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Chapter 16: Changed


"Soon, most of you will be completing the Change. Afterwards, you will choose a career path. Anyone have any ideas for what they want to do?" I asked my class. Of course, Lillia raised her hand. "Lillia?"

"I'm going to be a High Priestess." she told me expectedly. I smiled at her. Goddess, she was so close to completing the Change. And engaged. To my surprise, Alex also raised his hand. He was still a fledgling, and I knew how hard it was to choose a side when you were a Red fledgling.


"I'm going to be a Son of Erebus, the first ever Red Vampyre one." he told me. I smiled. I was shocked but glad. Only one more hand was in the air.

"Ellie?" I asked.

"Well, either a High Priestess or I want to be a teacher." she told me.

"Thank you to all who shared." I began to smile until my daughter fell out of her chair. She screamed. "Lillia." Everyone was staring at her. I ran over. I didn't see any blood so I immediately knew what was happening. I began to clap. Many looked shocked but soon understood what was happening until my while classroom was filled with the noise. Lillia sat up and smiled. He new tattoo was simple yet complex. It was sapphire blue flames twining and twisting and curling all the way down to her chin. They wound through her cheekbones and under her eyes.

"Mom, I- I've Ch- Changed." she stuttered.

"Yes, Lillia, you have." I hugged her tight and passed her to Alex. I pulled out my cell phone. "Stevie Rae, gather the group. We've got a ceremony to do."

"Lillia?" she asked me.


"'Kay. We'll be there."

"Stevie Rae, 15 minutes. You know it's best to do while it's fresh." She didn't reply just hung up. Not to be rude, just to get it done quickly. I made another call. "Erik, can you do me a favor?"

"Depends, Zoey." he replied.

"I need a sub for the rest of this period and for the next one. Can you please?" I begged.

"Why?" he sounded astounded.

"Lillia's made the change." I told him proudly.

"Really? Cangrats." he tells me.

"Thanks. I've got to go. Can you be here in 10?"

"Yeah. I'm actually back at your old school. Wait, there's my target. Bye, see you there." He hung up and I turned back to my class.

"Class, listen." My class stopped their congratulations to listen to my announcement. "In about 10 minutes, Erik Night will come and sub for me. You will be respectful and courteous." I got nods and mumbled affirmations and turned to my daughter. "And you have a ceremony to prepare for. After he arrives, we have to do a very fast preparation." She nodded.

"Am I aloud to come with my fiancé to the most important day in her very long life?" Alex asked, on the verge of angry.

"I'm sorry, no fledglings are aloud in the ceremony." He looked about to protest when Erik walked in. I walked over and said, "Than you so much. I owe you one." I hugged him and led my daughter to my High Priestess dorms. "We're both lucky I keep emergency stuff in here." I told her. I opened the closet and she gasped.

"These are gorgeous." She fingered the dresses I keep in that closet.

"Hurry and pick one." I told her. She grabbed at one in particular. I took it out and she nodded. It was a red one that shimmered. It was covered in sapphires and onyxes but they were distanced enough to show it wasn't just the gems that shimmered. She slipped it on and she looked gorgeous. The cloth seemed to flicker like the flame in a hearth.

"Now for hair." I told her. I glanced at the clock and saw we only had 3 minutes. I pulled out her wavy soft hair and put it up in a braided crown.

"You're ready." I whispered. I hug her tight and we walk to the temple. I look at the clock and realize that in one minute (the end of the 15 minutes) it would chime the midnight tolls. The chimes begin and we walk into the temple. I see my circle assembled with a smaller circle of stuff in the center. I position Lillia in it. She looks down and I see her take in the objects: a bowl of water, a bowl with a fire burning inside it, a bowl of dirt, an empty bowl for air, pine needles, a red candle, a purple candle, a blue candle, a yellow candle, and a green candle.

"Mom, I'm scared." she told me.

"Don't be." I replied understandingly. Just then Stark walked in, late as always.

"There's my little girl." he said. He smiled, though tears glistened in his eyes. He walked up and stroked her cheek, his eyes loving as only a father could love a daughter.

"Hi, Dad." she said and hugged him tightly. I gently disengaged her.

"We have to get started." I tell her, then hug her myself. I take my place in front of her and close my eyes, call all the elements to me. "Tonight, Nyx, is a special. For the first time of 3, a daughter of mine has completed the Change." I paused, allowing Spirit to carry the words to the Goddess. I carried on when the wind blew in my face, showing me she was listening. "A daughter of yours also, as she is a Vampyre. She is gifted with a fire affinity." The fire at Lillia's feet flared. Damien stepped forward.

"Lillia has been gifted with the day she breathes Air as a child of Nyx. Air, let her be blessed with many more breaths and blow away any Darkness clinging to her." he said. The blew once more and stopped abruptly. Damien resumed his position in the east.

Shaunee stepped forward and began, "This girl has the spark to pull through. Fire, I ask you to burn away anything that might try to put it out. I ask you to take special car in this, as you have chosen both of us." The fire in the bowl flared higher. Shaunee turned and returned to her place next to Damien.

Erin stepped for ward. "Lillia is graceful as the cold stream. I ask that Water cleanses her of sadness and heartache and gives her the strength to move forward." The water in the bowl rippled as if someone had touched it.

As Erin stepped back, Stevie Rae moved to take her place. "This girl has a solid heart that is hard the break. Earth, give her strength and protection to survive the upcoming war with Neferet." Stevie Rae resumed her place as the dirt in the bowl solidified into a rock. There was a pause in the room as I turned around to face my daughter.

"Lillia has a fiery soul, and a kind spirit. Spirit, I ask you to guide her and help her to never stray from Nyx's path. My hand glowed purple and I rested it on her shoulder, my hand covered with the Goddess's own invisible one. Even as my hand touched, everything in the room changed. The element candles blew out, the water stilled, the air was almost a solid force, the rock turned back into dirt, and the large fire that had built up died out all at once. Lastly, I felt the Goddess remove her hand and the glow died. Lillia had completed the ceremony. She was now a full vampyre.

(the next day; lunch) Lillia

Lillia sat down with Alex at their table. She actually only had to take two periods now (Rephaim's and Stark's). "Where is everyone?"

"I asked them to leave. I need to talk to you about something important. By the way, you're so lucky, babe. Only 2 periods?" he smiled and leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"I know right? But, I'm 20 years old. I don't need to go to school." She smiled too. "What do you need to talk to me about?"

"Well, you're an adult now. Well, now that I think about it, actually there's two." He paused and as she began to speak he cut her off and said, "When are we getting married? We've been engaged two years."

"I'm sorry, Alex. I can't. I want my sisters to remember my wedding. They're four. Give me three more years, when they're seven. I promise." She kissed him. He didn't smile, only nodded. "What else is there?" she asked, trying to changer the subject. He got down on one knee.

"Lillia, you've already said you'd be my wife, my mate, as long as we are both alive. Now, I'd like to ask you to accept my Warrior's Oath, so that I may protect you in this world and the next, whenever the need presents itself. Lillia Ellens-Redbird, do you accept?" Lillia leapt into his arms.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She kissed him and he fell to the ground. In a moment he rose again, his crescent outline now filled in and surrounded by stars that do loops and swirls all around his face. She knew that in a moment they'd have to call Zoey to do his Change ceremony. But, at the moment, in her world, there was only bliss, joy, love, and utter peace.

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