opened his office door and very quickly closed and locked it behind him. There was Joey all right. But Seto couldn't believe what he saw. Joey was sitting on his chair behind his desk and his upper body was completely exposed and even though Seto couldn't see what was hidden behind the desk, he could see the clothing lying around, and the movements of Joey's arm, and the flushed and lustful face with the closed eyes. Seto walked slowly closer to the desk and around it to watch Joey in all his glory. He obviously hadn't been able to wait for Seto and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Seto didn't watch for long before sending a look at his watch. Only 7 minutes left, that simply wasn't enough. He picked up the phone in his office and pressed one button. As soon as his secretary had picked up he just ordered, "Inform the members of the board that I'm running about a half hour late we have something important to discuss." He put the phone down knowing already the rumors that would go around about the so called discussion, and also knowing that those rumors would all be true. Amber eyes opened as Joey heard Seto's voice and looked longingly into blue eyes. "You do realize that you are sitting in my chair?" Seto just stated dryly but with a bit of a smug grin around his lips.

Seconds later Seto was pressed against his desk and Joey's hands were busy taking his suit off. Seto helped hoping to be able to save the suit. It wouldn't be the first one that got ripped to shreds by an impatient Joey. It was hard to believe that they still were this lustful after all the years that they had been together already.

Unfortunately for the two Joey had just managed to get rid of the shirt as a loud knock on the door interrupted them and a shouted, "Seto get your butt out here the meeting is important so don't you dare move it just so you can play with your little husband."

Granted, some things had changed in Seto's life. The fact that he was married to Joey Wheeler, or now Joey Kaiba was one of them. It had taken them long enough as Mokuba had been kind enough to point out after he had been told about it. He hadn't been there since they had gotten married in Vegas on a holiday that the two had spent there alone. Joey had been so drunk he didn't remember a thing and Seto claimed the same. Just no one was sure if he really was or if he just never dared to ask him and if he tricked him again. Either way none of them had wanted to get it annulled they had talked about it and decided to just move in together and stay married since they spent almost every night together anyway. Joey had had a sore head at that moment, and Seto had found the paper the next morning and noticed the rings that they had somehow gotten. Expensive rings that looked like Seto must have bought them in advance, but there was no proof to that theory.

"Stop getting on my nerves Mokuba, it is just half an hour." Seto shouted back to his brother while Joey didn't stop undressing him.

"Seto honestly get your butt out here. I promise to babysit tonight if you're good." Mokuba said and Seto grudgingly had to admit that it was a good trade. Half an hour for a whole night with his husband. And since Jaden had walked in on them once, they tried their hardest not to have too much sex in the house and when they did, they locked the doors. At least Seto had been able to convince their son that they only had tripped and fallen on top of each other onto the bed. And fortunately the kid didn't wonder about the fact that his parents had somehow fallen under the blanket. And Seto and Joey hoped now that he would forget the whole thing before he realized that something was wrong with that story.

"Fine, but you have to babysit Jaden more times than just tonight." Seto said hoping to get a little more out of the deal. But he held onto Joey's busy hands and gave his pouting lips a little kiss before whispering into his ear, "I promise to make up for it tonight."

"Fine five times but that is it and now get out of there." Mokuba shouted.

Joey sat down and asked, "Will da meeting take long?"

Seto smiled at the wicked grin on Joey's face and said, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon with plenty of time."

Seto got dressed and left his office. Mokuba was standing there with Noah. Seto still didn't trust Noah but he liked to have an eye on them. Like they say, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And Noah was definitely his enemy. He loved getting Seto in trouble with Joey and did it all the time. The little brat had even found out about his Viagra trick at the start of his relationship with Joey. And of course he had told Joey immediately. Joey had completely ignored Seto for two months. Two whole months without so much as a glaring look. And all that because it was dangerous to mix Viagra and alcohol. Sure he was right that it was dangerous and sure it could even cause a heart attack, and considering that his heart had stopped for a little while not to long before that it could have been dangerous. But this was Joey Wheeler, the luckiest guy in the universe, nothing could kill him. Joey didn't believe that, saying that he had nearly died. But Seto had talked the whole thing down. After all the bullet hadn't hit any major organ and on top of that Seto, who knew CPR, was around to save the day. If that wasn't lucky then what?

Joey watched Seto as he left and got dressed as well. He had known about the meeting. Both of them from Noah. The two of them had gotten really close since Joey had helped him after Seto had kicked him out. And it was Noah that had mentioned about Seto getting a lot of text messages again. It would be the third time that Joey had caught him stalking. And he feared that Seto had never stopped. The first time Joey had spotted one of the detectives and the second time he had stolen Seto's phone and there were still two messages from the detectives on it that Seto hadn't deleted at that time. And after the warning from Noah he had planned to take Seto's phone and when he was turned on was the best moment to do that. Joey had looked through it but nothing was on it. He wasn't surprised at all, Seto wasn't stupid and even though Joey didn't know why the last time he still had two on it, Joey was sure Seto would not let it happen again.

