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Chapter 17

Jasper's POV

I was so proud of my mate, but still a little pissed at Riley for letting her tiny little ass get away from him, and allowing her to put herself in danger. But the second I had her upstairs and on our bed, all the anger was gone, nothing was on my mind except my Bella and the two of us drowning in our love for each other.

After pleasuring both of our bodies several times upstairs and even making it back down into the pool for a couple rounds, Bella was exhausted and drifted off into a deep sleep in my arms.

The next couple of months passed by with me returning Aro his new guards. I told him no more until My Bella is changed. I also made the necessary arrangements to keep Bella with me. My vampire instincts would not part with her any longer and we would not allow her family to reclaim her for any reason. We were all she needed right now and couldn't bear to have her any further than across the lawn away from us.

So I'm a selfish bastard!

At first she didn't want be home schooled until she graduates because this is her senior year, but after she thought about me having to go back to school with her, because I would not allow her to go otherwise, that seemed to change her mind. She said that she didn't think she could handle all the girls flaunting themselves around me. I couldn't help but laugh, I thought she would be afraid for all the punk teenage boy asses I was going to be kicking.

Therefore, I set her up with a nice home school, online program and all of her classes were done on her computer.

All in all, things were going very well for Bella. She is becoming a lot closer to Peter, Charlotte, and Riley.

James has been trying very hard to show his honor and respect towards me and my Bella. He was very upset over Victoria's betrayal. She may not have been his mate, but she had been his companion and he felt it his duty to make it up to me and Bella.

Now, laying here with Bella in my arms like I do every morning, I am waiting patiently for her to awaken. A thin line of the morning sun is shining through the windows and across her body. One of her legs has made its way out from under the covers, draped across my hips.

This past month, Bella has gotten very frustrated with me because I won't be more intimate with her, due to my fears of not being able to control myself or my instincts enough.

Therefore she's been trying to seduce me.

She is a very persistent and extremely tempting.

At first I would try to just satisfy her but she gets very pissed at me when I won't let her return the favor.

It is so hard to keep from giving in to her.

I didn't even know vampires could suffer from blue balls. I found out that indeed we can and that it is very painful.

This particular morning, Bella stirs and I can tell by the change in her breathing and heart rate that she is awake. While pretending to still be asleep, she has raised the leg that is across me, causing the covers to slip. Therefore, revealing more and barely covering her ass, she slowly slides it gently over my cock and turning her body so that more of her is on me than the bed. She makes a tiny little noise like she was just uncomfortable.

Little minx.

My hands seem to have a mind of their own as the one I have resting around her waist starts sliding down to cup that tiny little ass of hers and pull her closer to my body. This causes my cock to get hard and Bella to let out a little 'mmm' noise.

"You little minx, you're not asleep" I whispered softly against the top of her head.

She giggled and ran her tongue over my nipple that was closest to her mouth; sending tingles through my body that go straight to my throbbing cock. She tugged it roughly with her teeth causing me to give a half moan half groan in frustration.

I need a release so fuckin bad its killing me.

Gripping a handful of her hair loosely I tilt her head up and look into her dark, lust filled eyes, I started drowning in her lust and her determination.

Then my cell phone rang, causing us both to jump.

What the fuck.

I am Major Whitlock!

I don't get startled.

If it wasn't for the phone I would have given in this time.

Turning Bella loose, and sitting up, grabbed my phone off the night stand and answered it.

"Get the fuck downstairs Major. Your mare is having her colt and it has to be turned or she isn't going to make it. You told me to let you know when she was ready." It was Peter on the other end of the line, and lying like hell.

I never told Peter to let me know about the mare, but he has become very protective of Bella and if I had lost control enough to let my phone startle me, I probably was projecting enough lust that he felt it.

"I'll be right down" I responded frustrated, laid my phone back down and turned my attention back to my little minx, that is now licking down my chest, and is headed exactly where I want her.

"Do you have to go right now baby" she whispered blowing her hot breath over the tip of my cock right before she licked it.

"Oh fuck angel" I mumble as I struggle internally with myself, because I really want and need this, but I am very afraid that I will completely loose myself and claim her completely. I just have one more fucking week.

I can do it.

Then Pete decides to pound on the fuckin' door. "Yes angel. He does have to come on right now. I need him it's his fuckin' mare and he needs to be there."

