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Circe watched as Rex and Bobo pigged out on pizza. She had managed to eat half of her slice, but that was all. After her last encounter with pizza, just looking at it made her sick. Still, thanks to some odd quirk she found their eating competition interesting. Currently Bobo was in the lead by two. Rex made a valiant effort and inhaled the last three pieces, putting him in the lead and leaving the monkey with no way to beat him. The look on Bobo's face as he bit into air was priceless.

"It's not fair," he muttered as Rex did his victory dance.

"Second time in a row, man! Who's the champion now? In your face, Haha," Rex gloated, seemingly glad Circe was there to witness his important victory. Well, it flattered her to think that, so she did whether it was true or not.

Bobo leaned back against the wall, a thoughtful look on his face. Bobo was thinking? This couldn't be good.

"So now that she's here I guess you won't be visiting the Cat-woman in that stupid jungle?" He mused.

Circe's eyes snapped over to Rex. Apparently Bobo had hit a cord, because Rex had stopped in the middle of his dance with his arms in the air. He didn't seem to notice though, because he just stared at the hairy creature in over his shoulder. Expressions paraded across his face. First he looked stunned, but recognition soon dawned in his eyes as he comprehended what Bobo had said, then he looked like an animal caught in the headlights with no way of escape. Unfortunately he took the first way out he saw. "What are you talking about, what girl?"

But Bobo had done this on purpose and was not about to back down. "You know, the one you spit that funny milk all over; she kissed you after you released that "mythical creature" back into the jungle; which, by the way, was an inventive way to get a chick. Guess it worked though," Bobo added as an after thought.

"It wasn't a kiss, kiss," Rex clarified.

"Oh, I'm supposed to act jealous now?" Circe asked. She raised an eyebrow and hoped her face was emotionless, or close enough. Because even though she knew Rex hung out with other girls, she didn't want to hear about it. That only reminded her it was true.

Rex's eyes flashed. "No... why?" That annoying little smirk crept across his face again. "Because you are jealous?"

"No!" she insisted with a little too much force. "Just wanting to make sure you weren't trying out a new pick-up act." She inwardly winced at how insanely stupid that sounded. Nothing anyone had said in the last five minutes was even related to a pick up line. But she'd already said the words. Please don't hear that half of what I said, she begged Rex silently, knowing tact was out of the question.

"You call that flirting? You should have seen me the week I went to school with Noah. If I was flirting with you, it'd be obvious."

Stupid guy. Why does he only hear what I don't want him to? Her cheeks burned and she slowly got to her feet in an effort to hide it, under the pretense her foot had fallen asleep. To her surprise, it really had. She winced at the pain and took a few cautious steps.

"You know you can't leave yet," Rex raised his eyebrow, "right?"

"Yeah, we went over that before." She studied him for a minute and suddenly questioned, "How stupid do you think I am?" Her tone wasn't accusing him, just curious, and it caught Rex off guard.

He just stared at her, so she repeated herself. Maybe he didn't understand me, she hoped. But Rex blinked, stood, opened his mouth to answer, and shut it again. For some reason it bothered her. He isn't answering because he knows I'll be mad at him for it! He thinks I am stupid!

Circe narrowed her eyes. "You do don't you? You think I'm stupid!"

"Huh? Of course not. What are you talking about?"

"Well you're staring at me like I have three heads…"

"I guess this isn't the time to tell you that you two are a perfect couple?" Bobo gloated; then had the nerve to be "embarrassed". "Did I say that out loud? Oops. Sorry." He was not at all sorry.

The two awkward teenagers hadn't noticed Bobo getting up or walking towards the back of the room.

"What are you talking about?" They said simultaneously.

"Yeah, I guess not," Bobo muttered. Rex and Circe just stared at him, confused expressions on their faces. Where on earth did that come from? "What?" he asked seeing their expressions. "Can't trust yourselves to be alone for five minutes?" Bobo slammed the bathroom door.

"What is wrong with him?" Circe whispered.

"Would you like that in alphabetical or chronological order?" Rex whispered back.

She rolled her eyes. "So you have a girlfriend?"

"No, that was just Bobo."

Circe ignored the little part of her that was happy to hear him say that. "But she did kiss you didn't she?"

