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Chapter 32 Final Chapter

"The signing is done!" Ivan said as he burst through the door of Toris' room with Alfred behind him. "I agree to his terms and I await his arrival!"

"Wow…Lord Ivan that was a quick decision." The advisor said, slightly shocked but took the signed piece of paper and gave it a quick overlook. "My king will be pleased by this." He turned to Vash. "Make the court date for AFTER the arrival of my lord so these matters can properly be discussed in front of the law."

"We have a fair case." Vash stated. "The verdict shouldn't take long at all."

"But we'll have TONS of work to do after Ivan is named king." Toris pointed out. "There's so much stuff…so much…" Toris put his head in his hands.

"Indeed there is!" Ivan said proudly. "We have to plan for our royal wedding and make the arrangements for the coronations and the celebrations and- "

"Ivan! You're babbling." Yao scolded him softly and Ivan listened, clearing his throat before speaking again.

"We still have so much to discuss and work out so we'll start with that tomorrow, bright and early! My sisters should be arriving any day now so we must prepare for their visit."

Toris' elbows slumped to the table, along with his head as he had completely forgotten about the letter he had sent out to the sisters. It was before Ivan was accused and arrested so that meant they should be here fairly soon. Natalia will be out of sorts with Alfred sitting on the throne next to Ivan. All hell would break loose…of that he was certain.

"Then who's watching Wolf Hall?" Yao asked.

"I'm sure my sisters took care of that." He smiled. "I have complete faith in them. I may just give Wolf Hall away to someone who deserves it! The possibilities are endless!" Ivan wanted to hop around in a circle to express his excitement but remained composed. "Gentlemen, let us all retire to bed and prepare for tomorrow. I believe a fresh start to a brand new day is the best thing for us! It even gives me time to think more about what I want to do." He grinned happily. "Set the friendly advisor up with a room and he can ride back to his king tomorrow or whenever he is ready." The advisor bowed.

"Thank you for your kind generosity, Lord Ivan."

"The pleasure is all mine." He wrapped his arm around Alfred's waist. "Meanwhile, I wish not to be disturbed until the morning if it is all possible." Alfred grinned at him.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" The others bid them 'goodnight' and Ivan lead Alfred from the room and back up to his. "Soon you will wear a crown." He smiled at him as he sat on the bed. "Will you where the king's old crown or get a new one?"

"The old one, of course. It's been passed down from kings past and it is only fair to wear it as well."

"But you're not a royal family member…are you allowed to wear it?" Ivan thought for a moment.

"Hm…we'll bring that up at the court and see what they say. I wouldn't care either way. It may not even be a problem at all. And why are you still dressed? We must retire to bed." He grinned.

"But my nightshirt is in the other room."

"Then wear nothing." Ivan said as he started to strip and Alfred quickly followed, tossing his clothes to the floor and slipping into the large bed.

"I can't wait until we start sleeping in the king's chambers!" Alfred sat up, watching Ivan as he finished undressing.

"There is so much that we must get done!" Ivan said as he joined Alfred on the bed.

"Well, there's one very important thing that we should get done right now." He purred and moved over to him, slipping his hand under the sheet to rest on Ivan's knee.

"Sorry, you don't get anything until our royal wedding night." Ivan grinned and Alfred's jaw dropped in disappointment.

"B-But why not?"

"I want this to be very special for you." Ivan took both of Alfred's hands into his. "We couldn't have a large or showy wedding before…only a small one that I just wanted to have to lay claim to you. I want you to have something grand that you'll always remember. You're a queen now and you deserve more than a bland little wedding gown."

"I loved the one Feliks made for the wedding."

"But now you can have a bigger and better one! You'll be wearing more jewels and walking down that court room aisle with all eyes glued to your perfect form. I'll be the envy of every man." Alfred smiled and wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him tight.

"You know I don't really need all that stuff, Ivan."

"But I want you to have it. You're living the dream of all the peasants who want to become something strong and powerful. You'll give them hope, yes?"

"I suppose you're right." He pulled away from him and kissed his nose. "I'm guessing it will be my duty to order everyone around and prepare all of the wedding with the others while you handle the political stuff?"

"Of course! There's a certain protocol for how a royal wedding is to take place so find that out first before you start planning. I trust you to decide on your wedding attire and I don't want to know a thing about it until the wedding day, understand?" Alfred laughed at that.

"But what if the sight fills you with lust and you jump me right in the middle of the ceremony? Shouldn't you get that out of the way beforehand?" Ivan smirked and pressed Alfred's body up against his, letting their groins press together. He rests his forehead against Alfred's.

"That will only make the wedding night more delicious. Just think of all the pent up lust we'll have for one another when the time comes. I may just fuck you to death."

"What a way to go." Alfred gave him a kiss before pulling away and flopping down onto the sheets. Ivan joined him and lay on his side so Alfred could spoon against him. He linked his arm possessively around Alfred's waist to hold him in place.

"So much work to do tomorrow…" He nuzzled his nose in Alfred's hair. "I need to make a new council." Alfred opened his eyes and turned his head slightly to glance at Ivan over his shoulder.

"What about the current council?" Ivan chuckled darkly.

"Don't concern yourself with 'that' matter, my little rose. I already have a well set plan swirling around in this silver head of mine." Alfred felt a chill travel through his body as he had a fair idea of what Ivan's 'plan' was. "I will have friends on my council, not backstabbing ones. You're a immediate council member."

"And Arthur too. You promised." Ivan gave a little gruff of displeasure and squeezed Alfred's waist, making the slim man let out a choked cough.

"Of course…how could I forget?" he loosened his hold around Alfred. "I need comrades regardless so…" He trailed off and gave a snort in Alfred's hair. "Go to sleep. You talk too much." Alfred rolled his eyes in amusement and cuddled his body closer into Ivan's.

"Goodnight, my royal sunflower." Alfred whispered and he felt Ivan growl deep in his throat.

"Save that name for our new wedding night…I don't want to give in to you so soon. I swore I would wait and I tend to hold true to that."

"So what is that thing poking at my backside?"

"The Dust Bunny."

"What? What the hell is 'Dust Bunny'?"

A faux snore was his only answer and Alfred decided to let it go. He was exhausted from all that had being going on and a nice long sleep is just what he needed. Sleeping in Ivan's arms again filled him with a pure sense of content and relaxation, almost like when he would crawl into bed with Arthur. The feelings were never the same, though, because Ivan's was stronger and Alfred craved his hold over Arthur's. It hurt him to admit that to himself but he knew it was the truth. Resting his hand overtop of Ivan's he let his eyes sink close and fell into a restful slumber.

The next morning after breakfast, Alfred was with Feliks in the large sewing room that housed about ten tailors. Francis and Matthew were with them, both willing to help out with the royal wedding. Alfred and Francis were discussing all the fabrics and colors while Feliks began to design the wedding attire with Matthew. Not only did he have to design Alfred's but Matthew and Ivan's sisters as well. Feliks hoped that Ivan would name him head tailor and he can get all the others to help him with the work. The idea of having to measure Natalia's body was creeping him out.

"How about this one?" Alfred held up a grayish blue fabric.

"That drains the color from you." Matthew said.

"Yes, something brighter." Feliks suggested. "Like, anything but purple."

"This is pretty!" Alfred held up a forest green shade.

"Yeah, if you were a hunter." Francis scoffed and took the fabric from him. "You need to be dazzling and bright! A ravishing red!" Francis pulled out some red silk and held it across Alfred's chest.

"Hell no!" Feliks hollered. "He can't look like a slut! Red is like, the color of lust and blood! He needs to be regal and calm."

"Ah, but the royal colors of the kingdom are red and black. All the queens have worn red dresses and the kings wear black or gold."

"Ugh. Gold is NOT Ivan's color." Feliks said with a sigh. "I could like, swing black AND gold…or just silver…or boring purple."

"How about purple and gold?" Matthew offered and Feliks stuck out his tongue.

"Do you want me to, like, vomit? Red and black it is. When Ivan is crowned king we'll get the royal jewels and we'll decorate with them. Matthew, you're the brother of the queen so you have to pick out a color as well."

"The grayish blue is more your color, Mattie!" Alfred said and tossed him the fabric.

"But…but I want to be brightly colored too, like you, Alfred."

"Mattie! You can't outshine the queen!" Feliks told him. "Dull colors are better for you. That one will match your hair nicely." Matthew sighed.


"Feliks don't forget, once this wedding is over you need to start sewing an outfit for my dove, Arthur! We will be wed next!"

"Ah, that's right. I guess I've got my work cut out for me. Like, after you it will be Ludwig and Feli, then probably you and Gilbert." Matthew blushed and smiled prettily, hiding his nose in the fabric.

"You really think so?"

"With my permission, of course." Alfred stated firmly and folded his arms.

"But Alfred-!"

"He hasn't even proposed to you yet. We'll talk about this when he actually does." Matthew stuck his tongue out at Alfred's back and Francis giggled.

"We also need to plan out the feast as well. What kind of food would you like, Alfred?" Francis asked him.

"I want suckling pig, venison, pheasant, duck, goose, fish, boar-"

"Any meat with that?" Francis teased and Alfred gave him a pout.

"I like food. Remember I starved for half of my life so I want to stuff myself fat!"

