A Student's Desire


Naruto x Aqua


Author's Note


Another Kingdom Hearts Unleashed theme fic that plays upon another relationship. So far the only fic I seen of this pairing were a Son x Mother fic. There's a lot of unique one-shots I've never seen that I still have yet to done, but decided to finally get around to do.

There's just so many potential pairings that haven't been done. I mean I admit I too have partaken in the soon to be overdone Naruto x Raven and not yet Naruto x Kagome fics, but I'm also the only one whose done Naruto x Starfire and Naruto x Suki and I really want to see other people do more of these obscure pairings. Yes I do a lot of Harem and people like to point out and complain, but for every Harem I do there is like 200 Yaoi fics on this site so why complain about what I do when it's relative small to something else in comparison.

Anyway enjoy the story. I got the inspiration from the fic I read not too long ago, but I don't remember it's name. Originally this was supposed to be twice as long with more information, but I decided to break it into a two-shot and add in a bit of possible back story for Aqua. Anyway once I shall exclaim enjoy!


Story Start


Sitting along the edge of a cliff was a young woman with short blue hair. She was wearing a black and blue, high-collared halter top modified where it displayed her lovely back, cutting off just at her lower back showing off the black strand of her bra along with intersecting belts over her chest, and black shorts. She was also wearing an odd silver badge and on her arms are white bell-sleeves and tan, fingerless gloves. She also wore a small, segmented piece of armor on each of her upper arms as well as black stockings on her legs which reach to about halfway up her thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin on her upper thighs along with two strips of blue cloth that drape over either side of her hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around her waist, draped in the same manner. Finally, she was wearing pointed, armored, silver boots with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of each.

''I thought I find you here Aqua.'' A voice spoke causing her to turn to meet the speaker. He was wearing a black and white fused jacket with the words Chaos and Order tatted on the opposite associated color. Underneath this he was wearing a white shirt. He was also wearing black cargo pants with a leather black belt with pouches attached to it. On his right arm was segmented parts of a silver armor merged with his arm with several dragon like spikes sticking out of it. His boots were a rather dim sky greyish color and looked quite odd with black strips out lining it. Though what stood out was the blue star shaped charmed tied to a neck hung around his neck.

''Master Naruto...what are you doing here?'' she asked as he continued over to her, not taking his eyes off the beautiful forest-valley down below.

''I knew you would be here. This is our spot after all. Do you remember when I first brought you here?'' he asked as the Key Blade wielder nodded. She was just a little girl when the heartless had first attacked her home. Her mother didn't make it, but Naruto had arrived and killed them with regular ease. Even now Aqua felt uncomfortable around the ant like heartless with their sharp claws and big yellow eyes. Aqua in her curiosity had moved over to her hero and touched his weapon. At the time she didn't understand a lot of what he was saying, but the next time she knew he had taken her to Master Eraquas who raised her while Naruto trained her.

''Yes, I remember...'' she answered him after taking a moment to reflect back at the memory as Naruto sat down next to her.

''I heard about what happened to Ventus. Any reason why you kicked his ass so thoroughly?'' the smirking blond asked as his student averted her eyes and shied away. ''You know you can tell me anything right?''

''Not this...I rather not talk about it.'' she sighed away, her face heating up in embarrassment.

''Well you're going to have to. The Master Exam is in a few days and your mind needs to be clear.'' he assured her, prodding more to find out what the reason was.

''I...'' she felt her chest tightened and shook her head. ''Its...'' she gasped as she felt his hand clasped hers. ''I don't want you to think any less of me.'' she admitted as she averted her eyes, refusing to look at his face.

''Aqua, nothing you can tell will make me think less of you. What did Ventus do to upset you so much?'' Naruto prodded a bit more, concern evident on her face.

''It's not what he did but what...he discovered something I didn't want him too. And then he laughed at me and I just got so mad.''

Naruto stroked his chin. ''Really? That's pretty much out of character for the both of you. You sure he was laughing at you or that maybe whatever he discovered he more or less chuckled over it. Or maybe he knew before you did and realized you finally realized it.'' he listed off as he waited for some sort of reaction.

'Aah yes, it was times like this her Master's inquiries and theories could give many headaches.'

''He wasn't being mean about it. I mean I don't know why I got so mad. Ventus is a nice guy and I shouldn't have attacked him. I should go apologize...'' she started to say when Naruto grabbed her wrist before she could get up.

''Nah-uh! We still got to talk,'' he explained noticing her sheepish look. ''Did you really think you were going to get away.''

''For a moment, yeah I sorta of did.'' she admitted as she bit her bottom lip.

''You should wait a day or two. The boy is quite traumatized you know.'' he said as his face became serious. ''Aqua...'' he said as Aqua's eyes found the ground interesting.

''Apprentice Aqua!'' Naruto said a little louder as her face shot up to meet Naruto's eyes with a nervous and guilty look. After a moment his face softened. ''I care for you Aqua. So why are you so afraid to tell me?''

''Because it's not like you desire me...'' she gasped and slapped her hand over her mouth. Her face going red as she realized what she blurted. Aqua never was good at this sort of thing. She was a warrior, a key blade wielder; and the man she spent a lot of time around were practically her family. Eraquas was like a father. Terra an annoying older brother and Ventus a little brother, but Naruto...he was different. Aqua grew up to be a beautiful young woman so she was a bit socially awkward when it came to romantic feelings.

''Desire what?''

''Desire you,'' she whispered softly as her body began trembling. ''It's just...I'm your student and you known me since I was a child...'' and with that Aqua began rambling. When she was nervous she had a bit of a habit of rambling.


''...and you probably think I'm weird or...''

''Aqua,'' Naruto called out to her again with an amused look. Poor girl was rather agitated.

''... it's hero worship or something and...''

He finally cut her off by pressing his lips against hers. Aqua melted into the kiss as Naruto wrapped an arm around her. Finally the kiss broke as Naruto began speaking. ''I want you too Aqua. You're a wonderful person and grown into a beautiful young woman. My romantically awkward cute student.'' he teased as he got up and stretched out his hand.

''Master Naruto?''

''Come on...I know someplace where we can go and talk more about this.''

''Okay,'' Aqua nodded as she took his hand and was hoisted up. ''What about the others?''

''The both of us are consenting adults and it's up to us and quite frankly if Ventus put two and two together then I'm plenty sure Terra and Eraqus-dono knows as well. Now come on Aqua, it's time we go train.''


''Yeah, the Master Exams are in a few days remember. I'll tell you what, if you defeat Terra during the combat portion I'll reward you with something nice okay,'' he said pecking her lips.

A few days later Terra was defeated in one of the most heinous and one-sided fights that would be spoken about for decades to come.


Chapter End


Well I hope you guys enjoy some of these new one-shots I've been working on. My muse isn't giving me the inspiration to update multi-stories, but I'm satisfied with some of these smaller projects and one-shots. Anyway I have plans to make this into a two-shot, possibly with a lemon that might take either just before the events of Birth By Sleep or the possibly aftermath of the series.

I'm not quite sure what one-shot or pairing I want to do next since I've done two KH ones in the row, but feel free to give suggestions.