Rex looked at her questioningly. "You are jealous, aren't you? Yeah, she kissed me. Get over yourself."

"I am not jealous! Just curious. Is that a crime?" Circe's voice rose higher than she intended. "But you want me to be don't you?" Rex's eyes flashed again but he didn't reply. There was an 'awkward silence'. "So how's Noah?"

"Fine. He's still mad at me about the table tennis thing though."

"Huh?" Circe raised an eyebrow.

"It's…complicated," Rex explained.

"Oh. Okay…." I hate awkward situations and not knowing what people are talking about.

"Noah entered them in a competition. They got disqualified because of Rex," rang out a voice from the bathroom just as the door opened. Circe would never have imagined that Bobo would be more sensitive to awkward situations then Rex. In a way it was kind of a scary thought. But then again he causes enough of them.

"What? Not again! This is the third time this month!" Rex yelled at the wall.

Circe thought he had lost it, but then she saw the odd shaped little thing in his ear and decided he was carrying on a conversation. It's good he's not yelling random things at the wall yet. It made her fell a little better about having to stay in the room.

"I know, I know. I'm coming already." Rex looked up at Bobo. "Let's go Bobo. Mutant rabbit on the lose."

"Again?" Bobo complained.

"Where did you say it was...this way? These stupid things hate me!" Rex walked out the door and started running down the hall.

Circe glanced at Bobo, slightly confused as to what she was supposed to do. She wished she could just slip down the hall and back into her room, the problem was she had no idea which way to go.

"Don't eat my enchiladas. I saved them special." Bobo commanded as he sauntered to the door. "Watch out for giant bunnies, they love to destroy Rex's room. Oh, and you might want to steer clear of the bathroom for a few hours…."

The dented door shut behind him with a screech, leaving Circe alone, again. Being alone in her own room was one thing, being alone in the hallway was another, but being alone in someone else's room was in a whole other universe for her, especially when it was Rex's.

Unsure just how awkward the situation really should be, she stood dejectedly staring at the pizza box on the floor. Should she sit on the bed? Should she stare at the floor until Providence took care of the problem and Rex could smuggle her back to her room?

A brilliant idea overtook her. On TV shows they always looked in people's belongings to make sure they were who they said they were. She had lost her memory, what better excuse could she have? She already felt like she was on a reality show anyway, so what would it hurt?

Circe looked around the room again. Where should I start? There really wasn't much in the room except the TV console, dresser, and the bed. There were piles of junk in the corners, but she was a little apprehensive of what she might find in them. Plus, they might contain Bobo's "snack". Logic began to reinsert itself and she realized she really didn't want to look through any of Rex's clothes anyway, no matter how desperate she might be.

She decided to start with the TV console. Circe didn't expect to really find anything useful, but she couldn't bring herself to mess with anything else in the room. She wished Rex had a desk or a filing cabinet to go through; something, anything, besides an underwear drawer.

She gently pulled on the sliding door where things were stored. It didn't budge. She pulled harder, but it still refused to move. She sighed. So much for that idea.

Where else could she look without getting scarred for life? Her eyes scanned the room again and absently strayed to the bed. Wait, didn't some people hide things under their pillows? Circe smirked and walked over to it. She didn't have much time left if she wanted to play it safe. Kneeling down she peered into the darkness under the steel frame: nothing but dirt. She lifted up Rex's pillow but only found a half eaten candy bar. She sighed and lifted up the mattress. A leather bound book sat smugly looking up at her.

Circe smiled and plucked it out before the mattress could fall back. She gently ran her finger over the binding. Should she really do this? These were his personal thoughts. What kind of person was she? Before her conscience could win out, the diary fell open in her hands. Her eyes insistently fell on her name, and then she couldn't help but read.