"Enough with talk of food. Get up on the stool and lets measure you." Feliks took out a tape measure and helped Alfred up onto the stool. He had Francis help with recording the measurements since Alfred had put on more weight since his last fitting. "Good…this is easier to work with. I'll start cutting the silk and-"

"GOOOOOOOOD MORNING!" Gilbert burst through the door, startling everyone in the tailoring room.

"Must you be so loud?" Francis frowned at him before turning back to the mirror he was currently admiring himself in.

"Morning Gilbie!" Matthew said happily and dropped the fabric to run to him. Gilbert let him latch onto his neck as he made his way into the room.

"Morning to you too, Mattie! I come baring news! Bitch and Boobs will be arriving shortly! A messenger hawk came by earlier with a letter stating that their carriage was just let in." Alfred moaned and rolled his eyes as he thought about Natalia being with them once again. "We'll just be one big happy family!" He said with a snort before giving Matthew a kiss on the cheek. "So what are we doing in here?"

"Designing Alfred's wedding dress!" Matthew said excitedly.

"Hey! It's a wedding man-tunic!" Alfred corrected him. "And it's going to be even bigger and more beautiful than the last one I wore!"

"You need a crown first." Gilbert pointed out. "You can't get married until AFTER your coronation. Ivan right now is deciding if he wants to do both together or separately."

"What about his case?" Francis asked.

"Vash, Toris, and Kiku are working on that. Ivan and Yao are discussing about where to place everyone." Alfred looked at him.

"He's with Yao right now?" Gilbert smirked.


"No! I'm not jealous! I'm just surprised that he chose to work with Yao about placements rather than his own CASE that will make or break his chance at kingship."

"Shall we change your color to green?" Feliks joked and Alfred narrowed his eyes at him before hopping off of the stool.

"And what are YOU planning on doing today, Gilbert?" Alfred asked him.

"Me? Well, I have to get all the soldiers rounded up and start training them, you know, the usual. Ivan's promised to make me Captain of the Royal Guards AND keep my title as General!"

"That's wonderful, Gilbert!" Matthew said proudly and looked at Alfred with a smug smile.

"Well I'm going to go see Ivan. I think he is being too lax in court case. I'll see you guys later." Alfred left the room and Gilbert cringed at the mention of Ivan.

"Ugh…I'm still having nightmares over his dust bunny."

"Dust bunny? What's that?" Matthew asked and Feliks answered.

"He means Ivan's man-rug." Gilbert threw up a little in his mouth and Francis slapped a hand to his face.

"I don't get it. What's a "man-rug"?" Matthew said with a frown.

"Dear, sweet, innocent little Matthew, let big brother Francis explain a few things to you. For starters, my 'drapes' match my-"

"Goodbye! I'm outta here!" Gilbert said and quickly retreated from the room.

It was mid afternoon by the time his sisters' carriage had arrived at the palace. Alfred was by his side, eager to greet Katyusha and Galina, but not so much Natalia. The carriage pulled up to the steps and the coachman opened the door, helping them out. They were dressed in the gowns they wore to Ivan's last wedding since they were the most regal out of all their clothes.

"Little brother!" Katyusha called to him, holding Galina who waved at him.

"Darling sister." Ivan motioned for Alfred to follow him down the palace steps to greet them. He hugged and kissed his elder sister in greeting and poked Galina's nose, making her squeal. Katyusha had no issue hugging Alfred and congratulating him. Natalia, on the other hand, kissed only her brother and snubbed Alfred. "Now 'Princess' Natalia that is no way to greet your future queen." Ivan scolded her softly but she ignored it.

"I am pleased that you are soon to be king. We heard about the evil rumors and the court case on the road here." Natalia said flatly and Ivan nodded.

"Yes, it is true. The court date is only a day from now. This kingdom needs a king very quickly."

"Now that you have become king, what is to become of us? What does your 'queen' have to say about us being here?" Ivan smiled.

"Come, walk with me, sweet little sister. There is a matter I must speak with you about. Alfred, chat with Katyusha, I'll be back shortly." Ivan walked with Natalia over to the fountains and hedges where they could speak privately.

"I would make a much better queen, brother. I can bear you strong sons and keep our bloodline pure. The kingdom will except your half-sister as your bride."

"Natalia, no, Princess Natalia, as you king and brother I must decline your proposal of marriage."

"But why, big brother? I can be more useful to you than that low-born slut!" Ivan smiled and suddenly brought her into a tight, bone-crushing hug. "B-brother…y-you're…hurting me!" She cried out.

"Sweet little sister…your big brother loves you dearly but he loves his Alfred even more. You see, his little rose means more to him than anything else in this world. You would make your big brother very sad and very, VERY angry if something harmful should befall my queen. Beheading my little sister is not something I wish to befall you." She gasped out and struggled in his hold. "I'm not just your brother, I am also your KING and I expect you to obey me!"

"S-STOP!" She choked out.

"If you love your big brother like you say you do, then help protect him and his realm." He finally let her go and she leapt away from him, panting heavily and holding her aching back. "You and I are a lot alike, Natalia. The only thing that is missing from my kingdom, is the OLD me!" He grinned happily and Natalia frowned.

"Brother…I don't understand."

"Remember, I carried out all of the late king's dirty deeds and shielded him from harm. I have done many frightening, disgusting, and gruesome things to win the king's approval and I know you can do the same. So, I am asking you, little sister, as your brother, not your king, if you will take my old position in the realm?" Natalia thought for a moment.

"Is that what you wish of me, big brother?" Ivan nodded.

"I do. I can trust no one else to protect me like you can. So will you do it, Princess? Will you protect your brother from outside harm and leave his precious rose alone? If you want to refuse this offer then I'm afraid I'd have to send you far, far away."

"I don't want to leave your side, brother. I love you just as much as that queen of yours!"

"Then help protect your big brother from the bad people."

"I will…protect you, big brother. I wont' let any harm come to you." She looked a little saddened by his forceful words and his love for Alfred. "Brother…would you really behead your little sister?"

"I would. Use your anger for Alfred to destroy my enemies. That is what your big brother wishes of you…if you want to keep your head." Ivan smiled and pats her on the head as he passed by, going back towards the carriage where the others were waiting.

The final ruling day had finally arrived and Ivan was closer to gaining his crown. Everyone had come to witness the ruling, except for Natalia whom Ivan had sent off to 'take care' of the other nobles. He was thoroughly pleased when he saw that none of the backstabbing bastards were present. He looked for Alfred, who was sitting in the front row between Matthew and Yao and all the others. Ivan was seated with Vash and Toris at one of the main tables before the judges. Also present with them today was the other king, who would be waiting for his public apology from Ivan. The king's advisor had said that the king would speak for Ivan's innocence AFTER the man apologized to him. It still irked him that he had to apologize for something he was TOLD to do but like Alfred said, it was for the greater good and it would win him his crown. Judge Mercer finally banged his mallet to signal for the court to quiet down so they could begin.

"Lord Ivan, you are charged with the murder of our late king by poisoning. How do you plea?"

"Not guilty." Ivan replied.

"I see that Lord Starkling is not here today to carry on with his evidence?" Vash raised his hand and the judge gave him permission to speak.

"Sir, we believe that Lord Starkling had staged all of this to keep Ivan away from what is rightfully his. The last ruling did not go according to his plan and I have a firm belief that he chose to drop the case and take off in the night." Ivan had to retain his smirk. 'By 'take off', you mean 'take apart'. Ivan said to himself and chuckled. "And as you can see, the other nobles have not stepped up to take his place."

"I believe you, Lord Vash." Said Judge Mercer. "I also recognize the changes Lord Ivan will bring when he gets his crown. This proposal from the other king clearly states that. Word of peace has already reached the streets and the people have been shouting with joy, chanting Ivan's name. However, there appears to be a 'condition' that Ivan must follow in order to put this proposal into full effect?"

"Yes sir." Vash said with a bow as he looked to the other king, letting him take the floor.

"Lord Ivan…I await your apology, as you promised." Ivan nodded and stood up, walking to stand a few feet before the king. Alfred felt his hand creep over to Yao's, clutching it tight. Yao returned the squeeze and he held his breath. Ivan lowered himself to one knee before the man and bowed his head.

"I apology for the brutal murder of your nephew. I was a soldier who was following the orders of his lord. Perhaps I had gone a bit too far but at that time I was not thinking about what it would do to your family. I see things differently know and I promise to keep my violent temper in check so no one else will share the same fate as your nephew. I believe this chance at peace will honor his memory and his spirit can rest. I would have never of done it if I wasn't ordered to. But all that is in the past now and we have room for a new beginning. Let us move forward from here." 'What a load of horseshit.' Ivan said to himself but he hoped the king had bought it.

"Arise, Lord Ivan." Spoke the king and Ivan did so, slightly towering over him. He smiled at the man as he awaited his answer. "Thank you for your apology. We were in the midst of war and nothing more. Now that I have your apology, I will hold up my end of the bargain. Lord Vash, permission to take over from here?" Vash held out his arm to let him continue.

"Your highness, we are ready to hear your testimony."

"Honorable judges, I have known your late king for many years, ever since we were princes. I know the man had a very strong love for his family and I could only sympathize with him when I heard of his son's death. I remember once, he told me that if everything he had loved were gone then there would be no reason for him to continue in this world. Like myself, and most kings, he had a collection of poisons that he would take to end his suffering. Upon reading Lord Toris' scrolls about the king's final days, I full heartedly believe Lord Ivan to say that he was deathly depressed. I would be myself if I had lost everything I hold dear. I can assure you that your late king took his own life in order to escape the miseries of this world. It is something that he would do."

