": Wow, this place is….pretty full actually."

Koyuki nodded in agreement. As the boys surveyed the now almost full bar the thoughts of this maybe being just a nice, light, easy show were quickly shoved out of there heads by thoughts of set lists, record companies and, as usual, they were wondering how nervous the other members were in comparison to themselves.

Eventually though, Ryusuke decided to take charge and lead the consensus.

"Fuck it, guys lets just get this over with and get drunk!"

At the sound of that, all the boys looked at each other and let out a collective smile. Saku finally started the show with a count off




When the first heavy chords of Beck's signature song spilled throughout the hot, sweaty bar, any doubts or negative energy that the band had was quickly displaced by the pure positive energy that was gushing out from the audience. Never had the band felt this energized. Chiba's raps had lost all sense of melody and rhythm, but were instead driven by high energy barks and a sense of emotion not heard since grateful sound.

Everybody in the band was throwing there all into it, and when it came time for Koyuki to sing, the power and smoothness of Koyuki's voice had given everyone in the crowd at a loss for words.

While all this was going on, Alex had completely stopped. The sound of Koyuki's voice and the entire vibe of the band had completely stunned Alex. The band was like, on another level, then any bands she had seen come through here, especially Koyuki. Koyuki, who had barely been able to stumble out a conversation to her, was like a god up on that stage. "This." She thought. " Is how music is supposed to sound like."

After the show, the band were all sitting around the now much quieter bar enjoying a drink with Alex. Koyuki stared down at the frothy beer that Alex had snuck him when the bar owner wasn't looking. In Japan, he thought, I would have never done anything like this.

" Hey Koyuki, you gonna drink that or just stare at it all day?" Asked Alex with a wry little smile plastered across her face. Her breath already smelled of booze and even a novice like Koyuki could tell she was definitely feeling a buzz.

" Hey don't pressure the kid, it's his first time!" yelled Chiba, who was by now falling down drunk. How he managed to get so drunk so fast was beyond anything anyone in the band could understand.

"Oh a virgin is he?" Slurred Alex as she got up and moved her face closer to Koyuki's.

"Well I know how to fix that." She cooed, Koyuki's face blushed a deep red, redder then was thought humanly possible. Everything went dead silent at there little table as Alex spoke again….



" I said CHUG!" Screamed Alex, bringing everyone back to life as they spurred Koyuki on. Seeing his only way out of this was to give into there request, Koyuki picked up the cold bottle and tipped it back down his throat, and then sputtered it back up. "God!." He exclaimed, water coming to his eyes as he tried to cough up all of the vile liquid that had slithered down his throat, "It tastes terrible!"

Everyone at table then let out a long laugh at Koyuki's expense and continued on with there drinking. Saku, who had never drank before either, got a similar treatment from everyone else at the table resulting in his passing out and having to be carried back to the hotel by Koyuki. By the end of the night the only sober ones left at the boys' hotel were Taira and Koyuki.

" So how did you enjoy your first night out drinking?" Asked Taira, even though he had drank almost as much as Chiba, he still wasn't showing any signs of intoxication.

"Ummmm it was alright, once I got used to it wasn't so bad at all!" Slurred a slightly drunken Koyuki.

"Haha well that's good to hear, we gotta try and enjoy ourselves as much as possible on this tour, y'know, we might never get this chance again." Said Taira.

" What do you mean, Taira? Beck's gonna be huge man! I mean, we have the magic!" Said Koyuki, as he fell over in an attempted high five towards Taira. " Just look at who we have in our band man! We have Ryusuke, who is, like one of the greatest guitarists on the planet. We have Saku, who can play anything as fast or as slow as you want it, we have you, with your mad funky-punk thing going on and then there's Chiba, who is like a god on stage man, a friggin god. But wanna know what the most important thing of all about us is?" Said Koyuki, taking in a deep breath after that long spiel he had.

" What's that Koyuki?" Smiled Taira, amused by his slightly intoxicated friend.

" The chemistry we all share." Said Koyuki matter-of-factly. " We all click into this weird puzzle that for some reason allows us all to make this awesome music. If one of us were to leave, we just wouldn't be Beck anymore, we'd just be four pieces of Beck, lost in a sea of other disposable musicians."

When hearing this Taira looked over at Koyuki, his mouth slightly a gap at what the young guitarist had said. It was true, when you thought about it, thought Taira, if one of us were to leave I'd see no more point in this band. He had said it once to Eiji, and he had said it to The Pillows. This band would be huge someday, it had that fire, that energy and that chemistry, which only the truly great bands could ever achieve.

" I'm telling you, man, were gonna be massive." Said Koyuki. His eyes already starting to close from the near total exhaustion of the day.

" We can only hope so." Said Taira, more to himself then to Koyuki, who was now climbing into bed.

"What was that?" asked Koyuki.

" It was nothing, don't worry about it. Goodnight Koyuki."

"Goodnight Taira."

And with that Taira and Koyuki climbed in there beds and fell asleep. There dreams that night might have been different, but after hearing Koyuki speak his sober thoughts from his un-sober mind, Taira fell asleep with a renewed confidence that Beck's dream, and his dream, were one in the same.

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