Title: Si usted toma mi lugar...

Rating: PG13 (Will probabbly get a higher rating as it goes on)

A/N: This takes place in fifth year....there will be multiple refrences to all four books. Also, I'm using WordPad and it has no spellcheck....so please excuse what I'm sure is multiple spelling errors.

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Draco turned as a house elf tugged on his pant leg. "Pardon myself Master but there be people at the door...."

Draco sighed, after Dolby had been set free these elves seemed to be getting dummer and dummer. "Why don't you get my father then?" Why was this house elf comming to him....

"I would...but I'ze can't...." The elf seemed very distraught wringing her hands. "The master won't open his door he won't....I knocked and knocked and them people is very insistant they be let in and all...." She looked like she was going to cry...

Draco sighed again, turning to go see who was at the door himself. He was surprised to see four men. The one in front held a peice of parchment....they were all looking very impatinet about waiting. "Can I help you?" He asked suspisiously.

The man steped forward looking at him and frowned "I'm from the Minstry of Magic." He fliped open a badge, and Draco felt a deep fear shoot thought him. Minstry of Magic people....here....that could only mean. "I have an arrest warent for Lucius Malfoy....please take us to him and we can do this simply. If not...well...I'm afraid this could get very messy if we need to."

Draco licked his lips "Of course..." he accented, what else could he do. Leading them thought the house he took them to his fathers study, he tried the door but it was locked. He licked his lips again and knocked on it....there was no answer.

The people behind him were getting impatient. "Father?" He called....there was still no answer.

The head misrty officer sighed heavily and turned to one of the men. "Open it." he told him. The man pulled out his wand and Draco backed out of the way.

"Alohomora" he said and the door unlocked creeking open.

The four men went into the room first, wands drawn. Draco watched them until they got inside before looking around the doorframe. His fathers study looked like someone had ransacked it. the fireplace burned brightly even though it was a warm day outside. Papers inside where licked hungerly by the flames, turning black and curling into smoke.

The head man cursed under his breath. "You." he pointed to one of the men. "Put out that fire, there may be something left...." He turned to one of the men kneeling by the side of the desk. It was then that Draco noticed his father unconcious on the floor. "How is he?" the head man asked

The other man shrugged "He seems fine but I found this next to him sir," He handed him somethig wrapped in a hankerchif.

The head man took it...it was a small flat stone, streaked in red and gold. It seemed to be glowing slightly "I don't regonize this....unknown magical artifacts...this alone is enough for questions..." He turned to one of the others who was riffling though Lucius desk. "I want you and Jones to apperate him back to the minstry...we're taking him in unconcious or not." he then noticed Draco standing in the doorway. "This room is off limits....I suggest you go find your mother....and I suggest you don't go to far, unless you want to join your father in the minstry."

Draco nodded numbly going to do as he was told. What had happened? Lucius had been on edge for days...and why was he unconcious....it didn't make sence but hopefully he'd be able to clear this up when he woke up....it was turning out to be a bad day.

**************************************************************************** ***

"I told you..." Lucius sighed "I'm not Lucius Malfoy...."

The Minsty man, Hobkins, placed his hands on the table top that Lucius sat behind. "Stop playing games Malfoy...we have you....we know your a deatheater and we're searching the house and sure to turn up something. Confess and give us names and we might go easy on you..."

Lucius pushed his lips together, not saying anything....he flexed his wrists trying to keep the blood in them circulating, they were tied behind his back, aparently to keep him from casting any spells.

Hobkins sighed "Fine...if you'r not Lucius Malfoy...who are you then?" He asked drolly.

Lucius licked his lips, knowing that the man would never belive him...he couldn't explain how it happened but he knew who he was....and it wasn't Lucius Malfoy. "I'm Harry...Harry Potter."

**************************************************************************** ***

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