When Jutsu Go Wrong

Summary: During the final battle with Madara, Naruto takes on Madara in hand-to-hand combat. While Madara and Naruto are fighting, Madara feels the jutsu acting on him and tries to use his time-space ninjutsu to escape. Naruto, realizing what he is about to try and do, gets an even tighter grip on him so that Madara will transport him as well. The two jutsu end up reacting and sending Naruto ten years into his past and dumping him, still at twenty-three, at the point just before he steals the Forbidden Scroll.

Thanks go to Chilord, whose currently-one-chapter story Bare Naked Time Travel served as the inspiration for this one. I advise anybody reading this to go read that story, as well as Chilord's completed Naruto fic Bondage Style, which is extremely funny. NOTE: I am not plagiarizing this from Chilord, but if he insists that I take it down I will.

Chapter One: The Ultimate Malfunction

Naruto was fighting with Madara, each trying furiously to cut down his opponent. Behind Madara, Kakashi raised his forehead protector and activated his Mangekyō Sharingan.


Madara noticed the sensation emanating from his back, realized what was happening and made to use his space-time ninjutsu to escape. Naruto noticed and clamped his hands onto Madara's forearms in an attempt to stop him escaping.

It didn't work. There was a flash, a horrible twisting sensation, and then complete darkness and silence.


Naruto woke up lying on the ground wrapped in the smoking, charred shreds of his Sage Mode jacket and surrounded by ANBU. Cursing under his breath, he tried to sit upright but instead found a thicket of katanas pointed at his neck. He slowly raised his empty hands and said, "Calm down please, I am no threat to any of you."

One of them, who Naruto saw was wearing a cat mask and remembered to be called Yūgao Uzuki, placed the tip of her katana against Naruto's forehead, "What's your name?"

Naruto raised one hand and gently moved the katana away from his face with a single finger, "Can I at least stand up, Neko-san?"

Yūgao took a step backwards and lowered her katana, signalling for the rest of her team to lower theirs as well. She waited until Naruto was standing before asking again, "Who are you and why are you here? What happened to you?"

"Ok, can you take me to the Hokage first, Neko-san? I need to explain this to him and I'd rather not do it twice."

Yūgao stared at him for a long moment, her expression behind the mask inscrutable before she nodded at him and said, "Very well." One of the ANBU behind him gripped his shoulder and suddenly they were standing outside the Hokage's office. Yūgao knocked and opened the door, "Hokage-sama, there's someone here who needs to speak to you."

A few seconds later Naruto was shepherded into the room to find Hiruzen Sarutobi sitting behind the desk looking very much alive. The sheer impact of seeing a man he had once considered a father alive again when he had once watched him die made him falter for a second, but then he stood up with his back straight and dignity as good as he could get it when he was mostly naked but for the shreds of what had once been a pretty cool Sage Mode jacket.

Naruto was pushed down into a chair and had two katanas set against his neck. "For goodness' sake, Neko-san, I am not going to try and kill jii-san!"

Sarutobi stood up, leaning on his desk, "I only let one person call me that. Who are you, where did you come from and why are you here?"

Naruto sighed, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, I come from ten years in the future and I'm here because some moron with a Mangekyō Sharingan named Kakashi Hatake tried to get the drop on Madara Uchiha while I was fighting with him and attempted to send him to another dimension or whatever the hell Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan does. Madara noticed and activated that stupid teleportation jutsu he knows, the two jutsu reacted and I got blasted back here."

Sarutobi sat back down, "You're going to have to come up with a better story than that if you want me to believe it. Madara Uchiha is dead, the Naruto Uzumaki I know is much younger than you and Kakashi Hatake hasn't got a Mangekyō Sharingan."

"That's what you think," muttered Naruto, "Anyway, I wasn't finished. Back in my time, which should be ten years from now, you're dead after Orochimaru killed you at the Chūnin Exams that are coming up sometime soon, Asuma-sensei is dead after a fight with Akatsuki, Tsunade-baa-chan was Godaime Hokage until Madara killed her in front of me, the ero-sennin got killed by Pain and then Pain razed the Leaf Village until I arrived from Mount Myoboku and killed him with Sage Mode which I learnt from the toads after ero-sennin died, then Madara came to the Leaf with Sasuke Uchiha and started trying to kill everybody. After baa-chan died, that prick Danzō was promoted to Rokudaime Hokage and decided the Leaf would be better off without me and banished me. Most of the shinobi I know, including Kakashi and all the remaining members of my shinobi generation followed me out, but everybody in the Leaf was killed a month later except for Ayame Ichiraku who managed to escape and found me. She told me what had happened, then died in my arms. I went back leading all my friends, but Madara's army of Zetsu clones, that guy's a real freak by the way, was too strong and killed all of them except me and Kakashi. I was fighting with Madara, Kakashi tried to send him into another dimension with Kamui but then it reacted with the prick's teleportation jutsu and sent me back into the past instead."

Yūgao frowned down at Naruto before walking around to the front and squinting at him, "You know, Hokage-sama, he does look a lot like the grasshopper. What do you think, Tenzō?"

"Tenzō?" repeated Naruto, turning to look at the ANBU, "Is that you behind that mask Yamato-taichō?"

The man blinked down at him, "How do you know that name? Only somebody who I worked with outside the ANBU would know that name!"

Naruto sighed, "After I came back from my training trip with Jiraiya, the Godaime Kazekage had been kidnapped by Akatsuki as he was the jinchūriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku. We managed to get him back but Akatsuki were able to extract the Shukaku before we could get there. Sakura killed this Suna missing-nin called Sasori of the Red Sands and I fought this Iwa missing-nin called Deidara. Kakashi used the same thing that sent me back here, Kamui, on Deidara about three times and exhausted himself. Since he wasn't able to take us on our next mission where we met up with Orochimaru on the Tenchi Bridge, you took over as our team leader for that mission."

The ANBU stared at him for a long moment before sighing and removing his mask. Naruto grinned, recognizing the distinctive hitai-ate that framed his old taichō's face. The man looked thoughtful, "I'm still not quite convinced…"

"…And," said Naruto, evidently not finished, "I also later found out that you still go to bed every night with a kitsune plushie named…" His voice faded away as Yamato proved he still had great mastery over the ghoulish face that had so often terrified Naruto back on Team 7. "At least you can still use that face…" grumbled Naruto as behind him, he heard Neko giggle.

"What's this about a kitsune plushie, Tenzō-chan?"

Yamato leaned forwards and hissed in Naruto's ear, "Care to find out what a wood-chip enema feels like for what you just did?"

Naruto shuddered inwardly at the thought before turning back to Sarutobi and saying, "So, any chance you could pit me against a few jōnin so I can test my skills on them?"

Sarutobi smiled, "Who would you like to face?"

Naruto thought for a moment before ticking off on his fingers, "Kakashi… gives me an opportunity to get back at the jerk for sending me here, and yes I know he won't know why he's being punished but I'm not happy with being back here at the moment… Anko, Kurenai, Gai, Asuma… that works."

Sarutobi frowned, "Three jōnin, a tokubetsu jōnin and an ex-ANBU captain? Are you sure, Naruto?"

Naruto stared at the Sandaime and said in a very deadpan voice, "Absolutely sure…" before closing his eyes and opening them again to reveal two amber eyes with horizontal bar-shaped pupils.

Sarutobi's eyes briefly widened before he turned to Tenzō, "Find Anko Mitarashi, Kakashi Hatake, Kurenai Yūhi, Maito Gai and my son and bring them here. And," he continued to Neko as Tenzō donned his mask and left the room, "Can you please find Uzumaki-kun something to wear? Having to avert my eyes every ten seconds is getting troublesome… oh Kami I'm turning into a Nara!" He banged his head on the desk in despair for a minute.

As Neko made to lead Naruto from the room, a thought struck Naruto and he turned back, "Jii-san?"


"Depending on the results of my test against the guys, might I be able to take a genin team? Preferably with my younger self on it?"

"We'll see, Naruto. By the way, what'll be your cover story while you're here?"

"Ummmm… my tou-san's cousin named Hikaru, who lived in Uzushiogakure and was the reason my kaa-san was sent to Konoha to learn at the Academy? I recently heard that my cousin had died and came to Konoha seeking anyone who might be able to tell me what happened?"

Sarutobi blinked, "You came up with that pretty fast."

Naruto shrugged, "When you've had to look after yourself for a fair few years, you learn to improvise on the fly."

Yūgao prodded his arm, "Come on, Namikaze-san."

Naruto nodded, turning to follow the purple-haired ANBU out of the room. He grinned slyly at her as they walked away down the corridor, "You know, back in my time, you were dating Hayate Gekkō."

Yūgao glanced at him with an air of interest about her, "Oh really? And how did that come about?"

Naruto shrugged, "I don't know. All I know is that he was killed during the Chūnin Exams…" he suddenly stopped and slammed a hand to his forehead, "The Chūnin Exams! I've got to go back and warn jii-san that Orochimaru's planning to attack the village during the next Chūnin Exam!"

Yūgao put a hand on his arm, "It's ok Na… Hikaru, you can tell him when we get back."


Kakashi Hatake, Asuma Sarutobi, Maito Gai, Kurenai Yūhi and Anko Mitarashi stood in a neat line before the Hokage's desk, waiting for the person they were supposed to fight to arrive. Finally the door opened and all five turned around to see a tall blond man with cerulean eyes and whisker-like marks on his cheeks walking in dressed in a standard black jōnin bodysuit and followed by a cat-masked ANBU who Kurenai and Anko recognized and winked at. She gave them a thumbs-up, raised her mask just enough to reveal her mouth and mouthed, "He's really muscular!"

