Warning: Threesome action. Not Wincest!

Dean poured the last little bit of whiskey in his glass and tossed the bottle in the trash. "Damn it. we're out!" he cursed. It had been a long day on the road for him, Sam, and his special friend Mandy. Sam had assumed that Mandy and Dean were a couple when they showed up at his door at Stanford six months ago but boy was he wrong. They were bed buddies. Dean and Mandy had a special relationship and they liked it that way.

Mandy was leaning against the headboard of her and Dean's bed flipping through the channels. She was clearly drunk after taking at least seven shots and Sam wasn't far behind her. "I hate this fucking town. There is nothing to do but sit here all night."

Dean smirked and walked over to her and put his hand between her legs. Mandy bit her lip as he began to rub her crotch causing Mandy to bit on her bottom lip. "Maybe we should make our own fun." He said before his lips crashed into her. Sam watched the two out of the corner of his eye. How Dean was able to get a girl like Mandy Carrington.

Dean pulled away from her and smiled. "I need to go out for a bit."

"Are you going to be out long?" she asked, he lips still swollen from the kiss.

"Not too long. I think you can find something to do." He winked. He grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.

Mandy looked over at Sam who's eye were glued to the TV even though nothing was on but a documentary on our founding father. This boy really needed to loosen up. "I think I need a shower." Mandy said. She walked passed Sam and into the bathroom.

Sam was sitting with his back to the headboard when Mandy walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. He looked up and watched as she slowly walked over to her bed and sat next to him. He swallowed hard at the sight of her. God she was hot as hell. "I-I thought you were getting a shower?" he asked her.

"I just said that." She smiled. "I think I would rather have some fun with you. You seem….tense." she said. "I think I can fix that."

Before Sam could wrap his mind around what was going on, he felt his jeans unzip and being yanked off. Mandy pulled out his hard cock from his boxers and smiled. "Someone looks like they need a little attention tonight." She said licking her lips at his size. Mandy began to stroke him slowly. "Mmm, I have been thinking about this for months." She watched Sam lean his head back in pleasure. He was going to enjoy this as much as she was.

Mandy leaned over and took his hard shaft into her mouth. "Oh God!" Sam moaned as she began to bob her head up and down. He knew this was wrong but at the point he didn't care. He needed a release and she was willing to give it to him.

Mandy continued sucking him to the best of her ability and she showed no sign of stopping. Sam ran his fingers though her hair as he watched her take him deeper and deeper into her mouth. "Mandy!" he moaned as threw his head back as she moaned around him.

They were both so lost in the moment that neither of them heard the door open and close. Dean stood there and watched as his somewhat girlfriend sucked off his brother. Surprisingly he was turned on by it. His eyes gazed over her perfect body and landed on her ass and he wanted it. He felt his cock stiffen instantly. "Fuck" he whispered but that was enough for Sam's eyes to snap open and look toward the door.

He pulled Mandy off of him and grabbed the pillow to cover himself, "D-Dean. We thought you went out."

"I changed my mind. Please…don't stop on my account." He winked at Mandy.

"I knew you would be ok with it, baby." Mandy said and turned her attention back to Sam, "Where were we?" she asked.

Sam looked over at Dean, "Are you sure, man?"

"You need to enjoy yourself. Maybe you won't be such a stick in the mud."

Sam was so drunk he didn't think twice. He grabbed the back of Mandy's head and forced her back down on his cock and she nearly gagged when he thrust into her mouth, "That's my boy." Dean said.

Sam felt sweat building on his body and ripped his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. He was close. Dean sat over on the sofa with his tenth beer in his hands as he watched Mandy move up and down. He knew what Sam was feeling all too well. The girl had skills and she wasn't afraid to use them.

Just when Sam thought Mandy was going to let him cum down her throat, she pulled away and smiled up at him. "Not yet, Sammy. I have a rule. You don't cum until I do. Fare is fare after all." She said and straddled his lap. Sam was a little surprised. This may be going a little too far. He was about to have sex with her and Dean seemed to be letting them. "Do you want me, Sam?" Mandy asked as she rubbed her wet pussy against him. "Tell me you want it and you can have it." She said.

"I-I-I want it. God I want it." He said holding onto her hips. "But we c-cant." He moaned.

"Who says we can't?" she asked and licked his lips.

Mandy looked over at Dean, "What do you say, baby? Should I fuck your brother?" she asked.

Dean got up off the sofa and stumbled over to them. Sam just knew he was about to get his drunken ass kicked for letting it get this far but what Dean said surprised him. "As long as I get to join in." she smiled at Mandy.

"I was hoping you would say that." Mandy said and pulled Dean down to her lips.

