Fiyero finished sadling up the horse he and Elphaba were left with and watched her out of the corner of his eye, making sure she wouldn't try to run off. "Prince Tiggular, I assure you I won't be running off." she said, her back to him as she pulled her hair into a braid and turned to him.

"You know, most ladies just call me Fiyero." he said with that same old charming smile before she walked over to the horse. The look she gave him showed that that wasn't going to be the case between the two of them. He sighed before shaking his head, looking at her as he asked, "Need a lift, princess?"

She ignored him and slipped her foot into the stirrup before lifting herself up silently. Fiyero was surprised to say the least. He sighed before moving to get on behind her when she dug her heels into the horse's sides and took off into the woods, making him clutch onto the saddle for dear life. "ELPHABA!" he shouted as she smirked and dug her heels into the horse's sides, making it speed up. Fiyero looked down at the horse's legs and how they soon become a blur and inwardly cursed the green woman. He looked up at her and tried to move up slightly, only slipping further down as Elphaba manuevered around trees. Fiyero grimaced when he felt the branches cut his back and side before he looked up at her and grabbed her wrist.

Elphaba looked down at him in surprise, trying to free her wrist as she avoided branches and trees. "Let go, Prince Tiggular." she said, venom in her voice. If anything, the prince only tightened his grasp before reaching up to grab the reigns with his other hand, grunting in pain when his leg was rammed inbetween a tree and the horse.

"Enough of this, Princess!" he shouted, pulling on the reigns. The horse reared and kicked its front legs as Elphaba and Fiyero fell off of the beast. Before they could get much farther Fiyero jerked her close to instinctively protect her. Her face was pressed against his chest as the two rammed into a tree and Fiyero held her there, waiting for his horse to calm down. When the horse, better known as Nor, stopped rearing and went to grazing he breathed a sigh of relief and let Elphaba go. Judging by her next moves, he guessed she wasn't happy. Elphaba scrampled to her feet and sent him a glare that'd scare the Wizard himself before she kicked his gut. Fiyero grunted and moved to sit up. "You shouldn't be mad at me. I'm not the one who ticked Nor off over there."

"I had everything under control. If you hadn't been hanging on like some pelt that wouldn't have happened." she snapped before turning away from him, her hair free from that stupid braid and in massive tangles around her face.

"So it's my fault?" Fiyero asked, looking at her in disbelief.

"There's no other imbecilic prince in sight is there?" she asked, turning to him and placing her hands on her hips. Her brown eyes were a light with an angry fire as her lips formed a scowl. He glared at her and moved to stand.

"Excuse me, Princess, but I'm not the one who tried to take off on an unknown animal!"

"She's not an animal! She's an Animal!" Elphaba snapped, glaring at him more. He looked at her, completely flabberghasted. (I've been waiting to use that.)

"E-Excuse me?" Fiyero asked, looking from the infuriating woman to the horse he had grown up with since it was a foal.

"Nor is an Animal. I talked with her last night and earlier before you decided to play your infuriating flirtatious prince act." she said, almost like a snake attacking with its poison.

"One," Fiyero said, only half paying attention to her now. "That wasn't an act. I really am a flirty prince. Two, Nor, is that true?"

Nor lifted her head and said, "Actually, Master Tiggular, it is. I have spoken to other Animals my whole life. You can't think you did all the work in tracking enemies."

To be honest, Fiyero had thought he had done all the work. The prince was stunned into silence as he glared at the ground and walked over to Nor. He patted her neck gently before looking at Elphaba. "Come on. Let's go, Princess." he said, not giving her room to argue before he mounted Nor. Manuevering Nor over to Elphaba, he picked her up and settled her infront of him, pinning her inbetween his arms before they took off.

Elphaba was shocked that he was so silent. She thought he would've atleast had some idea. Or atleast handled it better. But instead he was silent until it was dark and they had to stop for the night. Fiyero was still silent as he made camp and formed a fire for them. After hours of silence Elphaba could barely stand it anymore. Which was surprising considering she grew up in silence. Taking a slow breath, she looked at Fiyero and for once took in his features.