As the two kunoichi cast a glance over the stranger, they had to agree. The bodysuit clung to his chest in a way that defined every individual muscle and revealed every little ripple of them as he moved. Kurenai had a sudden urge to giggle like a schoolgirl.

"Ah, Hikaru-san, you're here!" said Sarutobi cheerfully as he turned to the five people standing in front of his desk, "May I present Hikaru Namikaze, the Yondaime's cousin who has come to the Leaf asking to join up. I want you five to test his skills to see what rank he will end up at."

Anko snorted, chewing on a stick of dango, "You expect him to be able to hold out against five of us? I somehow doubt- AH!" She suddenly yelped with surprise as she felt a stinging slap to her shapely behind, but when she whirled on the spot there was nobody there. The only difference in the scene before her was that before the slap, the Namikaze had been wearing a blank expression and had his arms folded. Now, he had a smirk on his face and had his hands behind his back.

Anko saw red. She hadn't seen this man move but she knew he had been the one to slap her ass. She immediately made a mental note that this man was going to die in his sleep one evening, perhaps due to a large poisonous snake biting him somewhere horribly delicate.

Kakashi, despite his stoicism/indifference, was gaping at the stranger from under his mask. He looked so much like the Yondaime it was unbelievable. Finally the blond turned to him and said, "Yes… I know I look like my cousin; it's a Namikaze family trait."

Sarutobi smiled, "Hikaru-san, this is Kakashi Hatake, one of the Yondaime's genin team… and the only one still alive, regrettably."

Kakashi shook hands with Hikaru, who then turned to the others, "And them?" He had the oddest feeling that Hikaru was playing dumb, and the resemblance to the Yondaime was still nagging at him. He was sure he'd seen a boy who looked like a younger version of this one running around the village…

The Sandaime started making more introductions, "This is Asuma, my son…"

"Hello," said Asuma, grinning as he twirled one of a pair of trench knives around his index finger.

"…Maito Gai, also known as the Noble Green Beast of Konoha…"

"Yosh! We will test the strength of your flames of youth, Hikaru-san!" boomed the huge spandex-clad behemoth, causing everybody's eyelids to twitch convulsively for a second before they regained control.

"…Kurenai Yūhi, a recently promoted jōnin who specializes in genjutsu…"

Kurenai's red eyes widened slightly as the man smirked at her before bending over and kissing the back of her hand like a proper gentleman, but she managed to force down the urge to titter like a little girl and become utterly starstruck.

"…and Anko Mitarashi, who works in the Torture and Interrogation Division."

Anko's eyebrows rose as the man bent over her hand, but she did not punch him as she was tempted to. Better to wait until she had an excuse to fight him, and then neuter him horribly for slapping her ass.

"Anyway," said Sarutobi, "Let us head over to Training Ground #14 for this test."

Yūgao and Tenzō glanced at each other and nodded once before all of them disappeared in swirls of leaves.


They all reappeared on the training field in question. The first thing Hikaru did, oddly enough, was to pull a length of material from his pocket and tie it over his eyes.

Kurenai stared at him for a long moment before she raised a hand and said, "I secede. All I really can do is put genjutsu over him, and if his eyes are covered then I will definitely be no use."

Sarutobi shook his head, "At least give it a shot, please, Kurenai-san."

The kunoichi sighed, before adopting a ready stance. Yūgao and Tenzō took up positions on either side of the Hokage to watch.


Maito Gai was the first to attack. He flung himself towards the blond person opposite him with his feet extended in front of him. He was very shocked when the person dodged; not just dodged, but caught him by his feet, twisted sharply on his heels and flung Gai back the way he had come so that Asuma and Kakashi were forced to duck in order to avoid being knocked over.

Both of them threw themselves forwards, Kakashi raising his hitai-ate to expose his Sharingan. To his shock, there was a different kind of chakra circulating through the blond's body, deep gold in colour. This new Namikaze was becoming stranger by the minute.

Hikaru caught Kakashi's wrists and swung him into Asuma like a club, knocking the second jōnin to the ground.

Kurenai was busy weaving a genjutsu which would sap the Namikaze's energy when he suddenly vanished in a shunshin and she felt soft breath on her ear, which was immediately followed by a sound slap to her rear.

Kurenai whirled on the spot, red eyes burning and twin kunai appearing in her hands almost by magic, only to see the blond chuckle and vanish.

Anko was laughing as she saw one of her female friends have her ass slapped, but stopped when the blond had vanished from behind Kurenai and Anko suddenly felt a hand swipe across her own backside in passing. Immediately she drew her own twin kunai and began hunting for the Namikaze.

Hikaru ducked Gai's swipe at his head with his fists, before twisting round, grabbing Gai's wrists and flipping him over his head, landing him face-down in the dirt so hard the ground shuddered. Almost immediately he leaned backwards and ducked the two kunai that were thrust at either side of his head.

Bringing his hands up, he grabbed hold of the hands holding the kunai and drew the two kunoichi in close. Manipulating the two women, he made each kunai cut open the opposite kunoichi's top so that they fluttered free before twisting their wrists so that they dropped the kunai and then yanked both towards him, stepping back smartly at the last second so that they collided in a tangle of arms and legs.

Both women were busy trying to separate when Anko glimpsed the blond unrolling several strands of ninja wire. Before she could react, however, the blond flicked two out, looping them around her wrists and ankles.

Anko was yanked hard against Kurenai so that they were pinned chest to chest as she felt the ninja wire around her ankles swing around to encompass Kurenai's ankles as well before looping again and tying them tightly together. As Anko tried to squirm free, the ninja wire around her wrists came into play. She found her wrists yanked above her head and tied firmly to Kurenai's. The two kunoichi were now pinned face-to-face as more ninja wire wrapped around their waists, pulling them chest-to-chest as well and squashing their breasts together.

As Hikaru finished tying off the three wires he had used, Anko and Kurenai both began swearing at him. He wagged a finger, "Such unladylike language, Anko-chan, Kurenai-chan!" Laughing, he left them lying on the ground and turned away as he heard a sound behind him.

Asuma, it transpired, had got back up and attacked Hikaru with his trench knives, only to have both blocked with kunai. Looking into the blond's face and seeing a truly evil grin there, Asuma felt a small thrill of foreboding before Hikaru drew back his foot and then slammed it with all his strength into Asuma's crotch.

Every male in the vicinity winced as one, even Tenzō and Sarutobi.

Asuma collapsed onto the ground whimpering with pain. As Kakashi tried to take the opportunity, Naruto suddenly vanished in another shunshin. Normally, Kakashi would have no problem against enemies using shunshin, as the fast movement could easily be tracked by his Sharingan. Bizarrely, Hikaru's shunshin was so fast that it seemed capable of matching his old sensei's Hiraishin.

As Kakashi heard the soft hiss as Hikaru reappeared behind him, he instinctively realized what was about to happen. His brain, however, could not catch up in time to prevent the inevitable, so he could do nothing but stand there as he heard Hikaru intone, "Hidden Leaf Secret Finger Jutsu: A Thousand Years of DEATH!"

There was a brief moment of horror for Kakashi, before he felt the blow land and suddenly his world was nothing but utter pain.

As Kakashi was catapulted into the air, Sarutobi chuckled at Hikaru's antics. The blond seemed to be trying to humiliate his opponents more than anything.

As Kakashi dropped to the ground next to Asuma, cradling his throbbing behind and whimpering in as much agony as the bearded jōnin, Hikaru entered into a ferocious spar with Gai who had, by this time, managed to pull his face out of the ground.

Yūgao watched practically starry-eyed as the Namikaze systematically destroyed his opposition. Admittedly, he could have done better than to antagonize Anko Mitarashi in such a way as tearing open her fishnet shirt and then tying her chest-to-chest with another kunoichi, but otherwise the way he was dealing with them was admirable.

Sarutobi was staring at the Namikaze as he dealt with five of the best jōnin in Konoha. In his opinion, the blond had more than proved that he was capable of being promoted straight to jōnin, and he hadn't even showed off any real jutsu yet. "Tenzō-san, Yūgao-san," he said.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?"

"Do you think that Namikaze would make a good jōnin-sensei?"

Yūgao watched the blond as he battled Gai before she turned back and nodded, "Most definitely. His fighting style is impressive, and he seems like the type who would get on well with a genin team."

"How about you, Tenzō-san?"

"I don't know him well enough yet but I agree with Yūgao-san's observations."

"Very well." Sarutobi turned back towards the fight, only to fly backwards propelled by an SS-class nosebleed.

Hikaru had evidently learnt Shadow Clone Jutsu from somewhere, as he had just created a clone and henged into Anko Mitarashi, while the clone henged into Kurenai Yūhi.

The two kunoichi on the ground redoubled their efforts to get free of the ninja wire when they saw what the blond was doing.

Gai stopped dead and stared at the sight before him; the sight of a very scantily-clad Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yūhi tongue-kissing before looking at him with very sexy expressions and begging him to come over and discipline both of them for "being bad little girls" was so startling to the spandex-clad jōnin that he just passed out.

Hikaru dropped his henge and dispelled the clone, only to turn to Sarutobi, remove the ribbon tied around his eyes and smirk.

Sarutobi chuckled as Hikaru sauntered over to him, leaving the five jōnin to sort themselves out.

"So, how did I do?"

"You did well enough. Come back to the office and I'll get you a jōnin vest. By the look of it, you also proved you're capable of looking after a genin team."

Hikaru grinned, "Awesome! Can I get mys… my little second cousin?"

Sarutobi frowned, "Are you sure you're the best person to teach him?"

