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Merry Christmas Darling

Over the years of their relationship together, Spencer often likened herself to a scientist reintroducing Ashley to the world. It was a constant introduction, waiting, and negative reaction from the brunette girl who stayed far away from popular culture and normalcy during her years with the CIA.

Despite Ashley's unwillingness to see the art, beauty, and comedy in 90s classics like Clueless and Never Been Kissed, Spencer was always showing the brunette things she may have missed out on during her hiatus from normal life.

So, it shocked the blonde doctor when Ashley not only embraced Christmas (despite her fairly adamant atheism), but also became a Christmas crazy. The day after Thanksgiving, Spencer would find the brunette pulling out old decorations, looking up local tree farms, and hanging lights EVERYWHERE. All traditions were followed from mistletoe to roasting chestnuts. The brunette even made it a habit to visit the children's wing of the hospital with a large, red velvet bag full of presents.

Ashley's irrational love for the holiday seemed to grow and Spencer couldn't help but love the ex-spy for it. The first year after her, Teddy, and Ash moved into the old house on Oak street, Ashley was all too excited to host the annual Carlin Christmas at their house.

That evening, before everyone arrived, Spencer couldn't help but kiss the brunette breathless when she spotted her beautiful, flour covered wife, with a little red Santa hat pulling the last pie out of the oven. Ashley never did get a chance the finish all the preparation before their guests arrived.

The brightness in Ashley's eyes, and the extra wide grin the brunette gave when she spotted their tree in the living room was enough to get Spencer in the terrible Christmas sweaters and gagging down gross Christmas fruit cake. The sweet peck she would get from Ashley while they snuggled on the couch and watched It's a Wonderful Life was enough for a lifetime of exposure to disgusting cakes.

The first Christmas the girls spent together, it had been Spencer that held almost all the enthusiasm for the holiday while Ashley passively watched. She remembered placing the Santa hat on the brunette's head and receiving a small grin and an eye roll. She remembered stockings and the tears that clouded beautiful brown eyes at seeing the "Ashley" sewn at the top. The blonde was shocked when Ashley sat quietly, laughing along with her when they watched Will Ferrell in Elf.

Spencer had known the girl enjoyed the holiday, even without her having to say it, but she never expected Ashley to become the one to bring in the holiday cheer and tradition so adamantly the following year.

Spencer recalled the first Christmas they shared with little Emily. Ashley found the cutest little red jumpers for the 4-month-old baby, phrases ranging from "My first Christmas" to "I have more attitude than the Grinch". It was enough to melt her heart, but when the brunette walked in, their darling daughter in a mini Santa outfit, and both Teddy and Ashley with antlers, she nearly lost her shit. It was easily one of the most precious things Spencer had ever witnessed.

Christmas's over the years with Ashley had been wonderful, and beautiful. They were full of everything Christmas's should have: ice-skating, overly spiked eggnog, strange family encounters, and so, so much love. Their house was that one on the block, showing their (Ashley's) Christmas cheer while bordering on a public safety hazard due to brightness.

But this year, Spencer was a little scared. Emily was finally old enough to really understand Santa and the magic behind the holiday, and baby Christopher was in for a nice treat for his second Christmas. Ashley had been an excited, hot mess about the idea of their children really getting to celebrate the holiday with her.

Ashley tended to be over the top with Christmas without the children's involvement, but Spencer could not imagine how far Ashley would go, especially with their little she-devil Emily egging her on. Spencer would be mildly surprised if they didn't end up with 12 reindeer living in her back yard.

It was t-minus 6 days until Christmas Eve and the blonde looked forward to/dreaded what was to come. She snuggled further into her pillow, fighting waking up for a few more minutes. She smiled when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist from behind.

"Morning Baby." Ashley said, followed with a sweet kiss to the back of the blonde's neck.

Ashley only received a grunt in response. The brunette scooted closer, her body completely engulfing the slumbering blonde's. Spencer's fingers thread through Ashley's as the grip around her stomach pleasantly tightened.

"Come on Beautiful, wake up. I miss those blueberry eyes."

Spencer snuggled further (if possible) into her brunette and huffed, "My eyes have never been, nor ever will be stupid round fruits that make a mess everywhere." Spencer had always been more of a strawberry girl.

Ashley only chuckled; Spencer's faux grumpiness could not damper this time of year. Plus Spencer was so cute all annoyed and harassed in the morning. Ashley couldn't help but bug her.

Spencer brought Ashley's hands up to her face and placed a soft kiss on the scars that marked her wrists. It never failed to make Ashley melt.

"Fine, we can sleep for a few more minutes."

"Chump." Spencer mumbled, already half asleep. The blonde smiled at Ashley's laugh.