Circe called me today. Said Kleiss had ordered her to kill me. When she left (was she leaving to kill me? I guess not, Kleiss wouldn't have turned on her then) Biowulf and Scalamander attacked her. She had these really lame nicknames for them-

Circe quickly turned the page, bushing and resolving to never nickname anything again. The entry she had turned to read:

Six kidnapped me yesterday. He took me to heal this guy called One. Turns out Six is the sixth most dangerous person in the world. One wouldn't let me cure him, and the others were going to kill him. Six and me had to pound them. I tried to cure One, but it didn't work out. I think something weird happened, because after that Six got all sentimental, which like never happens. I asked if we were the most dangerous people now that we had beat the others into bloody pulps. He said that numbers were given to the most dangerous people, not the most powerful. "There was a time when I wanted to be One, and I was well on my way," he said. He used that voice he only uses when he's trying to be emotional. "What happened?" I asked. "I met you," was all he said. What is that supposed to mean? What did I do?

The next one really caught her attention. If you lose your memory again and find out Bobo is a robot: DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT ACT LIKE THE REAL ONE! The real Bobo will return soon.

There must be a funny story behind that one, Circe thought wryly. She turned the page.

I have a brother, his name is Cesar. He's a little strange, but super smart. He helped create nanties and was there when the Event happened. Cesar escaped into space and it took him this long to get back. Our parents died in the explosion. He helps Holiday understand nanties and it's a little weird to have him at Providence. He says the reason I'm so different than everyone else is that the nanites were injected on purpose. I don't understand it, but apparently it saved my life.

Circe paused a little over that one. Rex was a guy, so he tried to be all tough and macho all the time. But in this paragraph she could see that he really loved and missed his parents, and that he loved his brother, even if he was "a little strange". She couldn't help but see Rex in a different light now. Although she thought he was cute, annoying, and generally a good person; she now had to admit that he was human, and felt things just like she did. It was easy to forget that sometimes.

The next entries were about Rex's daily adventures and Circe quickly skimmed them. She was reading about the table-tennis incident Rex and Bobo had mentioned earlier and was laughing about the pop trig quiz when foot steps echoed down the hall. She panicked. What would Rex do if he caught her reading his diary? It was in that horror filled moment when she realized Rex's shoes hadn't echoed.

The heavy footsteps paused outside the door. In a split-second decision Circe dove under the bed. You're over reacting, she told herself sternly. Still, she clutched the journal tightly to her chest and tried to keep from imagining what might be hiding in the darkness with her.

The sound of the destroyed door grating open sacred away all of her other thoughts, and she tried to make herself smaller, hoping the visitor wouldn't come close enough to see under the bed. The metal shoes clicked across the floor and into Circe's view. So much for the 'maybe they'll leave' idea, she thought watching the shoes warily. They were the color of sandstone and the soles really were metal.

Who is this and what do they want here? A creak sounded. They must be lifting up the mattress…they want the journal! Why? This didn't make any sense to her. Why would someone want to read Rex's thoughts? All she'd wanted to do was to find out about her past.

"That's odd," commented a male voice. He was probably seventeen to twenty-four by the sound of it. "Little brother always kept his 'important' stuff under his mattress. What Kleiss told him must have really made him jumpy."

Circe stopped breathing. Cesar. And wasn't Van Kleiss the man who had ordered her death? So Rex was really a double agent? But that didn't make any sense. Everything she had read between the lines and otherwise pointed toward his absolute loyalty to Providence. Then…what is this all about?

"Huh?" Cesar grunted. For a terrible moment she thought he had found her, but then he went on. "The electromagnetic net? ...Oh that's easy," his shoes clicked back across the floor. "Increase the charge by a factor of-" the door groaned shut behind him.

Circe's heart began beating again. Once she was sure he was gone, she slipped out from under the bed. She stared at the boring brown book in her hand. Who would have thought there could be any drama wrapped up around it? "What did Van Kleiss tell Rex?" She sighed and opened the book again. You might call it Providence, Fate, Luck, or just Chance. You might give a logical explanation like how the binding was broken so it would open to the page containing the information in question; but whatever it was the diary answered Circe's question. It was Rex's last entry and Circe quickly skimmed it for what she wanted to know. The last line struck her the most: "Cesar is not the man you think he is." That was the only thing Kleiss had told him about his brother. Why was that such a big deal?

But Cesar hadn't known what the man said, he was only guessing. Probably he was just concerned about his little brother and had to resort to looking in his diary because Rex wouldn't talk to him. Yeah right, said a little voice in her head.

