Rainy Night

Author's Note

So, I've had this great idea for a Malex story for awhile, but my conscious and self esteem issues would stop me from working on it. Well, screw that, this shall be done.

Also, you MAY find some tiny things a bit out of character, since I barely watch the show at all.

This is in no way intentional of insulting the actors of Wizards of Waverly Place, writers, director(s), etc. This is purely fictional and meant as only a fun little writing piece.

14+ rating of my own, but an M rating for Fanfiction's rules.

Max's Point of View

It was dark and it was raining. Creepy shadows were coming from the windows and everyone inside of the Russo household was asleep… well, everyone counting just Alex and I. Actually, just Alex since it was just me and her home.

You see, the thing is, I can never sleep at night when it's storming outside. A lightening strike outside woke me up. I wouldn't say I was scared or nothing, I just… well, yeah, I'm scared of thunder storms. Usually I'd get my Mom to cast a sleeping spell on me so I could just sleep through it, but she and Dad went away with my older brother Justin to take him to his new fancy College that he made in or whatever. Oh, yeah, did I mention me and my family are wizards?

Well, we'll get into that in someone else's story. Now I'm sure you wouldn't expect a fourteen year old boy like me to have a baby sitter, right? Well, wrong. I have to spend two days alone with my big sister, Alex.

It's not that I hate Alex, but living with her can be a pain in the ass sometimes. She's so bossy, annoying, irritating… anyway, it's going to suck having her watch over me for two days. There goes my weekend. Why couldn't mom and dad find someone to watch over us? Out of all people, they leave that mischievous Alex in charge. It's probably just because she's older than me at seventeen, but it's still stupid.

Well, enough about me and my problems with Alex. Let me think back to just how I got in this predicament.

It was 5:30, Friday, right after school at the family's sub shop. Mom, Dad and Justin were at the counter while various people were eating their fatty foods. Alex and I were actually sitting together at a booth, by accident I guess, who knows, she just came up in front of me and sat on the other end of the booth, sitting her backpack down next to mine.

"Hey Maxie, how was school?" What, did I just hear her right? She actually asked me how my day was at school. Something's up. She probably got jumped on by Mom or Dad for picking on me all the time and now she's pretending to be nice to me or whatever.

"Why do you care?" I calmly asked, not even looking at her as I look back to see what our parents are talking about with Justin.

"Are you in a bad mood?" I hear Alex say. I just glance at her before looking down at the table. Then I feel Alex's fingers pinch my shoulder as she leaned her arm over the table.

"Ouch! What was that for?" I asked, kind of annoyed with her as my teeth grit a little. Alex just giggles annoyingly as I roll my eyes.

"I'm just trying to be playful with you. You seem kind of annoyed or depressed or something. I mean, all I did was ask how your day was at school and you go total grouch on me."

I look at her very irritated, which seems to get to her in a bad way as she bit her lower lip and looked down at her lap.

"You've never been interested in how I'm doing before," I finally say to her. She just sighs and pats my hand which I unfortunately had on the table.

"I've always been interested in you, little brother. I'm just busy with other things. That's why I'm always picking on you; it's all I have time for and it's so fun." Hearing that surprises me a little as I start to calm down from being irritated while I look at her plainly, although the "picking on me" comment was sort of a piss-off.

"So you're not busy right now?" I ask.

"Not that I know of… oh, but that reminds me. Mom and Dad are going to be gone for the weekend; they're taking Justin to his college place down to California. Guess that means we're going to be spending a lot of time together the next two days."

This catches my attention as my eyebrow actually raises… something that I can never usually do for some weird reason. Guess that it's just my genetics or nerves or whatever. I look over at where Mom and Dad were at with Justin a few minutes ago and I notice the only one still there is Dad, who looks like he's about to close down the shop for the day as people start to leave.

"They are? So, like, just me… and you, two days?" I asked slowly, looking at her cautiously.

"Mhm," she hums with a nod, folding her arms together on the table. I just keep looking down at my arms while I take a moment to think.

"You're not going to be in charge, are you?" I ask with a little bit of a whine. I'm kind of mad that our parents told her what they were doing before me. I guess they were just going to wait until the last second to tell me, like always.