Hikaru snorted, before speaking in an undertone, "Back in my time, the only thing Kakashi ever taught me was tree walking. Everything else I either came up with by myself or ero-sennin taught me. Believe me, give me Naruto Uzumaki and he'll be an excellent ninja in a few months even if he is the current dead-last."

Yūgao frowned, "If you only arrived in this village a few hours ago, how do you know that he's the dead-last?"

Hikaru turned to her, "Remember, I am from the future…?"

Yūgao nodded, "Oh yes."

Sarutobi interjected, "Do you want anyone else on your team, or can I choose?"

Hikaru snorted, "I'll take the Uchiha. He was a proper prick back in my time and I really want to break that ego of his. As for a kunoichi, I'd like Hinata, please."

Yūgao sniggered, "The Hyūga heiress? Doesn't she have a massive crush on the younger you?"

Hikaru laughed, "Why do you think I want her? I was a right idiot last time to like Sakura when Hinata was a much better person and she actually liked me."

Yūgao sniggered, "And when did you figure it out?"

Hikaru looked grave for a second, "Sasuke stabbed her and she died in my arms. She told me how she'd felt about me all those years with her last breath, kissed my cheek and then died. I went to my controlled jinchūriki form and killed Sasuke in revenge." He scowled, "That's why I want him on my genin team. If I can break that attitude before it does lethal damage, I might be able to stop everything from going to shit. It's one of the reasons why I'm glad I came back in time; if I can get my younger self set up with Hinata then he won't be hooked up on Sakura." A thought seemed to hit him, "Actually, if I can gather the rest of the jinchūriki then Akatsuki won't get them. I need to get in contact with, let's see… Iwa had two, Kumo had two, one of which was Bee… Suna had Gaara… Taki had one… Kiri had two I think, one of which is the current Mizukage and from what I know he's being controlled by Madara so if I can break that off right now I should be able to fix up some kind of treaty. Actually I could ask Kumo's jinchūriki if they'd be willing to help me and my younger self gain better control over the Kyūbi, my attempt isn't working right. At least, I can't really use it that well."

Sarutobi looked briefly concerned, "You will check with me before you do all of this, won't you? And if you're going to have a genin team, you won't be able to do all of this."

Hikaru smirked, "Of course. If I can train them up to a decent-enough level quite quickly, maybe I could take them with me on my trips to the various Elemental Countries. Ero-sennin did the same thing with me when he took me on my three-year training trip."

Sarutobi nodded, before another thought occurred to him, "You do realize that the council is going to want to make you the head of the Namikaze clan as soon as they get wind of your presence in Konoha, right?"

Hikaru shrugged, "Oh well. By the way, remind me to kill that asshole Danzō at the first opportunity. When you get right down to it, that asshole's the reason why I ended up back here, not that I'm complaining."

Sarutobi chuckled, "I see you hate the old war-hawk as much as I do then."

Hikaru gave a brief nod, before stretching slightly. Yūgao's eyes instantly locked onto his abdominal muscles and she blushed behind her mask. "Well," he said, "I need to go find a place to live now, I have to be up early tomorrow."

"If I may ask, why?"

"Well, if I'm going to be a jōnin-sensei, I'm going to need to get a feel for my prospective students, aren't I? And while I know perfectly well that one of them is in fact me at a much younger age, I still want to have a look at the other two."

"But you worked with one of them for months didn't you?"

"Dammit, jiji! Alright, the reason I want to get up early is because I know full well what's going to happen with Naruto tomorrow, so I want to be ready!"

"What's going to happen?"

"Well that's actually a rather interesting story…" He smirked and began to explain as they continued to head back towards the Hokage Tower.

Back on the training field, Asuma had cut the two kunoichi free with one of his trench knives as soon as he was able to stand. As Anko buttoned her trench coat to hide her dignity, she looked at Kurenai, "Was it just me, or did getting utterly owned by that Namikaze guy turn you on too?"

Kurenai tilted her head to one side for a second before she frowned and nodded, "A little. I could've done without the humiliation though." She tugged her coat shut over her own front.

Both of them noticed Asuma standing there looking stupid. "What are you looking at?" they both snapped, causing the bearded jōnin to flinch and run off.


Once Hikaru had collected his new jōnin vest and the files on Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyūga and the younger Naruto Uzumaki from the Hokage, he headed off to where Sarutobi told him the old Namikaze mansion used to stand.

Deactivating the blood seals that concealed it from non-Namikaze eyes, Hikaru opened the door with the key that Sarutobi had given him and went inside. Sighing at the slightly decrepit state of the place, he had immediately created about twenty shadow clones and ordered them to clean up the house.

He himself ventured into the study; quickly locating the secret compartment behind a portrait of his parents that he recognized from his own time, and had soon found the large safe behind it. Removing a large amount of ryō from the safe, he headed out into town.

He returned a few hours later in a foul mood; he had literally run into his younger self being pursued by a large mob of people wielding pitchforks and shouting about "finishing off the Yondaime's work".

It was lucky for him they were all civilians, because if any of them other than about two had been shinobi he probably wouldn't have held back.

As it was, he unleashed a very large amount of killing intent and yelled at them that the boy they were chasing was the Yondaime's legacy and therefore should be respected and not feared and isolated. When one of the civilians, a particularly fat merchant he recognized from his own youth as having been particularly vicious towards him, called him on that, he simply glared at the man and said, "I am Hikaru Namikaze, the Yondaime's cousin. If you call me out on my opinion of my own cousin's last wishes again I will not hesitate to injure you. Is that clear?"

The civilians cowered at the concentrated killing intent, though for a couple of them who were stupid enough to think that this person would happily let them have the kid if they told him what he was said, "But he's a demon! Why would you protect a demon?"

Hikaru's eyes flashed and the killing intent thickened, causing several of the civilians to release their bowels, "I advise all of you…" he hissed with venom in his tone, "…to start running before I start enforcing Sandaime's Law using sharp objects." To add to the effect he drew three kunai in each hand, holding them between his fingers so that they stuck out like claws.

The civilians scattered. Hikaru smirked as they fled, before glancing down to see that the younger Naruto was gone, having evidently made his escape while the civilians were otherwise detained.

Now, walking back to the Namikaze mansion with several bags of new clothes sealed away in one of his new sealing scrolls, Hikaru reflected that he had never really noticed just how much persecution he had faced as a child until he had witnessed it from a bystander's viewpoint. For most of his childhood, he had been running away.

When he reached the house, he stopped and turned his head slightly before speaking. "Care to explain why you are following me, kid?"

Turning, he saw Naruto Uzumaki creeping out from where he had been hiding behind a tree. The boy fidgeted slightly before he suddenly blurted out, "How did you make all those guys run?"

Hikaru stared down at the boy, feigning ignorance as to his identity, "And you are?"

The blond drew himself up, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm gonna be the Hokage someday!"

Hikaru sweatdropped, "Was I really this annoying when I was a kid? Sheesh, no wonder hardly anybody liked me. Well, time to set things right."

Out loud he said, "Uzumaki, eh? Well then Naruto Uzumaki, what year are you in at the Academy? Speaking of which shouldn't you be in school?"

Naruto snorted, "My final exam is tomorrow, but I know everything except the Illusion Clone, which I can't do for some stupid reason."

Hikaru remembered the Sandaime once telling him that the reason he could never create a perfect illusion clone was because having the Kyūbi sealed inside him boosted his chakra reserves so much that trying to isolate that little chakra was like using an eye-dropper to extract water from the ocean.

Smiling down, he crouched in front of the boy and ruffled his hair, "I'm sure you'll manage. Run along now, Uzumaki, and watch out for the civilians, y'hear? I might not be around to dissuade them next time."

Suddenly, a voice came from some distance away, "Naruto!"

Both blondes looked up at once and said, "Yes?"

Hikaru blinked as he saw who was approaching; Iruka Umino. Resisting the urge to grab the man's arm and drag him off to Ichiraku Ramen, he turned to Naruto, "Is that your teacher?"

Iruka drew up to them, scowling, "Naruto, your final exam is tomorrow, wouldn't your time be better spent practicing and revising than pulling pranks?"

He didn't wait for an answer, but turned to Hikaru, "I'm sorry that my student was harassing you mister…?"

"Namikaze, Hikaru Namikaze."

Both of them stared at him with wide eyes, prompting him to sigh, "Yes, I am the Yondaime's cousin. The fact that I look almost identical to him is a family trait." He noticed Naruto staring at him, "Yes?"

The boy shook his head, "Never mind."

Hikaru smiled, "Anyway, you should get going, kid. If you've got your final exam tomorrow, then you should be revising as your sensei says. Speaking of which, I don't think I got your name?"

"Iruka, Iruka Umino, Namikaze-sama."

"Please, Hikaru. Namikaze-sama makes me sound old."

Iruka chuckled, "Come on, Naruto. I'll treat you to some ramen."

Naruto sighed, before he nodded and scampered away with Iruka. Hikaru watched him go, wondering whether he should try and help. "No," he decided, "My younger self needs to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu himself, or god-forbid he might turn into the Uchiha. I think I'd probably end up killing him if he turned out like that. Hmm… I wonder if killing my younger self would count as fratricide, homicide or suicide? Best not to find out I guess."

Still pondering, he entered the house and closed the door.


Hikaru rose early the next morning and read through the files on Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke, before wandering across to the Academy to watch the final exams from atop a roof. On the way he stopped in at a ninja shop and asked about chakra blades.

The bun-haired brunette behind the counter had to call her parents in from the back room. When her father saw Hikaru he stumbled, "Y-Yondaime-sama!"

