Gaara meets a little Girl

Chapter 3: Continuation….

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Gaara smiled as he watched as Naomi ran around him and his two siblings. She had never been to another village, so he figured she would be excited when she saw him packing in the morning…..


Gaara sighed as he stuffed the last of his things and buckled his bag quickly. He dreaded this meeting that would take up his full time while being in Konoha. Though discussing the treaty that will further strengthen their alliance will probably help them. At least he would be able to see Sakura. And her being around thousands of men wanting to marry her.

Ever since the war ended, Sakura kept on bombarded by suitors and many were very respectable. Having they only took interest in her because she surpassed Tsunade and the fact she had taken part in defeating Sasuke and helped in the war, made them want her only to bear their children to create strong shinobi's.

And how did he know this? He heard them talking about her when the war ended and they were returning to their villages. Hearing how they would like to just take her and have so many kids, that they would just make her a factory. He sneered as he remembered how they described in taking her.

If he was still his old, 'kill everyone you see in sight' self, he would ripped them to shreds, but he knew that it was wrong. That wasn't him anymore. So, he said nothing, but he made sure that Sakura was always with one of her friends if they tried to approach her.

He sighed again. Knowing that it was probably futile, having her so busy, that no one would dare interrupt her work or her time with her friends. But, he knew that his feelings for her would never deter her from anything. Especially, since she was just getting over Sasuke having loved him for so long and now seeing him dead and gone, brining her out of her recent love disaster. She didn't need him coming into her life and giving her love she didn't want right now or doesn't need.

As he shook his head and tied off his bag, he heard a faint knock at his door. "Come in." He said. Having now see his daughter walk in, holding her small bear.

"Daddy, where are you going?" Naomi asked in a tired tone. It was too early for her to be up. Six a.m. to be exact. At first, he was confused. He made sure he stayed quiet enough for her to stay asleep, but she was always a light sleeper. He kneeled down to meet her eyes as she slowly made her way to him, rubbing her sleepy eye.

"The Hokage in the Leaf Village has requested a meeting with me. To discuss the treaty that we have with them, since Danzo is no longer in power and Tsunade is back and she wants to make sure that everything is still the same and that Danzo didn't change anything in it." Gaara said, getting a weird look from Naomi. He simply smiled and rubbed her.

"I'm going to the Leaf village for a visit. I'll be back soon. I promise." Gaara said, rising back to his feet.

"Take me with you." He heard Naomi cry, grabbing onto his leg. And this was the reason why he didn't want to wake her up. She didn't like it when he went away for so long. When he went on a simple report for Onoxi, she cried for him to come back. She got so upset that she when she tried working on Stripes, he came to life and trashed the kitchen and living room before Temari came home released the jutsu on it. Causing her to be even more upset. She only calmed down when she Kankuro mentioning that he would be home soon.

"Naomi, I can't take you. All I will be doing is working. And getting home late. You won't see me unless you get up early and stay up late. Besides, The Leaf Village is nothing special." Gaara said. 'Except for the woman I love lives there' Gaara thought to himself.

"But, I always wanted to go to the Leaf Village. My sensei told me that they copied their curricular from them and I want to see their training grounds and meet all your friends you talk about and I wanna meet this girl Sakura you talk about too. Please! Daddy, let me come. I'll be extra good and won't be a bother. Please?" Naomi begged. Gaara sighed.

"Naomi, I don't know. If you come then that means Temari and Kankuro are coming as well. They are the ones that look after you. And that means you have to be good for them as well, not just for me. And you will have to attend their school as well. I don't know if you want to do that." Gaara said. He wanted her to come but he was unsure how she would act in a new environment . And he was unsure how Naruto would act if he found out that he adopted her. He forgot to mention her in his last letter to him. But he was sure that if he saw a little girl with him, he would have a lot of explaining to do.

"Please! Let me go with you, Daddy.. Please! Just this once. Please!" Naomi said, holding on tighter to her fathers leg. She buried her face as much as she could into his left leg, having her heart feel like it would drop if he said no.

Gaara sighed again. If he could bring her and assign her to the school for awhile and be back before six in the evening, he could probably make it work. He smiled down at the eyes shut little girl, grasping his leg for dear life.

"Oh, alright." He said, seeing her eyes light up and jump up at him. He laughed as she hugged him tighter and kissed his cheek. "But, you better pack light and be ready in an hour, ok?" He said as he put her down.

"Ok, Daddy. Whatever you say!" Naomi said as she ran out of his room and went to pack quickly. Seeing her bounce up and down was like seeing his sister jumping for joy because she got something at the market for half price. He sighed as he made his way to Kankuro and Temari's room's. He knew they were both probably going to be angry and happy at the same time, but hey, better than staying here and dealing with Naomi's tantrum.

End of Flashback…

So, he couldn't help but smile. His mission turned from boring and depressing to fun and entertaining. As they made their way toward the giant gate, Gaara could already hear the many voices of those that would haunt him for the rest of his time here. That and having Naomi with him would make things more interesting.

As he watched Naomi run around them, he spotted something off in the distance. Something orange and was running right for them. At first, he smiled, but then smile turned into pure shock when he saw him not stopping. Gaara froze as Naruto jumped on top of him, hugging him tightly.

"Naruto, I thought I told you. I don't like hugs." Gaara said as he heard Temari snicker. He pushed Naruto off and brushed himself off. And have it more difficult. Naomi came running over to Gaara and grabbed his hand, with great difficulty.

"Daddy, is this Naruto?" She asked. Gaara looked down at her and then looked at Naruto who was giving him a sly smile.