Ashley was awake again. She heard the tiny pitter-patter of feet in the hallway, and the slow squeak of the door (she had yet to fix). Despite that, the brunette simply tightened her grip on her sleeping wife, but was distracted when she heard little Em heaving her younger brother onto the bed before crawling on herself. Giggles and "shh" 's could be heard, and Ashley had to fight off her smile/grimace when a small foot landed on her stomach and another kicked her face.

Four tiny hands started playing with her face when she heard her son and daughter say, "Mama, Santa's day yet?" "Mama, we know you are awake. Mommy says you don't know howta sleep right."

One eye peeked open when she saw her beautiful babies, bed-head in place, pj's askew, and small little grins on their faces.

Pulling herself away from Spencer, the brunette opened her arms in order to receive some of the greatest cuddles ever.

"No Nuggets, no Santa yet." Ashley glanced at the clock and held back a groan when she saw it was 6:30 in the morning, on a Saturday.

"Let's go make some reindeer pancakes for Mommy, okay?"

Chris buried his little blonde head into Ashley's neck, giggling at something (Ashley would never figure out what), while Emily nodded her head enthusiastically, her curls bouncing with her.

Ashley got out of bed, placing a gentle kiss on Spencer's forehead, and headed to the kitchen with her baby boy wrapped in her arms, and her darling girl directing her from her perch on Ashley's back.

The blonde tiredly stumbled her way into the kitchen hearing the high-pitched giggling of her three favorite people in the world. As she padded into the kitchen, she was hardly surprised to find the total mess covering all surfaces.

While Ashley tended to be clean, their daughter took after her mommy and made a mess everywhere, and Chris took any chance he could to destroy on sight (it was the boy/Glen in him). Three heads turned towards her, all covered in a nice mixture of flour, batter, and (for whatever reason) red frosting. Blue eyes caught the devilish look on all three faces as she slowly began to back out of the kitchen.

Resistance was futile; she was tackled into a loving mess on the floor and could only laugh when Teddy came and licked some wayward frosting off her face.

Three days away from Christmas Eve and a tired Spencer stumbled through the house in search of her family. She had had a long day, ending at the hospital after 6 hours of assisting a surgery for a young patient of hers that she promised would be home by Christmas. Everything went smoothly, and Spencer was so happy she was able to keep her promise.

As she walked down the hallway she heard Ashley's voice coming from Emily's room. The blonde stood outside of the doorway looking onto the scene. Chris was in Ashley's lap, fast asleep, while Ashley sat on Emily's bed with her, leaning against the headboard, her arm wrapped around the small girl's shoulders while Emily looked at her Mama with loving eyes.

The brunette was closing a small kid's book, finishing the story, "And because of Rudolph's red nose, he was able to save Christmas!"

They were silent for a moment, Emily fighting off sleep while Ashley's hand rubbed up and down the small girl's arm. Tiny fingers started tracing over the various scars on Ashley's arm.

"Mama, how did ya get so many ouches? Were you a baddie?"

Ashley looked down at her daughter, her eyes impossibly soft, and flicked her eyes to the doorway where she knew her wife was watching.

"Before I had you or Chris in my life, and before I met your Mommy, I didn't take good care of myself. I did a lot of dumb, silly things." Ashley finally settled on.

"But you are done being dumb, right?"

Ashley smiled as the small girl yawned, "Yea, Bug. No more dumb things for Mama." The brunette leaned down giving the girl a soft kiss before standing up with Chris in her arms and a quiet goodnight.

Ashley smiled when her eyes finally landed on her doctor, tears gathered in her eyes. Spencer placed a hand on her son's back while leaning in to give her beautiful, perfect, non-dumb wife a kiss.

Ashley pulled back and smiled, "I missed you Spence."

"I'll say goodnight to the little Bug and meet you in our room." Ashley gave a small nod, walking towards Chris' bedroom to put him down when she heard her wife's teasing voice.

"We can make up for lost time."

The blonde could feel her wife buzzing with excitement next to her in the bed, which was concerning considering it couldn't be later than 5:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve.

"Spence, Spen-cerrrr. You have to wake up. It's a Christmas miracle," the brunette whispered, her lips softly brushing against Spencer's neck while she snuggled into the doctor.

"I don't require miracles to wake up, I only need one thing" the blonde responded. Spencer's eyes were still closed with a smile on her face as her arms wrapped around her wife, pulling her impossibly closer.

Ashley asked with a grin, "Oh yea? What do you require Mrs. Carlin?"

Spencer brought her hands up to her own face, lightly tapping her lips for a kiss. Ashley rolled her eyes and laughed, indulging her wife's request.

"Mmm," Spencer's eyes met Ashley's, "Morning." Upon seeing those blue eyes, softened with sleep and love, Ashley lost her initial purpose of waking her wife up and went in for another kiss.