I don't know what pissed me off more, him using that tone directed at Bella or that he cock blocked me. Bella and I both growled at him.

"Come on Major, or I'm coming in to get your ass" he threatened.

Bella jumped up naked as a picked bird and went to the door in all her glory and opened it, rage pouring off her. Pete stood there speechless for the first time in his existence, with his mouth hanging open.

She turned her glare on me. "There's no need for you to growl at him Major. You told him to call you and put on this little show, didn't you? Well you know what? If you want to play this fuckin' game then I can too if you can go without me touching you until my birthday than so can I."

I got up off the bed and walked towards her, Pete's head moved towards me still not able to say anything.

"Angel I didn't tell him to call me ask him." I tried to touch her and she stepped back.

"I don't want to ask him. If you didn't than fine but I am still tired of having you push me off you. I know why you say you do it but it feels like rejection to me and I am not going to put myself in the position for it to happen again."

Charlotte choose that moment to come through the door as the first angry tear slid down Bella's face. "What the hell is going on in here?" she asked looking at Bella crying instead of the fact the her husband was froze at the door and Bella and I are naked.

I ignored her question and walked over closer to Bella but not attempting to touch her, even though my body ached to hold. "Bella, baby, I didn't know that you felt rejected. I thought that you understood that I was afraid to let myself get carried away because the last time my instincts kicked in and all I could think about was claiming you fully. Baby, I can't do that yet and its only one more week."

"I didn't want you to know how it really made me feel Jaz, I was shielding like a son of a bitch. Because I understand your reasoning, but that doesn't help the way I feel deep down inside."

Char came over and wrapped a blanket around Bella and slung one at me. It was like at that second Bella realized she was naked and I was too. She jerked the blanket around her and ran into my arms. I couldn't help but chuckle at her reaction and the blush that really does go all the way down.

I wrapped my blanket around her back and pulled her close, kissing the top of her head.

Charlotte took the still dumb struck Peter back down stairs. Bella and I got dressed and even though both of us would love to avoid the conversation we were just having, there were things that needed to be said.

"Bella, angel, you do believe me that I did not tell Peter to interrupt us right? I know that since our bond is a lot stronger now that you can feel my emotions. You should know that I am telling the truth to you. I would never lie to you."

She walked over to me and kissed me lightly, "yes Jaz, I know." Then she walked away and continued to get dressed.

I don't like the fact that this seems to be going to easy. "You also know that I would never mean for you to ever feel rejected by me. I mean, hell baby, I would love to bend you over that bed and fuck you till you can't walk the rest of the day. But I cant.. Not yet."

"I understand.." She mumbled while she put on the last of her clothes and began to make our bed.

"You also know that it is silly for you to not want me to touch until next Saturday on your Birthday."

She finished making the bed before she gave me her full attention and let me feel her anger, as she stood there looking cute as hell, with her hands on her hips.

"Actually I know that it will keep me from getting my feelings hurt. You don't want me to touch you because you think you will lose control. Then I don't want you to touch me either, because stirring up those feelings in me makes me want to touch you. It's just not fair Jasper and you have to understand that if you can expect that of me than I can do the same."

I had to take in a huge breath and let it out slow. Damn my little hell cat is such a hand full. But if she wasn't than she could never put up with me. "Ok, remember that I don't want it that way."

She walked over to me, stood on tip toe, and kissed me deeply while she had both hands full of my hair. Then she broke the kiss, pulled away from me and started out the door. "I think I am going to get Charlotte to help me plan my party. I want to have it here at the house and if it's OK with you, I would like to have all my family come and stay with us until then."

"That will be fine angel. Since I am able to help around the ranch more without it causing us a lot of pain, I think it would be great for you to have some more company for a couple of days. But they will need to leave after the party. Because I am afraid that after I can fully allow myself to follow my instincts to claim you as mine I will be very protective and aggressive to anyone around us. Most males are like that after they first have sex with their true mates, and since our bond has been so strong from the very beginning, I am afraid it might be bad." I walked over to her and reached my hand out to her. She placed her tiny little hand in mine and I raised it to my mouth and laid a gentle kiss upon her knuckles. "I love you angel" I whispered against her hand.

"I love you too baby and that sounds great I will start calling everyone after breakfast."

I held her hand as she practically bounced down the stairs to the kitchen.

I am glad she is excited to invite her family but I am not looking forward …. Alice.

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