Hikaru chuckled, "Not quite. Yondaime-sama's cousin."

The man recovered quickly, "Ah, very well. Well as you asked about chakra blades, I might as well give these to you, being his closest living relative."

He walked into the back room. His wife's eyes widened, "Tensu! You can't be talking about… those?"

"What else could I be talking about?" responded the man's excited voice, "I've wanted to get rid of these for years, but I couldn't really dishonour my old friend's last request like that!"

He ran back out a minute later carrying a large bundle, "These were requested by your cousin, he was interested in learning kenjutsu and even more interested in chakra blades!" He unrolled the bundle to reveal two long blades. Hikaru recognized one as being a katana, the other being a straight-bladed ninjatō. He grinned, "Those look perfect. What do they do, if you don't mind me asking?"

Tensu grinned, rubbing his hands together with glee and seemed to not register Hikaru's question for a long moment. When his daughter nudged him he seemed to snap back to himself and said, "Oh, you can channel chakra through them to achieve various effects. For example, channelling wind chakra through them gives them the ability to cut through absolutely anything, channelling fire chakra makes them radiate intense heat; so much as scratching an enemy with the blade in that state will burn them horribly, and channelling lightning chakra through them causes anyone they hit to receive a powerful electric shock. For some reason they do nothing when water or earth chakra is channelled through them. I hope you don't consider that a fault in any way, Namikaze-sama."

Hikaru shook his head, "Of course not, my chakra nature is in fact wind so there is no problem at all. Out of interest, would I be able to give one of these to another family member as a gift? He would appreciate having something by which he could remember our mutual relative."

Tensu stared blankly at him for a moment, causing Hikaru to think he might have offended the weaponsmith for a minute, before the man smiled and nodded, "Of course. Anybody who wishes to remember the Yondaime for the hero he was in stopping the Kyūbi has good reason to do so. I would be honoured that two of the blades I created will be carried by the Yondaime's relatives in honour of his memory." He gazed at the wall, apparently lost in memories. His daughter coughed slightly and turned to Hikaru, "Is there anything else I can do for you, Namikaze-sama?"

Hikaru chuckled, "Tell me, young lady, what is your name?"

"T-Tenten, Namikaze-sama, Tenten Takeshi."

Hikaru thought for a second, now he remembered the girl. She had been one of Neji's team back in his own time. Apparently Neji and Tenten had been close, but Neji didn't really feel the same way about Tenten that she felt about him, so they had broken up. Naruto had found the two of them dead in each other's arms a week after the break-up, each killed by Sasuke's Chidori.

"Well," he said, tearing his mind back to the present, "If I may make a single request of you, fair Tenten?"

Tenten gulped, "Y-yes?"

Hikaru smiled pleasantly at her, "Please, just call me Hikaru. Namikaze-sama makes me feel old, particularly when coming from such an attractive young thing as yourself."

Tenten went bright red, causing her mother to giggle and say, "Alright, "Hikaru-san", if you are done flirting with my daughter, is there anything else you want?"

He turned his eyes on her, causing the woman to blush slightly, "I would comment on now knowing where young Tenten gets her looks, but I doubt Tensu-san would appreciate me complimenting his wife in such a fashion, therefore I will simply request straps to hold these weapons' sheaths and then take my leave. Actually, can you make one that would fit a kid about this height," he held one hand up at around Naruto's head height, "but that I can extend enough that I can wear it until I can give it to the guy it's for?"

Tenten's mother nodded, "Of course, Nam… Hikaru-san."

Hikaru chuckled, as he wandered over to a large rack after the woman.


Hikaru left the shop fifteen minutes later to a cry of "Come back to Takeshi Wares if you need anything else!" from Tenten and her parents with the two swords strapped to his back. He smiled, remembering Tensu's offer to teach him and the other relative kenjutsu in their spare time.

Quickly remembering what else he had intended to do today, he swiftly shunshined towards the Academy, landing on a roof overlooking the outer yard. He had evidently missed the tests, as Naruto now sat on a swing hanging from a tree opposite him while everybody else mingled with their parents on his side of the yard. Jumping down, he walked through the throng towards the boy, but stopped when he heard two mothers talking about his younger self, "So that's him?"

"Yes. I'm glad he didn't pass, can you imagine a monster like that being a shinobi…?"

"Shush, we're not supposed to talk about that."

Hikaru scowled before walking up behind the two women and putting a hand on each of their shoulders, "Damn right you shouldn't be talking about it. It's Sandaime's Law after all, and I'd hate to have to start keeping the peace with terminal force on my first day on the job after all."

The two women looked up and paled, causing Hikaru to smirk. He evidently cut an intimidating figure, six feet of solid muscle with two sword hilts protruding over his shoulders and a serious look in his eyes. He smiled pleasantly at both of them before bending down and murmuring, "The scroll is not the kunai. What something contains does not make the container the contained item. If anything, that boy should be lauded for keeping that from destroying us all."

Before the mothers could respond, Hikaru and pushed his way between them and headed over to where Naruto sat, "Hey kid."

Naruto looked up, "Hi-Hikaru-sama."

Hikaru smirked, crouching down in front of him, "Just Hikaru, please. I've never been one for proper titles and all that, and I can tell you aren't one for them either."

Naruto smiled quietly before frowning, "I failed again. I don't know why I can never get my illusion clone right."

"Well," said Hikaru, "I can tell you have massive amounts of chakra, you just need to learn to use them properly. I could never perform an adequate illusion clone either, trying to isolate that little chakra was impossible for me. Tell you what, how about we…" He stopped as he became aware of somebody behind him.

Turning, he had a sudden insane urge to go for the sword on his back as he laid eyes on Mizuki. "Yes?"

Mizuki frowned, "Excuse me, but if you don't have a child at this Academy you will have to leave. I know for a fact that you aren't this boy's father."

Hikaru turned fully to face the Academy teacher and smiled, "Of course, I'm sorry. I recently became a jōnin-sensei so I thought I'd have a look at the new genin so I have an idea of which ones I might be getting and what they're like."

Mizuki frowned, "Well, I'm afraid you won't be getting Naruto here, he failed."

"So I hear, but you never know, he could surprise you." He noticed Mizuki's expression of disbelief and thought contemptuously, "Yeah, you bastard. And he'll beat the shit out of you with about three hundred clones at the end of the night!"

He turned back to Naruto and ruffled his hair, "Ok little man, I've got to go and talk to the Hokage about something. I'll see you around, ok?"

Naruto grinned up at him, "Ok."

Hikaru smirked and walked away. As he left he heard Mizuki say the familiar words, "I'm sorry Iruka-san failed you, but the truth is that…"

"Alright, Mizuki-teme, let's see how you do against a Naruto that's angry and uses shadow clones to beat the crap out of you and another Naruto that knows a lot more about this time than the old one."



Hikaru turned to see Iruka hurrying after him as he walked away from the Academy, "Yes?"

Iruka stopped next to him and looked up, panting slightly from his run to catch up, "Why are you so friendly towards Naruto when everybody else treats him with either hatred or indifference?"

Hikaru considered the man for a long moment before he said, "Naruto is a type of person I know intimately well. Shunned for something he had no control over, rejected and reviled because he keeps something terrible from escaping into the world. Yes," he said, turning his back on the Academy teacher, "I know Naruto's type very well."

Iruka jogged to keep up as the blond walked away, "I'd still like to talk to you, if you please. Would you care for some ramen?"

Ramen. That was the magic word for Hikaru as he turned to Iruka and grinned, "Of course. Lead the way."

Iruka frowned as he noticed something. Grinning like that, Hikaru Namikaze looked astonishingly like a taller, older Naruto Uzumaki. "I wonder if they're related…" he thought, before shrugging and discarding the thought. Naruto's father would have to be the Yondaime Hokage for them to be related. And that couldn't be possible, right?



Hikaru and Iruka were having a pleasant conversation in Ichiraku Ramen when Mizuki appeared outside, looking out of breath and panicky, "Iruka! Naruto stole the Forbidden Scroll from the Hokage's Tower!"

Iruka looked aghast, "What? This must be a joke!"

Mizuki shook his head, "I wish it were."

Hikaru stood up, playing the part to perfection, even if the other two didn't know that, "Which way did he go?"

Mizuki pointed back across the village, in the other direction to where Hikaru knew he had gone back in his own childhood. He smirked inwardly, "Nice try, Mizuki-teme, but I know full well you're lying and this time Iruka and I will be there to kill you before you can lay a finger on the younger me!"

As soon as Mizuki had headed of in the direction of where Naruto was, Hikaru grabbed Iruka's arm and dragged him into an alley, "Hikaru-san, what…?"

"Quiet. Do you trust me, Iruka-san? More accurately, do you trust Naruto?"

"…Of course."

"Then listen. My name is not actually Hikaru Namikaze, nor am I actually the Yondaime's cousin. I'm actually the Yondaime's only son, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and I was thrown a decade into the past by a complete accident."

Iruka stared at him for a long moment, "…Huh?"

Hikaru sighed, "I can tell you're wondering why I look like an older, taller Naruto Uzumaki. That is because I am Naruto Uzumaki as he will look at twenty-three years old."

Iruka continued to stare for a moment before he seemed to snap back to himself, "Alright. What happens now, then?"

Hikaru smirked, pulling a kunai into one hand, "We follow Mizuki. Hopefully we can find myself before Mizuki does."

"Why before Mizuki does?"

"The bastard's actually working for Orochimaru-teme. He wants the Forbidden Scroll Naruto stole."

"Why are you talking about yourself in the third person?"

"…Please don't confuse me when I'm trying to concentrate. Remembering what happened ten years ago isn't exactly easy you know."

