Summary: Dean and Sam return to Bobby's after the almost-Apocalypse, their return causing a certain hunter's daughter some painful memories. Can she and Dean become what they had been during that summer nine years ago? Please R&R!

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Imogen's Dean


"You sure this is a good idea?" Sam asked as he and Dean pulled up outside Bobby's.

Dean sighed and tapped the steering wheel with his thumb nervously, really regretting saying the brothers would visit. That beautiful broken girl would be waiting inside for them and Dean just didn't know if he had the guts to face her. Not after what he did to her at the end of that summer.

He looked at the house and memories came flooding back of how beautiful she was at eighteen, how he thought he loved her and the expression on her face when he told her did. The truth was, deep down in his heart, he still loved her, but after breaking her heart nine years before he'd pushed the feelings deep down inside of him, locking them away with the guilt over what he'd done.

"No." Dean replied, "But we're here now."

"How do you think she'll take to seeing you?" Sam asked, "I mean...what you did was pretty bad, Dean."

"Okay!" Dean yelled, "Christ, don't you think I had to live with myself for all this time after hurting her that way? I don't know how she'll take it but good God, I'm not looking forward to having to face her."

She was there when they walked through the yard, dark auburn curls pinned up as she worked under the hood of a truck, body curved deliciously and sweating a little under the heat of the sun. Bobby appeared in the doorway and caught the boys' attention, beckoning them inside. Dean and Sam both hugged their friend, Bobby turning to them and grimacing a little.

"Just be careful what you say," He said, "Both of you."

He sighed and looked at Dean, sadness washing over his eyes.

"She's changed...a lot." He told the young hunter, "You'll know when you see her."

Bobby had never been able to forgive Dean for the hurt he caused his baby girl. The poor child had been distressed for weeks after Dean had caused her that pain, and the older hunter didn't know how Dean would take seeing her as she was now, and how she'd take to seeing him again after all this time. She'd truly been in love with him and still was, an emotion which Dean had taken advantage of. Whether it was a stupid thing he did when he was younger or not, he'd still hurt Bobby's child, and the hunter just couldn't forgive him for that.

"I'd better bring her in."

Dean sighed and went very pale in the face, Sam sitting on the sofa while Dean just paced up and down, bracing himself for the moment he'd been dreading for days. The front door closed, sniffling being heard as Bobby headed into the living room, that gorgeous girl next to him.

Good God, she was twenty-seven but in her face she was in her mid thirties. Her wrists were scarred, gorgeous brown eyes heavy with tears while her pale skin looked grey, not that beautiful shade of porcelain it used to be. She looked ill and tired and as she stared at Dean he saw her breaking even more, the tears spilling down her face in thick streams.

"Imogen..." Dean breathed, not really knowing what he could say to her, "It's been a while, huh?"

"Nine years, three months and two days, actually." Imogen replied, gentle voice wavering with emotion, "How've you been?"

"Not bad, considering I've been stopping an Apocalypse." Dean said quietly, "You?"

"I've been okay." Imogen lied, smiling weakly at the youngest Winchester, "Hi, Sam."

"Hey, Imogen." Sam said quietly.

"You okay?" She asked, the young man nodding in response, "Good."

She turned to Bobby and looked so broken Dean just wanted to cry.

"Dad, I need to lie down."

"Okay, baby." Bobby replied, kissing her head softly, "Off you go."

Imogen left the room and trudged up the stairs, Bobby closing the living room door and sighing as he gazed at Dean.

"Told you she'd changed."

Dean sat down with tears in his eyes, looking up at the hunter before uttering a question.


"She tried to kill herself three times after you left." Bobby told him, "She's been on meds for her depression for seven years now."

"Meds?" Sam asked, "She's clinically depressed?"

Bobby nodded sadly, Dean looking at him apologetically before a tear slid down his face.

"All because of me?" He asked, "I did this to her?"

"Yeah." Bobby replied, "Yeah, you did."

"Dude, you fucked her and then left without even saying goodbye..." Sam hissed as he and Dean lay in the study that night, ready for sleep, "You took her virginity; the most important thing in the world to her, and you left without a word. She thought you loved her..."

"I thought I loved her, okay?" Dean replied, "I really did, but Dad needed us!"

"She was eighteen and you were twenty-one." Sam breathed, "You promised Bobby you'd look after her and you'd protect her...and you didn't, Dean!"

Dean hung his head and a tear of shame fell down his face.

"You abandoned her."

With that, Sam turned out his light and curled up to sleep, Dean nodding and wiping his eyes shakily before swallowing thickly.

"I know."


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