Hi. Finally! A multi-chaptered one! If you're reading this and have not read my story Rephaim's Dream turn around! This story takes place after that. It's where Rephaim gets his wings back. Read it. If you have read it then you may await my message that always indicates the end of my A.N. Some notes. One name in here is Joi Marie. It is pronounced joey not joy. These child names are the names I have come up with for my own future children so no bombing. Joi's middle name is my own, Cassidy's is my sister's, and Layla's is my mother's so no bombing again. Kalleb's middle name is just a name I like. His name is pronounced Caleb. Different POV's! It's in the normal H.o.N. style where there is different POV's but only Zoey says "I". Alternate Reality of Children (tee hee). Sorry it's so short. Read On!

Chapter 1: Children


Me and Stark sat in the waiting room at the House of Night. I was pregnant. Nyx had gifted me with a child. The nurse, Ella, entered and told me to come back. As High Priestesses Stevie Rae and I had made sure we only had state of the art equipment. So, that included an ultrasound. Being 6 months along in my pregnancy, it was time to know the baby's gender.

"Hang on a second. Something's up here." Said Ella.

"Is something wrong with the baby?" my husband asked.

Ella laughed. "No, but more appropriately you should say babies."

"Twins?" I asked excitedly. Ella laughed again.

"Yes. Twin girls. Do you have the names picked out?" Me and Stark looked at each other. There had been two names for a girl we couldn't decide one over the other. Now we didn't have to. Stark spoke first.

"Joi Marie Stark." My husband listed the first name.

"And Layla Anne Stark." I listed the second name. I sat up and kissed my husband. Then we both left the room. Then I thought "Doesn't Stevie Rae come in next?" Then Stark and I got to the car and started driving away.

Stevie Rae

Stevie Rae walked in as Zoey walked out. "Twins." Zoey whispered and Stevie Rae smiled. Then her and her husband (Rephaim duh) walked in to see Ella prepping the ultrasound again. Stevie Rae lay down and lifted up her shirt. It was weird because her and Z had gotten the pregnancy test positives the exact same day. She felt the cool gel on her belly and the the camera.

"Nyx what are you brewing here?" Ella said quietly.

"What?" asked Rephaim.

"Well, it seems both you and Zoey are having twins, High Priestess." Ella said.

"What?" Stevie Rae said.

"You're having twins. A boy and a girl." Ella said again. "Names?" she asked.

"Cassidy. Cassidy Lynn Johnson." Stevie Rae said.

"And Kalleb. Kalleb Anthony Johnson." Rephaim said next.

"Well, it seems Kalleb takes after his father." Ella said, looking amused.

"What do you mean?" asked Rephaim, very confused.

"Well, and I'm not positive, but, it seems little Kalleb has wings." Ella replied.

"Wings. My son has wings." Rephaim said.

"Can you tell what color they are? Are they black?" asked Stevie Rae, concerned.

"I cannot tell you their exact color, but they are not dark enough to be black. Except the base. The bases are black.

"They will be gorgeous." Stevie Rae said when Rephaim's face started to go dark. "Only the base is black. They are nothing like Kalona's. They'll be gorgeous, like yours. Your mother would be proud. Now, can you fly us home? We don't have a car and it's almost light. Soon, I'll be burnin' and you'll be a bird. So can we go please?"

"Of course, darling." Then with thank yous they left to go. Once outside, Rephaim opened his gorgeously colored wings and flew homeward. "I'll call Zoey after a good night's sleep. I'm so excited."

Okey dokey that's chapter one. I'll probably update tomorrow. And don't worry… Little Kalleb's not the only special child… Mwahahaha! Feeling devious (lol), StevieRae2011, signing off.