I know so many things; I can't get her out of my head. She's the only thing I breathe. She doesn't know. It's our secret, can we keep it between me and you? I know her favorite color, song, and shoes. I know how her family life is; I know her best and worst subjects in school, I even know how she met her best friend. I have had less than three conversations with her. Game on.

But tell me if you can ever love me the way I know you can? Is it so wrong? Her eyes drop and focus on the shiny cold floor, her breathing is slow, she looks out the glass door. It is fall, the reds and browns have mixed and the falling leaves are covering the roads and sidewalks. Can she feel my love for her? Sometimes I think that she might sense a feeling, or have an understanding that I like her more than what's supposed to be. I reach out with my emotions, calling her name in my mind. She looks up and glances at me, standing ten feet away from her getting my books from my locker. Maybe it was coincidence. Truthfully, I think she felt something.