Circe thought she heard another noise and rushed to put the book back where she'd found it. The sound got louder. What is that? She had just dropped the mattress back into place when there was a crash like a bomb had went off inside the wall. What in the- She turned her head slightly to see what was going on when a force like a freight train rammed her.

She flew into the wall with a crunch and managed to get her head around to see a large white blob. The bunk-bed lurched sickingly under her. She suddenly realized what was happening; whatever had rammed her was going through this wall as well, whether there was a steel obstacle there or not. Circe had about another millisecond before she was crushed. Instantly her mind was clear and some kind of transformation overtook her face: both odd and comfortable. A loud noise filled the air, vibrating her very soul.

The creature flew back across the room and sank into the opposite wall, completely destroying Rex's posters. The adrenaline that had come over her was already losing some of its affects and what was left was a still-recovering-from-near-death girl who didn't remember how to fight against a two ton crazed…bunny rabbit?

She needed a weapon of some kind, and it wouldn't be long before the mutant fluff-ball charged again. Out of the corner of her eye she saw an elongated object with strange characters. Though she couldn't read the language, the thing had the distinct look of a knife.

The rabbit was charging now. She rolled out of the way, managing to grab the case and roll back to her feet. Part of her wondered where she had learned to do that. The other part told her to think about it later. The fluff-ball was more agile than she had thought. It had regrouped already turned toward her purposefully. It picked up speed and she counted the seconds. One…two… Before she got to three it had collected her and molded her into the already mutilated door.

The air was forced from her lungs. She could feel her life going with it. Gradually the pressure stopped and she crumpled to her knees, trying to gather the air back. She forced herself to stay conscience and open her eyes.

It was coming again, and logically, she would die. There was no way around it. There was no Prince Charming to rescue her. Really all she wanted was Rex, but he was fighting somewhere else. She counted every breath; anyone of them could be her last.

She reached three.

Circe watched in fascination as the creature came to end her life. It looked absurd running like that. Maybe this was just a dream. The white fur looked so soft; a strong contrast to the zombie teeth. This was going to kill her. Just like that. The thought made her curious. Why this thing and not Kliess? Why not-

There was a dark missile and the killer was forced sideways into the bunk bed.

Circe looked over the best she could for the source of the disturbance in her death. Rex stood there in the hole in the wall. She smiled, his saving her warmed her heart, and maybe he did like her after all.

The rabbit turned on Rex then, something she couldn't help but be momentarily glad for. Rex broke out the huge hand things and the two of them went at it.

The piles of toxic stuff she had been afraid to touch earlier were flattened and rolled in, along with pretty much everything else in the room. Circe flinched away from the flying debris coming toward her. A sock that must have been festering in that pool of nastiness for over three months landed across her nose, making her nauseous. She quickly shook it off. It would be stupid to stay here, she realized, because Rex could only control to fight so much, in a matter of minutes, it would come back to her.

The only logical thing to do was end it before then. Circe pushed herself out of the "mold" she had shaped, wincing when her arms were torn by the metal and began to bleed. She fumbled with her "weapon" hoping that it was actually a knife. She didn't think hitting the monster on the head with a pencil case was going to work very well. This was wasting precious time, she knew, but she just couldn't figure out how on earth it worked! Finally, her finger raked absently over a microscopic trigger, and two-thirds of the case fell off. Circe was left with a knife.

She studied the fight a millisecond before jumping in. Rex was on the ground trying to keep the "bunny" from eating him. Perfect. If he could just keep it distracted for a half minute longer….

Circe ran three feet across the room and jumped. By instinct she vaulted onto the rabbit's back, and holding on with her legs, raised her knife. Hoping the force of both her arms would be enough to kill the beast, she brought it down; the blade sunk into the animal's flesh and skull. A moment later it was still.

She was sick to her stomach, and exhausted. She had just killed something. And Rex stared at her like she was the freaky mutant bunny. "Y-you killed Fluffy!" he stammered. Really, he was mocking her nicknames that she couldn't even remember? She rolled her eyes. He didn't notice because he was studying the knife she had done it with. Rex opened his mouth to say something, and Circe go the distinct feeling she wasn't in the mood to hear it.

But he never got the chance.

"The two of you have some explaining to do." She turned to see a man in green leaning up against the hole in the wall with twenty white clad freaks with guns.

This was going to be swell.

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