I know Hiccup's 13, but in my story he is 17! Get it? Got it? Good. And the reason for that is he didn't capture Toothless until much later and then they spent more time together….like a few months.

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I found my mind wandering one day on my way home. A particular image kept popping up in my mind as I ambled back. An image of the red-headed boy in my guest room. Last time I had seen him, which was only this morning, he was sleeping peacefully. His eyes no longer flickered under wet eyelids. His mouth set flat, and not for once pulled into a painful frown. His long red hair was split on his forehead; no doubt the result of Ophelia's caring stroking.

We had taken a liking to the boy. At first, I admit I was reluctant to help him. To many times had I put my heart and soul into healing a person only to have them fade away, no strength left. But there was something different about this boy. I couldn't not help him. Besides that, he was healing at an amazing rate.

The wound was bad, and I would be surprised if he could see out of that eye ever again. But the infection was horrible. In anyone else so young, it might have killed them already. The boy was only about 17, and he had amazing strength of will. It had been a few weeks since we had taken him from the forest, and by now the infection is completely gone.

Contrary to popular belief, not all of the healing could be done by doctors. The person had to be willing to heal. This boy was fighting with a strength I had never seen before, and I was willing to bet he had something worth fighting for. Within this short time, the horrible infection that almost made me give up hope on sight has vanished. In its place is now just a thin scar across the boy's right eye. The stitches Ophelia had put in were taken out a few days ago, and the skin was coming together nicely.

There was something odd about the boy though, besides his rate of healing. Something very, very odd.

The Shadow that haunted me and my wife.

It watched us, we could tell. It was always there, keeping an eye on the boy. Even the villagers had noticed things. Huge scratch marks in the forest, footprints that were larger than anything we've ever seen before. What kind of monster blended with the darkness and made such a commotion?

Over the last few weeks the villagers had been sending out search parties. They found numerous markings of the beast, which Ophelia and I have taken to calling the "Shadow" simply for its nature. Shadow was always watching and waiting. But it never attacked. It has never harmed us or stolen from us. At least, so far.

Ophelia is convinced it's a good monster. And honestly, so am I. It lead us to the boy we call "Scar", for lack of a better name. And we didn't get such a bad vibe from Shadow. Just…shyness. Unwilling to be seen and from its size and markings in the forest it has good reason to be.

We've pretty much figured the situation out. Shadow is a friend of Scar's, and with Scar being sick Shadow needed someone to heal him. That's where we come in.

It's been a few weeks, and I am worried about how long it's taking for Scar to wake up. Still, the boy is strong. I'm sure he's healing steadily even right now, with no one home to care for him.

Or he'll wake up and book it out of here without his money.

Either way, he's going to be fine. I'm almost positive.


The world was turning again, moving up and down. I felt like I was on a boat, swaying to no beat in particular. There was a soft sound along with the movement, like a whooshing of air. But it was so soft I can hardly say I even heard it. What was it? It was high pitched, and then low pitched. Then I realized what the movement was. It was my chest, rising and falling. The soft sound was the sound of my breath, escaping through slightly parted lips. A small moan creaked past my vocal chords and I clenched my fist.

Where was I? My mind was fuzzy and muddled, like I had drunken to much ale. In fact, I felt exactly like I had a hangover. My stomach writhed in pain, most likely eating itself and now and then letting out strange growls of hunger pains. I don't know how long I lay there, waiting and wondering.

My body was just coming to, and I felt my eyes flicker beneath my lids. It was warm where I was, and there was a heavy something covering my body. I realized it was a blanket, the scratchy surface brushing my bare chest and making me itch. There was a pillow beneath my head, soft and warm. The air was so comfortable and calm, I wanted to sleep again.

I struggled with myself for a moment. My eyes were already getting heavy again, and the feeling in my body fading away. I didn't want to go to sleep; I wanted to know what was going on! My mind started to catch up with the situation. I was in a bed, somewhere warm. Probably a house. What was going on?

I started to move my hand, panic spreading in my mind. Where was Toothless? If I was in a house, where was he? I remembered fire, and darkness. My eye was hurting so bad I wanted to scratch my eyeball out to stop the pain…

It didn't hurt anymore. That confused me even more. What happened? Why was my right eye…fine? In the first time in weeks, my eye was all right! It didn't even feel remotely hot. In fact, it felt…cool? I squeezed my eyes shut even more, trying to figure it out. There was something wet and cold draped across my forehead.

More than being confused and worried, I was frightened. My body was falling asleep, and it wasn't listening to me! Where was Toothless? Where was my dragon? If he had gotten caught….if I was in a human town…Finally my right hand reached my bare thigh. I could barely feel and I fumbled for a moment, panicked. I needed to wake up! With a burst of pain, I managed to pinch myself in the soft bare skin of my inner thigh. My body jerked in surprise, and my eyes snapped open.

