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"Finally the last Exam is over. I can't believe that we're all leaving High School soon." Tristan said after he and Duke had entered the Game Shop. Yami, Yugi, Joey, Duke and Tristan, had agreed to meet there that afternoon to plan a little private graduation party now that the studying was over. All were there, that is, all but Joey. He was running late even though he had gotten a rid from his boyfriend Seto Kaiba, and Tristan really didn't want to find out the reasons for that. He still didn't get how the hell a relationship could work between them but they've been dating now for some time and from what he had heard it was going well. Joey's father complaining about why Joey never left his clothing with Kaiba so his maids could do the washing instead of Joey coming home to change his dirty clothes with clean ones.

Great, that had given Tristan some images he really hadn't wanted.

In that moment Joey walked in followed by Kaiba. Does that jerk have nothing else to do like running his big ass company? Tristan wondered. He still hated that guy and couldn't understand how the rest could so easily accept that he was screwing their friend after everything that had happened. Even Yugi's gramps was on good terms with him, and that after Seto had once not only ripped the old mans most valuable card, but had managed to send gramps to the hospital in the process. He wanted them to split up so badly but there was nothing he could do. Joey had fallen head over heals for that arrogant jerk of a guy. Everyone with eyes in there head could see it. Even so he still sometimes said that he thinks that Kaiba loves him even more, sure he does, he pretends to. He is a jerk and Tristan was sure that moneybags was only after some fun. But no one believed him, everyone was sure that it was genuine.

"Hey guys." Joey said after walking up to the rest. Kaiba just glared at Tristan like always. Kaiba just couldn't forgive him for trying to hook Joey up with another, after he had known that they were dating, at least sort of. It was a test phase more or less but it still counted in the CEO's opinion.

"Hey, how did you think you did during the Exams?" Yugi asked cheerfully.

"Not so great but I should pass." Joey said. And Yugi looked at Kaiba questioning, but Kaiba ignored it with the thought He should know how I did, perfectly of course.

"I'm with Joey," Tristan stated, not wanting the stupid CEO to get any closer to any of his friends than he already was. He wasn't a part of them and Tristan hated it when he was around. "I didn't do great but acceptable, it will do for a community college."

"Yami and I will go together to a college in London and study Archaeology The UCL Institute of Archaeology is the largest and one of the most highly regarded centers for archaeology, cultural heritage and museum studies in Britain. And the UCL also has the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. It houses an estimated 80,000 objects, making it one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world. It illustrates life in the Nile Valley from prehistory through the time of the pharaohs, the Ptolemaic, Roman and Coptic periods to the Islamic period." Yugi sounded cheerful at the thought of learning more about the life his Yami once had and hoped that Yami will enjoy learning more about what had happened there during the 5000 years he had been trapped in the millenniums puzzle. But considering the smile that was on Yami's lips he was more pleased with the happy and cheerful way his little light was talking about it.

"Great than you can fight again with Bakura. They're still in England, are they in London too or someplace else? I keep forgetting that," Joey asked

"They're in a smaller City called Brighton. It's right at the sea and south of London but not too far away I'm not sure what they'll do next, probably go to college as well." Yami answered.

"Bakura and college? I find that hard to believe." Seto said sarcastically earning him a death glare from Tristan.

"What are you going to do? Harvard, Princeton, or any other far far far away college maybe?" Tristan asked sounding much too hopeful for the young CEO's taste.

"Sorry to disappoint you but I have a business to run I can't go to a far far far away college. And anyway, I wouldn't want to go away," he looked lovingly to Joey as he said the last part of his answer. Causing Tristan to feel like he was about to throw up.

"What about you Joey?" He asked hoping Joey had somehow managed to find a good college further away, even if they wouldn't see each other for a while at least Kaiba didn't get to screw around with him anymore, and hopefully Joey would meet someone else nice there.

"I start working. I'm sick of school." Joey said.

"And what profession are you going to have? Did you already find something?" Duke asked wondering if he should offer the blond a job at the Black Clown if he hadn't found anything. He didn't want his friend to stand there with nothing. But then again, Kaiba might have offered him something already.

"I sort of have already been working there for a while, but it is still a secret." Joey said and Tristan and Kaiba where the only ones to know what that meant. He intended to stay with the bodyguard agency that he had worked for during High School, and that had been the reason that he had ended up with Kaiba.

"Why so secretive about your work?" Yugi asked worried. "It's nothing illegal or dangerous is it?"

"No I'm just not allowed to talk about it to anyone, but don't worry I've been doing it along with school for a long time now." Joey said.

"Does it have anything to do with the Katsuya thing you never really explained?" Yami asked.

"Yes, it does." Joey said, "and no I still can't explain that one."

"I could," Seto said.