"Oh, you bet," she replies with a smile, sucking up her drink through her straw while I just look around the shop somewhat nervously, while noticing that Alex and I are the only people left in the shop. "This fruit smoothie is really good, want some?"

Before I had a chance to ask her what she did to it, we were both called to the back by our mom. So, we gathered our book bags and headed through the doors to the back, being greeted by our parents and Justin who looked like he was in some funny business outfit.

"Alex, we've already told you this more then enough, so we're just going to explain it to Max," my Dad first said, but then my Mom chimes in while Justin looks at me strangely while Alex just plays around with her fingernails.

"Max, as you may know, Justin here has been accepted into one of the greatest Wizardry Colleges in the United States," she starts while Justin looks proudly of himself. I just roll my eyes as Mom goes on. "Me and your father will be with him there since the Dean needs a weekend to review the students parents and background," she explained.

"So is Alex going to be in charge?" I worriedly ask. Mom and Dad nod their heads while I can see both Alex and Justin grin, while I squint my eyes in anger.

"Alex, you remember everything I've told you, right?" Mom asked. Alex sort of cutely nods. I guess she looked kind of cute nodding. Anyway, Mom kisses each of our foreheads in order of age while Dad just pulls us into a group hug before he zaps himself, Mom and Justin away to California, leaving me and Alex alone.

"Well, I guess we should go home now, not like I have any plans since Harper's away too visiting her sick Uncle in Florida." Whoa, how irrelevant was that? I don't really care about Harper, so I just shrug while I get my book bag up on my shoulder, as does Alex and we leave the locked food shop, heading home together.

The walk home was a pleasant one, I guess. Alex and I didn't really speak another word to each other, but she did giggle when I almost dripped over a stick on the sidewalk. I actually blushed when that happened, just because of her giggle when she put her hand to her mouth. Ugh, why am I thinking of her like this today?

So now we're both inside when Alex speaks up, "I'm going to take a shower and then probably go to bed. School was tiring today and I just don't feel very great." I nod my head while laying my book bag down in the kitchen before making my way to the living room to watch television.

About an hour later, Alex comes downstairs, wearing nothing but two pink towels, one around her body and the other keeping her hair up. Water was dripping down her body and down to her feet. I couldn't help but to stare at her. Gosh, I feel like a loser.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'll get dressed in a moment. I just came down to see how you were doing. I was left in charge after all. Are you hungry? I can cook you something as soon as I get dressed," she sweetly tells me. Being surprised, my eyes cock up while blinking while Alex just chuckles.

"I'm fine… who are you and what have you done with my sister?" I asked, halfway joking considering knowing from past experiences with freaky magic that it could seriously be someone else.

"It's me, silly," Alex told me with a giggle. "We just never hang out a lot for you to see the nicer side of me."

I blink before shrugging my shoulders. I kind of like this nicer side of her. "Oh, by the way, the weather man said we're in for some rain and thunder storms," I say in a sad tone.

Alex seems nonchalant about the weather news as she turns, facing up stairs. "Well, if you don't need anything, I'll go ahead and get dressed now." She turns around and scurries upstairs, while I got a nice view of her backside. Gosh I need to quit thinking of her like that, that's so stupid and weird….

It's around 9:30 and I'm in my room playing a video game. I'm already in my night wear (a pair of boxers and a white tank top) and I haven't seen Alex since she got dressed after her shower. I assume she might have left to go hang out with some boy or something and didn't bother telling me she was leaving.

Anyway, right when I finally get past a difficult part in my game and turn it off after saving, she barges in and I turn around looking at her. She's wearing her adorable looking pink pajamas, matching pink slippers and her hair's down and straightened. My heart sort of beats slowly and it only makes me feel more nervous and stupid.

"What'cha doin'?" she asks me, standing right at the doorway while looking at my direction.

"I just got done playing my game, now I'm pretty tired," I tell her truthfully. We both had to get up really early today so I assume she's tired as well. I'm also not feeling very comfortable with her seeing me in my underwear, but whatever.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to go to bed too. Need me to do anything before I go to bed?" she asks me. I roll my eyes while plopping down on my bed. It's not like I'm a helpless kid.