"Sorry. Let's get going then."

"Yup, I'll remember on the way."

The chūnin and newly-minted jōnin headed out of the alley and leapt onto the rooftop, speeding off into the distance.


Naruto Uzumaki eagerly unrolled the scroll, "Alright, let's see what the first jutsu is… aw man! Kage Bunshin! That's my worst technique! But if I'm going to be the Hokage I have to learn everything I can."

Sitting on the floor, he started to practice.


It took Iruka and Hikaru about half an hour to finally locate Mizuki and Naruto, by which time the rogue chūnin had already located Naruto and told him to hand over the scroll.

Hikaru sent Iruka to get Naruto while he headed back to warn the Hokage and then return for Mizuki.

He had found the Hokage quite quickly; the man was standing outside the Hokage's Tower at the head of a large group of ninja, issuing commands.

"Hokage-sama!" he called, dropping down to land in a crouch at the man's side.

"Yes, Namikaze-san?" replied the Hokage, noting several shinobi starting at the name.

"Iruka Umino and I located Naruto. It seems that Mizuki, Iruka's assistant at the Academy, tricked Naruto after failing him on the exam. He told him that he would pass if he stole the scroll, learnt a jutsu from it and then showed Iruka or Mizuki the jutsu. Obviously he intends to take the scroll for himself." He gave the Hokage a significant look which plainly said, "This happened last time, let me deal with it."

"Very well, you," he pointed at a group of ANBU, "Go with Namikaze-san and apprehend Mizuki. Namikaze-san, do you have any other questions?"

Hikaru took a step forwards and muttered into the Hokage's ear, "Might I be allowed to tell Naruto about his parentage? I suspect that Mizuki will have already told him what he contains, and he might as well know the reason why he has it sealed inside him."

Sarutobi frowned before murmuring back, "As long as you impress on him how important it is that he does not go around boasting about it, I'm fine with it."

Hikaru adopted a playfully insulted expression, "What do you take me… him… for?"

Sarutobi chuckled, before handing the blond jōnin a Leaf headband he had produced from somewhere, "Get going."

Hikaru took the headband and turned to the ANBU, "Follow me!"

He vanished in a shunshin, followed by the ANBU.


Hikaru and the ANBU arrived to find about three hundred Naruto-clones surrounding Mizuki, who was lying on the ground and looking very battered. As half the ANBU split off to tend to Iruka, who lay at the foot of a tree some distance away, and the rest moved to apprehend Mizuki, Hikaru headed to Naruto.

"Na-Namikaze-sama," mumbled Naruto, looking down at the floor as his clones apparently realized the tension of the situation and dispelled, causing the boy to wince.

Hikaru didn't waste time on more words than were necessary. He stared at the boy and said, "Come with me. You're staying at my house tonight."

The boy stared at him for a long moment before he nodded and took the proffered hand. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.


They landed outside Hikaru's house and Naruto found himself being quickly rushed inside.

Once he was sat in an armchair in the living room and Hikaru was seated opposite him, he started.

"I understand that Mizuki told you something of great importance tonight."

"Yeah. I don't care though."

"And you shouldn't. Being the container of the Kyūbi no Kitsune is nothing to be ashamed of. You prevent it from razing the village to the ground, and that is an honourable task. The thing you don't know, however, is why you were selected."

Naruto perked up, "You know why I was used as the container?"

Hikaru nodded, "Yes I do. You know I mentioned that I was the cousin of the Fourth Hokage?"


"Well, that makes us second cousins. Naruto, the reason you were selected was because my cousin couldn't in good conscience use another family's child as the vessel, when he could use his own son."

Naruto's jaw dropped, "Y-You mean I'm…"

"…the Yondaime's son, and my second cousin? Yes. But Naruto, I must impress on you that you do not walk around boasting about this."

Naruto looked insulted, "What kind of a person do you take me for? I'm not the Uchiha!"

Hikaru chuckled, "Good answer. Looks like I don't have to beat some sense into you after all."

He stood up and stretched, only to notice something rigid in his pocket and take it out, "Oh yeah… Naruto? The Hokage wanted me to give you this as a reward for helping apprehend the traitor Mizuki." He threw the headband to the boy, who caught it and grinned, tying it around his head. "Oh yeah, and this is for you as a way of remembering your father." He unbuckled the sheathed ninjatō's strap and held it out to Naruto, who took it and started to buckle it around his chest. He fumbled with the clasp for a long moment before Hikaru chuckled and knelt in front of him to help. As soon as the strap was fastened, Hikaru stood up and said, "Now, where's your place? We need to pick up all your stuff."

Naruto's eyes widened, "You mean…"

Hikaru grinned, "Yep. You can stay here with me if you want."

Naruto grinned, "Great!" Then he frowned, "What rank ninja are you by the way?"

Hikaru smirked, "Jōnin-sensei. I get my first team tomorrow; maybe we'll end up on a team together."

Naruto grinned, "I hope so… nii-san."

Hikaru headed for the door, "So, shall we go and get all of your stuff?"

Naruto shrugged, "There isn't really anything I value at home. Everything I really value I keep on me, which isn't much anyway."

"Ah, that'd be because the villagers don't like you, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he yawned.

Hikaru chuckled and ruffled his younger self's hair, "Time to sleep, little man."

Naruto scowled, "I'm not tired."

"Then why yawn little guy?"

"I'm not little!"

"Whatever kid, we gotta get up early tomorrow. I've got to see the Hokage and you've got to be there early for team placement. Hit the rack, now."

Naruto sighed before heading upstairs. Hikaru waited a couple of minutes before he followed.


The next morning, Hikaru roused Naruto and dropped him off at the Academy in time for the team placements while he went off to the Hokage's Tower, though for what reason he wouldn't say.

Therefore, Naruto just sat down in the classroom and waited calmly for the other people to arrive.

"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto turned around to see Kiba Inuzuka, his friend in the class, grinning, "Sorry Naruto, but this class is for the people who actually graduated as ninja."

Naruto turned fully towards the boy, thumbing his headband, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm wearing a hitai-ate. That means I'm a ninja, I got my hitai-ate last night."

"Oh really? Does it have anything to do with what my mum was saying about Mizuki-sensei getting arrested?"

"Well, yeah."

"Oh, alright." Kiba hesitated, then sat down in the chair next to Naruto and said, "My mum also mentioned that there's a new jōnin in town. Apparently he's the Yondaime's cousin."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, he's my…" but suddenly remembed Hikaru's words from the previous night about not talking about his relation to the Yondaime, quickly covering for himself by saying, "…friend."

Kiba frowned, "Really?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah. He gave me this," he reached back over his shoulder and tapped the hilt of the ninjatō strapped to his back.

Kiba glanced at the weapon, "Cool."

For the next half hour, the rest of their graduation class filed in one by one. A couple of them noticed that Naruto was there, but the majority just ignored him. Finally Iruka came in, holding a large clipboard. "Alright you lot," he said, "I'm going to read out the team placements now. You'd better listen to me, all of you, because I'm only going to say this once."

He consulted his clipboard, "Team 10 under Asuma Sarutobi: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Chōji Akimichi. Team 9 is still in circulation from last year, so I'm going to go straight on Team 8. Team 8 under Kurenai Yūhi: Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Sakura Haruno. And finally Team 7 under Hikaru Namikaze: Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyūga…"

The pale-eyed girl sitting at the back of the room cowered slightly at the concentrated killing intents fixed on her from the members of the Sasuke fan-club.

Iruka paused for a minute, noticing the killing intents, "And if any of you tries to hurt your fellow kunoichi just because she happens to be on the same team as the Uchiha, I will be speaking to your families about your conduct. Anyway, the final member of Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki. Your jōnin-senseis will be here to collect you soon."

"Hey!" shouted Sakura Haruno, standing up, "I thought it was meant to be the highest scoring students together with the dead-last baka! There's no way the Hyūga's smarter than me! Besides, that bitch better keep her hands off my… Sasuke… -kun…"

The pink-haired girl paled as she became aware of the blade of a katana pressing against her jugular vein, which was followed by a soft voice behind her, "Now, Haruno-san, would you care to explain why you are insulting one of my genin and threatening the other…?"

Sakura seemed not to learn from the fact that Hikaru Namikaze had a very sharp weapon pressed against her throat, "You'd better be a good sensei for my Sasuke-kun!"

Hikaru snorted, "I'm being threatened by a pink-haired little fangirl. Oh no, whatever am I going to do…?" He disappeared in a shunshin and reappeared at the front of the room next to Iruka, sheathing his katana and smirking, "Alright brats, which one of you is Sasuke Uchiha?"

Sasuke raised a hand, looking bored. Hikaru smirked at him, "How do you put up with her all the time?"

Sasuke gave a very small smirk back, "It's hard. Ignoring all of them like this has always been difficult for me."

Hikaru walked across to the boy's desk and crouched down in front of it, chuckling, "You know, I really thought you were going to be an arrogant little squirt, but you seem ok."

Sasuke frowned, evidently wondering if it was a compliment or not.

Hikaru stood up, "Right, which one of you is Hinata Hyūga then? And pinkie, if you say anything against the kunoichi under my charge, I'm going to ask your jōnin-sensei for permission to use you as kunai practice for my genin. It'd be nice to be able to give them a moving target to practice on." Sakura paled and closed her mouth.

At the back of the room, Hinata hesitantly raised her hand. Hikaru smiled at her for a minute before calling out to them, "Alright, all three of you follow me!"

He headed for the door, followed by the three genin.


"Alright then you three, what are your likes, dislikes, hobbies, ambitions, etc? Sasuke, you first!"

