Gaara meets a little girl…..

My inspiration comes from Lady Antebellum and their new song "Hello World" and I was thinking if Gaara could show the softer side to someone that is younger than him and maybe even be able to cheer him up a little. Considering everything that has happened. Now don't ask why I did Gaara again. I just want to do something for him. Maybe for his birthday. So, here you go.

Gaara began thinking of any kind of way he could persuade the council to agree with him on asking the other 5 great nations to aid them against the Akatsuki, as he walked down one of his favorite streets, knowing that the market part of his village would be very crowded.

As he passed a little store, he noticed a little girl sitting near an empty store, holding a small teddy bear. He frowned at this, imaging himself, sitting on a swing set, alone, and holding his teddy bear close to him. She wore a grey shirt with a small covering over her shoulders, a skirt and grey leggings that clung to her small legs, but she wasn't wearing any shoes.

Gaara instantly, walked slowly over to the little girl and kneeled down beside her. As he tapped her on the shoulder, hoping not to scare her. As she looks up, her big blue eyes shoot through his, tear stains all around her eyes and cheeks as fresh ones fall down her face.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he kept his eyes on her. Watched her as she slowly raised her arm and pointed and a nearby food store, with two little boys giggling and snickering.

"What about them?" He asked her, but she refused to respond. Gaara was unsure as to why she wasn't saying anything. Gaara looked back over at the boys and studied them. One was a brown head and only wore a brown shirt and light blue pants, while the other wore a white shirt and dark blue pants. Gaara narrowed his eyes and then looked back at the girl, who had her face buried in her arms again.

"Are they picking on you?" He watched her nod her head slightly and gave another small cry. Gaara felt sad for her. He knew what it felt like to be picked on and not wanted.

"I'll be right back." He said as he rose to his feet again and made his way to the 2 boys, who immediately froze and bowed their heads to him. Shaking in their small sandals and well treated clothes.

"Might I ask why you are bothering that little girl and don't lie to me." He demanded as they gave each other a surprised look.

"Kazekage Gaara, we were just….. Well, we thought it would be fun if…. You can have it if you want…." One of the boy's said, sticking out their hand, showing Gaara a small gem necklace, sparkling of a single blue gem and 2 silver beads on either side of it, all hanging on a black wire rope.

Gaara slowly reached out and took the necklace in hand and studied it. "Thank you. You 2 can go. Don't let me catch you messing with her again."

They bowed their heads quickly and ran away, to be far out of his sight. Gaara then began to return to the girl, who was still crying, clutching her bear. Gaara kneeled down in front of her and tapped her shoulder again. As she looked up, he wiped her tears away.

"Is this yours?" He asked, seeing her nod her head, shyly. He gave her a small smile.

"Here you go." He said as he placed it around her neck. She blushed a little and gave him a big smile.

"There. See? You look better already." She nodded, this time with excitement now flowing through her body. She wiped away any lingering tears as she pulled her legs closer.

"What's your name?" He asked, gently as he could, not wanting to upset her again.

"Naomi Nervek." She said, blushing even more. Pushing her hair back behind her ear.

"Well, Naomi. I've got some things to do. Would you like to spend the day with me?" He asked as he offered his hand to her. Smiling at her as she slowly took his hand as he helped her up and walked her back to his office, knowing that maybe if she had someone to spend time with, she wouldn't feel so alone.

As the day dragged on, Naomi opened more to Gaara. Telling him about her family and how she was doing in school and that she can manipulate small objects, but not very well. She told him about her family always worked hard, but they always found time to do things with each other, but then when she talked about their death, Gaara nearly dropped down to hug her. She told him that she didn't remember everything because it happened so fast but she remembered a tall man in a black coat, starring down at her.

Gaara felt even more sorry for the girl, knowing it is hard to lose something you care so much about and to have it taken away was just terrible.

As sun began to set, Gaara noticed her feet began to turn red as they sat out on top of the Kage building.

"Are your feet cold?" He asked as she tried to tuck them in.

She nodded. "They are always cold, even at night." She said.

Gaara thought for a moment, until he came up with a solution. "Will you come with me? I think I've got something that will help." He asked, seeing her light up, nodding quickly.

When they made it to his room he told her to wait outside and don't talk to anyone. She nodded and promised him that she wouldn't. He was only gone a moment when he returned with small sandals. "These are Temari's. She can't wear them anymore and she's been meaning to give them to someone who needs them. Wanna try them on? See if they fit?" He asked.

She nodded quickly as she grabbed them gently out of his hands and placed her feet through them, one at a time. She smiled as she stood up and walked around in them.

"How do they feel?" He asked as she ran around, spreading her arms out like a bird, pretending to fly away.

"I love them. They feel like they fit so great." She said, smiling as she flew back over to him.

"Then you can have them. Their yours. Take good care of them." He said, giving her an encouraging smile.

She nodded and smiled back. "I will, Gaara. I promise." She laughed again as she ran down the hall, pretending to fly again.

He sighed and thought about something he never thought about before. Could he keep her? She didn't have a family anymore and she was alone like he once was. She had no one to go to. How much longer would she last on her own?

Gaara sighed and thought long and hard. If he was to take her in, she would be part of the Kazekage family and she would well taken care of, but she would then become a target of the other villages if war struck out between them, but she would be well protected than handling it on her own.

As she ran back to him, he noticed her smile was bigger when she screamed, "Run! He's it!" He looked up and saw Kankuro, right behind her.

She instantly ran to Gaara and hid behind him. "Oh," He heard Kankuro say. "That's not fair. Hiding behind the Kazekage."

Naomi giggled as he gave her an upsetting look. Gaara looked down at her and smiled. He kneeled down to her and told her if he could to his office which was upstairs and grab her drawings that she made. She nodded and hurried down the hall and quickly up the stairs.

"She pretty cute. Reminds me of Temari when she was little, when she wasn't all snobby and uptight." He laughed, seeing Gaara still looking down the hall.

"Kankuro, how would you feel, if I adopted her?" Kankuro stared at him, bewildered and shocked.

Gaara, she probably has a family." Gaara shook his head.

"No, her parents were killed a year ago. I looked up their deaths. Our father recorded every death that happened while he was the Kazekage, everyone down to their last name and where they were last. She has no one, Kankuro. What do you want me to do?"

Kankuro scratched his head as he heard small footsteps come down the other hall. "If you think she'll be happy, then I'll welcome her with open arms. I like her anyway. She pretty fun to have around, believe it or not." Kankuro said as Naomi returned with 3 or 4 sheets of paper.

"I got them, Gaara. This one is for you." She said, handing him a scribbled drawing of him and her holding hands. He smiled and rubbed the top of her head.

"This is great, Naomi. I love it. Can I ask you something?" He said as her eyes got big and focused them on his face.

"Yeah." She said smiling at him.

"Would you like it if I adopted you?" He asked. Before he knew it, she was hugging him, having her arms tightly around his neck and crying.

"Yeah, please." She said. Kankuro smiled and patted her back.

"Welcome to the family of the Kazekage." He said smiling at her. Gaara rubbed her head again smiled.

"Welcome to your new family." He said, knowing she would no longer be alone.

There you have it. Please don't hate me ok. I just had this urge to write this. And this is after Gaara was captured and brought back to life. Ok.