Chapter 11: Homecoming

A/N: Greetings, people of Earth! I have returned from the void of Writer's Block and risen to take my rightful place as the author of Calvin's Quest! Actually, I really did have writer's block this time and couldn't think of what to do. This chapter I will make a reference to another story; I do not plan to make this a crossover, but I thought it was a pretty cool reference. I will also be trying something different this time, something you guys will hopefully enjoy and that will allow me to relax and take some pressure off.

Calvin and Hobbes stepped off the carpet and onto the ledge which held the time machine. They looked back once more at the floating rug.

"Yep," said Calvin. "We will definitely be abusing the heck out of that argument."

The two climbed into the box; Calvin carefully carried the Luck Pillar so as not to let it fall into place on the floor. That would have been bad. Once they were inside, he took a plastic bag and placed the pillar into it.

...where did he get that plastic bag, anyway?

"Alright," said Calvin, typing coordinates into the box. "We're finally heading home...for real this time."

He finished typing the coordinates and jammed the big starter button. The box lifted into the air and shot forwards. With a blast of light, the two were back in time-space.

The ride back was mercifully uneventful. On the way back to what we consider the present, the box passed a few very confused looking dinosaurs, a dead guy who might've been Jimmy Hoffa, and what appeared to be a man standing on a small rock with a black Kindle-type device in his hand and waving a towel at them.

"Freaking hitchhikers," muttered Calvin.

Finally Calvin spotted something. It was a light on the wall of the timestream, distant but coming up fast.

"That's our exit!" he exclaimed. He held onto the side of the box. Hobbes held onto Calvin. The box headed off to the side and crashed into the light; there was a blast of pure energy that seemed to encompass everything...

...and they were back in Calvin's room.

Calvin and Hobbes cautiously climbed out. The clock on the wall showed that no time had passed since they left. It was as if the adventure had never happened.

But it had happened. The four pillars proved that. And there were three more out there to find.

Calvin didn't waste any time. He quickly ran over and turned on his laptop. "No time to waste," he said. "We need to find the other pillars' temporal coordinates quickly. I've got software that can lock onto the pillars' energy signature and search the world for traces of that energy. Then we can go back to the time it was strongest. Any questions?"

"Yes," said Hobbes. "Why do we have to hurry? If we use the time machine to hunt the pillars, we could wait here as long as we want and arrive at the pillars at the same time regardless."

There was an awkward pause.

Three hours later, after having a snack, fighting over what to watch on TV, reading a few comic books, having a second snack, and playing some video games, the two were finally in the mood for some serious work.

Calvin opened up his laptop and used a strange object that looked like an iPad covered with buttons to scan in the energy from the Luck Pillar. Then he told his scan program to scan for this energy around the world and determine the point in history at which it would have been strongest.

And he's six years old. Yeah.

For a while Calvin and Hobbes simply sat around and read some more comics. Then after a while the program on the laptop made a small ping. Calvin instantly dropped his Captain Napalm comic and ran to the screen, now filled by a map of the earth with seven blinking lights.

"Well?" asked Hobbes. "What does the computer say about the other pillars?"

Calvin examined the map. "Well, the strongest source of the energy is here in the house," said Calvin. "But that's coming from the present day, so it's just the pillars we have here. One source is floating just above the earth; that's the one we found in space."

"Wait," interrupted Hobbes. "But we found that one in the future. How is the scanner picking it up in the present?"

Calvin paused. "Hobbes, if you keep interrupting we'll never get anywhere," he snapped.

In case you're wondering, I don't know either.

"Anyway," said Calvin, turning back to the computer, "one of them is coming from above the house; that's where we normally take the box into time-space. That must be the Plastic Pillar. There's one in Egypt; that's the Rubber Pillar from Giza. There's one coming from the Middle East; that must be the Luck Pillar, which we just got. And the others on here are..."

Calvin's eyes widened. "Hobbes," he said quietly, "we have some work to do."

A/N: Yeah, I did another cliffie. But THIS time I actually had a good reason for it. In the original concept I came up with years ago, on the way back home after the genie incident, Calvin and Hobbes were supposed to land in an alternate dimension full of teeth to find the fifth pillar and then get stuck inside Mt. Saint Helens in the present day for the sixth. These ideas are both stupid and I have decided to replace them. With what, you may ask?

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