"No I don't want you to do so either because I don't want my boss to think I made you and get in trouble because they know," Joey said. Seto frowned for a moment. He didn't want Joey to keep doing that job since he looked way to hot in drag for his own good. No one should get to see Joey like that but him, not that Joey didn't look hot the way he was normally, but in drag even more. And the stupid training trips he had to take were getting on Seto's nerves as well. Somehow they always ended up at the exact time that he could take a little bit of time off and wanted to do something with his wolf.

"Let him tell them," Tristan said. "They'll never stop worrying otherwise."

"You know it?" Yugi asked sounding upset that he hadn't been told while Tristan was informed.

"I sort of found out, he wasn't pleased about it so relax. It wasn't like he told me, he actually lied to me about it once," Tristan now the one complaining.

"I had to and you know why." Joey said.

"Yeah I know but it isn't going to change anything. You still won't get these two off your back until you tell them." Tristan said.

"Two? I worry too you know. And how come you didn't tell me?" Duke looked mad at his boyfriend.

"Those three," Tristan said rolling his eyes a little but adding for Duke's benefit, "sorry, but I couldn't tell you because he made me promise."

"You still could have told me, I wouldn't have let him know that I know." Duke mumbled with he little pout.

Again Tristan rolled his eyes, Fine then pout he thought at least we get to make up again later.

"Don't be mad at him Duke it really is important that it stays a secret. I can lose the job and it pays really good for even a small amount of work, just the drag is annoying and the fact that the hours can be sort of random." Joey stated.

"And really annoying, especially at short notice." Seto said, remembering an occasion where he had planned a surprise date to a nice concert with his wolf, and then he had to go to work for some snoody rich kid, whose parents were worried that he might get hurt at a party. Seto had gone with Mokuba instead but it still bugged him that Joey couldn't come along. Even worse was that they had a little fight about it, since Joey hadn't known about the surprise date idea and Mokuba had talked about him and Seto having been to the concert. Joey had been pissed that he hadn't been invited to the concert too. But then again, the fight had led them like always to Seto's by now favorite place in the mansion, his king sized bed. Every fight would still end up in a wrestling match that would ultimately end in said bed, unless they didn't make it there. Which happened rather often.

Seto smiled at that thought and watched his wolf a little, putting an arm around his waist and let the hand move slowly to lower parts on his backside. Tristan watched it, giving a little cough and a death glare to Kaiba once he had eye contact with the CEO. To his disappointment it only earned him a little smug smile before Seto allowed his hand to reach it's goal, Joey's hot butt, like he wanted to make a statement saying 'You can't stop me from screwing him.' "Get a room." Tristan said. He really didn't want to watch them make out with each other or feel the other up.

"Great does that mean I can take him home with me now, let's go then wolf." Seto said and tried to pull the blond with him.

But Joey stood his ground and said, "If you want you can go ahead. Have fun. But I came here to plan a party and don't even attempt to pull me out here, you know what happens when you try to bully me around."

Tristan laughed as Joey brought that memory back to life in his head and the other three chuckled a little too. After all Joey had once given Kaiba a wedgie because he had tried to carry him out of a night club after not only dancing with another but also letting the other guy give him a kiss on the cheek.

Seto groaned a little but said nothing else. This was getting really annoying, either he had to work, or Joey had to work or Joey was with his pack of freaks. The only time they saw each other was late at night, that is, if neither one of them had to do some late hours. Seto tried to think of a way around this, there had to be a way to spend more time with his little alpha wolf. The wild dominate little thing he had fallen for completely.

He kept thinking about ways to get Joey to quit that job and stop with the drag in front of other guys, while Joey talked about the party with the others, or rather Yami, Yugi and Duke. Tristan was distracted glaring at the jerk that dared to still have his hand on his friends butt, moving it even a little. He still couldn't believe that Joey really allowed that guy to bang him. How could he be so blind? They hardly did anything than sleep with each other since Kaiba was always working and Tristan knew that Joey also had some really strange working hours and would still hang with them like before. And the way Seto was touching the blond he only had one thing in his mind and that was how to get as fast as possible into the blonds pants. Like he always tried to do and unfortunately even succeeded.

After a while Kaiba had an idea. He thought about how to tell his wolf about it, afraid that bringing the subject back to the Katsuya business he had just distracted his friends from might anger him. He could always whisper, but even that could leave a bad after taste for Seto in form of a fist in the guts. He still decided to try, this should be one of the times he was allowed and if not, it always was worth the fist anyway,

He leaned down a bit, bringing his lips real close to the blond's ear and whispered with a bit of a seductive voice, "I think I have an idea how you can tell them about the bodyguard stuff." Seto could see how the blond in his arms closed his eyes and moved his tongue over his lips once and he could feel a tiny shudder going down the blond's back all the way to his butt where he still had one hand. The blond could always be completely distracted from his train of thought. Seto wasn't sure why, if it was his voice when he whispered, or the knowledge of how close his lips were or the proximity of their body's when he leaned down to him like this, maybe it was his warm breath toughing the blonds skin. Either way, Joey was definitely hot right now. Like he always would get when Seto whispered like that, and Seto truly enjoyed the effect it had. Even if there were moments where it would piss Joey off to be distracted in such a way. But this time he just opened his eyes and looked up questioningly. Seto smiled he was permitted to continue and would enjoy every second as he whispered once more trying to sound even more seductive now. "You could quit your job and work as my personal bodyguard."