The black-haired Uchiha scowled, "I like learning new jutsu, I dislike fangirls, my hobbies are training and taking walks and my ambition is to kill my brother and revive my clan."

Hikaru smiled at him, as usual playing dumb, "And your brother is…? Pardon me but I'm new to the area so I don't really know a lot about the Leaf's history apart from what my cousin's told me in letters. Unfortunately whatever happened to your clan happened after his death so I have no idea."

Sasuke frowned, "My brother is Itachi Uchiha; he killed everybody then used some kind of genjutsu to torture me. That was about eight years ago now… what's that?" One of his eyebrows went up as he saw Hikaru holding a small book and flipping through it.

"It's a Bingo Book, many high-ranked ninja carry these to find out about enemy missing-nin they might face while in the line of duty. For example this guy, Zabuza Momochi, he's known as the Demon of the Hidden Mist and used to be in the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Tried to kill the Yondaime Mizukage before defecting, so his bounty is going to be pretty high, and here it is: 10,000 ryō. Neat, high A-rank."

"Wow…" murmured Sasuke, impressed, "How high is my brother's?"

"Ummmm…" Hikaru leafed through the book to the U's, before he found the entry, "Ah, here we go. Itachi Uchiha… whoa. S-rank missing-nin from Konohagakure no Sato, massacred the entire Uchiha clan in a single night… impressive. Oh sorry, that sounded really insensitive. Anyway, his bounty is… goodness me, 30,000 ryō." He stared down at Sasuke, "Let me impress on you now then, Sasuke. If you must take on your brother, don't do it without help, and not until you've at least reached jōnin or ANBU level. I know you already know this, but your brother is an S-ranked missing-nin, you do not want to take him on unless you have a lot of very powerful jutsu under your belt and a full team to back you up. Alone, you would be killed in minutes. Teamwork is everything in our profession; all of you should remember that."

"…And you'll need a way to counter the freakin' Mangekyō Sharingan as well, that asshole was such a thorn in my side before he died, and Madara still was until I ended up back here."

Sasuke frowned, "Will you help me do that?"

Hikaru grinned, "I'm your jōnin-sensei, what do you think? However I do have my own stuff to learn. I have to learn to use this;" he flicked the hilt of his katana with one finger, "And I'm also intending to learn a couple of other things for myself, one of which would be invaluable in such a fight. Anyway, we're going off-track. Hinata?"

The dark-haired girl jumped before poking her fingertips together. Naruto sighed; "Ok, evidently this is going to take a while. Hinata, I'm sorry, but you are going to have to drop that habit. You can't be an effective kunoichi if you're too meek and timid."

Hinata flinched slightly and nodded, "O-Okay."

Hikaru pinched the bridge of his nose slightly, closing his eyes, "Hinata, I'm not going to hurt you if I get disappointed. Granted I may end up a little bad-tempered but I'm never going to hurt you. It's obvious you have some issues with confidence and self-esteem so let me say this now, you may be the single best Hyūga I have ever met, and I've met a fair few. They all have that stick-up-my-ass attitude, and you don't. In my opinion, that makes you a decent person."

Hinata blushed slightly. Hikaru gave her a small smile, "Anyway, Hinata, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and ambitions?"

Hinata poked her fingers together with a soft whimper before she said, "I like…" she blushed and looked at Naruto, who gave her a comforting smile and caused her to blush even harder, "I dislike people who treat others badly just because they're different. My hobby is pressing flowers. My ambition is to prove I can be a strong kunoichi."

Hikaru smiled, "There, that wasn't so hard, was it? Now, Naruto."

Naruto grinned toothily, "My likes are ramen and training, my dislikes are people who dislike me for things I had no control over, my hobbies are pulling pranks, learning new jutsu and watering plants, and my ambition is to become a Hokage surpassing even the Yondaime!"

Hikaru grinned, "Right then, all three of you can have the rest of the day off. Do any of you know what your affinities are?"

Sasuke raised his hand, "I have a fire affinity; it's an Uchiha trait. I currently know about three C-rank Katon jutsu, but that's it."

Hikaru nodded, turning to the other two, "I'll pick up some chakra paper for you two. Naruto, I suspect I might know what your affinities are already but I'd still like to check. Hinata, I know you have your Jyūken to learn, but I would actually like you to learn something other than that. If you were to come up against an enemy who has the ability to block your Jyūken, at least you should have the ability to knock him down with an elemental jutsu when the guy isn't expecting it."

The girl nodded quietly. Naruto grinned at the three of them before standing up, "I need to get moving. I have several stops to make before I can turn in. Oh and by the way, I want all of you at Training Ground #5 at five a.m. Don't eat any breakfast or you'll end up hurling during the test, got it?"

All three of them nodded at once, before Hikaru smiled again and said, "Then, I will see you in the morning, or in Naruto's case, this evening. See you." He vanished in a shunshin.


Hiruzen Sarutobi was doing some paperwork when he heard a sound, only to look up and find Hikaru Namikaze standing opposite him with a smirk on his face, "They're all good kids. Sasuke's nothing like he was in my time, it's odd. I think it was Kakashi's indifference that clinched it back then. I spoke to him on common ground and he responded positively. I did have to make a couple of promises however."

"Like what?"

"I had to promise him that I would help him slay Itachi Uchiha. It was the only way I could stop him from pursuing the man alone."

"Very well. I believe there was something else you needed?"

"There was. I would like to learn my cousin's signature jutsu, the Hiraishin."

Sarutobi thought for a minute before he smiled, "That sounds reasonable. Naruto will need somebody who can teach him that at a later date, and I take it you already know Minato's other signature jutsu…?"

"You mean the Rasengan? Indeed I do, and I completed it back in my world as well. I don't know whether I'll let him work it out on his own though, or just show him the completed jutsu. The problem with the completed version is that it damages the user a little as well."

Sarutobi nodded, before he walked over to the portrait of the Yondaime Hokage, beckoning Hikaru to follow him. Knowing what to do, he bit his thumb and swiped it across the base of the portrait, deactivating the seal.

The portrait swung open on a hinge, revealing an open space behind it. Within the space lay several objects; two scrolls and a small pile of tri-pronged kunai. Picking up the kunai and sealing them into a scroll, he pocketed the scrolls, swung the picture back, thanked the Hokage and headed out to Takeshi Wares.

"Hello?" he called as he entered.

Tensu came out of the back room and grinned when he saw the blond, "Ah, Namikaze-sama! I was wondering when you'd come by. We've had a recent influx of orders and requests from our various patrons, so I'm afraid I cannot teach you and your relative how to use those weapons like I originally intended to. I can however supply you both with scrolls showing the various forms and moves, I hope that will be enough until our workload eases up."

Hikaru grinned, "Of course, Tensu-san, that is perfect."

Tensu smiled at him, before a thought struck him, "You do know that after your little stunt in here yesterday, my daughter's become quite taken with you?"

Hikaru laughed, "I wonder if I could persuade her that my cousin is more her style?"

Tensu gave him an odd look, "Your cousin is dead."

Hikaru chuckled, "Wrong cousin. I meant my second cousin, the relative I was talking about."

"Ah, and he is…?"

"That's my secret. All I'll say is that everybody's going to be really shocked when they find out his identity."

Tensu smirked, "Just as fun-loving and mysterious as your cousin, Hikaru-san."

Hikaru simply chuckled in reply, "Anyway, those scrolls?"

"Ah, here you go." The weaponsmith walked over to the counter and leaned down behind it, eventually extricating a neat stack of six scrolls tied together with a large ribbon, "The top three are for you, the bottom three are for your relative."

Hikaru nodded, then thought of something and reached into a pocket to tug out a sealing scroll, from which he unsealed a single tri-pointed kunai.

Placing the kunai on the counter he asked, "Can you replicate this?"

Tensu picked up the kunai and examined it, particularly the seal array on the handle, "What is it?"

"You know what my cousin's nickname was. Right?"

"The Yellow Flash, why… wait, these are how he did that?"

"Yes. I will need to make my own seal array since this one is keyed to his blood, but I need some blanks to work with."

"Alright, I guess I can manage that. Do you mind if I put Tenten in charge of this project? I think it will be good practice for when she takes over as owner of this shop."

Hikaru smiled, "Of course. It's important to learn new things." He stretched, "I would guess it's a simple matter of making a mould, finding out the proper mixture of metals which will make the metal strong enough to withstand the pressures of open combat, then pouring that mixture of liquid metals into the mould and waiting for it to cool. Then you can start honing the edges to make sure they're sharp, and making the handle, right?"

Tensu stared blankly at him for a long moment, "Did you do this back in… wherever it was you came from? Because that was pretty much the textbook description of the procedure."

"Uzushio. I grew up there. Heh, my cousin never stopped thanking me for accidentally getting his wife sent to the Konoha Academy where they met. I pranked her family one too many times and they moved to Konoha to escape me. Her name was… Kushina, I think."

"Kushina?" said Tensu, looking up from where he was still examining the kunai, "Kushina… Uzumaki?"

Hikaru's head snapped up and he stared at the man, who grinned, "Your reaction gave the answer away. Is your mystery relative the boy known as Naruto Uzumaki, by any chance?"

Hikaru's eyes widened this time, prompting the man's grin to widen even more further, "You really have to learn to mask your emotions, Hikaru-sama. So Naruto Uzumaki is the mystery relative you've been referring to for the last couple of days. I take it that means that as Kushina and Naruto share the same last name, they must be related. There is also the little matter of your claim that the blond hair and blue eyes you display to the world is in fact a family trait. In that case you and Naruto, who happens to look almost exactly like you and Minato, must be related as well."

