One Stormy Day

Question for my readers.

As you are probably aware, I left the last chapter with a somewhat evil cliffy. Now, there are a couple of options from this point. I can have a lemon or I can decide not to and write around it…or just mercilessly tease you all longer. Anyway, my fiancé and I are having a small debate. He has pretty much challenged me to do a lemon because he doesn't believe that I can do one…I may not be able to with the knowledge that he'll be reading it…cause I'm crazy that way. BUT! I wanted to give my readers a say in this. So either leave me a review or shoot me an e-mail giving me your opinion. If enough people tell me that they want a lemon in this story, then I'll give it a try…at some point. I'm not saying anything about this next chapter. I'm just asking in general.