Spencer was quick to respond, her hands traveling Ashley's body as the kisses got progressively more heated. Spencer was about to slip the brunette's shirt off when Ashley pulled back suddenly.

"Spencer! That was definitely not the Christmas miracle I was referring to!"

Spencer let out a soft groan, "Miracles are overrated. Now get back here!" Her plead was followed by trying to pull the brunette back down to her.

Ashley sat up suddenly, "Nope! You will have to get me!" The brunette jumped out of bed, shivering as the cold air hit her as she ran towards the window.

Spencer was out of bed in a flash (only stumbling once) to reach her wife, who had stopped trying to run away.

Ashley pulled the blonde close, giving her a soft, but pleasurable morning kiss. "Baby, look, you are missing the best thing." Ashley mumbled, her nose softly brushing against Spencer's cheek.

Spencer, slightly annoyed with the interruption (again!) glanced out the window Ashley had gestured towards. The blonde let out a small gasp and spun towards Ashley in surprise, "Ash! It's snowing! I know it has been a weirdly cold December, but it never snows here!"

The brunette smiled, turning her wife to watch the snowflakes fall to the ground, arms wrapped around the doctor's waist slowly swaying their bodies with the drifting flakes.

Spencer's sleeping and stunned brain caught up with her as she registered the lack of snow at the corner of their block, their street being the only one covered in the soft powder.


"Yea, Baby?"

"Why is it only snowing on our street?"

"Um. You've been really good this year?"

Spencer laughed out loud at the response and turned in her wife's arms to see that mischievous smile only Ashley and her daughter could pull off.

"What did you do?"

"You mentioned awhile ago how you missed the white Christmases you had when you were younger and you all went to Ohio for the holidays. I thought you, and the peanuts deserved a white Christmas."

Spencer couldn't help but kiss her wife at that. It was true, growing up, the Carlin's had always spent Christmas in Ohio where both her parents families resided. After colleges started, lives changed, and Paula got sick, Christmases changed from white winter wonderlands, to just as loving, southern Californian happenings.

"How did you even do this?"

"I may have rented an obscene amount of movie snow generators. Just be glad the weather has been so weirdly cold so the snow sticks around for a little."

Spencer could only laugh at her wife. Half of her was shocked, but the other half is surprised Ashley hadn't done something like this sooner.

The brunette smiled at her wife, finally getting too excited to remain in their room, "Let's wake up the kids and play in it before the rest of the town comes."

"The rest of the town?"

"Yea Spencer, you aren't the only one that can pull town-wide surprises by way of the town meetings. In exchange for permission and permits required, I invited the whole town for a block party of sorts."

Spencer laughed. This place has always been so strange and small and close-knit, and it was a relief to know her wife openly embraced the crazy.

The family (including all aunts, uncles, grandparents, children, and CIA agents) had all gathered in the snow. Ashley watched on, smile on her face at seeing the whole town frolic in the powdery fluff. Her children and wife might have been the cutest things on the planet upon exiting the house. Squeals of laughter followed face-plants in the snow. Even teddy was hopping around like a puppy again.

Waking the kids up at 5:30 in the morning had been an enjoyable experience. Tiny little hands rubbing tired eyes as each kid clung to a mother. Emily had been grumbling until her tiny little blue eyes looked out and saw the snow falling to the ground. Ashley couldn't help but laugh when her daughter's eyes widened in shock.

Chris was a quiet and easy child, much like the brunette, so he silently whispered, "Mommy," in awe, snuggling closer to Spencer at seeing the snow covered street. His young mind not really wrapping around why he was awake this early, and what a strange sight snow in southern California was.

It didn't take long to wrap the kids up and head out the front door. Hours later, the kids are still completely in awe of the snow, as is the rest of the town. Ashley smiles to herself, pleased that she could bring some Christmas cheer to the only place she had thought of as home.

Arms wrapped around Ashley's waist from behind as Spencer placed a soft kiss on the brunette's neck. Ashley felt the doctor let out a little laugh, "man, your kid is so weird."

Ashley looked up and spotted little Emily seemingly chasing her own tail. Falling down from getting dizzy, only to get back up and resume running around in a tiny circle. Teddy watched the young girl like she was out of her mind.

"You think she's weird? You should meet my wife." Ashley replied, a small smirk gracing her face.

"You're the idiot that married her," Spencer smiled as she tightened her grip on her girl. Leaning closer to the brunette's ear, she whispered, "Forget you wife, let's run away together."

Ashley could hear the smile, "Naw, I'm pretty fond of my little weirdos."

Ashley tipped her head back and gave the beaming blonde a light peck on the lips. Before it could become anything more the girls were smacked with something cold and wet. Well, mostly Ashley was, she turned Spencer in order to protect her from the coming snowball, but time and relatively low stress lifestyle had slowed the ex-spy down and the blonde got a little shock from the snow as well.

