Chapter 6

I blinked, about to faint form happiness from what my sister had just said to me. "You really mean that, Alex? I mean, I'm… we're-" but before I could answer, she leaned forward and pressed her loving lips against mine. I blinked, for a moment not knowing how to react with all of these people around, not to mention our parents sitting at the bottom row, but suddenly I didn't care as I find my arm wrapping around her shoulder, turning my head as I kiss her back, catching her lip with mine. My tongue pushed past her lips, her mouth opened welcomingly as my tongue flickered all around the insides of her mouth. Her hand ran against my arm as we kissed; tears almost welling up in her eyes from what it seemed; and mine too, just from this idyllic, blissful moment we were having together. Eventually we stop making out just to catch our breath, when Alex looks at me as if she has something to say.

"Let's get out of here," she softly says to me. My eyes blink and my cock goes hard just from imagining what she wants to do, but I know we can't just leave.

"What do you mean, Alex? Mom and dad would freak if they found out we dit-" but I was cut off again by her finger pressing against my mouth. My eyes gazed into her loving ones.

"Magic, duh," she says with a cute giggle, pulling her wand out before quietly saying some sort of spell. Soon we were transported back home, right at her room where we made love back that night on Friday. "I left two duplicates there of us in case anyone is wondering," she revealed to me. I suddenly felt a rush of relief, but also started to worry about how well the duplicates will be able to keep people from realizing what they are.

"Are you sure nobody is going to find out?" I ask her, moving my hands to her arm and to the side of her head, caressing her softly as I move my head sideways, pushing my mouth down against hers. She moaned sweetly against my lips before grinning widely at me afterwards.

"Mm, yeah baby, don't worry about it; just get on the bed," she told me, shoving me down on her bed with relative ease. If I had known she was going to do that, I totally wouldn't have fallen…. She grabbed the hem of her t-shirt as she pulled it over her head, revealing her black bra, before sliding her hands behind her back to unclip it, letting it fall to the floor whilst I just stared in awe, causing her to proudly smirk. Next she easily slipped her feet out of her shoes, kicking them away before pushing her skirt down to her ankles, stepping out of it while slipping her thumbs through the elastic of her panties, pulling them down before stepping out of them. Next thing she did was jump on top of me, causing the bed to squeak with me smiling uncontrollably at my nude girlfriend-older sister. "Make love to me, Max," she cooed, pushing her mouth against mine.

I moan against her mouth as she forces her tongue past my lips, slamming it against my own tongue while her hand slithered down past my stomach, towards my crotch as she squeezed it a bit less then gentle, causing me to squint my eyes shut and whimper into her mouth, earning her to moan back at me while our tongues flickered against each other. I could feel her hand maneuver itself to unbutton my jeans, zipping them down before breaking our kiss to move herself down to my wait, grabbing the waistline of the jeans and pulling them down off of my feet. Next she propped herself up on top of my legs, yanking down my boxers as my erect cock sprung out. I managed to pull off my t-shirt in the midst of my sister's actions as I threw it to the ground, and the next thing I felt when I looked back at my sister was a wet wave of pleasure over my dick.

"Mm…," she moaned against my cock, her tongue swirling around the underbelly madly. She started bobbing her head up and down on it rapidly as I quickly gripped the bed sheets, not knowing if I could withstand the pleasure she was giving me. Suddenly however, I hear the door bash open and I feel Alex's mouth quickly release from my throbbing wet member. She screams and I feel her move off of me before I open my eyes to find… Justin?

"What… the fuck do you freaks think you're doing!" He screamed maniacally. Suddenly panic rushed all through me as I could see Justin had a razorblade in one hand and his wand in the other. What the fuck is wrong with him? I watch as Alex quickly gathers her clothes, huffing and sounding like she was desperately terrified at the sight of our elder sibling with a knife in his hand, while looking as angry as he did probably did it for her too. "Both of you sluts get your fucking clothes on!" he shouted. "Do it now!"