"No, jeeze I'm fine. Shouldn't you be on a date or something?" I ask a bit annoyed.

"Nope, Mom said no dating while I'm watching you for the weekend."

'This really bites…' I thought to myself. "So you're actually obeying the rules now?" I asked, getting more and more interested in this new personality Alex is showing me.

"Yeah, I'm getting older and if I want to be respected by mom and dad I have to start listening to them," she says to me before turning around and heading out of my room. Then I hear her holler at me as she gets in her room which is right in front of mine. "We'll do something together tomorrow if you want!"

I shrug even though she can't see me as I get comfortable on my bed. I close my eyes and rest my head on my pillow, kicking off my shoes. Right before I doze off, I hear rain drops hit my window. Crap.

Well, back to the present. What had originally awakened me was a loud strike of lightening outside of my room as I explained earlier and I could feel part of the walls shake a little. Now, I hear a second lightening strike, even louder than before which makes me jolt up in my bed. Scared, I quickly hopped out of my bed and headed straight outside of my room.

Now in the hallway, I was staring straight at Alex's closed bedroom door. Out of my fright of the storm and for something to do, I open her door so I can talk to her. It was 3:30 when I checked my clock earlier, but it's not like it'll hurt anything. Heck, maybe it'll take my mind off the thunder storm if I have a conversation with her and I can go back to bed.

So I opened the door somewhat, just cracked it enough so I could see inside. Alex is turned around on her side, her back facing me. Her blankets were ruffled around on the bed and her body was being shown to me. I looked at her cute pink pajamas that she was wearing earlier. Her feet looked kind of pale and cold. I guess it's from where the fan was hitting her.

I'm getting more nervous as I see her sleeping. I scratch the side of my neck while moving slowly to the side of her bed, sitting down on it gently, worried about waking her up. Just then Alex turns around and her head goes directly on my lap, waking her up.

"Ugh…M-Max?" she said slowly, her hair in a frizzled while she rubs her eyes some, her body pulling up from my lap while I bite my lower lip roughly, eyeballing her room out of a nervous fit I was having.

"Uh…s-sorry to bother you Al-ex….but, it's storming out there and I uh,-" she interrupts me. Gosh, where was I going to go with that?

"So you wanted your big sis to make it all better for you?" she tells me, her face brightening up from when she was asleep from earlier. A giggly grin grows on her mouth. I roll my eyes while sitting up, now comfortably on her bed while looking at her, propping my arm on my knee.

"Don't be a smartass; I really thought I could… uh, hang out with you until the storm dies." Yep, there goes all of my pride… sitting in my sister's room, asking her to spend time with me, in my underwear at 3:30 in the morning because I'm scared of thunder.

But, wait, Alex's giggly grin turned into a nice, comforting smile, and now she's putting her arms on my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. She even kissed my cheek before sitting back down, crisscrossing her legs and putting her hands in her lap, looking at me sweetly.

"So what's your problem?," she asks, although she seems like she's still tired, however she doesn't seem to be annoyed with me for waking her up. Maybe I did a good thing here. Alex's attitude is still surprising, but it's good enough to get used to.

"N-Nothing really, I just got woken up by the thunderstorms and I hate being alone during one of those. You know how bad I have a weak spot for them Alex," I said to her, trying to make her feel even more sincere for me by rubbing my arm against hers.

As I expected she wrapped her arm around my shoulders and pulled me tight against her side, which even made me smile and think even worse of myself for the feelings I'm having right now. Then she pulls away for half a second to grab the remote control that's lying on the shelf that's next to her bed and she turns on the television.

"Wanna watch some TV with me? Not like we're getting back to sleep anyways." I look down at my lap in shame before she pecks my cheek again. "Hey, it's cool. Don't worry about it." For some reason, her words made me feel like I had butterflies in my stomach.

So worrying about it I shall not. I tell Alex to stop the TV at Dragon Ball Z Kai on NickToons TV. She used to always hate it when I watched the original show back when I was younger, but she didn't bicker with me this time. She just chuckled and let me watch it with her.

