Sitting on the clock tower

The clock tower was a nice place to watch the sunset when Sunset Hill was crowded with lovesick couples and annoying tourists. It was also a nice place to think about a long summer afternoon of Struggle and sea salt ice cream. But most of all, the clock tower was one of the places the gang could call their own.

"Ice cream!" Roxas and Pence chanted together as Hayner and Olette took their seats beside them.

"Yup!" Olette said with a smile.

Hayner tossed Pence and Roxas their ice creams as Olette casually began to eat her blue ice cream.

The brunette cast her gaze at the setting sun as it dipped behind the tan-colored buildings of Twilight Town's shopping district. She then looked at the ground as he ice cream drippings fell, realization hitting her instantly.

"Isn't this dangerous?" Olette wondered curiously, suspiciously eying the ground below.

"I'm sure if one of us were to fall," Pence said, "it would be Roxas."

"Hey!" Roxas growled. "That's not fair. I'm sure it would be Accident Olette! Damn… are we sure this is safe, guys?"

Rolling his eyes, Hayner looked at his friends with a smirk. "Are you all being serious right now? We've been doing this since the seventh grade, which was five years ago! You are now just worrying about our fucking safety!"

Dreaming of what's to come

"Senior year is just around the corner," Ms. Schultz went on. "Do any of you have a clue about what you would like to do with the rest of your lives? Ms. Anderson, you usually have something interesting to say about your future. What's your game play, sweetie?"

Olette lifted her head from her arms. With a faint smile, she replied, "I'm planning to become a psychologist."

"Aah, how fascinating! I'm positive you can do it! Mr. Way, what about you?" Ms. Schultz asked the blond in the middle aisle.

"Me?" Roxas wondered.

"Is there any other Mr. Way in this classroom?" Belinda sneered from the front of the room.

"Uhm," Roxas began, "I plan to go into the medical field… like my mom."

"Ms. Drake?"

Belinda smiled and replied smugly, "Unlike my classmates, I want to go to the Radiant Garden Private Institute and double major in business and fine arts. I'll be the first person in this town who'll have something to their name!"

Rolling their eyes, Pence, Hayner, Olette and Roxas exchanged disgusted looks.

"Mr. Samuels?"

"I want to graduate," Seifer replied. "Then if I'm accepted into the college I wanna go to… I'll take up biology or something."

"Mr. Aarons, you?"

"The Royal Military," Pence stated.

"Mr. Richardson…" Ms. Schultz paused, "this should be very interesting."

Hayner paused for a moment. "I plan to become a priest."

The whole class immediately turned to face Hayner; all were in shock.

Olette turned around in her seat and whispered, "Hayner! What the heck are you saying? You're kidding, right?"

"Dude," Roxas cut in quietly, "that is not what you want to do!"

Pence nodded. "Hayner, that's not your dream for the future! That is the furthest thing from what you want to do. We talked about this last week together in the Usual Spot!"

Hayner smirked, leaning back in his chair. "And those weren't any of your dreams either, where they? We all know those were your parents' dreams for you. Olette, you said last week that psychology was sure thing, but becoming a psychologist? No. You said you wanted to double major… or even triple major, but your parents don't support you desires of triple majoring in music and creative writing."

Olette looked down as Hayner brought up what she had mentioned only a week ago. She knew he was right.

"And Roxas, you and the medical field? Please! You weren't fooling anyone!"

"How do you know that I don't want to try what my mom does-?"

"Because you're always telling me about how you don't want to be like your mom," Hayner retorted. "You're always talking about how you want to be like your father and join the King's military force. It was either that or you become the movie director or business tycoon like you dreamt of… you've never mentioned medicine before."

Roxas hung his head in defeat; he, too, knew the spiky-haired blond was right.

"And Pence," Hayner continued, "the King's Royal Military? Are you fucking serious? You hate weapons and fighting. What was that bullshit you spouted out right then?"

Pence remained silent.

"You want to be a painter or a photographer! Not a knight at the Disney Castle!" Hayner whispered. "I know you guys… those were your parents' dreams for you. So don't you start lecturing me about my dreams and whatnot, because I know those weren't anywhere near yours…"

Spending our Lazy Afternoons

"I made the dance team, guys…" Roxas said with a faint smile.

"OHMAHGOSH!" Olette squealed excitedly. "This is so great!"

"Aelita's gonna be so proud of you, Roxas!" Hayner laughed. "You know my sister and dancing."

Pence noticed the apprehension in Roxas's light blue eyes. "What's wrong, Roxas?" We seem so much happier than you do…"

"Well," Roxas sighed sadly, "this means that our summers are gonna be ruined now."

Hayner punched Roxas's arm lightly. "No… not at all they won't."

"What about summer practice? All Male practices last for hours!"

Pence rolled his eyes. "And that matters because?"

"I'll be sore after practice!"

Shaking her head, Olette replied, "We won't mind. Get back to us when you're not sore; we'll make time for you if you make time for us, mmk?"

"Nothing is ever going to come between us, all right?" Hayner stated. "Right, Pence?"

"Pence!" Olette called out as Hayner chased after him.

Pence had cried for hours at a time since his breakup with his second girlfriend. It was not until Hayner and Olette had shown up when he gathered the energy to run home.

"What happened?" Roxas wondered as he entered the Usual Spot.

"Nicolette Dénouement happened," Olette complained.

"Naminé?" Roxas wondered.

"That witch used him!" Olette shouted.

"She uses everyone!" Hayner bellowed at Roxas. "I don't approve of her!"

"Too bad I wasn't asking for your approval, Christian Hayner! I was just trying to keeping you in the loop," Roxas fought. "And besides, you're just jealous because Olette doesn't let you do anything past hand holding."

Olette stood her ground as she held Hayner back. "Roxas, Erieann Penbrooke is just as bad, if not worse that Naminé and Rachel. The only difference is that Naminé is naïve and gets bored easily… Rachel doesn't use people like that… Erieann, however, knows exactly what she wants and she's more than determined to get it!"

"I know what I'm doing!" Roxas shouted.

"We're just looking out for you, Roxas!" Pence remarked.

"We always will too!" Olette cooed as she shoved a spoonful of soup into Hayner's mouth.

"Who's a good boy!" Roxas and Pence teased as they pet Hayner's hot forehead.

"I'm sick!" Hayner coughed. "Not a dog!"

The gang burst out laughing at Hayner's comment.

"What happens to all of this… ya'know… when we're older?" Pence wondered as the quartet sat on the bus together. "Will we all still be this close?"

The tune we would hum

"I doubt we can be together forever, guys, but isn't that what growing up's all about? What's important isn't how often we see each other, but how often we think about each other… I made a promise to you guys that we'd be friends forever," Hayner said. "And a promise is a promise."

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