"Why was no one aware of this?" Judge Mercer asked.

"It is not something king's normal speak of."

"Hmm. Lord Vash? What have you to say?" Judge Mercer turned to him.

"The king's words can only prove that Lord Ivan was indeed framed for the poisoning since he was one of the few to have access to the room. The royal scribe of the king had the most access to the room and he could easily give Lord Starkling and the others information on the king's health. I firmly believe that they all suspected the king would take his own life and use the opportunity to frame Lord Ivan."

"Yes, but Lord Ivan would have the biggest motive to kill the late king." Said another judge.

"But by then the king was sick with grief and depression as it was. His scribe was waiting to take down his words, knowing that his final days were coming." Stated Vash.

"Has anyone FOUND this scribe to ask him?" Asked Judge Mercer.

"No, your honor." Said Vash. "Another firm reason to believe that this was all a setup. If it wasn't, why isn't anyone else here pleading for the late king's 'murder'?" Judge Mercer nodded and looked to his other judges.

"My fellow men, what say you?"

"If there is no one here to testify against Lord Ivan, then I suggest we close this case and get the kingdom moving forward." Heracles spoke first, making the others nod in agreement.

"Very well. Lord Ivan, we find you 'not guilty' for the death of the late king. Long live the king!" He slammed his mallet onto the table. The courtroom echoed, "long live the king" after Judge Mercer. Ivan stood up from his table and welcomed the chants and cheers he received. Alfred came running to him and jumped in his arms.

"You're king now, Ivan! You're KING!"

"Yes, and you are my queen!" He brought Alfred's lips into a kiss before turning his attention back to the judges. "How soon can we have our coronation?" Ivan asked.

"This kingdom needs its king and queen right away. I declare a private coronation with only my fellow judges present to witness it. As a voice of the people I will lead the coronation, for I have done so with the late king. Lord Ivan, you may choose whom you wish to be there to witness."

"My new council, of course." Ivan smiled.

"Your new council? Already?" Judge Mercer blinked in surprise. "But we have no approved of any."

"Your honor, everyone you see in the front middle row are the members of my new council, as well the three up here with me. I want friends at my table, not backstabbing traitors." Alfred looked at all their friends and family, sharing in their state of shock.

"But they aren't all of noble birth and you can't have a woman on council!" Said another judge, referring to Katyusha.

"At this point, does it really matter?" Heracles spoke up. "I agree with King Ivan at wanting to have friends and family on his council. I know each one of them and our kingdom has nothing to fear from them. And I doubt one or two women are going to bring about the fall of a kingdom." Heracles lied when he said he knew all of them but he was watching Toris' pleading face to help them in all of this.

"Are you representing them, then?" Asked Judge Mercer and Heracles shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure, why not."

"It's settled then. We accept your new members of council. Judge Heracles will see to all the legal matters and sign their title papers. Court adjourned!"

"So wait…Ivan means ALL of us?" Arthur asked, looking up and down his row.

"And my parents said I'd never amount to anything! HA!" Feliks said proudly.

"Will I still be able to garden?" Kiku wondered out loud to himself.

"Does that mean that Berwald and I are no longer servants?" Tino asked.

"If I'm not, then you're not." Feliks pointed out.

"I don't think I would be able to fully put down my pots and pans." Francis said with a smile. "I don't see how I can't act on council and still make pies!"

"Isn't it great, Wiggy! We'll be on council together!" Feliciano gripped his arm and hugged it tightly.

"Good thing that I'm on it with you…and him." Ludwig said with a sigh as he looked at his brother, who was doing his own victory dance in his seat. 'I believe it's safe to say that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.'

"We best hurry back to the palace for our coronation!" Ivan said to Alfred, giving him a deep kiss again. "I can't wait to see the queen's crown on your head." Alfred smiled.

"I can't wait to see you sitting on the throne that you deserve."

"After our coronation we will start planning the wedding. We must make haste in that as well. The sooner our kingdom recognizes you as their queen, the more legit we will be." He smirked. "And I also want to have our wedding night as king and queen." Alfred licked his lips in anticipation and Ivan felt a shiver of pleasure trickle down his spine. It was ruined however by the other king coming up to them.

"King Ivan, I will be heading back to my kingdom shortly but I will be sending advisors and councilors to begin discussing our agricultural plans."

"Absolutely. Thank you for all of your help today. Your testimony really helped me out."

"You have brought peace and soon prosperity to my kingdom. It was the least I could do. I will be in touch. Your majesties." He bowed to both of them and it was returned before the king took his leave.

"Are you ready, Alfred?" Ivan asked him with a smile, gripping his hand in his.

"I'm more than ready! Lets go claim our crowns!"

Normally, coronations were much more extravagant and lengthy but because the throne had been empty for quite some time it needed to be right away. The kingdom needed a ruler and the people had to be assured that there was control in the palace. The coronation was to take place in the throne room where it was traditional to do so. Centuries ago it would have been done in the worship houses but times have changed.

Ivan and Alfred sat hand in hand in their thrones; Ivan's being the bigger one of course. Only the judges and their 'new' council were present to witness the crowning. Judge Mercer and Heracles stood on either side of them with the crowns in their hands. Judge Mercer would crown Ivan and Heracles, Alfred. The king's crown was made of solid gold and incrusted with rubies and onyx stones. The flower like crenellations were dotted with small diamonds and the very tips were topped with tiny rubies. Alfred's gold crown was much smaller but held the same stones. The crown was wide in the front with the highest point in the center, dotted with various sized onyx and rubies covering the flat surface. Diamonds outlined the top and down to the thin circle band of the crown. His hair would hide the thinnest part of the crown so only the front would show. He started to wish that his looked more like Ivan's with the crown encircling his whole head in the same symmetrical pattern.

"By the power invested in me-" Started Judge Mercer, both of them holding the crowns up high. "I, Judge Mercer, crown you King Ivan and Queen Alfred, Lord and Masters of the realm!" The crowns were placed on their heads and their friends clapped and cheered for them. They turned to one another and shared a content smile, lacing their fingers together.

"It suits you, Ivan." Alfred said softly, admiring the crown.

"And you were meant to wear one, my rose. Perhaps, since you are my queen, I should start calling you my 'Diamond Rose' instead."

"You're my Royal Sunflower then. And lets keep these names private, okay?" Alfred smiled and Ivan nodded.


"HAIL KING IVAN! LONG LIVE THE KING!" Gilbert shouted loudly, breaking the pleasurable silence. "And the queen!" He added quickly.

Alfred ignored it and the two remained in their thrones while their friends came up to congratulate them again. Arthur actually shook hands with Ivan and the two shared a polite smile. Alfred was expecting a hug from Arthur but all he got was a pat on the shoulder. He figured Arthur knew better than to hug him in front of Ivan. Matthew had latched on to his neck and wouldn't let go until Katyusha pushed him along. They were also thanking Ivan for granted them the titles of council members.

"So when do we get our awesome chains of office?" Gilbert asked, throwing his arms around both Francis's and Ludwig's shoulders. "I'm ready for some rule making!"

"That all depends on me." Heracles said calmly. "I have to fill out all your papers and stamp them before you are issued the proper chains."

"You are all free to keep your current jobs or hobbies as well." Ivan smiled at Kiku. "I will need someone running that royal garden out there."

"It shall be done." Kiku said proudly.

"I'll still be makin' clothes!" Feliks said, latching on to Toris' arm.

"I'm the treasurer so only I will make the decisions on finances." Vash proclaimed.

"I'll be away most of the time." Yao stated.

"My phenomenal talents of baking and cooking shall not be denied to any of you just because I wear a new title!" Francis boasted.

"And there's no need to fear when Dick Stick is here!" Gilbert struck a pose. "Dick Stick will STILL be defending the realm!"

"And the children of the kingdom can all breath a collective sigh of relief knowing they are 'safe'." Feliks mocked him and Gilbert narrowed his eyes.

"Smoke my pole, bitch!"

"Enough!" Ludwig shouted. "There is no longer a need for us to be here! As a council we have much work to do! So everyone shut your traps, especially you brother, and head to the meeting room! We'll start…talking about stuff…" Ludwig didn't know what to talk about or what to say.

"Good! You guys go do that while Alfred and I get used to our new roles!" Ivan just wanted them away from him. "Go ahead! Toris and Ludwig are in charge when I'm not present." Ivan wondered if he had made a mistake in choosing his council but at least they were all trustworthy. There were a few winners in the council who he could count on to hold things together. After all, he was the king so even if their advice was shit he had the final say in what was to be done. He was, however, beginning to dread their first actual council meeting once Heracles got their papers prepared. Yes, the future was starting to look interesting.

Two days later…

Alfred stood in front of the mirror, dressed in his new wedding attire for the second time. Feliks had done a marvelous job, given that he had much more equipment and material to work with. Even though it looked more like a dress than his previous wedding attire it wasn't any less breathtaking. The color was a deep red silk with black brocade pointed trim and open shoulder. Just like his other wedding attire, this one was slit open low in the middle with a "v" shape. The slit was much more narrower than his last one which gave it a similar look to a dress. The brocade trim continued along the train that Feliks insisted he have. He had outdone himself with the complicated trim for it outlined the shoulders, chest, and bodice.