He leaned on the counter and smirked at Hikaru, "Is Naruto Minato's son?"

Hikaru sighed and ran a hand through his hair, prompting a laugh from the weaponsmith, "Now I definitely know you're a relative of Minato; he had exactly the same habit when he was depressed or preoccupied."

"Was there any doubt, considering I know about his two unique jutsu and I'm fully capable of one of them?"

"Fair point. Anyway, I won't breathe a word about Naruto being your second cousin and Minato's son."

"Thanks, Tensu-san."

He suddenly had a brief feeling of foreboding in the back of his mind, so he cricked his neck and said, "I'll be going. I have a feeling that one of my genin is being harassed."

Tensu laughed, picking up the kunai and holding it up on a level with his eyes, "Go on, Hikaru-sama."

Hikaru nodded once and vanished in a shunshin.


Hinata, meanwhile, was being held up against a wall by Sakura, Ino and the other members of the Sasuke Uchiha fan-club. "Listen up, you bitch!" snarled Sakura, pushing the pale-eyed girl up against the wall with one hand at her neck, "You stay away from Sasuke-kun!"

Hinata was trembling with fear; she couldn't help it. The multitude of killing intents focussed on her was scaring her, and all she could do was stammer denials of what the pink-haired girl was accusing her of. She doubled over as Ino Yamanaka punched her in the stomach.

The girls were all so intent on scaring Hinata off that none of them heard the faint sound of a katana being drawn from its sheath until a voice from the entrance to the alley said in a quiet and utterly deadly tone, "And what is all this about?"

The girls turned as one to see a tall figure holding a sharp blade standing between them and their only exit. Sakura, who had already been threatened by this person once, paled and stammered, "Na-Namikaze-sama!"

Hikaru glared at the fangirls, who quailed under his glare as one, "And what, Sakura Haruno, did I say I would do if I saw you antagonizing any one of my genin again?"

"You've misunderstood, Namikaze-sama!" shouted Ino, evidently stepping up to her pink-haired fellow's aid, "We were just having a conversation with Hinata about what Sasuke-kun is like when he speaks!"

Hikaru's eyes flashed, "And the punch in the stomach, Yamanaka? What was that in aid of?"

Ino paled as well. Her muffled excuses fell on deaf ears as Hikaru stalked through the fangirls to Hinata's side, helping her stand upright and gently escorting her to the entrance to the alley. As he stepped out into the street he turned back to the girls, "If any of you harasses any of my students again, whether it be Sasuke, Naruto or Hinata, because you are too wrapped up in your little obsessions to consider their feelings, I will be speaking not only to your jōnin-senseis or Academy teachers, but I will also find out where you live and talk to your parents. Let me emphasize this; do not mess with me or my genin." Without waiting for an answer he walked away with Hinata.


Hikaru insisted on walking Hinata back to the compound, citing the reason being that as her prospective jōnin-sensei he should at least make sure she was safe.

Therefore, when he arrived at the gates of the Hyūga compound, he instantly felt several killing intents being levelled at him. "My name is Hikaru Namikaze," he said, "I'm here to drop off Hinata Hyūga. If possible I would also like to talk to your clan head about something."

The guards glared at Hikaru for a long moment before they nodded and opened the gate.

Hikaru and Hinata were escorted through to the main yard in the middle of the compound, where they waited for Hiashi Hyūga. The man eventually arrived, scrutinizing Hinata before turning his pale eyes on Hikaru.

Mentally, Hikaru thanked Kami that back in his time, he had assimilated the Kyūbi soon after being banished from the Leaf Village, which deconstructed his seal but left him with the benefits he had received from the Kyūbi ever since his birth. If any of the Hyūga had used their Byakugan to look at him and seen the Kyūbi, things were going to have gone to shit pretty quickly.

"Hinata," said Hiashi curtly, "Why have you been escorted home by a jōnin?"

Hikaru scowled; he hadn't really appreciated how Hinata had been treated by her clan back in his own time and he'd be damned if he was going to put up with it again this time, "I escorted her home because as her jōnin-sensei I was concerned for her safety after rescuing her from being set upon by a large number of Sasuke Uchiha's fan-girls just for happening to have been placed on the same team as him."

Hiashi turned his eyes on the blond, his glare enhanced by the lack of pupils, "And you are?"

Hikaru snorted, "Apparently your guards saw no point in telling you my name when I declared myself at your gates. My name is Hikaru Namikaze, cousin of Minato Namikaze, the late Yondaime Hokage."

Hiashi's eyes widened slightly, before he recovered, "I… am honoured, Namikaze-sama. What brings you to my home other than my errant daughter?"

Hikaru bristled slightly, "Hinata is not an errant girl. What I had to rescue her was unprovoked on her part, she is not to blame. However I do have other reasons for coming here today, which I would discuss in private."

Hiashi nodded and suggested that Hinata return to her room for the night, before beckoning to Hikaru and striding towards his office.

As soon as the two men were seated on either side of Hiashi's desk, Hikaru began, "Alright, as you know I am Hinata's sensei. I am also a Namikaze, and the sensei of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki as well. What I would ask of you is, would you be willing to allow me to take copies of your Jyūken scrolls so that I may teach Hinata? Obviously as they have yet to pass a test to prove they are worthy of being genin I will not require the scrolls just yet, but I would like to be prepared since I am at least halfway confident that they can pass this test."

Hiashi stared at him for a long moment, "You have no Byakugan, so how…?"

Hikaru chuckled, "I don't need a Byakugan. I do have the ability to reopen my tenketsu, as does Naruto, so we won't have to worry about that. I do however know the basic theory; you push chakra out of the tenketsu in your fingers and force it into your enemy's tenketsu to seal them. I may not have the Byakugan but I can achieve the same effect provided I know exactly where to aim, which isn't often. Usually I prefer more physical methods of fighting, no offence meant."

"None taken. This does sound like a good idea, though. Normally when one of my clan gets onto a genin team the sensei just throws them back to us and expects us to train them."

Hikaru shrugged, "Yeah well, I believe in working on them myself. By the way, would Hinata be criticized by your clan if I were to teach her other things besides her Jyūken? Pardon me for saying this but I think the Hyūga do have a rather limited training plan."

Hiashi shrugged, the most informal gesture Hikaru had ever seen the Hyūga clan head perform, "It's true. I've told the elders time and again that we're limiting our abilities too much by sticking only to the Jyūken, but they never listen. Out of interest, what were you planning to teach Hinata?"

"Well, one idea I had was if I can help her come up with a couple of her own Jyūken moves, maybe one which can permanently destroy an opponent's tenketsu instead of just closing them. Another, I can get her started on medical ninjutsu, any medic-nin would kill to have such eyes… oh sorry, poor choice of words."

Hiashi flapped a hand dismissively, now very interested in this blond person. He seemed willing to confront each of the Hyūga clan practice's weaknesses and counter them. "Anything else?"

"Well, the medical ninjutsu idea ties into my first idea about destroying tenketsu. What effect would a chakra scalpel have on a tenketsu?"

"It would destroy it… I see where you're coming from now."

"I also intended to start her off on elemental training. Depending on her affinities she could prove a very intimidating enemy in the long run."

"Isn't it a little early to start them off on that?"

"I believe in starting early. By the way… Hinata obviously has slight self-esteem and confidence issues. Is there any reason for that, or is it just her natural manner?"

Hiashi looked irritable, "She used to be a brave and outspoken girl before the Hyūga Affair…"

"The Hyūga Affair?" Hikaru's confusion was genuine this time; he remembered Neji explaining what had happened to him at the Chūnin Exams just before the Sound-Sand invasion, but since that was about nine years ago now, he couldn't remember most of the details.

"Yes. Under the pretence of offering a treaty, Kumogakure attempted to kidnap Hinata. I chased down and killed the kidnapper myself, but Kumo demanded my head in revenge. My brother Hizashi, who was at the time the head of the Branch family, insisted that his head go in place of mine, as we look identical. He sacrificed himself to protect the secrets of our Byakugan."

"But wouldn't they have just used his Byakugan?"

"No. Since I was the older sibling, my brother was branded with the Caged Bird Seal which is not only a method of protecting the secrets of our Byakugan as when the Branch family member dies his Byakugan is sealed but also a method of controlling the Branch family members. I dislike such methods, personally."

"What does this have to do with Hinata?"

"Well, since they tried to kidnap her, the elders have been insisting I brand her with the Cursed Seal and make my other daughter Hanabi my heir. Apparently she is too weak to be the Hyūga clan head, though how a five-year-old child is supposed to stop a fully trained jōnin is beyond me. Over time, their constant and blatant dislike of Hinata, insulting her in public, making her feel like less than dirt, made her behave like she does now."

"I have an idea."


"See, Hokage-sama told me that since I am currently the closest living relative of my cousin's generation, I'm legally the head of the Namikaze clan. Also, I take it you know of Naruto Uzumaki?"

"The Yondaime's son, yes."

Hikaru's eyes widened, "You… you know about that?"

Hiashi gave him a sardonic look, "The boy looks exactly like my old friend, I know what his wife's name was because I was friends with both of them and Minato's team-mate besides and also, it was logical to assume that Minato would have used his own son to seal the beast."

Hikaru snorted, "I thought the Aburame were the logical clan?"

Hiashi smiled thinly, "We can all dabble in logic occasionally. Anyway, what were you saying about the Uzumaki?"

"Well, as Naruto is technically a member of the Namikaze clan of which I am head, and Hinata is a member of the Hyūga clan of which you are head, might we be able to stall the elders' insistence that she be branded by hashing out a betrothal contract? It doesn't even necessarily have to be fulfilled, just as a way to keep Hinata safe."

