A Student's Desire


Naruto x Aqua


Author's Note


I'm sorry everyone for some reason documents is being retarded on me making two copies when I save so having the story repeat twice for some reason.


Story Start


''You know if you keep laughing I'm going to leave…" Naruto muttered in response of Aqua's incessant laughing at his condition.

''Ooh...I'm sorry,'' Aqua said as she ran her fingers through her master's white hair. ''So you said a Heartless did this?''

''I rather not talk about it,'' he said with a sigh. ''I rather just enjoy your company. After all this Xenoheart madness I'm glad we finally have a break. That I can finally be with you.''

How long had it been? 13 going on 14 years when both of them were trapped within a prison. Before they both were completely restored and Xenoheart was destroyed once and for all.

''I know...it's just...sometimes I become so afraid. That this isn't all real. And that I'm dreaming again, that I'm still in that dark abyss.''

''Let me show you that this is real. This is no dream.'' He moved his face forward and gave her a kiss. He placed his hands on the side of her head, stroking her beautiful blue hair.

Aqua blissfully closed her eyes as they kissed. Their lips remained pressed together for what seemed like forever before they finally stopped.

"I love you Aqua.''

"I love you too, Naruto," Aqua said with a smile. She pushed him over so that he was lying on his back with her on top of him.

"Aqua?" Naruto said in surprise. Aqua leaned down and gave Naruto another passion-filled kiss. Their tongues danced around each other's mouths as they kissed each other while firmly embraced in each other's arms. After a minute of this, Aqua lifted her head up, her face visibly red.

''I waited so long...I missed you...and I...''

''Are...are you sure? We don't have to we have our whole lives ahead of us.''

''I know...it's just after being away from you for over a decade. I want to live every moment as if it were our last. I want to make love to you Naruto.''

Naruto inhaled a sharp intake of breath. This was so different from the Aqua he knew. This wasn't the girl that got shy or flustered when asked out on dates. Then again, everyone had changed since this whole thing began.

Naruto suddenly sat up, pulling Aqua onto his lap. He placed an arm under her bottom and one around behind her back and lifted her up.

He carried her off down the hall and towards his bedroom.

"So this was your idea...'' Naruto said with a teasing grin. ''What do we do first?"

''Well...well you know. Stop teasing me will you,'' she responded lightly smacking Naruto in the arm.

''Hehehe...sorry,'' he said as his hands moved to the bottom of his shirt as he raised it up and pulled it over his head and tossing it to the side. Next he undid his black leather belt and slide it out from the loops and undid his jeans and slid them down as well as his boxers.

At that time Aqua slid down the spaghetti strings of her black evening gown dress and pulled it down. Her dress was soon lying at her feet, and all that remained were the undergarments, which she slowly began to remove as well. She turned to face Naruto, blushing just as brightly as he was as they looked at each other's naked bodies for the first time.

Aqua looked over Naruto's well developed physique. He wasn't muscular in a built way like Terra, but he had impressive impressive abs and slightly developing pecs. Then again despite his impressive strength and heavy hitter attacks a lot of his fighting styles capitalized on agility and speed. She also found herself staring a bit further down, blushing at the sight of his swelling manhood.

Naruto in turn found himself staring at Aqua, entranced by her beauty. She was highly attractive as well, her form fit and her body shape was very womanly from all the training. True she had a few scars here and there, but when one often engaged in combat as a keyblade wielder it wasn't that much of a surprise. Besides these small cuts her skin could be describe as rather flawless. Her breasts were also plenty round and firm, not too large where they got in the way of combat, but certainly noticeable. Gazing down she also amazing legs attached to very appetizing hips and not to mention a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Naruto was the first to move, he swiftly pulled Aqua to him and gave her an intense, passionate kiss. Aqua kissed back, allowing herself to be pushed onto the bed.

She ran her hands over Naruto's body, feeling her desire built up. Naruto wrapped his arms around Aqua, one hand resting on her hip and the other stroking her back. Despite their nervousness, they both found themselves increasingly passionate. Naruto removed his hand from behind Aqua's back and began caressing Aqua's right breast, causing her to cry out.

''You okay?'' Naruto asked as Aqua nodded.

''Sorry...I'm just a little nervous.''

''Okay...don't worry, I'll be gentle,'' he whispered as Naruto began caressing her breasts.

Aqua moaned as Naruto squeezed, pinched, nipped at her breasts causing her to shutter. He captured one of her nipples with her teeth and pulled it slightly causing her to shutter. His tongue then grazed over the nipple as he switched from breast to breast.

Feeling aroused Aqua reached down and began caressing Naruto's penis causing him to get excited. Aqua gasped as she felt his erection grow in her hand as she caressed it. She felt it twitch in her hand as she continued stroking it as Naruto captured her lips.

''Damn...you're driving me wild,'' he said as he thrust into her hand while gripping the sheets. ''You ready?''

''Y-Yeah,'' she said as she felt Naruto move his hands to her hip. He pressed the tip against her entrance, teasing her lips as they kissed passionately once more. He could feel her arousal seep unto the sheets. Naruto took a deep breath as he slowly pushed inside of her. They both moaned as Aqua's moist walls sucked Naruto in.

Naruto bit the inside of his cheek to keep from jabbing inside his lover. The feeling of Aqua's hot core was driving him wild and sending shivers down his spine. Her fleshy walls gripping at him as it enveloped him.

Aqua inhaled a sharp intake of breath as she grunted. A bit of pain surged through her as Naruto's manhood threatened to split her apart.

Sensing her pain Naruto paused so Aqua could get used to the sensations. He leaned down and kissed her as he tried to get her mind off the pain. Minutes passed as the sensations of pain melted away as Naruto slowly pushed in. Aqua looked up at Naruto and nodded as he pressed the last bit of himself into her.

Naruto then withdrew and thrust back in causing Aqua to arch her back. She began moaning as Naruto slowly began to pick up the speed. His member began stretching her out, the sensation of pleasure and pain filled her with an amazing jolt each time he pushed in. Their moans intensified as well as the sound of slapping flesh as the bread creaked.

Aqua wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist as as one of his hands snaked down and began caressing her rear. Aqua bucked her hips up against him as he thrust into her. "Oh Naruto…" she gasped. Their love making intensified as well as the musk of their sex. Aqua let out squeak when Naruto pried her right leg open and threw it over her shoulder hitting her core at a new angle driving her wild.

"Aqua…" Naruto grunted.

"Naruto…P-Please...Naruto!" she cried out, feeling her sensations build up.

"A-Aqua, I…" Naruto grunted, a tightening sensation tingling his balls as he prepared to climax.

Aqua suddenly arched her back and gave a loud moan, shivering as she had a powerful orgasm. Naruto felt her insides convulse around him, tightening as juices flowed around his manhood. Unable to contain himself anymore, he gave one last thrust and shivered as he released inside of her. Their minds were a blur for several seconds as they lay panting on the bed. Naruto withdrew from her and gave her a kiss, which she happily returned.

''You know...you look good as a white hair pretty boy,'' Aqua whispered, cuddling up against him with a teasing grin.

"First thing tomorrow I'm dying my hair,'' Naruto mumbled as he kissed her forehead. The two lovers then slipped under the sheets as they resolve to live each day like it was there last.