At first, the thin matching bodice was against his better judgment, but once he saw it on he thought differently. It looked more like a fancy chest plate rather than a bodice and it would be hard to tell since he wasn't a woman. The tops of the sleeves were lightly puffed with black ribbons crossing along the length, stopping at the brocade hem. He didn't care much for how low the sleeves went over his hands and Feliks had made them a bit too tight. Currently the man was behind him, straddling his legs over the train as he carefully threaded the black ribbon through the grommets. Black pants and specially made flat boots completed his attire. All that was left were the jewels, which Matthew was currently bringing over to him in a golden decorated box.

He watched as Matthew carefully fingered through the set, pulling out the bodice piece first. Alfred was prepared to say 'no' to it but once Matthew held it up for him to see he gave in. The jewelry had a large ruby in an oval setting in the center with double pearl drops and swags. Two smaller matching rubies sat on the opposite end of the center one and Matthew had to pin all three evenly to the bodice. The necklace that followed was the same style and stone. There was a matching tiara that went with it but Alfred was prepared to wear his crown in its place. There were four matching rings but Alfred only chose to wear one, even though he was suppose to be decked out as much as possible. When Feliks finished with the ribbons he brought over the white deer cloak that Ivan had previously given him. He would wear it as he walked down the aisle but then it would be removed. The last thing he needed was his crown, which Matthew retrieved for him. He held out the crown to Alfred who took it carefully and gazed at it for a short moment before placing it on his head. He looked at himself once again in the mirror, his attire now complete.

"Oh Alfred…you look beautiful!" Matthew said as he stared at his brother. "The color is perfect!"

"Thank you. Yours turned out nicely as well." Matthew's was a full-length tunic of the grayish blue color he had picked out. The soft velvet dress was accented with blue decorative ribbon on both the center front and bell sleeves. Just like Alfred's it laced up in the back with blue ribbon. A long belt hung low on his waist and a small silver tiara rest around his head. "It suits you."

"It's nothing like yours." Matthew said as he continued to admire him.

"Okay, lacing is done!" Feliks said as he brushed his hands together. "I have like, more holes in my fingers than a noodle strainer but all in all, I say it's a success!"

"You did a wonderful job, Feliks. Thank you." Alfred smiled at him from the mirror.

"You're quite welcome!" There was a knock at the door and went over to ask who it was.

"It's Arthur." Matthew smiled brightly at Alfred.

"Just wait until he sees you!" Matthew unlocked the door and let Arthur come in, dressed in his new courtly attire from the vest to the tunic. He wore the chain of office necklace quite well.

"Hello Arthur." Alfred turned his head to smile politely at him.

"Alfred…" Arthur said his name in a slight gasp as he looked at him, as if seeing the man for the first time. This couldn't be his little bratty Alfred standing before him dressed as a regal queen. Where were his scrapped knees and dirt-covered face? Where were the frogs and bugs that he kept in his pockets? Was his ruffled bed hair hiding under that crown? This elegant man before him could not be his trouble-making Alfred.

"Well say something." Alfred gave a little amused smirk.

"I…um…come on to the balcony with me. It's pep-talk time."

Alfred sighed and carefully walked with him to the balcony door, making sure his train didn't get caught when they closed. The breeze kissed his face gently and Alfred closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling. He opened his eyes again to view the sea, which was now clear of barbarian ships. Even the sky was a perfect blue without a white cloud in sight. It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

"It's a gorgeous morning, isn't it?" Alfred said to him, resting his hands on the stone railing.

"Alfred…you look beautiful." Arthur responded, still gazing at him. Alfred smiled sweetly.

"Every father or brother would say that."

"But it's the truth. I almost didn't recognize you when I walked in. My little dirt-faced Alfred is gone, isn't he?" Alfred chuckled softly.

"He's not 'gone', Arthur. He's still there. Don't get me wrong, this is all well and good but give me some dirt any day. I like having fun too much to be dainty like this. Only for royal and public occasions will I dress like this."

"Ivan is very lucky to have you." Alfred smiled and looked out at the kingdom.

"He's told me that I'm his greatest treasure." Arthur wished he could believe that but he still did not approve of Ivan. "Does Francis ever say things like that to you?" Arthur smiled.

"All the time. But what we talk about on our pillows is not necessary for you to hear." Alfred laughed at that and turned to face Arthur.

"Everything has turned out well for us, Arthur. Things will change now…but we won't. You'll always be my father. Or my big brother." He grinned and Arthur had to chuckle at that.

"I consider myself both of those roles. Even though we aren't related by blood I always looked at you and Matthew as my family. I raised you from a little boy into a young man. I know I've always said I couldn't wait for you to grow up so you could stop making my life difficult and bothering me…but in a way…I wish we could go back to that. I want my cute, troublesome little Alfred back." Alfred walked over to him and wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him tight.

"Ivan could never take your place, Arthur. Ivan is a new part of my life but it doesn't mean that you aren't important to me. You mean everything to me, Arthur. I know I gave you such a hard time and a lot of heartache…but you always stood by me no matter what. That means more to me than you know. I love you, Arthur."

Arthur held him back and felt some tears stinging at his eyes. He would not let them fall though. There was no reason to upset Alfred on this special day. At least this time he wouldn't have to give him away. At the last wedding, giving him away to Ivan was nearly impossible. That night in the tent they shared would be a secret he treasured for all time and would take the grave with him. Everything would change for them and Arthur needed to be here to support Alfred in any way that he could. Alfred was entering a new and dangerous world full of uncertainties and trails beyond his knowledge. Just like when they were younger, Alfred would still need him for guidance and protection. Before, Alfred was wanting for everything and Arthur strived to give it to him. Now that he was Ivan's queen he would want for nothing and like any parent or guardian, he couldn't have asked for more.

"I love you, too." He pulled away and clamped his hand on Alfred's shoulder, giving him a broad smile. "Now…lets get you to that wedding for your second appearance as queen."

"Yes…there is still so much of the day ahead and I'm ready for it! Alfred F. Braginski-Jones is ready to take the final step in joining his husband on the throne!" Arthur watched him go back into the room and he rests his back against the stone railing. He closed his eyes as he thought back to a particular memory.

He was chasing after little Alfred who had escaped from his grasp. Over and over again he shouted his name as the boy came to a hill. Alfred almost slipped down the grassy hill but Arthur was able to catch his wrist in time. Unfortunately, Alfred threw him off balance and he lost his footing, sending them both tumbling down the hill. It wasn't a steep hill but the rolling felt much longer. When they finally reached the bottom, all he could hear was Alfred's childish laughter as he rolled around in the grass. Arthur couldn't help but laugh as well, collapsing on the grass beside him. Alfred rolled over and reached his chubby little arms around Arthur's neck and held him tight.

"My Artie…" How could he stay mad at him when he does things like this?

"My little Alfred…" He felt the tears well up in his eyes as he lifted the small boy in his arms, holding him close to his chest. Just then, he heard a familiar voice calling from behind.

"Arthur!" It wasn't Alfred's voice, nor was it Matthew's. "Arrrrrrthur!" Before he could turn to look for the source of the voice, Alfred jumped out of his arms and ran from him. Arthur reached his arm out to grab him but pulled it back when the boy jumped into Ivan's arms. He was no longer a little boy but a young man and Ivan swung him around happily. "Arthurrrrrrr!" Arthur turned away from the joyous scene before him and his eyes widened when he saw Francis in the distance, waving at him. "ARTHUR!" It was almost a haunting call but Arthur was drawn to his voice. He looked back at Alfred once more before running off to join Francis. Alfred had a new part of his life beginning and so did he. As he leapt into Francis' arms he felt all the sadness of Alfred's maturity melt away and turn into something warm and comforting.

"Hey Arthur!" Feliks voice brought him out of his daydream. "Are you like, coming or not?"

"Yes, I'm coming!" It felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and his smile would not leave his face. Yes, he was ready now.

Ivan stood in front of the dais, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his beloved rose. He was wearing a black cotton doublet that was accented with silver trim and looped buttons down the middle. The brocade pants were also black and his boots reached up to his knees. Despite the heat he wore the late king's furred short robe of scarlet red. It was a little much for the rest of the outfit but he didn't care. All that really mattered was the jeweled crown atop his head and the king's ceremonial emerald ring on his finger. He wore many of the golden-chained jeweled necklaces around his neck and a jeweled hilt dagger at his belt. Ivan didn't care if he looked gaudy. After all, he was now king and it didn't matter what others thought of his dress. He also wanted to wear all the royal jewels just because he could.

Toris was not marrying them this time but rather Judge Mercer so they could seal the marriage immediately. The courtroom was filled with nobles from all over the city and outside the walls as well. The old council members were nowhere to be seen, nor was the old advisor. Ivan smirked, for he knew his darling little sister was taking care of them right now. She was now the 'Ivan' of his court and there was no one he could trust more to carry out his dark deeds than Natalia. The sudden sound of trumpeting horns broke his thoughts and he whirled around to face the large archway where his Alfred would be emerging. He folded his hands behind his back as he tried to hold himself still as he waited to see his beloved rose.