Messy hair that fell over dark skin and blue diamonds she was entranced by. His kind light blue eyes were now confused as he stared into the warm and welcoming fire. Slowly standing, she walked to sit beside him and looked at him as he pulled out a map. "PRince Tiggular, where are we?"

"Because of your little stunt?" he asked, talking to her like she was a little kid. She glared at him slightly but he didn't notice, too consumed by his map. "We were following Munchkin River. But now? We're near the boarder of Quadling Country. We're about three days off schedule."

"Three days? From what fifteen minutes did?" she asked as he stood and shrugging.

"I can't exactly follow a mess of trails back to where we first were, Your Highness. We're going to just have to take a bit longer." he said before pocketing the map. Elphaba sighed and rested her elbows on her knees, running her fingers through her hair, tempted to rip her hair out.

"But we could find a town and find our way back to Munchkin River." she pointed out, looking up at him before she stood.

"That means going into Quadling Country. And Munchkinland and Quadling Country already have a pact formed in this war. How do you think it'll look if their enemy, the Vinkun Prince, goes riding in there with the the Munchkinland Mayor's daughter?"

"I doubt they'd even recognize me. No one's seen me before." she said, starting to get frustrated. She hated being his prisoner but she atleast wanted the quickest way back to civilization.

"You know what, Princess? We're just going to have to go the long way. Oh well." he said, his back to her before he pulled off his shirt, revealing his bruised back and side from her stunt. There were several scratches on his back as well. Blushing lightly, Elphaba looked at the fire.

"You're bleeding, Prince Tiggular." she informed him before looking back at him and standing.

Fiyero looked at her and then down at his chest and side. He shrugged. "I was raised to be able to handle pain. A few bruises and scratches doesn't bother me." he said before unpacking a couple of pallets. Elphaba noticed the limp he had and how he winced every time he put pressure on his right leg.

"Let me see your leg." she said before he looked at her in surprise.

"Excuse me?" he asked before she pointed to the ground.

"Sit down and let me see your leg." she demanded, the fire he had seen in her eyes earlier quickly returning. Not having enough energy to play with her temper, he sighed before sitting down. Elphaba knelt beside him and lifted his leg to reveal a huge gash in his leg and blood everywhere. She bit her lip lightly before saying, "You shouldn't have been riding with a wound like this."

He shrugged. "We needed to get going."

"Yes, but loss of blood like this could get you killed." she snapped, looking at him.

"Oh, is the princess actually concerned for her kidnapper?" he mocked before she put slight pressure near the wound. He winced and grit his teeth, fisting his hands.

"More like I don't want to be stuck in the woods with a dead Vinkun Prince." she corrected before looking back at the wound. Before either knew what was happening her hands glowed white and the soft glow spread to his wound.

"What-" he started before gritting his teeth when his leg started mending back together. Elphaba's eyes were wide with surprise as she watched the wound mend itself. She watched the skin uncurl and close over the wound, successfully healing it before the white glow disappeared and Elphaba pulled her hands away. He looked down at the wound before looking up at her. "You might be good to have you around after all."

She looked up to meet his gaze and a hint of a smile was on her lips as Fiyero got lost in her brown eyes. Without realizing it, he started leaning closer to her. She was the first to realize it and her eyes widened slightly before a small amount of fear formed in the brown pools she called eyes. Though Elphaba didn't move away as Fiyero inched closer. "Shouldn't you two get some sleep before we have to get going at dawn?"

Nor's voice broke the silence between the two as Elphaba immediately stood and stepped away from Fiyero. "Nor's right." she said, the same tone in her voice that had apeared earlier when they were fighting. She turned away from him and walked to the extra pallet, laying down and quickly going to sleep.

Fiyero sent a glare at Nor before she trotted off. He sighed and looked at the green girl before looking at the lump in his pocket that he knew was the list from his parents. Was he seriously just about to kiss Elphaba? The daughter of his parents' number one enemy? Shaking his head, Fiyero immediately put the thought aside. That was foolish thinking. There was no way he was actually starting to soften towards the girl. It was Elphaba for crying out loud. "Besides, you have Galinda." he muttered to himself. Laying down, he fell into a restless sleep, haunted by dreams of the completely opposite girls. Because now...for some reason...Galinda didn't seem as appealing as she first did before he met Elphaba.

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