I quickly move off of the bed, pulling my boxers up as well as pulling my jeans back on before looking angrily at Justin. I couldn't believe that he was acting like this. What sort of thing happened to him to make him change so much? I look back to see Alex nearly finished getting her clothes back on before I pay my attention back to Justin, who's walking slowly towards me. "What the fuck is your problem, asshole?" I shout, glaring at him with such an angered and infuriated look. Doing that however caused Justin to quickly jolt towards me, kneeing my gut before I even realized what was going on.

"Max!" I hear Alex shout as I hold my stomach in pain, falling over to the floor. From the corner of my eye I can see Alex pull her want out and point it towards Justin.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Justin?" she screams at him, eyes welled up in tears. Justin crazily leans his head down and chuckles, folding his arms.

"You see Alex," he said, maneuvering the wand to point at Alex in his crossed arms. "Sometimes people mean a great deal to me, and if they manage to hurt me in a certain way…I can just… go ballistic," he said, his slimy grin now changed into a face of pure hatred. Before Alex could retort in anyway, Justin quickly chanted a spell that broke all of our wands in two, including his own. Shit, at least It's almost a fair fight now….

"Run Alex!" I shout, quickly tackling my crazed older brother to the floor.

"No! Max…no!" she screamed, her voice trembling as I could hear her sob.

"Run damn it!" I angrily curse at her, trying to keep Justin still which made her uncharacteristically jolt over the bed and through the door. Luckily for her I was able to keep the more powerful Justin from grabbing her by the ankle. He was grunting at me and shouting various curse words while I moved my hand to his wrist, managing to pin it down along with the other one, although he still had the blade in one hand.

"Get off of me you fucking bastard!" my older brother screamed, kneeing me between the legs, causing me to double over in pain and release my hold from him, falling to my side beside of him. Justin quickly moved, exchanging our positions as he grabbed a hold of my wrists, looking at me like a crazed lion about to eat its prey.

"Why-" I tried to say, but his hand caught me by the throat, choking me.

"Why?" he shouted, mocking me for asking. "I know what you two whores did!" Oh shit, how does he know? He raised his blade up in the air as if he were going to stab me, but before anything else could happen, Alex bursts back into the room and quickly whacks Justin behind the head with one of mom's statues from the hallway, knocking him off of me and onto his back next to me. Alex quickly took my hand and helped me up, where then I quickly kissed her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, looking back at our fallen brother.

"W-Why…," Alex sobbed, laying her head against my shoulder. I tried to hold back my tears as I pulled her close, kissing the top of her head as she cried against me.

"Shh, shh…," I tell her, trying to calm her down. I sigh as I have to tell her the bizarre reason why Justin went berserk the way he did. "Alex… Justin, he… he somehow found out what we were doing, I don't know how but he did… he told me right before you hit him," I inform her. She looks up at me, hurt, before I press my lips against her forehead.

"H-how could he have known?" she said, whimpering as she completely broke down in my arms from the events that just happened. I could only kiss her head and tell her everything was going to get better.

And so, it's now weeks after the events that had taken place that Sunday. Alex and I had to call 911 and get an ambulance for Justin, who turned out to have lived through Alex's self defense attack, even though it was to save me. The reason behind his attack was revealed that he was jealous of me, and had been in love with his little sister for years. He now no longer possesses magic, was kicked out of his college and is in a mental health clinic.

When our parents realized that Alex and mine's duplicates were fakes while eating at a restaurant before coming home from the movie, they rushed their selves and our clones around the neighborhood before coming home. Justin had already been taken away by the ambulance, and the police were here investigating so they talked to our parents about what had happened.

Eventually Alex and I had to come clean about what we've been doing behind our parent's backs. They didn't seem too thrilled of course, but after some convincing from Alex and I, they decided it was okay for us to date (as long as we took major, major precautions about pregnancy, STD's, and keeping it hidden from anyone else.

So now here I am. 9:00 PM on a Friday, sitting down on a bench at the town park beside Alex, snuggled up together. We smiled together as we realize that our love accomplished those weird turn of events that had occurred those weeks ago. I press my lips to hers, and she smiles against my mouth as she kissed me back. A lighting strike came down up in the sky as rain poured down on us, but I didn't care anymore.

The love of my life, my sister, my Alex, has cured my hatred of rain.

The End.

Author's Note

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