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Fear: Thunder Storm


With their legs in a blur, they sprint out of the Hitachiin estate, jumping into the limo. The driver half smirks as he eyes the two sweating twins.

"Late for school?" He asks, receiving ferocious nods from the twins.

He adjusts the mirrors, then accelerates out of the neighborhood as they headed to Ouran.

And then Kaoru realized something.

He forgot to check the weather.

And so he slumps down onto his seat, closing his eyes.

Why did I forget? I always remember to check.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru turns to his younger twin brother, worry in his eyes. "What's wrong?"

He gulps, his Adam's apple bobbing slightly. "I...I forgot to check the weather."

The older Hitachiin's mouth turns to a grim line, and he quickly embraces his twin. "Don't worry. I did. It's not going to rain."

It was a lie.

But it helped his twin feel better, so there was nothing wrong with that.


It seemed to be, until noon, that is. Kaoru's mood had lifted, his eyes as bright as the sun that had been up for the past couple of hours. And then he noticed something, something that worried him. The sun was going down. Slowly, so slowly, but still. The clouds surrounding the sun had turned light gray. His eyes drooped.

But this time, Hikaru hadn't noticed, as he was chatting with Haruhi.

He gulped and hoped there wouldn't be a storm. Like that time a month ago. Except the storm hadn't been at school. It was at home - and he had his brother to comfort him, whispering comforting words into his ear as he had his arms around him in a protective brotherly hold.

Through the rest of the day, he had his head down as if he were covering himself from the storm coming on. He didn't even notice as the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day.

"Kaoru?" Both Hikaru and Haruhi hovered over the younger twin, worried expressions of their faces. Hikaru looked out the window and found that the sky had turned an eerie gray, clouds covering the sky. The sun that had been shining brightly was gone. Drops of rain had begun to drop, while the students had had stayed after school scrambled for shelter.

But the thunder hadn't come yet.

Obviously Haruhi wasn't the only one scared of thunder.

Maybe we shouldn't go to Host Club.

Meanwhile, Haruhi stood there, her hand on top of Kaoru's head, petting him. She also looked outside and shuddered. A storm. Thunder.

Kaoru's eyes were soon closed as he heard his twin's voice trying to calm him.

Sighing, the usually mischievous twin picked up his brother and carried him on his back to Music Room 3. The fangirls that had stayed during that rainy afternoon squealed, their cheeks going red as they looked at the adorable sight in front of them: Hikaru carrying his twin brother on his back, the little one snoring softly, and yet simultaneously sweating profusely.

Kyouya looked up as the girls screamed their annoying squeals. He had learned to endure the sound. When he saw the younger twin, his eyes softened, and a worried expression replaced his usual stern one.

Briskly, he walked up to the two of them, and asked, "What's wrong?" in his cool, deep voice. Replacing Hikaru's hands with his own, the raven haired sophomore transferred the younger twin onto himself, carrying him bridal style.

The girls screamed even louder.

Hikaru's face turned into a small frown as his lost the weight of his brother from his back. He still didn't approve of the Shadow King's relationship with his twin brother.

Placing a soft kiss on the younger twin's cheek, he placed him on the couch he previously sat on and started running his hand down the back of the boy in attempt to calm him down and stop the sweat from sliding down this face.

His gaze turned to the other twin - Hikaru. Both didn't say a thing, their eyes locked as they glared at one another. Both expressions wore the same - worry, anxiousness, and a glare at each other.

The twin sighed. He gave up. Even though he was the "more evil" twin, he wasn't able to win a glaring contest with the one and only Shadow King.

"He's scared of thunder," the twin explains to the sophomore.

The frown on his face disappeared, though he still wasn't smiling.

"That's...his fear?"

Hikaru nodded, confused. Why isn't he that worried anymore?

Abruptly, the vice president of the Host Club stands up, carrying the younger twin as if he were a baby.

Turning he said, "We won't be back for a while."

The fangirls, who were rushed to the bathroom in fear of the floor turning red from the nosebleeds, suddenly fainted, as if their thoughts drifted.

Tamaki, who had been surprisingly quiet the whole time, runs to Kyouya, "Kyouya~ Wait! Where are you going?"

"The infirmary, of course. Where did you think I was going?"

The blonde boy's face flushed, speechless.

Ignoring the room members, he carried on to the infirmary.


The door shut behind him and he quickly went up and turned on the lights, moving the curtains so the rain was not visible.

However, the rain could still be heard, as was the thunder that had begun to strike. Each time the thunder came, striking the ground, Kaoru shuddered lightly, clutching the blanket that Kyouya had covered him with. Seeing that, the raven haired boy strolled over to his lover and leaned down on the bed next to him, wrapping his warm arms around the sleeping boy.

Kaoru had a habit of mumbling things in his sleep.

"K-Kyouya..." Said man looked up, startled that his name had come up. He looked at the sleeping boy, the other's eyes still closed.

An hour later, Kaoru's eyes open slightly, grimacing as he waited for the light to hit his eyes. But it didn't. Instead, he realized that he was in a dark room, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. Then he realized that there was something else – something different about this situation. He looked down.

The one and only Shadow King lied there, almost completely on top of him, sleeping softly. He smiled.

And then he remembered something.

The storm. Was it still going on? He couldn't tell; the curtains blocked his view. However, the night sound was peaceful.

He looked down. Kyouya's hands were entwined with his own smaller hands.

Oh, he realized. Kyouya must have taken him to the infirmary.

It didn't take a genius to finally think of that.

Kyouya. He was so sweet, though others thought he was cold. He was gentle, warm, loving. Almost even more so than his brother. It hurt him to realize that his own brother didn't like the relationship between the two. But he could live with it. After the Train Trip – that's what he had been calling it now, the two of them had become closer than ever.

He had always had a crush on the vice president – ever since he had first met him. Not when m'lord formed the Host Club, but even before that.

And he had learned to love the second year more than ever.

He squeezed his hand firmly and leaned down, "Kyouya, I love you."

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