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first thought when story was completed: what the hell did I just write?
notes: This is too much like we're so close to something better left unknown for my taste. Okay, maybe not that much, but it reminds me of that story. Maybe it is like that story. I don't know.
It was supposed to be an Axel/Kairi. But I need Roxas, in that pairing, because I love triangles.
So I changed it into this. Agatha/Oak.
p.s: my dad is extremely cool, he covered for me when it came to who ate the last cookie.
also: I need a Beta, whose willing?

starlight regrets
she can point to her personal star of regret


She is nothing, but a fool in love. (He kisses her lips— whispering some lie about something called forever. He talks about many things, about a white picket fence and green green grass, green like his eyes, she thinks. And about two perfect kids, with the prettiest eyes she had ever seen.) She can see the future he planned out for her, and despite love and heartbreak.

Lots and lots of heartbreak—

She still wishes for this dream he created. (His lips move lower, trailing butterfly kisses down her throat. He's not talking anymore, just kissing and kissing and kissing. And the love is so much like rain and god she doesn't want this, but she does. Maybe after this, he might actually love her. Maybe he might want that forever and the white picket fence set on the green green grass, along with the two kids.)

He looks at her now, really; really looks at her and tells her she's beautiful. Maybe she should be flattered, maybe; she isn't so sure. (When his lips stop moving, she smiles— he might stop. Maybe it'll be just a dream, but he keeps going. He doesn't ask if he can love her, he just does. She doesn't tell him it wasn't the love, she was dreaming off.

She doesn't have too.)

They fell in love for a night.

Then there was nothing, nothing at all, except for the ring hidden in his pocket and a box of faded unsent love letters under her bed.

There was only regret.

the end