My breath caught in my chest, and my eyes started to water as I started at the wood ceiling.

My eyes.

I was staring at the ceiling with my eyes.

Both of my eyes.

I felt tears run down my face, leaving hot streaks down my cheeks. My right eye was open, and working! My chest started to heave with happiness. I wasn't…blind! I could see, oh Odin I could see! I shut my left eye and stared at the ceiling with my right eye. I could see the swirls of the grain against the wood. I could see the shadows of a candle flickering in the corner, casting figures on the wood. My chest was hurting. I clenched my teeth and held back laughter as my chest shook. Salt bleed onto my lips and dripped into my mouth, but I didn't care. I could see.

My body was still lying on the bed softly. I opened my other eye and watched the flickering of the light as I calmed my breathing. I took deep breaths and eventually the overflowing emotion went away. I had bigger things to deal with.

Namely, Toothless.

Where was he? I lay in bed, not wanting to move quite yet. Where was Toothless, and where was I? The more my happiness faded, the more my panic set in. instead of crying, I started hyperventilating. Images flashed through my mind of all the things they could have done to Toothless. My muscles started to twitch in anxiousness. I had to get up; I had to get to Toothless! I begged to the heavens as the images got worse, all the things they could have done…Toothless! How could I have failed him? Where was he?

Every particle of my being, every piece of me suddenly stretched beyond myself. I had to find him, I would give anything to find him! Feelings fueled me, panic and worry and pain. I was just about to heave myself out of bed and run around screaming when something unexpected happened.

Toothless was reaching for me too. Abruptly, we crashed into each other. Our feelings melded, and our worry for the other was frozen. There was a burst of light and darkness; colors swirled behind my now closed eyelids. Pain shot through us, like lighting going through from our joined right leg to right eye. I could feel, and see, and sense things not before seen. For a moment, I was frozen in fear.

There were scales on my arm. My five fingers became four black ebony claws, and scents attacked my nose. There was pine, dirt, the smell of rain and fish. Sunlight danced across the land, giving off green and brown colors and some I didn't even have names for. The trees loomed before me, but I felt strength in my limbs. Like if I wanted to, I could leap off and beyond the tree tops.

I felt Toothless beside me, watching something different. Instead of strength of limbs, I could feel his mind whirling. Thoughts assaulted him and images he could have never conjured appeared before him. Shapes and lines, attached my points and things not yet here. He looked to me, and I saw green eyes in my yellow orbs. He put a scale-less hand on his red head, watching me with amazement.

I had something Toothless didn't, or didn't before now. I could create things out of other things. I could mold things to my liking using nothing but fire and steel. I could see to the future, and see many paths. And he had something I didn't, or didn't before now. He could look something in the face and say 'no'. Toothless had strength I never thought I could have. He could stand up for himself and overpower his enemies.

We were looking into the mirror. I was seeing myself, and Toothless was seeing himself.

Memories assaulted us. I saw Toothless cracking the dark shell and emerging into the light. I saw him learning how to fly with other Night Furies. I saw fire, and heat. I felt horror and pain as a great green beast emerged before me. I saw Toothless surviving like a dragon, like the dragon he was. Then I saw him learning, I saw him getting hit by a rope propelled by a small boy. I saw him fall, and I felt his tail fin rip.

I saw a boy, with a knife. I saw him, and I wondered. I saw him, and I began to see the future.

My mind whirled with confusion and we faded into blackness, falling together. I didn't want to go to sleep again; I wanted to know where Toothless was! An image flashed in my mind, made up or real I don't know. Toothless, slouched against a boulder by a river. His tongue rolled out of mouth gently, his eye closed peacefully. I felt my muscles relax. Toothless was okay. He was just…sleeping.

I didn't have enough energy to question what just happened. All I knew was what the feeling meant. Those images, those thoughts. They were the bottom to a bridge, the structure. The bridge was a golden light, connecting Toothless and I. I could feel him, even now. I could feel him more than I had before.

Somehow, we were pulling towards each other so much and we collided with such force, something was made. The bond was there, from before. From the minute I endangered my life to save him. Unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.

That bond was growing stronger.

I faded into blackness once again, this time with the comfort of knowing. Knowing Toothless was okay. Knowing I would be ok.

What happened again? I couldn't remember; the memory was fading already. Still, the feeling remained. Two separate beings, two minds, two souls. And yet…only one.

Toothless and Hiccup. Such odd names, such odd personalities. We never fit in anywhere else.

Except we fit perfectly with each other.