"I remember this show. You used to always love it," she says while making herself comfortable, stretching her legs out on the bed. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her pretty painted toes. Oh gross, I have a foot fetish now too? She turns off the fan (thankfully) and rests her head back against the head bed post.

And then…

"Max, why are you blushing?"

Crap. I'm blushing and I didn't even notice, but she did. What am I supposed to do now? Shit, shit, shit!

"I-I uh…," I begin to say as I sit up away from her for a moment, looking at the door. I can feel her hand on my shoulder as I look back at her. This time I get surprised by her yet again as I see an evil looking smile on her face. It's kind of weird…

"Max… come here," she tells me. Very curious now on what she had planned, I give into her demand and I slowly move up beside of her again. She slowly runs her fingers through my hair while I squint my eyes in annoyance. I hate it when people mess with my hair, but Alex seems to be having fun.

Now Alex's head is moving closer to mine after twirling my curly hair in her index finger for what seemed like five minutes and she didn't even say anything. Slowly her head gets near mine and she starts to whisper in my ear.

"You're so cute." Whoa! And now her lips… oh my gosh, they're almost press- wow, she's kissing me… Alex is actually kissing me, my big sister is kissing me! I'm so nervous. My eyes are wide open and my body is just staying still.

Alex pulls her mouth away from mine, a giddy smile on her face.

"You wanted me to help you feel better, right?" she asked me. My lower lip wobbles around, and I can't really think of much to say.

"Uh… y-ye-… I don't know," I say after taking a nervous gulp of my saliva. Alex chuckles a bit while sliding up even closer to me. Oh gosh this is nerve racking.

"Mom and Dad left me in charge of you… I can't have a thunderstorm ruining your night," she said in what seemed kind of seductive to me. My breathing grows heavier as he tries to press her lips against mine again, but I quickly back up.

"I, um, but I was fine with just watching carto-" but I quit talking in the middle of what I was saying as I feel her hand on my thigh.

"From the looks of it you were just fine with something else." Now both of my lips are wobbling as I nervously search for something to say as I stare directly into her eyes. I feel like I really want to just fuck Alex's brains out, but again I feel like this is so sick and twisted and I just want the night to be over already.

Now I feel her hand move up from my thigh, right between my legs now. Her hand's…. on my crotch. Oh gosh, my cheeks are probably so red right now. Alex keeps looking at me directly with an intrigued, seductive stare as she pulls my boxers down to my ankles, and off of my feet. My erect cock has sprung up to full view, and it feels… great, actually.

Without saying anything, Alex moved her head up to my cock. She eyeballs it for what seemed to be like thirty seconds, before grabbing the bottom of it. She looked at me intensely as her hand stroked my throbbing member slowly. It was like she was telling me, "Look at what your big sister is doing to you. I know you like it." And yes, I do like it.

Now Alex's mouth lowers down on the head of my member. My body twitches a little bit. I'm really nervous, I've never had a blowjob before, let alone actual sex, which I guess that's where this is going to… and with Alex, it just makes me feel awkward and completely thrilled at the same time.

I can feel her wet mouth around my cock head, her silky black hair falling down around my private area as she bobs her head up and down my shaft a few times. I grip onto her bed sheets tightly as a moan or two escapes my lips. My eyes are shut tight as my teeth grit against each other. Fuck, this is great!

I hear some slurping sounds as Alex's tongue licks up my cock. Her mouth is still latched onto it tightly and I can feel her sucking on it lightly. A few seconds later and I feel her starting to suck harder, causing me to grunt and make a whining sound which was a little louder then I had wanted.

Alex released my cock from her mouth and giggled. "Having fun there, Max?"

I'm too nervous to say anything but look down at my saliva coated dick. Alex laughs somewhat, causing me to look up at her, and now she's looking at me while placing herself up on her knees.

"Do you want me to take it further?" she asks me. Without thinking I nod quickly, probably because I'm too afraid to no and another reason because… well, I really want her. "Okay then," she replies to my nod.

Alex then starts to unbutton her pajama top. I watch her and the Dragon Ball Z Kai episode going off behind her, but then my attention completely goes to her as I see her bare breasts exposed to me after she pushes her top together, and then opens them quickly. It sort of looked like one of those hooker's dances, but Alex was obviously making fun of them. Apparently I'm making a goofy expression because Alex looks between laughing and flattered.