Once the trumpets had died down, the most beautiful being appeared before him in the archway of the door. Ivan stared wide-eyed at Alfred as he began making his way down the aisle. All eyes were on him but those blue ones were focused only on his. Ivan felt himself begin to swell with desire but he mentally forced it to go away. Everyone was staring adoringly at his Alfred as his seemed to almost float down the aisle. The people were admiring his beauty and grace, just as Ivan was doing. The treasure walking before him was his, and his alone. He felt a wave of dark possessiveness wash over him as he noticed many of the men in the crowd shared the same look of lust in their eyes for HIS beauty. Alfred was his wife, his queen, his love, and his property. This man before him was the only person who could touch him in a way that no one else could. When he looked at Alfred he felt calm and happy, as if nothing in the world could bother him. All he would need is a hug or a sweet smile from his rose and all his anger could melt away. It was even melting away now as Alfred smiled at him, carefully climbing the few dais steps to join him.

"Your highness." Alfred said softly as he bowed in greeting. Ivan smiled and lifted his chin with his finger to look into those blue eyes.

"You look stunning, my love. Rise, and stand beside me." Alfred did so and they stood side by side before Judge Mercer. Alfred removed his cloak and handed it to one of the other judges to take away.

"Everyone! We are gathered here today to witness the royal union of our own King Ivan and his bride, Queen Alfred. Today they were crowned king and queen and after this wedding they will ascend to the throne! They have brought peace to our kingdom once again and for that we are eternally grateful!" The crowd cheered excitedly and it echoed in the high ceilings. "King Ivan will rule bravely and protect our lands from corruption and war! Queen Alfred will rule by his side, giving him advice, comfort, and love. Together with their bond of love and loyalty, they will help bring about a golden age that will let us prosper!" The crowd cheered again. "Until an heir is…somehow produced, King Ivan's niece, Princess Galina, will stand as the successor to the throne!" There was cheering again until Judge Mercer quieted them with his hands. "Now, do you have the ring?" He looked at Ivan who nodded in response.

Alfred turned to face Ivan as well, curious when he saw Ivan snap his fingers and a servant of the judges walked up to him with a small pillow. Resting on it was a diamond ring cut into a large rectangular shape. Alfred gazed at the sparkling gem on the gold band as Ivan picked it up from the pillow. Smiling at Alfred, Ivan gently took his hand and gave the top a gentle kiss before slipping the ring onto his finger. Alfred could not take his eyes away from the stone that now adorned his hand so majestically. It was a lovely ring and it was much more than Alfred had expected from their wedding ceremony. He finally lifted his eyes upwards to gaze into Ivan's. Usually his stare was cold but today, they were warm.

"Alfred…my queen…my precious rose. The first time I saw you I never thought we would be standing here today, together. The more time I spent with you the more I've grown to love and cherish you with all of my being. I want you to be by my side for all of our days together…until our last." He moved in closer to Alfred so he could whisper privately to him. "I pray to whatever gods there are left that I die before you. You could continue on without me, but I couldn't live a day without you. Only you make me feel this way, Alfred Jones. Only you make this side of me come out…I show it to no one but you." Alfred had slight tears in his eyes at Ivan's words once he pulled away to smile at him again. "I swore it before, and I'll swear to it again, that I vow to always care for and comfort you. I will protect you and our home from any harm that may befall us. All this and more, I swear to you." Alfred had to hold his breath to keep the tears of joy from falling.

"Queen Alfred, do you accept his ring and vows?" Judge Mercer asked and Alfred nodded quickly.

"I do…with all my heart I do!"

"Have you vows to share in return?"

"Yes…yes I do." He smiled sweetly at him. "My king and husband…I promise to be a true and loyal queen who will always support and stand behind you. I will rule by your side until the end of our days. I swear that I will never abandon you for any reason or illness that there may be. I will treat you with all the respect you deserve. My wish is to always see you happy and I will do everything in my power to see it so. I also vow to always protect you from harm so you need never suffer." Ivan smiled at that, both amused and touched by his last promise. "I promise to always be a loyal and faithful wife to you." Just like Ivan, he leaned in to whisper, "No other man will ever know me. I swear it to you." Ivan closed his eyes and purred softly at that vow, for he knew Alfred meant it whole-heartedly. "And I will always love you, any and every day of our lives."

"Beautifully spoken, my love." Ivan whispered to him before they both turned back to face Judge Mercer.

"With their vows spoken and the ring given, I give to you King Ivan and Queen Alfred, your undoubted rulers!"

The courtroom went up in a cheer as the two joined hands to make their way down the dais steps. The nobles bowed or curtsied to them as they past by, giving their blessings and thanks. Now that the wedding ceremony had finished, they would ride through the city in the royal carriage for all the inhabitants to see. The carriage was waiting for them outside and they were greeted to the sounds of ringing bells as well as their friends. Now that their new council consisted of their friends the others were able to stand in wait for them as they emerged from the palace. Alfred noticed Arthur and Matthew right away and he reached his hand out to gently grip theirs as he passed. They would all be following behind them as they paraded through the city. After this would be the royal feast and that would end the perfect day.

The carriage was solid white with golden trim and designs. The seating was only big enough for two and it was lined with black velvet padding. Ludwig was standing beside the carriage and helped Alfred up into it. Alfred was starting to become very conscience of his train and he had to bring it around his feet to keep Ivan from accidently stepping on it. His husband sat behind him and reached his hand over to take his.

"I don't think I'll let go of this hand all day long." Ivan stated and Alfred smiled humorously at him.

"That would make our feasting quite difficult!"

"Is that all you think about? Food?" Alfred smirked and leaned over to whisper to him.

"And sex."

"Don't speak like that today! Do you want the whole kingdom to see their newly crowned king with an erection?" Ivan grinned and Alfred hit him playfully.

"Start practicing some self-control, your majesty."

"Lets just see how much self-control you have tonight when I'm pounding you into the mattress." Alfred blushed at his words and quickly folded his hands into his lap, pushing down at his now growing erection.

"Damn you, Ivan!" Alfred had to quickly cross his legs as they felt the carriage jerk into movement. "Now look at what you've done!"

"Put those thorns away, my beloved rose." Ivan whispered to him and Alfred immediately calmed at the warm breath against his ear. "Put on that gorgeous smile for all the people."

"I'll get you later."

The streets were filled with people all cheering as their carriage passed. Ivan's hand was getting tired of waving but Alfred was having the time of his life. He was smiling brightly and waving from all sides, clearly enjoying the massive attention. Ivan was watching him more than he was the crowd of people. He knew that Alfred was going to be a good queen and the people would love him. His rose was very generous and carefree, which their people would find solace in his rule. However, Ivan was not expecting to see Alfred lift up a young boy who had been running alongside the carriage. Alfred just lifted him by the arm and sat the boy on his lap. Touching royalty like this was usually forbidden but he wasn't about to spoil Alfred's fun. He was king now so he did not have to follow ALL of the old rules. The little boy had a lily in his hand and he held it up to Alfred's face. Alfred laughed and took the flower.

"Thank you, my friend." The boy didn't speak but he smiled at Alfred before motioning to get down. "Careful!" Alfred warned gently as the boy jumped from the carriage and went to his mother, who started scolding him. Alfred looked at Ivan with a sheepish smile. "Was that bad?"

"No, not at all. Unusual for royalty to do, but then again you are your own person. And besides, I think you just scored higher with the crowds by doing what you did."

"Well, I respect them for they are now my people. I used to be one of them, or have you forgotten?"

"I haven't. Almost everyone knows you were of lower birth but rose to become a queen and helped to bring peace to the kingdom. It's a fairytale come true for them…and you."

"I guess I must be their hero!" Alfred grinned.

"I would say you are."

"I've always wanted to be the hero…and now I am! I'm giving my life meaning, Ivan! And I have you here to help me! We can be heroes together!" Ivan wrapped his arm around his shoulders and kissed his cheek.

"You can be the hero. I'm more of the leader. You can do all the charitable work and I'll protect the kingdom."

"Sounds fair."

After their royal parade through the city streets they were dropped off at the palace to begin the feasting. Since he was now a member of the council, Francis was unable to cook as much as he would have liked to for the feast. The kitchen had prepared all of the food that Alfred and requested, from meats to fruits to desserts. The dining hall was alive with music and laughter and feasting. Even the aura of the nobles had changed now that there was peace again in the kingdom. Ivan and Alfred were feasting at the head table with his sisters, Ludwig and Feliciano, and Matthew. There needed to be at least one knight at their head table and Ludwig was the one they had requested. Natalia had returned from her 'duties', dressed in the same black gown she had on at his last wedding. Alfred had gotten better at eating like a decent human being with proper table manners. Ivan did, however, have to remind him to fully chew his food before stuffing more into his mouth. Trying to get him to talk without food in his mouth was still an issue they needed to work on.

Down on the floor at the other tables sat Arthur, enjoying a plate of fresh fruit as he waited for Francis to return with wine. He kept an eye on Alfred up at the dais table, content in watching him stuff himself of food and wine. Various nobles were coming to greet them and pledge their loyalty to them as they ate. Arthur had always told Alfred not to speak with his mouth full but the man was doing it anyway. Not a graceful act for a queen. He jumped slightly when Francis tapped his shoulder as he came back with the wine.

"You startled me."

"Sorry, my dove." He kissed his cheek as he sat beside him, handing him the silver goblet. "What were you thinking about?"

"Oh, I was just thinking, and watching, at how Alfred keeps talking with his mouth full." Francis noticed it as well when he glanced up at the dais and laughed softly.

"The boy does have a rather big mouth."

"Does he ever." Arthur said and rolled his eyes as he took a sip of the wine. "I'm glad this day is almost over. I think too many events were packed in to one day."

"Ivan wanted it that way so he could quickly claim the throne. There was no reason to drag it out when they could get it done in one shot."

