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Double Jeopardy

Peacefully orbiting the planet, the stasis pods of the Maximal crew were spared the horrors of the war, for the time being. One stasis pod's orbit had started to decay until it was pulled into the atmosphere of the planet. It began to fall towards the northern part of the planet. The protoform Maximal inside was resting peacefully as the pod began its descent.

In the arctic tundra, Optimus Primal and Dinobot shivered against the cold. They had followed the signal, but had yet to locate the pod. They had entered a box canyon still trying to pinpoint the pod. Dinobot growled as the vapor from his breath appeared in the air.

"It's too cold," he complained, "My servo-fluids are two degrees from crystallization."

"Base camp, confirm our position," said Optimus pressing down on the button to his comlink, "Are we near the stasis pod?"

Inside the Maximal Base, Rattrap checked the scanners and opened his end of the comlink.

"Well, if it was a snake it'd bite'cha," said Rattrap, "Ya should be within a few feet of it."

Optimus turned and checked the terrain. He didn't see the stasis pod anywhere. Sighing, he looked up, and was surprised.

"We're within a few feet of it, horizontally," said Optimus, "Vertically is another story." The stasis pod sat precariously on the edge of a small cliff a little over five meters above the Maximals' heads. A cackle echoed over the cliff as Waspinator and Terrorsaur appeared.

"Some intrepid explorers have entered a box canyon," he taunted, "It's almost too good to be true."

"We were betrayed!" growled Dinobot. The sound of a missile firing drew Optimus and Dinobot's attention. The missile exploded nearby and showered them with snow.

"And we're surrounded!" shouted Optimus seeing Scorponok standing at the entrance to the canyon, "Maximize!"

"Let's get them!" said Terrorsaur as he and Waspinator transformed.

"Our strategic disadvantage is considerable!" growled Dinobot as he took pot shots at the fliers. Using his rotary blade, he deflected one of Scorponok's missiles.

"Work with it!" shouted Optimus over the gun fire and explosions. He fired two shots at Scorponok and a few random shots at the fliers. One of Scorponok's missiles hit Optimus in the back and knocked him down. Dinobot tried to cover Optimus with his optic beams, but was slow to clear his rotary blade and stop another missile. The missile hit the cliff side and started a small avalanche, burying the two Maximals in snow. Terrorsaur laughed in triumph.

"They're trapped!" he squawked, "The pod is my trophy!" Terrorsaur turned to claim the stasis pod, only to notice it was gone. He turned to see Waspinator already flying away carrying the stasis pod. With a loud yell, Optimus burst from the snow. He saw the Predacons trying to retreat with the pod.

"No, you won't get away with the pod!" he shouted. Firing his thrusters, he took off after Waspinator. Scorponok laughed as he targeted Optimus. Before he could fire, Dinobot burst from the snow, roaring in rage. He fired his optic beams catching Scorponok in the chest and blasting him back. Scorponok hit the ground in a smoldering wreck and fell off-line. Optimus flew up behind Waspinator, completely oblivious of Terrorsaur.

"That pod is Maximal property!" shouted Optimus. He aimed, but before he could fire, Terrorsaur blasted his rocket pack. Optimus fell to the ground screaming until he hit the snow.

"Which the Predacons will gladly steal!" said Terrorsaur mockingly. A loud roar was heard at the other side of the box canyon. Terrorsaur squawked as Tigatron appeared and transformed.

"You will not turn one of our comrades!" roared Tigatron as he opened fire on Terrorsaur. Terrorsaur quickly fired his shoulder cannons at the edge of the canyon. Tigatron dove out of the way, but was distracted long enough for Terrorsaur to escape.

"He who fights and runs away!" said Terrorsaur laughing, "Lives to fight another day!" He flew away covering Waspinator from Tigatron and Dinobot's fire. Scorponok had recovered and was retreating back to the Predacon base. Optimus growled and rolled over in the snow, putting out the fire on his back.