Hiashi stared at him for a long moment before shaking his head, "You are a very smart person, Namikaze."

"Please, Hikaru."

"Alright then, Hikaru-san. Let us get down to business, pulling one over on the elders of this clan."

The two men settled back into their chairs and began hashing out the details of the betrothal contract to ensure that the elders would be wrapped up in so many legal knots that they couldn't force the seal on Hinata.


Hikaru headed home later that evening feeling very satisfied. He had obtained scrolls for Hinata to learn her Jyūken with, he had managed to find out a lot that he hadn't known or had forgotten the last time around and as a side he had got his younger self started on getting a girl, seeing as (he thought ruefully) he'd never realize that Hinata had a crush on him otherwise. He had truly been an idiot in his youth.

As he walked down the street, he idly wondered whether he should bring Jiraiya in on the secret so that he could get his younger self to sign the toad summoning contract. Remembering that he himself would not be able to summon toads anymore since he no longer had the contract after coming back in time, he couldn't help wondering how, then, he had been able to activate Sage Mode the other day. Resolving to work it out at a later date, Hikaru started thinking about possibly making a contract just for the Namikaze clan and was busy pondering what it could be with when he spotted something curled up on the step of his house.

"Oh! Naruto, I'm sorry, I forgot you don't have a key to get in!"

Naruto stood up, scowling, "Yeah, I don't. About time you got here, where've you been?"

"Busy. Doing a few things." He unlocked the door and walked into the house without elaborating.

Naruto followed, grumbling, "Come on! What have you been doing? By the way, what's the test tomorrow about?"

"Not saying, it'd spoil the surprise. All I will say is that I hinted at the key to finishing the test this morning."

"When was that?"

"That, dear Naruto, you will have to figure out alone. Now, I went over to Takeshi Wares earlier and picked up some scrolls so that we can learn how to use these," he reached up and flicked his katana with one finger.

Naruto grinned broadly, "That's awesome!" He reached for the stack of scrolls, but Hikaru lifted them out of reach, "Naruto."

Naruto gazed at the scrolls, the tips of his fingers twitching ever so slightly, "Yes?"

"I want you to promise me that if anybody ever antagonizes you in the village, you will not draw your sword on them. You will come and find me and tell me what the problem is so that I can deal with it, but you will not fight back unless they are trying to kill you. Understand?"

Naruto nodded, and Hikaru threw him the ninjatō scroll labelled Level 1.

Naruto was just opening it when his stomach rumbled. Hikaru chuckled, "Hungry?"

Naruto nodded sheepishly before looking up at the taller blond with a pleading expression, "Can we go have ramen?"

Hikaru ruffled his hair, "Sure. It's been ages since I had a lovely bowl of ramen, the other evening with your friend Iruka not counting since I got interrupted."

Naruto whooped and sprinted for the door, the scroll still in his hand.

"Naruto?" He stopped and turned back.

Hikaru had his sheathed katana in one hand and was sniggering, "You're still holding your scroll and still wearing your ninjatō. I think we should leave them here, otherwise your friends in Ichiraku's might think you're threatening them!"

"Nah they won't." He turned back towards the door only to freeze at a sudden killing intent.

"Naruto… leave the sword here. Now."

Obediently, Naruto returned to the table and laid his sheathed ninjatō on it, with the scroll next to it.

Hikaru grinned, "Good boy. Let's go."


"Two Hokage-size miso ramen, Teuchi-san!" said a deep voice behind Teuchi, who turned to see two almost identical figures sitting on chairs at the bar.

His head rotated from one to the other for a moment before fixing on the taller one, "And you are?"

The man grinned, "Hikaru Namikaze, at your service. I'm a friend of Naruto's and possibly his sensei depending on how this little tyke does in the test tomorrow." He ruffled the aforementioned littler blond's hair affectionately where he sat next to him, who pouted.

Teuchi nodded and grinned before saying, "If your appetite's anything like Naruto's, I'm going to run out of stock before we can satisfy both of you. Ayame! I need your help out here!"

The small brunette came running out of the back room. She instantly blushed when she laid eyes on Hikaru, who sighed inwardly. He knew that he was almost the spitting image of Minato Namikaze except for the whisker marks, and that the Yondaime had been a lady-killer in his day, but he could really do without all the people drooling over him. It was becoming troublesome- "Oh god!" he thought in a panic, "Now I'm turning into a Nara as well! There's no hope for me!"

Teuchi turned to his daughter, "Ayame, put on the burners. We have Naruto and a relative of his who seems a lot like him appetite-wise so we're going to have our work cut out tonight!"

Ayame grinned happily before going to ignite the burners.

"I believe we've met," commented Teuchi as he placed two bowls of ramen down on the bar.

"We have," replied Hikaru, drinking in the smell of the miso ramen with a look of bliss on his face, "I was here with Iruka Umino the other night."

Teuchi thought for a second, "Oh yes."

Hikaru settled into his bowl, and immediately started competing with Naruto to see who could eat the most bowls.


Teuchi and Ayame gaped at the two blond men sitting on the other side of the bar. Finally Ayame broke the silence by saying, "That… really shouldn't be physically possible. And I thought I'd been proven wrong on that score once before by Naruto."

Teuchi shook his head, "Ayame, go make a sign saying, "Closed due to lack of supplies following Uzumaki-Namikaze ramen spree." We're out of stock, I don't think we'll be opening tomorrow."

Ayame nodded and scampered out of the room. Teuchi smiled at the two blondes, "That amounts to… 3,450 ryō. I will never understand how you people can eat this much ramen at one sitting. Not that I'm complaining, now I'll be able to pay off the rent I owe the Akimichi for this stand. They charge absurd rates and I'm a couple of months in arrears as it is."

As Hikaru dug into his pockets for the bills to pay for their meal, Ayame came out and smiled at the two of them, "Thanks guys, tou-san's been having problems with…" but she was cut off by a group of people pushing through the flaps.

"Hey, old man! You got your rent yet? We gave you an extra two months!" One of them shouted, before shoving Naruto aside so that he fell off his chair, "Out of my way, demon brat!"

The man blinked, suddenly finding a kunai pressed against his throat courtesy of Hikaru, "And you are…?"

Hikaru smirked, "Hikaru Namikaze. Yeah, that Namikaze. Now, you're harassing a good friend of mine, which means you will be leaving now."

The man snorted, "You think you're going to stop us?"

Hikaru gave him a pleasant smile, raising his empty hand and charging a Rasengan, "Oh no, I don't think so. I know I'm going to stop you, and I know that you will be leaving. Right now."

The man chuckled, raising a hand to punch Hikaru, but Hikaru swiftly slammed the Rasengan into the man's gut and sent him flying backwards out of the ramen bar. He crashed into a lamppost on the other side of the street and slid to the foot of it, not moving. Hikaru turned his gave on the other men, "You will stay there for a minute, while I get out enough money for the rent owed."

The men didn't dare move while Hikaru turned back to Teuchi and said, "How much?"

"It's 1,000 a month, I'm two months in arrears plus this month's rent so that's 3,000 ryō.

Hikaru sorted out the bills and handed them to one of the men, "Take these to your boss and tell him that harassing the Ichiraku family is not a good idea. Your friend, on the other hand…" he grinned, causing the men to shiver, "He insulted my little friend and for that he shall pay the price." He suddenly scrutinized the men, "Why are you still here?"

The men left so fast they seemed to leave images of themselves behind as Hikaru cracked his knuckles and turned to Teuchi and Ayame, "Shut down for the night, I'll make some shadow clones to deal with the dirty dishes. Me and Naruto here have pranking to do."

Naruto whooped as they headed out of the bar and approached the unconscious thug.

The man would be found the next day, hogtied and almost completely naked but for his pants, hanging from a flagpole in the middle of the village the next morning, gagged with his own socks and with the word NAMIKAZE'D tattooed on his forehead, stomach and backside.


The next morning, Naruto met up with Hinata and Sasuke on the training field. Sasuke looked reasonably alert, Hinata was yawning slightly. Naruto was the only one fully awake, and that was because Hikaru had dragged him out of bed and dunked his head in a tub of ice cold water to wake him up. The taller man had then left Naruto spluttering on the floor, saying he needed to collect a couple of things first.

"Hello, you three." All three turned to see Hikaru walking towards them, his katana on his back and a small smile on his face.

"Morning, sensei…" yawned Hinata, trying hard to wake up before the test began.

Hikaru smiled at the girl, "Just so you know, from now on we won't be up this early to train so this is a one-off. Now, what you three have to do in this test is try and get these bells off me," he held up two toy bells, "Before midday."

"Ano, but sensei…" said Hinata, blushing when the jōnin's full attention centred on her, "There are only two bells."

"I was getting to that, but good observation Hinata. Now, you will have to fight me in an attempt to get these bells off me. If you do manage to get the bells, whoever doesn't have a bell gets tied to the stumps behind you, has to watch me eat their lunch in front of them… and gets sent back to the Academy."

All three stared at him, and he could almost see the wheels turning inside their heads. Naruto, surprisingly, was the one to get it first. "So, that's what he meant last night. When we first met as a team he said, "Teamwork is everything in our profession"; I think that means we're supposed to work together as a team to get the bells off him."

Hikaru made a show of hanging the bells on his belt, smirking as he saw the eyes of all three genin following them. Finally, he straightened up, punched a button on the timer and turned back to them.

He met their eyes; cerulean, lavender and onyx for a long moment before he said, "The test will now begin. Go!" and vanished in a swirl of leaves.

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