"I guess you're right."

Arthur drank some more wine as he scanned the nearby tables for the rest of their crew. He frowned as he noticed that Matthew had left the dais to sit with Gilbert, who was feeding him small pieces of meat. Whatever the man was saying to his Matthew was making him giggle in delight and blush prettily. Arthur made a mental note to speak with the red-eyed guard before the night was done. Toris and Feliks looked to be back together, standing by one of the food tables with their plates in hand. Now that Feliks was a member of the council as well he was on equal grounds with Toris. Aside from his own, Arthur could sense that more weddings were on the way. Ludwig and Feli were practically married as it was, and Feliks would somehow force Toris to put a ring on his finger. Yao may find someone on his many adventures that lie ahead of him but currently he was sitting with Vash and Kiku. Berwald and Tino were far off in the corner away, lost to everyone but themselves. Now Matthew and Gilbert were a different matter all together. Why couldn't his 'boys' find decent men that he approved of?

"Leave him alone, Arthur." Francis said as he poked at his arm.

"What are you talking about?" Francis smirked.

"I know that look in your eyes. Leave Matthew alone and let him be with Gilbert." He poked Arthur's nose. "It's his choice."

"But Matthew is the brother of the queen. He needs to be made a more suitable match."

"So we'll have Ivan knight him and then Gilbert will be worthy enough to marry Matthew."

"IF he asks Matthew to marry him. We can't just jump to those types of conclusions. Matthew may not get married at all." Francis chuckled and kissed his cheek.

"Admit it, you just don't want to have to give up the last boy you have. You're such a mother." Arthur growled.

"I'm not a mother! I simply worry about the well-being and happiness of my charges."

"In other words, a mother." Arthur growled at him and narrowed his eyes at the blonde man before him. Francis just smiled. "Gilbert is a good man, Arthur. And you know it. He's a little…odd, but you would never have to worry about Matthew being with him. Gilbert would care for him."

"I know that! It doesn't mean I have to like it! Seeing Matthew as a bride is…a little harder to deal with. I never gave any thought to him getting married." Arthur looked at Matthew who was still engaged in pleasant conversation with Gilbert. "He too will make a beautiful bride...just like his brother."

"And so will you." Arthur turned his green eyes to focus on Francis' blue ones and his eyebrows frowned.

"Why do I have to be the bride?"

"You're bottom in bed, of course!" Francis grinned.

"That doesn't mean anything!"

"In my book it does!" Francis said proudly.

"The only reason I'm bottom is because it's less work and I get more out of it!"

"Oh! Oh Arthur, my dove, you wound me!" Francis grabbed his heart. "How can you be so selfish?" Arthur smirked and sipped at the wine.

"Score one for me."

"But Arthur, don't you want to be a bride? Just imagine how beautiful you would look in a bright green color with a veil or tiara adorning these buttery strands of yours." Arthur snorted. "Imagine yourself walking down that red carpet, dressed like a queen." Arthur looked at him.

"I'm not a queen."

"You're MY queen. My idea of beauty is far different than that of Ivan's or Gilbert's. According to me, I know that I have the prettiest and most stubborn man in this room." He wrapped his arm around Arthur's shoulders to pull him close, kissing the top of his head. He was pleased when Arthur chose not to pull away from him.

"I haven't decided if I want to be a bride or not. I can't think about it right now."

"You will want to be the bride, I just know it. I have to work my charms on you more. I look forward to it." He purred and Arthur pinched him in response.

"We'll just see about that." He laced his fingers with Francis' and gripped his hand, remaining in their current position.

"Look at Arthur and Francis! They're so cute!" Matthew said as he pointed to them so Gilbert could see.

"Yes, they're just so adorable. But you're cuter!" He growled and nipped at his neck, making Matthew shriek with delight.

"Stop it! People are watching!"

"So what? Let them know we are courting." Gilbert kissed at his neck and Matthew had to push him away.

"A-About that…" He blushed and looked down at his plate. "Um…well I…I was wondering if…if we…if you…you could…you know…?" He glanced over at Gilbert. "I really like you, Gilbert. I know I care deeply about you and I want to share my life with you…but are you ready for that? If not that's okay! We have all the time in the world! But-"

"But we need your brother, the queen's, permission to do so." Matthew smiled.

"So you were considering it?"

"Of course I was! If I weren't considering it I wouldn't have chosen to court you! Silly bunny."

"Oh Gilbie…that makes me so happy! So you really do want to marry me!" Gilbert pecked him on the nose.

"I do."

"Then I accept your proposal!"

"Should we go up and ask your brother right now? It would be hard for him to say 'no' in front of all these people."

"Do you really think he'll say 'yes'?" Matthew grinned.

"It's worth a try! Come on!" Gilbert took him by the hand and they pushed through the line of the nobles waiting to see the king and queen. They stood before them and Ivan had to advert Alfred's attention from the food to his brother. "Your majesties." Gilbert said with a grin and he gave a noble bow.

"What is it you need, Gilbert?" Ivan asked and Alfred swallowed the food in his mouth.

"It's a question I have for the queen." Gilbert replied and Ivan nodded, smiling at Alfred. Alfred looked at Matthew's smile and blush and he sighed.

"What is it?"

"My most gracious queen-"

"Can it, snow bunny. Just get to the question I know you're going to ask." Gilbert cleared his throat and held back the insult he wanted to throw at Alfred.

"I have come to ask you for your little brother's hand in marriage."

"You're only just a soldier, Gilbert. Matthew is MY brother. As the queen's brother he needs a better match than a general."

"I'll knight him tomorrow." Ivan smiled and Alfred shot him a glare.

"So that's a 'yes' then?" Gilbert asked and Matthew's turned his pleading eyes on his brother.

"Please Alfie? Please?" Alfred looked at their faces and gave a sigh.

"Alright, fine. Yes, you have my blessing to marry."

"Oh thank you, Alfie! Thank you!" Matthew said happily and hugged Gilbert. Alfred couldn't help but smile a bit at Matthew's reaction to his blessing. It was on rare occasion that he got to see Matthew so happy. Gilbert must be doing something right.

"Of course. Now move along and go tell Arthur the good news." Alfred looked at Ivan who just continued to smile at him. "What?"

"That was easier than I thought. I thought for sure you would fight it." Alfred just shrugged his shoulders.

"I want Matthew to be happy just like I am. If he is happy with Gilbert then I should support him." Ivan rested his hand on top of Alfred's.

"You're a good big brother. I'm proud of you for making the right decision." Alfred smiled at him but it quickly turned into a grin.

"Hey, look over there! It looks like poor Toris is getting chewed out by Feliks." Ivan turned to follow Alfred's gaze to the two men on the ground floor.

"I know you're just shy about like, asking me marry you so I'm just giving you my answer straight out! My answer is 'yes'! Now that we are of, like, equal political standing we can tie the knot!"

"Yes, but-" He wanted to wait a bit longer before he asked Feliks THAT question.

"And I don't want the wedding in the winter Toris, I want to have it very soon! Like, during this summer!"

"But-" That would be too soon!

"And I want my ring to be just like Alfred's, only I want it in an oval setting instead."

"But I-" He didn't have that kind of income!

"And it will take place on the beach!"

"If you would let me talk-" He hated sand.

"And like, I will want a brand new horse as a wedding gift and I would name it Horsey! I want it to be brown with white spots!"

"Yes, but-" Those horses were hard to breed!

"Are you saying you like, don't love me enough to do all this for me?" Feliks broke his diarrhea of the mouth to turn puppy eyes on him. "After all you've put me through?"

"Feliks, I-" Why was Feliks acting upset? HE was the one forcing everything!

"I get it! You're just being shy! You always have been that way!" Feliks hugged him. "You're, like, just teasing me, right? You sly dog! I bet you have tons of things planned and hiding up your sleeve, don't you?" Toris felt like crying. It wasn't that he didn't WANT to marry Feliks…it was the way it was currently HAPPENING!

"Of course…how did you guess?" Toris responded in defeat. He'd better ask Vash if he could take out a loan for this one.

"I knew it!" He gave him a kiss. "You have just earned yourself a good tumble in the storage corridor." He said in a seductive tone. "Give me about…three minutes to…'prepare' myself, and then come meet me."

Feliks winked at him as walked off in the direction of the storage unit. As much as that statement won him over and excited him, he would need a little bit of 'help'. Feliks' demands were very high and his life would become a living hell if he didn't cater to his requests. Toris took the medicine pouch from his belt and popped the cork, ready to take a swig when he noticed the wine bottle. He corked the pouch and placed it back on his belt before picking up the wine bottle. Just as he was going to take a gulp of the wine, his eyes caught sight of a vodka jug. He looked at the wine and shook his head, knowing he would need to start drinking something stronger from now on. He put the wine bottle down and took the jug with him as he went to find Feliks.

"Looks like Toris will be getting lucky." Ivan said as he watched his favorite advisor leave the room.

"And he won't be the only one tonight." Alfred purred in his ear. "I think I'm going to retire to our royal bed chamber." Ivan turned to grin at him as he let his hand slip under the table to rub at Alfred's inner thigh.

"I will be retiring shortly as well." He promised him, moving his hand away when Alfred stood up.

"I will 'send' someone to tell you when you should retire to our chamber." He winked.

"My beloved rose, it has been so long since we have coupled that I fear whatever you have prepared will drive me over the edge." Alfred smirked.