"Well, seems as someone has been around the block lately. So, where's the lucky lady? Huh? Is she pretty?" Naruto said as he nudged Gaara in his stomach lightly. Making Gaara feel even more stupid with this. But, he didn't show it. He remained calm and composed as usual.

"Naruto, there is no mother. This is Naomi. My-" Gaara was interrupted by a flash of green that knocked him to the ground and pinned him with his arm behind his back.

"Slime. I thought highly of you Gaara. You, of great dignity and honor. Seduced a woman, impregnated her and then shove her away from her child to keep for your own and make her not even know that her mother is undoubtedly alive. You dishonorable little_" Lee was interrupted by huge ton of sand slam him down and pin him to the ground. Temari came running over to Gaara.

"You idiot! Naomi is adopted. Gaara adopted her after finding her out in the streets. Both of her parents are dead and there was no one left in her family alive. She was alone," She turned to Naruto. "Does that sound familiar to you, Naruto?" Temari said as Naruto sighed and nodded his head.

Gaara rubbed the back of his neck and then with the tilt of his head, commanded the sand to move off Lee and back into his gourd. "I meant to write you about her Naruto, but I forgot after receiving so much reports and civil missions to take care of in the Sand Village. I apologize if this is of confusion. But, I adopted her exactly six months ago. She is officially a Sabaku. So, please forgive me for not telling you. Other than the misunderstanding, it is nice to see both of you." Gaara said before he crouched down to look at Naomi.

"Are you hurt, Daddy?" She asked as he wiped her eyes. He smiled and gave her a hug.

"I'm alright. They can't hurt me very easily." He said as he released Naomi and gave her her bear and looked over at Lee.

"I hope you are not hurt badly. I just needed you to release me before you really scared Naomi." Gaara said as Lee flashed him one of his signature smiles and gave him a thumbs up.

"Gaara," He heard Kankuro say. "We need to hurry up if we're going to make it to the check in with Tsunade. And get settled in so Naomi can walk around for a bit or whatever." Kankuro said, trying to hide the real reason he came along in the first place.

"Why, Kankuro," Temari said as she walked over to him and draped an arm on his shoulders. "I didn't know you were so interested in Naomi's condition. Are you sure you are alright? You don't seem like yourself." Temari said, giving him a sly smile.

"Can we just go already?" Kankuro said as he shoved Temari's arm off his shoulders and continued toward the gates.

"Oh yeah. Gaara?" Gaara looked over and saw Naruto smile. "Sakura said she would like to see you later. Said something about discussing about the contents in your hospital. I don't know. But, she was blushing when she said she needed to see you." Naruto said then smiled.

"I'll meet with her after I go and check with Tsunade and get Naomi settled in." Gaara said as he then followed after his siblings.

As they made it to the tower, Gaara stopped, seeing something pink walking out of the front door. He was sure that she was waiting for someone and he had a feeling it was him. He knew he shouldn't feel so anxious. He would kill just to get a moment alone with her but he knew that wouldn't happen.

He sighed as he watched Temari talk to the pink haired beauty, with Naomi showing her her teddy bear. She smiled as she pointed over at Gaara. That's when her smile disappeared and she looked at him in sadness. He bet he knew why. She didn't know the whole story. That was probably going to be hard to explain to her.

He looked directly at her as she approached him. "Hello, Kazekage-sama. I hope you had a safe journey here." She was being formal. Meaning she was upset and she was hiding something. He could tell. He knew her very well. Besides, if you love someone so much, you need to know when they are upset.

"Temari! Kankuro! Go on without me. I'll be right there. Take Naomi with you guys." He said as Temari picked up Naomi and walked on with Kankuro. He smiled as Naomi watched them until the door closed behind them.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" Gaara asked as she averted his gaze. "Sakura?" He said as he lifted her face to meet his. She looked away again.

"So, how old is Naomi?" She asked. Gaara sighed. "She's seven. I had the doctors analyze her to see how old she was." Gaara said as he noticed the sadness in her eyes still.

"Does she take after her mother?" Sakura asked, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. Gaara sighed. "I'm not sure. I didn't know how she was." Gaara said, looking over at Sakura who had an appalled look on her face.

"What do you mean you didn't know her? Did you screw her and left her to give birth to your child and have her drop her on your doorstep with a note saying, 'Hi! You may not remember me but this child is yours. I'm dying so please take care of her.'" Sakura said, steaming and glaring at him.

Gaara sighed again. "I didn't know and I don't know how she acted because Naomi is adopted. She lost her parents way before I found her. All alone and no one to take care of her. So, no I wouldn't know if she's like her mother, because I never had the pleasure in meeting her mother or her father." Gaara said, seeing the shock in her eyes.

"You mean, she's technically not your child? She's adopted?" Sakura asked. Gaara nodded and seeing the relief in her eyes.

"So, what is it you wanted to tell me?" Gaara asked. He smiled as she blushed. "That I was thinking maybe we could have lunch together. You know catch up with one another?" She asked as she smiled lightly.

He took her hand and raised it to his lips. "I would very much like that." He said, giving her knuckles a gentle kiss. "When would like to have lunch?" Gaara asked, still not releasing her hand.

"Say tomorrow?" Sakura asked seeing him smile again. "Alright. Tomorrow. Meet me here tomorrow after my meeting with Tsunade. Ok?" He said as she nodded and kissed her hand one last time before letting it go and watched her slowly walk off.

Gaara smiled and made his way to the door until he heard Sakura say. "I must say, Gaara. You make a great father. Naomi is a good kid." He smiled back at her and waved as he entered the building.

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