Again Joey closed his eyes and licked his ruby lips for a moment; again Seto could feel the shudder going down. Joey swallowed hard before whispering back with a dark red blush on his adorable face, "don't you think you might be a bit of a distraction?"

Seto smiled a little, he loved seeing his wolf all wanting and flushed especially when he was with his pack. He could hear a mumbled, "excuse me, but I think I have to throw up." Seto had to fight now to keep a seductive smile instead of a smug one, after hearing Tristan mumble those words.

"I don't know, but you wouldn't be alone, my current head of security is leaving in a few month for his retirement, and I really would need a new one, that could be you. What do you think, how does Joseph Wheeler, Head of Security, sound to you?" Again the blond showed the same reaction after hearing the seductive whispered voice of his dragon.

The words were ringing in Joey's head long after Seto had said them and he just couldn't help himself but really love the sound of them. Joseph Wheeler, Head of Security. It really sounded good and so he whispered, "Sounds...tempting."

Again Seto had to fight a smug smile playing around his lips and keep it as seductive as he could as he wondered for a moment if the blond had meant the job offer or the way he had presented it that obviously was tempting to the blond in a completely different way. Knowing that it might get him in trouble if the blond wasn't already too hot to care he dared to ask with his whispering seductive voice, "what sounds...tempting? The Job or the way I offered?"

The blush on his blond lovers face increased at those whispered words. He then just started kissing his dragon. Finally Seto thought, it had taken long enough to get him hot, he had managed it faster with his whispers in the past. They would always work like a charm, as long as Seto was careful not to piss off his wolf before he had reached this point.

He pulled him closer up to his own body and kissed him back passionately. Neither of them was willing to pull apart. And so it was Yami who eventually said, "I would offer you two the guest room, but Gramps is home and the room isn't sound proof."

Joey pulled away a bit from his dragon the blush darkened in color but now from embarrassment rather then lust. Why would you ruin the mood Yami, Seto thought, while Tristan was still glaring daggers at the CEO. Seto smiled at Tristan and simply had to say, "The back of my limo is and we can always have another long detour." Tristan blushed at the heavy hint on the reason for Joey's delay earlier. And if Joey's face was any indication, Seto was not just bragging because Joey had officially reached tomato status.

"And, what about the offer?" Seto asked Joey.

"I said I would if..." Yami said in shock assuming he meant the guestroom statement.

"He didn't mean that." Joey explained still bright read and glad that it couldn't increase anymore because if it could, it would.

"Was it the detour?" Yami asked grinning wickedly.

"No," Joey just said.

"I meant a job offer I just made him," Seto said.

"Must be one hot job," Duke said grinning as well. Yugi at least had the decency to have a slight blush at the current topic (as well). While Tristan still stared daggers hoping the topic would change real fast.

"Not everyone is as perverted as you guys." Seto said and Joey just thought No but you definitely are.

"What is it then?" Yugi asked hoping to change the topic to something a bit less intimate he could see that Joey wasn't exactly comfortable that the current topic was his sex life.

"A position as my new Head of Security." Seto said.

Great, Tristan thought, now Kaiba gets even more time with Joey to fuck his brains out.

"You think he can do that? I mean he has no experience with security." Duke pointed out knowing from his own business how important security was.

Seto looked at his blond lover, he still had to agree before he could tell the others everything. "Head of Security." Joey mumbled, "It sounds really great. I think I have to quit my Job with the agency."

"What agency?" Yugi asked confused what kind of agency it was, especially considering that he had to dress in drag and gone out with Kaiba as Katsuya. The statment with the hours didn't make it sound any less like something really freaky.

"A bodyguard agency that has its main focus on discretion, next to the safety of the client of coarse." Joey explained adding, "that's why it all started after Seto got shot in his shoulder. Mokuba talked him into getting a bodyguard but mister I'm invincible didn't believe it necessary. But in the end Mokuba talked him into hiring the agency I was working for. That way no one would find out he had one and he could keep his fearless reputation."

"Will you ever stop that I'm invincible rubbish?" Seto asked knowing what he hinted at.

"Sure, the day you manage to piss me off even worse and I just know that day will come." Joey said smiling lovingly to his dragon.

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