"I expect you to have more self control than this." He bent down to kiss his cheek but not before whispering, "Make sure you bring that rock-hard cock with you or I will turn you out of our room." Ivan gave a lustful growl.

"You can expect no less." Ivan watched as Alfred left the room, swaying his narrow hips just slightly as he walked. Ivan chose to focus on the food in front of him and hoped that his raging hard on would be able to wait for the 'messenger.'

The messenger hadn't taken as long as he thought to deliver the word to him. He quickly bid the others at his table a 'goodnight', ignoring Natalia's disapproving look. Ivan made a quick stop at his old chamber first to take off all of his wedding attire, leaving just his undershirt, pants, and boots. The crown, of course, had to remain as well. He had worked hard for this crown and he was going to fuck his queen with it on as well. Ivan couldn't wait to see what Alfred had set up for them! Matthew had hinted at something 'special' but blushed frantically when he spoke of it, so it had to be seductive.

When he got to the main door of the king's chamber, he straightened his crown and cleared his throat before entering. He walked through the small foyer and saw the haunting glow of candlelight around the bend. He could smell the fresh aroma of rose scented incense and felt his loins begin to tighten in anticipation. He walked around the bend and entered the large room, seeing a blurred form on the bed, concealed by sheer curtains. Ivan smiled and walked over to the bed, the only sound being his boots thumping beneath him on the stone floor. As he approached the bed the blurred image of his rose started to come into focus. Slowly, he pushed the curtain aside to peek through; and was greeted with the sight he had dreamed of.

Alfred was resting back against the pillows, his body bare except for the diamonds and sapphires that decorated his body. Where he had found the jewelry was beyond him but right now that was the last thing on his mind. Like himself, Alfred was wearing his crown as well as his wedding ring. Around his neck was thin diamond choker that spread out into a spider web pattern of pearls. Dangling along the pearls were teardrop shaped sapphires encircled around smaller diamonds. The necklace hung low against his chest, almost reaching to his nipples. Ivan's eyes traveled down the lithe body hungrily, stopping at the matching pearl belt that lay against the flat stomach. The three rows of pearls wrapped loosely around his waist with a few sapphires dangling from it. Around his wrists he wore silver bracelets of different sizes and widths. What they were decorated with, Ivan couldn't tell but that was the least of his wonders right now. Even his ankles had some sort of diamond-ish bands around them and his fingers adorned some gemstone rings as well. Alfred shifted a bit on the bed and spread his legs, inviting Ivan to join him.

"Seductive tonight, aren't we?" Ivan said in a husky voice as he slowly walked along the bed, dragging his fingers against the sheer curtains. Alfred followed his movements, lifting himself up on his forearms and tilting his head back.

"It's all for you, my sunflower. Your rose has been aching for you."

"Has he now?" Ivan purred and stilled when he reached the other side of the bed. "I just can't take my eyes off you…" He pushed the curtains open with both hands. "If this wasn't suppose to be such a special night, there would not be one square inch of your body that had not met my teeth." He gave him a dark grin and Alfred trembled at the sighted, not in fear but in pleasure. Ivan retreated back behind the curtains and circled the bed again. "I'm just thinking about where to strike first…do I want my cock in that hot mouth or in that sweet ass?"

"I expect both acts tonight."

"You 'expect' it?" He chuckled and slid his hand along the curtains again. "You dare make demands of your king?"

"My kingdom was open to you, but now you've disappointed me, so I will not let you in." Alfred smirked and closed his legs, his lower region tightening when he heard Ivan's soft growl.

"I have already conquered your kingdom." Alfred could see Ivan start to undress.

"Not while I was queen. I won't let you invade me."

"You can't keep me from what is rightfully mine."

"It's mine…I only let you borrow it."

Alfred was unprepared for the curtains to tear open as Ivan jumped onto the bed, standing on his knees before him with his naked body glowing in the candlelight. Alfred clenched his legs tighter together as he stared into Ivan's lustful violet ones. His heavy bangs shadowed his eyes and his smirk was one of triumph. If his thighs were squeezing his member his erection would be standing at full attention right now.

"You are mine, Alfred Jones." He gripped Alfred's knees with his hands. "I am your king and I command you to open up this gorgeous body to me." Ivan put slight pressure on his knees to begin spreading them apart. Alfred let them be spread and he felt his erection spring to life. "That's better." Alfred shrieked as Ivan gripped calf and yanked him up so his knee was locked against the strong shoulder. Ivan nuzzled the soft skin of his thigh and laid feather light kisses along its length. "You keep these beautiful legs open for me." He bit down on a soft spot and Alfred let out a hiss of pain but moaned when Ivan's tongue lapped at the wound. His free hand slid along the length of his stomach and chest, feeling the warm skin tremble under his touch. The feel of Ivan's callused hands traveling along his body always managed to arouse him.

"I let you conquer this body because I choose to let you. You would have never been able to invade this body and expect submission otherwise." Ivan narrowed his eyes at him but grinned darkly, letting Alfred's leg slide from his shoulder. Alfred quickly moved to all fours and rests his hands on Ivan's thighs, their faces inches apart. "I can be just as stubborn and as dangerous as you, King Ivan. If I were king of my own country I would invaded and conquered yours easily." Ivan growled low in his throat and brought his hands up to rest against his waist.

"And just how would you accomplish that?"

Alfred placed his hands on Ivan's broad shoulders and slid his body forward so his legs were straddling the others'. Their groins were pressed together and Ivan's engorged one nearly crushed Alfred's against his belly. Ivan had to lean his head back so he could look into Alfred's sapphire orbs, lidded with lust and pleasure. His crown tumbled from his head but he didn't care and just pushed it to the side. He ran his hands up Alfred's smooth back, marveling at his always-perfect skin.

"First…I would gain your trust." He gave him a light kiss on the lips. "Listen to your worries…" he kissed him again. "Aid you in battle…" He deepened the kiss and rocked his hips gently against his groin. "Help you in the places where you need it the most..." He pressed his forehead to Ivan's as he brought his hand down to tease the tip of his cock, spreading the pre-cum around with his thumb. Ivan closed his eyes and moaned against Alfred's movements, letting one hand slide below the curve his rump to press against the trembling entrance.

Alfred shivered but moved his body away, only to lift it above Ivan's erection and begin lowering himself. Alfred moaned as he felt his muscles stretch to accommodate Ivan's cock, his body taking in all of him. Ivan's body remained motionless as he set himself to watching Alfred body sensually fuck itself on him. The movements were slow but tight, with Alfred's muscles clenching around him. Ivan purred and latched his lips to Alfred's neck, worshipping the silky surface with his mouth. Alfred gave a deep moan of delight as he continued to impale himself on Ivan's dick. He never went down all the way for he did not want to let his prostate get stimulated just yet. The pressure and girth were enough for him at the moment.

"And now I have you right where I want you. I win." Ivan snorted and gripped his hips, thrusting himself up into that tight heat and striking his sweet spot. Alfred's eyes shot open and let out a cry of pleasure, preparing for more that didn't come. Instead, Alfred felt himself lifted from Ivan's cock and tossed onto the bed. He whined as his hole ached to be filled again after getting that quick shockwave of pleasure. He turned hurt eyes onto Ivan but they were met with a crooked smirk.

"What if this king knew of your siren's plan and chose to let you believe you had him conquered? And in turn, your kingdom would find itself invaded by mine!"

Ivan drug Alfred's body over to him by his hips and thrust himself into that welcoming hole, relishing in the sweet sounds he wrung from his queen. He reached over and put the crown back atop his head before he started a rough, pounding rhythm into Alfred's body. The thrusts were quick but rather deep and slow, letting Alfred feel all of him spreading him apart. Alfred gripped the bed sheets and rest his cheek against the smooth surface, feeling his body overloading with pleasure. He wanted it faster and harder but he would not beg…yet.

"How does it feel to be conquered?" He grunted out as he continued his thrusting. "Do you feel it?" Alfred cried out in response. "That's what it feels like to be fucked into submission!" Alfred let out a growl himself used his grip on the sheets to pull his body away from Ivan's. He felt his cock slide out and his body protested at the feeling of coldness.

"Yet you forget that I can still strike!" Alfred shoved his body into Ivan's hard chest and knocked him back onto the bed. Ivan was more surprised by the movement, which is way he went down so easily. He was going to leap back up but once he saw Alfred's face peeking at him from around his swollen cock, he decided to remain dormant. "I would have also figured out your secrets and strike at your vital regions. I particularly favor this one." He slid his tongue out to lap at the base, his free hand massaging Ivan's balls to distract him more. Ivan let his head fall back onto bed and he gave a stupid, lustful grin to the ceiling as he groaned in pleasure.

"My darling rose…I wouldn't want to be your enemy." Alfred gave a light chuckle and licked up the length, giving the tip a few teasing sucks before pulling away. Alfred enjoyed the little twitch the massive cock gave in protest but it was time to change the game up a bit. He crawled along the length of Ivan's body, making sure that his cock felt the movement. His face lay just inches above Ivan's but he gave him a charming smile.

"And afterwards…when I had gained my victory and your support," He stroked Ivan's bangs back with his hand, removing the crown and placing it to the side. "I would let you know that you have a king by your side who would never betray you…and give you all the love and support you could ever need. That's the kind of ruler I am." Ivan smiled softly and rests his hand against Alfred's lower back.