"Optimus are you all right?" asked Tigatron after making his way down the embankment into the canyon. Optimus groaned as he climbed to his feet. Dinobot stood at the edge of the canyon still shouting at the Predacons.

"Cowards! Face me!" he roared. Optimus sighed and turned to Tigatron.

"Let me guess," he said with a disappointed tone, "They got away with the pod." Tigatron turned away and lowered his head.

"I'm afraid so," he confirmed.

"Well that's just prime," said Optimus.

The Maximals gathered in the bridge of the Axalon to discuss their loss. Tigatron had not joined them, deciding once again to stay in the wild. Optimus grunted and slammed his hands down on the holo-table.

"This makes three operations ambushed!" Optimus said.

"Sounds mighty suspicious," said Rhinox rubbing his chin.

"Like some damn rat's slippin' info," said Cheetor. Rattrap quickly spun around in the comm chair.

"Hey!" he shouted, slightly insulted.

"Speaking metaphorically that is," Cheetor added quickly. He raised his hand in a gesture of apology. Rattrap just smirked.

"It was Rattrap who led us into the box canyon," snarled Dinobot, "And nearly to oblivion."

"Hey! What are you tryin' ta say ya big lizard head?" argued Rattrap.

"That's ridiculous," said Rhinox slamming his fists down on the console.

"Rattrap wouldn't do that," protested Cheetor.

"Well I'm not so sure," interrupted Optimus. Cheetor and Rhinox widened their optics and dropped their jaws.

"What?" asked Rhinox.

"Rattrap, I want to have a word with you," said Optimus, "In private."

The scanning probe ejected out of the Darksyde and extended its purple beam. It began to spin around and scan.

"Tarantulas, have you identified a suitable life form?" asked Megatron. Tarantulas chuckled as an image appeared on the screen.

"I have indeed," replied Tarantulas.

"Then begin scanning and replication," ordered Megatron. The scanning beam passed over a black widow spider eating her mate. Tarantulas snickered as he watched the act on the screen.

"Scanning, replication and programming complete," he reported, "The new Predacon form is everything we could desire!" He gestured to the stasis pod as a large black widow appeared. "Meet: Blackarachnia!" The black widow stepped forward in a sensual way, looked around at her new comrades and transformed.

"Blackarachnia, Terrorize!" she said as he transformed. The feminine Predacon posed in her new form, very similar to Tarantulas' but smaller and much more sleek. Unlike Tarantulas, her head was robotic instead of resembling her beast form. Tarantulas' mandibles clicked excitedly as he rubbed his claws together.

"Ooh, be still my spinnerets," he whispered to himself in lust.

"Tarantulas, I suspect an ulterior motive in your beast form selection," said Megatron. Blackarachnia began a martial arts kata as all of the Predacons observed, almost drooling.

"However I am sure that Miss Arachnia will make an excellent Predacon, yes," said Megatron. Spinning his chair around he looked at the stasis pod, "Thank you, Maximals, for the protoform gift."

"You don't really think Rattrap's hackin' with the Predacons do you?" asked Cheetor.

"Not a chance," replied Rhinox. Rattrap's snapped at Optimus as their discussion away from the others became a little more heated.

"Get scrapped Optimus!" he snapped poking Optimus in the chest plate, "If you think I'm knockin' wit da damn Preds you got a whole new program ta run ya oversized baboon!" Optimus shoved Rattrap back and stepped up to the holo-console.

"Maximals, Rattrap's loyalty to us has been brought into serious question," said Optimus.

"Oh come on Optimus," protested Rhinox, "He's no spy."

"The repeated ambush of Maximal operations suggest otherwise," replied Optimus, "Rattrap, I'm ordering you on a solo mission to search for Energon, in sector twelve." Rattrap's jaw dropped at the order.

"The lava pits? That's a death sentence Optimus," argued Cheetor, "Twelve's one big Energon storm!"

"And within weapon range of the Predacon ship," added Rhinox.

"Think of it as a test of loyalty," said Optimus looking down at Rattrap. Rattrap scoffed and waved his hands in dismissal of the others.