Her top drops behind her as she pushes it off the bed. Next she stands up on the bed somewhat to pull down her bottoms, along with her panties. My eyes immediately lock onto the small patch of brown pubic hair between her legs, but it looks like she also shaved some of it.

"Well, what do you think?" Alex asks me as she gets off of the bed, standing up on the floor so I can look at her in all of her nude glory. She spins around and flicks her hair around. I can't help but to stroke myself as I watch her, which causes her to bust out in a giggle fit. "You're so adorable, Maxie."

So now she climbs back onto the bed, one knee on one side of me and the other one on the other side. She grabs the bottom of my tank top and lifts it up as I raise my arms in assistance. Apparently she likes my somewhat toned body since her face turned wide eyed and surprised.

"Oh, wow Max!" she says with glee. "I didn't realize how hot you were, little brother." Oh yeah, she couldn't have said that when she saw my dick?

"S-So… Alex," I start to say to her, slowly and cautiously. "… Are… Are we going to… um, fuck?" I asked, sort of embarrassed by my question. Alex started laughing again before pressing her mouth against mine.

The kiss lasted for about two minutes. During the kiss, her tongue slipped in my mouth and I wrestled it with my own. It felt incredible.

"You said you wanted to go further. I assumed you knew I was talking about sex," she tells me as she positions her cunt right above my dick. Slowly she sinks down onto me as the tip of my cock goes into her. I gasp a little as she slides all the way down, her knees bending beside of my thighs and her hands pressed on my chest. Gosh, I love staring at her tits.

"Oh Max... you feel so nice, babe!" she says as her body rocked back and forth on my member. I wasn't a genius, but I could certainly tell my loving big sister was no fucking virgin.

So I just lay down on my back, my breaths getting heavy as my big sister rocks back and forth on my cock. When my eyes aren't closed from trying to keep my load inside, I'm looking at her breasts. Alex catches me staring at them and fondles them around, saying to me, "Oh Max, look at my juicy fucking tits," all the while riding on my cock.

Eventually she lays her front on mine, kissing me as she still slides up and down on my almost spent cock. Slowly she whispers to me, "If you cum in me, we're screwed." Cum? What does she mean by cum? Oh well. My cock starts to feel ready to blow now as it tightens up inside of her cunt. My arms wrap around her back as I hold her still. For some reason I hear her whimper.

Suddenly I feel an extraordinary feeling as my dick spurts jizz inside of her. Alex and I both moan as she presumably climaxes along with me.

A few minutes later after Alex was resting on my body, she raises her torso up and kisses me quickly before sitting at the edge of the bed, gathering her clothes. "I told you not to cum in me," I hear her say.

I sit up and look at her funny. "What do you mean?" I asked. She turned her head to face me. Luckily she hasn't gotten to put her top back on yet so I get to see her luscious breasts once more.

"Max, by cum I meant the white stuff that comes out of your cock whenever you… er, have an orgasm." Nice choice of words, si- Oh, crap. Now I realize what I've just done!

"Shit Alex! I... I'm so sorry! I didn't me-" but she interrupts me with another kiss. I see her put her top back on while sliding back on the bed next to me, sliding her legs under the blankets and turning off the television. Aw.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure there's a spell or something to fix our little mishap," she says to me. "Well, I don't hear any thunder anymore. The storm is probably over now. You can sleep in here with me for the rest of the night if you want." I look at the clock, and it's 4:30. Since I fucked her, I might as well spend the night.

"Sure." And so, I grab my boxers and pull them up over my legs. I try to put my tank top on, but Alex stops me.

"Um, no, I think you should leave this off," she says to me with a slight giggle which causes me to blush. But then a bright idea came into my mind.

"If I have to sleep topless, so do you." Alex makes an annoyed facial expression.

"Ugh, fine, you little shit," she says as she unbuttons her pajama top once again to take it off. She gives her breasts a slight jiggle before saying, "Happy now?"

"You bet!" And so we rest our heads on our individual pillows, looking into each other's eyes lovingly before falling asleep.