"Alfred my love…words can not describe how you can make me feel. We cancel each other out in more ways than one." He sat them both up. "We had our little 'fun' at playing conquerors…but now I want us to just be husband and wife…king and queen." He lowered Alfred back against the pillows and covered his body with his own. "Let me show you how this king will love his queen."

Alfred felt his chest tighten as he choked back tears after hearing the word 'love' from Ivan's lips. He always knew Ivan had felt it but he had never said it. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity before Ivan lowered his lips to bring them into a kiss. Ivan's lips were warm and soft against his as they moved against one another in a sensual dance. Alfred pressed his lips harder against Ivan's to deepen the kiss and he felt the large hand support the back of his head. Alfred moaned against his lips and placed his hands on the round cheeks, refusing to let Ivan pull away. He slid his leg along the length of Ivan's body, feeling their erections throbbing between them. Ivan's tongue slipped it's way into his mouth and he let it duel with his. He easily let Ivan's dominant his tongue and explore his mouth without complaint. His lower belly was tingling with want and he had to pull his mouth away to take a breath of air.

"Ivan...!" He breathed out, his bangs beginning to stick against his heated skin. "I need you…!"

"Hush…not just yet. These hands and mouth are not done pleasuring you yet."

Alfred whined as Ivan pushed the necklace aside so he could feast against his chest. He nipped and sucked along his collarbone before latching onto one nipple, grazing it with his teeth. Alfred gasped and arched up into his mouth, twisting his body beneath the larger one as the nub was gently abused. Ivan's tongue and teeth teased at it until it ached before moving to the other. Alfred buried his hands in Ivan's hair, gripping the silver strands as his tongue toyed with him. His nipples were pleasantly sore by the time Ivan was finished with him and his mouth was beginning to make its way lower. Alfred had to remove his crown because the sweat in his hair was making it slide from side to side.

"AH! Ivan?" Alfred looked down to see that big nose of Ivan's nuzzling his erection.

"Just wanting to return a favor that is always willingly given."

Alfred's body trembled as he watched his cock disappear into the hot orifice that was Ivan's mouth. Alfred threw himself back against the bed as he legs lifted in the air to squeeze Ivan's head, locking him there. Ivan had no trouble taking him in all the way, moaning around his cock and swirling his tongue along the base. Ivan was mimicking all of Alfred's movements on him perfectly and now he knew what Ivan felt when he sucked him. He felt the pleasure building up in his body and he was ready to cum into Ivan's mouth when the man pulled away. Alfred covered his face with his hands and cried out in protest, kicking Ivan's chest with his foot. Ivan laughed and grabbed his ankle, giving the diamond band there a kiss.

"Somebody's angry."

"Not fair!"

"All is fair in love and war, my Diamond Rose." He leaned over his body to kiss him. "We're not done yet. I know your wanton little body wants my cock filling you here." He reached his hand down to rub at the puckered entrance. "Deliciously pounding the breath out of you and forcing your insides to stretch and take me in."

"Yes…my body is always hungry you, Ivan…please…I can't wait any longer!" He wrapped his arms around Ivan's neck and gave him a chaste kiss. "I want you, my king, to claim your queen." Ivan growled passionately and gripped the back of Alfred's hair, never tearing their eyes away from one another.

"Keep your eyes open and focused on me…if you close them, I will stop."

Alfred gasped as Ivan slipped one rough finger inside his aching hole, his body sucking it in. Like he was told, Alfred never broke his gaze from Ivan's as the second and third finger joined the first. Alfred shifted his hips against the fingers, trying to guide them to that special feel good spot. Even when it was hit, Alfred's eyes never wavered from Ivan's. The fingers continued to stretch and rub against his prostate, wringing new noises from the back of his throat. Even through the pleasure, Alfred found that he could not look away from Ivan's violet orbs. His gaze was usual cold but at this moment the warm violet night sky above his own deep blue pools of water. He was entranced by those new eyes and didn't even notice when the fingers were pulled from him.

"Make it wet…I do not wish to enter you dry tonight." Ivan sat back on his haunches and Alfred quickly turned his body around so he could lubricate Ivan's cock with his saliva. He gave it a few wet sucks before pulling away and laying on his back once again. Ivan positioned himself against his quivering hole and kissed the tip of his nose. "My love…are you ready?"

"Always ready for you…your highness."

Ivan felt his cock twitch at the word as he started to press himself inside of Alfred's hot body. Alfred's body sucked him in easily and he didn't even wait before beginning his thrusts. His thrusts, like earlier, deep and even so Alfred could feel him to the fullest. Alfred wrapped his arms around Ivan's shoulders and clung to him as the thrusts hit deep inside. Every time he thought Ivan couldn't grow any thicker or go even deeper he was always surprised. His gentle cries were not enough for Ivan's ears so he picked up the pace, adding a bit more speed and force behind his thrusts. Alfred arched his back off of the bed as Ivan struck his sweet spot. Alfred started to lift his hips up into Ivan's movements to strengthen the force against his prostate. Ivan growled and moaned in his ear, crushing the smaller body beneath his own. Alfred was his and only his for all of eternity. He wanted to feel the soft, sweaty skin of his queen as they made real love for the first time.

"I want us to cum together!"

Alfred pleaded with him and Ivan could no longer hold back as he pulled out almost all the way and shoved back in. Alfred let out a wail of ecstasy as Ivan's rock hard cock hit all the right places like it always did. Ivan's body rocked wildly against his, letting the hidden abdomen muscles stroke Alfred's cock for him.

"Harder…harder…your majesty…!"

Ivan continued to pound into his rose, hearing the bed squeak and bang against the wall. Alfred's legs and insides clenched around his cock and he was screaming his voice hoarse at the waves of pleasure that racked his body. Alfred knew that he would never tire of the feeling of Ivan's cock stretching him to the hilt and threatening to split him open. It was an intense feeling that stirred awake his passion for his love.

"Ivan…Ivan…I'm gonna cum! Cum with me…please…!" He felt the pleasure building in his groin and belly, letting his eyes roll back into his head as Ivan sped up his thrusts.


Ivan hissed out through grit teeth and with a few more earth shattering thrusts, the pair had successfully reached completion together. Alfred's hot cum splattered against this bellies as Ivan's shot deep within his bowels. Usually Alfred's hole was leaking out Ivan's cum by now but his body must have drunk him dry and he laughed. Alfred was too exhausted from the rushed overload of orgasm and afterglow that he missed his husband's laughter. He did whine as he felt semi-hard dick leave his body. Alfred thought Ivan would lie down next to him until they caught their breath but he felt the man's weight leave the bed. Alfred lifted himself up on his arm to see where Ivan was heading. He watched as he went to the wardrobe and pulled out a robe, slipping it on.

"Ivan?" Alfred called gently.

"My rose…come with me." Ivan said in a pant, his chest heaving as he held out his hand to him. Alfred slipped off of the bed, having to pause and regain his balance before he attempted walking. He slipped on the white deer cloak and limped over to Ivan, taking his hand.

"Where are we going?" Ivan just smiled and walked them to the balcony doors. He opened them and let Alfred through first. Alfred pulled the cloak tighter around his naked body, shielding it from the ocean air. The gentle breeze cooled the beads of sweat on his face and he let out a soft sigh. "That feels nice…"

"Look at it, Alfred." Alfred opened his eyes to look at Ivan, whose gaze was out on the city lights.

"What am I looking at?"

"The kingdom. OUR kingdom. Everything is ours, Alfred! This land and country was given to us to rule together!" Alfred smiled and looked out at the city as well.

"I can't believe we own so much…and just because some crowns were placed on our heads."

"But it's not enough." Ivan said seriously and Alfred tilted his head to the side.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean our kingdom. Our kingdom is not enough for us. Yao will be exploring lands far beyond the sea and he is bound to find other kingdoms and different worlds!" He turned to grin at Alfred. "We can be even greater and larger than we already are! We will discover and obtain new lands to expand our empire! Just picture it, Alfred! You and I could be king and queen of the WORLD!"

"Using peaceful and logical means, of course." Ivan froze and gave a crooked smile.

"Yes…of course." Alfred narrowed his eyes at him.

"Ivan…you were thinking about invading and conquering, weren't you?"

"Yes, I admit I was, but good thing you are here to keep me grounded." He wrapped his arms around Alfred's body and held him close. "I want you to have the best of everything, Alfred. You're my precious rose…my world…my everything. Together we will rule all this and more! We'll never finish!" He grinned at him and Alfred chuckled, resting his cheek against his chest.

"Ivan…you don't know how happy I am to have found you. We have so much to look forward to in our lives! And we'll experience it all together. I love you, Ivan. I know it's silly but I love you so much. I'm putting everything bad that once happened behind us so we can start together anew. I can't wait to share my life with you."

"Alfred…you know I feel the same. Never will you feel cold or hungry again. I will always take care of you and provide for you. You are mine and I am never letting you go." He rests his forehead against Alfred's. "The world is ours." Alfred smiled.

"I have no problem joining our kingdom with others. Whatever Yao finds out there we will visit ourselves and make them allies." He looked up at Ivan and smiled brightly. "Peacefully, right?" Alfred smiled and held him tight, tears of joy tickling at his eyes. Ivan rests his chin atop Alfred's head and used one arm to hold him close.

"Yes…peacefully. For you, my rose, I will do anything." The other hand was safely tucked behind his back and he couldn't help but smirk as he crossed his fingers.

The End

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