As the two were making out as Dean undressed quickly, Sam moved his cock over Mandy's slick center. He wanted to be inside her so bad it was hurting.

Once Dean was fully undressed, he climbed on the bed behind Mandy. She looked down at Sam and slowly moved in and kissed him. Dean let his index finger drift down over her back and down to her tight hole. He brushed against her and he heard her breath hitch. "Relax, Baby. Don't fight it. Just let it in." Dean said in a husky voice.

With her lips still on Sam's, Dean pushed just the tip of his finger in and paused. He wanted to let her get used to it first. Once he felt her relax, he pushed in a little more. Mandy gasp but Sam tried to draw her attention to him so he moved against her even more.

Mandy moaned at the pressure and yet pleasure of the invasion. She relaxed more and let the sensation wash over her. "Does it hurt, Mandy?" Dean asked her.

She pulled away from Sam's lip and looked over her shoulder. "N-No." she said.

"Sit on him, baby. I want you to cum first." Dean said and looked at Sam, "Fuck her good."

With that said Sam held his cock up and let Mandy slowly sink down on him. They both moaned in pleasure.

Dean shifted behind her and pushed his finger in deeper as Mandy began to move against Sam. She was so tight around his finger that Dean was finding it hard to wait but it wanted to make sure there was little pain for her.

When Mandy started to push back on Dean's finger he smiled, "I think she likes it." He said.

"Y-Yes." She moaned and began to rock faster on Sam' cock. "I-I want you both inside me."

"Oh God!" Sam moaned as he gripped her hips and moved her back and forth faster.

Dean pushed in a little quicker and all the way to his knuckle. He twisted it and felt her pulse around it. "I can't wait to fuck you." Dean said.

As he moved his finger in and out, Sam thrust up into her harder and harder, "So…So close. Please." Mandy begged and seconds later she came moaning their names over and over. "Oh fuck!" Dean took advantage of her orgasm. He withdrew his finger and replaced it slowly with two. He bit his lip at the tightness of her and began to stroked himself. She was ready.

Unable to wait any longer he held himself and pressed the thick tip of his cock to the tight muscle, "Relax, Mandy. Hold her still. Sam." he said and Sam held her hips as Dean shifted forward. He pressed just the head of his cock inside her and waited for her to adjust. "Push back." He said and Mandy did what he asked. When she did that she moved against Sam's hard cock and it replaced with pain with more pleasure.

"Oh shit!" she moaned. Dean finally pushed all the way inside and began to move slowly in and out and she was thankful for that.

After several minutes of slow movement, they all finally found a rhythm. Mandy rocked on Sam while she pushed back on Dean. "Oh fuck…..Oh Dean…Sam!" Mandy screamed.

"Mandy….so fucking tight." Dean moaned.

Moans filled the room and they were all close to orgasm. They all began to move a little faster until they hit their peek and crossed over into pure bliss.

Once they all came down from their high, it didn't take long for them to all pass out on Sam's bed.


The next morning, Sam was the first to wake up. He looked over and saw Mandy curled up next to Dean. He rubbed his head and threw back the covers, he was still naked. "Oh God." He whispered. Last night wasn't a dream. He had really just had a threesome with Dean and his friend slash girlfriend. He got out of bed, grabbed his clothes, and headed into the bathroom and got dressed.

Later on Dean was outside packing the car and Sam thought it was the best time to talk about what had gone on. "Hey Dean. Can we talk?" Sam said and walked over to Dean with his hands in his pockets.

"What's up?"

Sam scratched the back of his head, "Listen man, about last night. Look. I didn't mean…I mean I didn't plan…."

Dean smiled, "Its cool, man. Don't worry about it. I think we were all a little drunk. Plus, what Mandy wants Mandy gets."

"Yeah I see that. I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok."

"It's great. Maybe you will be able to relax a little now." Dean winked, "Why don't you go tell Mandy to hurry up so we can get the hell out of here."

"Yeah…ok." Sam said and turned around to head back into the room.

Mandy as inside putting all out her clothes back into the duffle when Sam walked in, "Hey." He said.

"Hey you. Are we ready to go?" she asked.

"Almost. So are we...you know…ok?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't we be ok, Sam?"

"Well after everything that went on in here last night I thought things might be little weird."

"Everything is fine. I had a great time." Mandy winked again.

Sam had a smiled on his face and said, "Good. I just don't want thing to be weird."

"It's not. We all needed a night of fun." She smiled, "Now come on before Dean leaves without us." She laughed and walked out the door.

Just like always Mandy was sitting in the back looking out the window. She would never admit it but last night was a little much for her. It didn't go the way she had planned at all. Her plan was to get Dean to stop them and tell her he was ready to be a one woman man but that is not the way it went. This just proved that no matter what she did Dean would never want her.

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