Title: Si usted toma mi lugar...

Rating: PG13 (Will probabbly get a higher rating as it goes on)

A/N: This takes place in fifth year....there will be multiple refrences to all four books. Also, I'm using WordPad and it has no spellcheck....so please excuse what I'm sure is multiple spelling errors.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters....wish I did....


"So what do you think Weasly?" The man, Hobkins asked the red haired man by his side. The two of them were standing behind the one way mirror that was in the room they were keeping Lucius Malfoy...

Arthur Weasley shook his head "I think Lucius had finally lost his marbles." He grinned slightly

Hopkins gave a snort. "Maybe he's hoping a plea of insantiy will give him a reduced sentance." He sugested.

Arthur shook hie head again. "You better hope the boy find something in his house or he just might walk out of here a free man."

Hobkins turned to him with a stunned expression. "You're kidding...the man is slime! He's a suportor of you -know-who....both of us know it..."

Arthur smiled wryly. "You just can't send someone to Azkaban for life just for not liking them Jasper."

The man turned back to the window. "We can always wish....what about that stone I found...it's magical isn't it?"

Arthur nodded "Yes...but an unregistered magic item will only get him a fine and you know it....but we can hold him for awhile but once they finish searching the house...." he trailed off looking back a the man in the room. "Better hope the boys find something or this might be the last chance we get at locking Malfoy up for good....the brass wasn't pleased with us searching his house in the first place."

Another snort from Hobkins. "Guess money can buy most things..."

"He does seem to have his finger in every bowl doesn't he...." Arthur sighed "But....I mean...he does seem rather strange. Don't you think?"

Hobkins turned to him slightly "I think he's raving mad if he thinks anyone will beleive him...I mean really...Harry Potter? He could have thought up something a little more...beleivable."

Lucicus Malfoy sat at the desk where they had left him...he was frowning and now and then he would shake his head as if trying to puzzle something out....

Arthur sighed "I don't know what his angle is...but there will be Dementors here within the hour to hold him at Azkaban for the time being....I sugest you head back to Malfoy Manor and find something to help us out, and to keep him there for permanent."


Harry steped into the Gryffindor common room behind a first year.....he looked around. To much gold and red for his tastes.....making his way up to the boys dorms he looked over the beds. It was a typical boys dorm room, filled with books and quidditch posters and other boy things....he came to the bed that was obviously his. This picture on the nightstand gave it away.

Lilly and James Potter, holding a baby Harry and waving at the camera, smiling blissfully. He picked up the pciture and smiled at the happy little family.

"Oh if you could only see me now..." he whipspered almost gleefully to it before setting it back down....he would have rather torn it into peice but that would have been supicius....Harry Potter would never tear up a picture of his family....but there was only one problem with that analagy...

He wasn't Harry Potter.....


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