But there was another way to find out if Seto was stalking. Once dressed Joey took the phone and left the building. It didn't take long for Seto's phone to ring and after opening the message Joey read 'Joey is leaving Kaiba Corp. office building and walks into the general direction of the mansion.' Joey groaned, Seto really was stalking him again, or more likely still. Joey phoned the number that had sent the message and looked around. He spotted a man close by whose phone started ringing and ended the call right after the other had picked up. Joey walked back in, not receiving any message, so the man must have gotten the fact that Joey had the phone. Joey walked up to the reception desk at the entrance and said, "Hi I forgot to give this back da Seto, please do so for me. Oh and tell him dat I am goin' out tonight and dat he can pick up Jaden at Yugi's after work, and if he wants, get him da Mokuba for babysittin'. But dat if he dares to show his face or send anyone after me, I'm not comin' home tonight got it?"

And with that Joey left without even waiting for a response. And went to visit Tristan and Duke to see if they would like to go out a little. Those two were together by now, but it still annoyed Seto whenever Joey would so much as talk to them. And all Joey wanted was to show Seto that he wouldn't just let him stalk him. But he would go home, no matter what. If he noticed someone he would pretend that he hadn't. He wanted to be with his dragon, no matter how crazy and possessive he could get. He wasn't still married to him for nothing, even after assuming that Seto had planned the whole thing all along.

And they didn't have a kid for nothing. Joey would never have let them adopt if he didn't believe that it would work out and that there wasn't much more than just lust, even if neither one had ever said the 'L' word. Still they had adopted. Joey would never forget how that had happened. They had been married for just two weeks and Joey had just officially moved in with Seto. On that day Seto had donated some money to an orphanage. He had met Jaden there as he had given them the money and he had talked about nothing but Duel Monsters and how much he loved them and most of all his idol...Yugi. It had bugged Seto that Jaden had liked Yugi and as had come home he talked about nothing but the poor kids in the orphanage and how it had affected the mind of one kid called Jaden who talked about nothing but Yugi. Joey had listened for a while and in the end had just said 'Then adopt him, dat way he is out of da orphanage and I'm sure he would like his new dad more than Yugi.'

Seto had stared at him and said, "I can't adopt alone. Children need a family and one parent isn't a family." Joey had rolled his eyes and had slapped his arm before pointing out to him that he wasn't alone he was married. Soon after that little chat they had a son. And Joey was very proud of having a boy with Seto.

Seto was furious as he came back to his office to find only his phone and a scribbled note from his receptionist about Joey's message. How could he let Joey get the bloody phone. Seto thought for a while about what he should do next, if he should follow him or not. He decided against following him seeing that he knew Joey could be serious with his threats.

And while Joey was in a club with Duke and Tristan and bored since he didn't have his dragon to dance with, Seto was at home walking around like a caged tiger.

Joey didn't come home till four in the morning and was a bit drunk. Seto was still up as well and glaring at his husband. Joey just grinned at him and asked, "Did ya finally learn not da be a perverted stalker?"

"I'm not stalking." Seto said, he had thought of an excuse since the last time Joey had caught him. "I'm protecting you. I mean what if someone tries to rape my sexy husband?" Seto pulled Joy into an embrace and gave him a kiss. He was more than happy to feel that Joey still returned the kiss. At least he wasn't too mad at him but then again, it might just be the fact that he was a bit drunk.

"Ya know dat explains why ya have someone followin' me but not why dat someone needs da let ya know where I am." Joey said happy he had managed to destroy his smart husband's excuse that easily.

"That is to ensure that they aren't slacking on the job. I need to know that they know where you are so I know that they are indeed watching you." Seto said. He had assumed that Joey would notice the flaw in his excuse and had a back up for that.

"Sure," Joey said rolling his eyes and sounding not at all convinced. But instead of fighting about it he kept kissing his husband. "Is Jaden with Mokuba and Noah?"

The two younger Kaibas had moved into the smaller guest house of the estate when Joey and Seto had adopted Jaden. They said it was to give the family some space but Seto hadn't liked the fact that it would give them way too much privacy as well, but Joey had sweet talked him into letting them move in there stating that it would be helpful to have a night without their son in the house.

"He is." Seto whispered seductively and started to undress his husband.

"Then I hope ya remember da promise 'bout makin' up for da interruption earlier." Joey said sounding at least as seductive as Seto had.

Some time later that night both were on the couch in the living room naked and Joey whispered, "Ya know it would be nice if ya would trust me instead of lettin' flirtin' colleagues disappear."

"I have no idea what your talking about." Seto said with a tiny grin. He had forced a colleague of Joey's to move because one of his detectives had said he was flirting with his husband.

"Oh don't play innocent I know ya aren't. Why can't ya trust me?" Joey asked.

"I just don't trust the others around you." Seto said and kissed Joey again, hoping to end the conversation.

"But ya could trust me, couldn't ya? I mean I stayed married to ya even though I'm sure ya got me drunk on purpose and I adopted a son with ya. What else do I need to do to get it into your brain dat ya don't need to stalk me because I'm in love with ya and won't run off." Joey asked.

Seto stared at him for a moment and then said, "Say that again."

"What? Dat I'm sure dat ya got me drunk?" Joey asked.

"No, that love part." Seto said with a slight blush.

Joey rolled his eyes, did he really need to say it? He thought it was obvious that he loved him as much as it was obvious to him that Seto was in love with him as well. But it seemed like Seto needed it spelled out to him and so he said, "I love ya. Happy now my stalker husband?"

Joey got a kiss and Seto said, "Very happy, and I love you too."

"I know." Joey said grinning. But just gave Seto another kiss and hoped that he would finally stop stalking, but somehow he doubted it.

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