Chapter 1


"Fuck Skynyrd! Play some Zeppelin!"

"No fuck these guys! I heard you guys sucked, YOU SUCK!"



The members of Beck all let out a collective sigh as they set up to play there first gig of there American Tour. It was only there first show and already frustration was showing on all the band members faces.

"Koyuki." Ryusuke said, turning to Beck's youngest member. "Let's switch things up a bit, start with face."

"O-okay." Answered an all too nervous Koyuki. Although he didn't speak English, he knew that that crowd wasn't exactly anxious to hear Beck songs and he wasn't exactly eager to be the one up front to placate them.

"Have fun, kid." said Chiba, Beck's frontman and primary vocalist. Chiba may have been arrogant and overconfident at times, but even he didn't think much of being the one to speak to this crowd.

"You think that this is a good idea Ryusuke? To throw this sort of pressure on him out of nowhere...Isn't that a bit much?" Said Taira, Beck's bassist and oldest member. Having known Koyuki for a couple years now, he was still not confident with the young guitarist's ability to handle a crowd.

"Nah, he'll do fine. He is a member of Beck after all." Smiled Saku, the drummer and second youngest member of Beck. Knowing Koyuki like he did, he knew that even though he seemed meek and timid, there was a fire in him, the fire of a Rock Star.

" Guys, seriously, fuck this discussion about it and just let Koyuki introduce the first song, kay? I just wanna get this over with and go find myself some booze and maybe even a nice girl for the night." Ryusuke said, with his trademark smirk smeared across his face. "Koyuki." He turned his attention back to the frightened guitarist. " Seriously, what's taking so long? Get this fucker rolling already."

"Kay." Chirped Koyuki, his hands shaking almost to bad to even hold his pick right. " Thi-This f-first song is called Face." As he choked out the quick introduction to the first song ( forgetting to mention the bands name in the process.) the various patrons of the bar proceeded to call the band a myriad of things, most of them involving the morals of the various members mothers and questions of there heterosexuality. All these accusations were quickly torn out of the air and replaced with awe struck silence as the first notes of the guitar and Koyuki's powerful tenor rang out across the smoky bar air.

"Well guy's not to toot my own horn, but I'd have to say that we fucking tore it up tonight!" Exclaimed a drunken Chiba on the walk back to there hotel room.

" Yeah, I'd have to say that that definitely went better then I figured it would." Said Taira, who was trying his best to keep Chiba from falling over.

" See, I told you guys that it was a good idea to start things off with face!" Exclaimed an equally drunk Ryusuke, who was jumping around and swinging his arms wildly, making it impossible for Saku and Koyuki to keep him from falling down.

" Yeah forgot to thank you again for putting me on the spot like that back there, seriously thanks a bunch!" Said Koyuki in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

" No problem man, glad I could do that for you." Said the drunk Ryusuke, completely missing the sarcasm.

" Haha, well I'm just glad that first shows done, man, I hope not all the crowds are as rough as that one. I thought they were going to tear Koyuki apart if they didn't like face." Stated Saku,

"Again, thanks a whole bunch there Ryusuke, really appreciate it." Reiterated Koyuki, now looking at the guitarist with a glaze of anger in his eyes.

"Dude, its no problem, like I said, glad I could help!" Happily said a piss-drunk Ryusuke, who was now starting to sway back n forth, his voice was also becoming less happy and groggy. As the rest of the band were busy bringing up various other points of there successful first show, Ryuuske brought his not so successful point about all the booze he had been drinking, all over Koyuki's shoes.

" Goddammit, these were new shoes too, thanks a lot Ryusuke." Said a now very pissed off Koyuki.

"Man, you don't need to be thanking me for all this stuff, were friends it's what we do, you'll just owe me one next time." Mumbled a now sick Ryusuke.

" Yeah, I'll owe you one, I should owe you one now." grumbled Koyuki. His quick flash of anger having now turned into sarcastic disappointment.

"Alright, easy there Hercules, you can get your revenge on him tomorrow morning. Come on, let's go check in now and get some sleep, we got to get up early tomorrow morning and start driving to Boston."

Back in his hotel room, Koyuki was scrubbing out his shoes with an old dish rag he found under the hotel sink while Saku was busy burning off a CD for the long trip ahead. Between angry scrubs, Saku could hear angry curse words coming from the normally gentle guitarist. Picking himself up from the bed, he walked over to where his friend was working, he placed a hand on his shoulder and said "hey, don't worry about Ryusuke, if he were conscious right now, I'm sure he'd apologize for this." Said the always cheerful Saku. His positivity seemed to flow into the already calmed down guitarist causing him to turn his head and smile, "Yeah, I know." Replied Koyuki. " I was just working off some after show jitters you know, instead of playing pool I like to make sarcastic remarks and get thrown up on, you should try it some time it really helps." laughed Koyuki.

" I'll have to try that sometime." Smiled the drummer. "So how goes the cleansing?"

"Oh, it's pretty much clean." Koyuki said, examining his white again sneakers, "I'm more or less just making sure it doesn't smell now."

"Cool, well when you're done that you should definitely head on to bed. Early day tomorrow, gotta get your beauty sleep for all those groupies we got waiting for us!" Grinned Saku, masking his cheerfulness for once with heavy amounts of sarcasm.

"Oh yeah, even if that were true can you imagine what Maho would do to me once she found out?" A shudder ran down Koyuki's spine. "If you though I was scared today, that would be nothing to the fear of facing her."

" Hahahahaha yeah, you'd definitely have a reason to be afraid then!" Replied Saku. "Anyways, I'm gone to bed for the night, I'll see you in the morning, good night."

" Yeah good night Saku, and hey, thanks." Said Koyuki, turning to smile at his friend.

"Anytime man, anytime."