Fanfic readers of the world, I have a little message. I'm writing a Fiyeraba! Yay! I know you usually see me writing Romys...Or just plain X-men. (Mainly Romys) But I've decided to spread my mind. Spread my thoughts. Spread my tiny writing talent. But, this is a bit different from your normal Wicked Witch 3 Winkie Prince, fighting the Wizard of Oz, and such. (Add a splash of Glinda the Good somewhere in that equation. This, I got from a song. The Curse from an old movie I doubt many of you have even heard. It's called Rigoletto. I know the kids at my school haven't. So...I give you the first chapter to my fanfic.


P.S. I have NO IDEA how I got this idea from Rigoletto. Maybe you guys can tell me. ;)


-Elphaba's Life-

Elphaba watched the fires go on outside her bedroom window. Her ebony black hair fell around her face as she watched her father's soldiers march out against the Vinkun army. "Elphaba! Elphaba, where are you?" his father shouted, causing her to glare at the floor as she stood.

"In the tower, father."

Her father, Frex, entered the room and looked at her. Her black dress that covered almost every inch of her vile green skin. "Where is your sister? You're suppose to watch over her while I'm gone. How can I trust you when I don't-"

"She's downstairs with the servants." Elphaba said crossly, causing Frex to narrow his eyes.

"Maybe I should put them in charge of helping her, hm? Lock you back up in here? Until I get back or after that? How would you like that?" he asked while making her shudder.

Elphaba stayed quiet as he circled her, seeing if she was worthy of taking care of his more favored daughter. "Keep her alive. Those filthy Vinkuns would do anything to a delicate rose like Nessa if she were in their hands." he spat angrily before leaving the room.

Elphaba bit her lip, an old habit she had never out grown, before sitting back down on the window seal and watching her father ride out with the rest of the soldiers. "ELPHABA!" a voice shouted from below.

Sighing, the elder of the princesses went down to fullfill her duties of taking care of Nessarose.

-Fiyero's Life-

Fiyero continued to make out with his girlfriend, Glinda, as his parents planned against Munchkinland. "Fi-YERO!" his mother shouted as she entered the room.

Fiyero and Glinda broke away as his mother, Analia, crossed her arms and watched the two. "We're in the midle of war and you two are just sitting on a couch and making out?" she demanded, mainly towards Fiyero.

That didn't stop Glinda from giggling as she said, "It's with Munchkin land, Mrs. Tiggular. Nothing to worry about. But alright. I'll go so I don't keep your son...occupied. Bye, FiFi."

She then stood and left, Fiyero watching her like a starving animal before looking at his mom. "What?" he asked innocently when he saw her face.

"Fiyero, she's your girlfriend. Show some respect." she said before frowning when he rolled his eyes, "Now, will you please help your father and I plan. He won't listen to my strategies, only yours. Now come on."

Fiyero groaned before standing and walking into the next room with her. Surrounding his father were his three captains and generals and some lower rank soldiers. "We'll attack from left position and then-" Fiyero's father's voice stopped when he saw his son. "Fiyero, boy! Good to finally see you."

He walked over and pulled Fiyero into a tight hug. Fiyero knew what that hug meant. Don't say anything and Glinda can come back. "See, Fiyero, we have plans to evade Frex and his pathetic army, but we want Frex to pay for attacking."

"So how do you plan to do that?" Fiyero asked, only half listening as he looked down at the map and the papers written in Arjikin.

"The princesses of course." his father said, only half upset from the question.

"See, Fiyero. You're father plans to use Frex's daughters to make him do whatever your father wants. But Alaric doesn't see the trouble with that plan. Alaric, if you go through with this you'll only anger-"

"What? A bunch of tiny little brats? They don't even come up to Fiyero's shoulder, Analia. And he's seventeen! If they can't do that then what could they possibly do to us?"

Analia scowled before looking at her son. "Your father wishes to hold the girls captive for a mighty fine ransom, Fiyero. But there's one problem. We don't know anything about them. Not their names, not what they look like. Not a thing. We need you to go to the castle and find them. For the Vinkus."

" would I know what they look like?" Fiyero asked in slight confusion while finally looking at his parents.

"You went to school with the youngest of the daughters. Nessarose Thropp. All you have to do is pluck her out of her little wheelchair and grab her slightly older sister. They can't be that muc of a fuss. After all they are Munchkinlanders." Alaric said, scoffing softly.

Fiyero bit the inside of his cheek as he remembered Nessarose. He didn't know her well. Not at all. But he remembered her muddy brown hair, her ale skin from always being inside, and her scornful brown eyes. Nessarose was pushy, a major religous freak, slightly intimidating, and could make anyone pity her. But above all else there was one thing that stood out. She was as demanding as Hell.

"So basically you want me, The Swankified Prince of the Vinkus, to kidnap a couple of hot chics?" he asked, already imaging what he could do.

"Whoa, hold it, Romeo." Analia said, placing a hand on her son's shoulder. "There are a couple of rules."

As she said this Alaric pulled out a long list that skimmed the floor when he unfolded it. "You are not allowed to do any of this when in Munchkinland." he said while handing the list to Fiyero.

Fiyero raised an eyebrow before looking over the list, basically skimming. Until his eyes landed on the last one. No falling in love! "'No falling in love'? I sincerely doubt I will." Fiyero said, folding up the letter.

"Maybe. But people say that Nessa exceeds her sister in beauty. Just don't do anything stupid, alright Fiyero?" Analia asked, looking down at him.

Fiyero nodded as he folded up the list and pocketed it. "Alright. I'll be sure to follow the last rule."

But in his mind he though, Falling in love! Yeah right.