The couple looked up to see Emily, Glen, and Chelsea all looking innocently their way, each point a finger of blame at the others.

Spencer and Ashley simply gave each other a devilish smirks before grabbing some snow and declaring war in the front yard.

Getting the kids (and Aunt Madison) in from the snow for the night was fairly difficult. But because of the early (very early) start, and the promise of Santa the next morning, the kids finally settled down.

From the moment dinner ended to being tucked into bed, Emily and Chris, who could not help but assist his partner in crime, had been chanting "Santa day! Santa day!" in anticipation of Christmas in the morning. Even while placing kisses to foreheads as sleepy eyes drifted shut, quiet mummerings of "Santa day," drifted out of the small mouths.

Ashley and Spencer sat in the bedroom, wrapping the last of the presents for the tree. It had been a wonderful day, and Ashley was happy that the snow would last a few more days due to the cold weather conditions outside.

Before Ashley could finish her musings she felt a small ball of blonde energy tackle her down on the mattress. Spencer's mouth instantly found Ashley's pulling the girl into a searing kiss.

The blonde pulled back slightly, "Thank you so much for today Ashley. For everyday. From the moment I met you, you have made every single dream I've ever had, and even ones I didn't know I had come true. I could not love you more than I do right in this moment, but I am sure as time goes on, my love will grow impossibly larger and deeper."

Ashley smiled up at her wife, her hand reaching up to brush some hair out of the doctor's face. "If anyone in the world deserves all their dreams to come true, its you Spence."

The blonde smiled, and leaned in for another kiss, finally getting the opportunity to finish what the started very early this morning.

Ashley groaned when she heard the soft tapping waking her up. After her very early morning yesterday, and her and Spencer's after bed-time activities Ashley felt deliciously sore and tired, and wished for only a few more hours before having to deal with the nuggets and morning.

Before Ashley could groan again, she heard the tapping, a little louder, coming from their window. An eye pooped open and noticed the distinct lack of her blonde clinging to her like a koala. Ashley got up and walked toward the window, realizing it was still pitch black outside, the clock read 3:07 AM.

When the brunette looked out the window she saw Spencer standing on the lawn bundled up standing in the snow. Ashley smiled a little confused, and opened the window.

"Hi Spence," Ashley called down, trying to keep from yelling and waking up the neighbors (the kids could sleep through an Armageddon).

"Hi Ash."

The brunette rolled her eyes slightly looking at the sweet smile on her wife's face and the fact that she was not going to offer any explanation as to why she was throwing rocks at her own bedroom window.

"Care to explain?"

"Well, I realized in our entire, insane, relationship, no one has ever done the throw rocks at your window thing, and I obviously couldn't let the opportunity pass."

"I think that is usually intended when the couple doesn't live together."

"Irrelevant," Spencer replied, waving her hand in the air as if to wave the sentence away.

"Get down here now!" The blonde demanded.

"Why? We already played in the snow," Ashley complained slightly.

Spencer laughed at her tired wife's obvious confusion. The doctor gestured behind her, "You aren't the only one that can pull a romantic gesture."

Ashley's eyes widened at the fairly large ice rink Spencer pointed towards in the middle of the street. It was made out of a large temporary pool.

It took seven and a half minutes before a dressed Ashley met Spencer outside, who was already lacing up her ice skates. The brunette quietly sat next to her wife, taking the proffered skates and putting them on with a smile on her face.

As they quietly made their way onto the ice, Ashley then realized music was playing softly for the two of them. Ashley reached towards her wife, lacing their hands together.

They skated around slowly, allowing Spencer to get her balance, before either of them said anything. The blonde slowly turned towards her wife, a sparkle in her eye when she whispered, "Dance with me."

The brunette wrapped Spencer in her arms and they slowly moved to the music together, stars twinkling above them and the rest of the world forgotten.

"How did you do all this Spencer?"

The blonde gave a small smile, "Madison used some CIA connections to get a chemical that can freeze water for an extended amount of time before she arrived this morning."

The brunette smiled giving her girl a soft kiss in thanks and awe. She pulled away slightly, allowing her nose to nuzzle into Spencer's.

Spencer tightened her grip on her wife, and finally whispered, "You aren't the only one that wants to make all her wife's wishes come true."

Ashley pulled away slightly, looking into the blue eyes she had fallen in love with so many years ago. She thought of their journey together; she thought of their life and the two beautiful, precious gifts safely sleeping in their beds. She thought of all the memories they had and all the memories to come, and that she was lucky enough to share them with the love of her life, the love of all her lives.

"You made them all come true the moment you said 'I love you too.'"

Spencer, slightly teary eyed, pulled her wife towards her for another kiss, soft, slow and sweet.

"Merry Christmas Ash."

"Merry Christmas Spence."

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