"Eh thanks for nothin', comrades," he spat, "I'm blowin' dis taco stand." Rattrap converted to beast and stepped into the lift. Giving the other Maximals one last glare, he descended and departed for his mission.

"I know you're hot about losing that pod," said Rhinox, "But do you really think?"

"This mission will answer that question," answered Optimus, "Once and for all."

Over two mega-cycles later, Rattrap waved his paws in front of his nose trying to ward away the smell of brimstone. The smell hung over the lava pits like an evil presence.

"Maximal Command, dis is Rattrap," he reported into his comm, "my recon mission has reported nuthin' but meltin' rock." Rattrap waved his paws in disgust again. "Are you happy yet?"

"One more sweep Rattrap," replied Optimus over the comlink, "then bring it in."

The Predacons stood around the comm station listening in on the conversation.

"Check sector 1.8 by 22-9," said Optimus through the comm.

"Ah the simple pleasures of code breaking," said Megatron. He smiled and turned to Terrorsaur. "Would you pay our Maximal friend a visit?" Terrorsaur nodded and transformed heading out to the lava pits.

Rattrap finished his last pass and opened his comm to the base.

"Nope, no activity here," reported Rattrap, "Energon or otherwise." He tossed a stone into the lava. He turned around and was tackled by Terrorsaur. Rolling back onto his feet, he flipped the comm switch and left the channel open.

"Scrap dat last report!" h shouted, "Engaging Terrorsaur!" Terrorsaur squawked and transformed firing his plasma blaster. Rattrap dodged the blasts and transformed, drew his rifle and returned fire.

"His comlink's still open," said Rhinox as the Maximals listened back at their base. He shoved Dinobot's shoulder. "I told you he was no Predacon clone." Dinobot just glared at Rhinox.

Rattrap kept firing his rifle trying to keep Terrorsaur at bay and prevent him from firing back. Terrorsaur just laughed as his optics began to glow purple.

"Your marksmanship is unimpressive!" he taunted firing his optic beams. Rattrap tumbled out of the way as the beams cracked the ground beneath his feet. He misjudged his roll and slammed into a rock. Terrorsaur's beams sliced through a rock pillar causing it to fall.

"Oh no!" shouted Rattrap. The rocks fell and knocked Rattrap's rifle from his hand. The distraction was enough for Terrorsaur to get close to Rattrap and pin him down.

"Prepare to be terminated Maximal," said Terrorsaur.

"Wait! I beg for mercy," said Rattrap holding his hand up trying to stop Terrorsaur.

"Mercy, at what price?" asked Terrorsaur.

"You name it," said Rattrap, "I got no links wit da Maximals anymore. I'm a free agent."

"Well, well, finally and Maximal with logic circuits," said Terrorsaur, "I will spare you in exchange for certain considerations."

"All right, what have I got to lose?" said Rattrap, "I'll do whatever you say. I'll even become a Predacon."

Rattrap's open comlink allowed the Maximals at the base to hear the entire conversation between him and Terrorsaur.

"Rattrap? No, it can't be!" protested Cheetor.

"Will you still defend your friend?" asked Dinobot, "Or will you finally see him for what he truly is?" Dinobot leaned closer to Rhinox. "A damned traitor."

"You're a fine one to talk!" Rhinox snapped back, "Rattrap wouldn't…" Rhinox stopped before he finished his sentence and sighed.

Rattrap waved his hand over his arm panel. The Maximal insignia morphed into a Predacon insignia. He lowered his head and converted to beast mode. Terrorsaur began laughing in triumph.

"This isn't possible!" said Rhinox, "Rattrap may not be the ideal soldier, but he would never become a Predacon!"

"Yea, he hates Predacons," said Cheetor. Dinobot turned and snarled at the younger Maximal. Cheetor pointed his finger at Dinobot. "You know it's true."

"Whether or not it's true is irrelevant," said Dinobot, "the treacherous mouse would stab us all in the back for a wedge of smelly cheese!" Dinobot slammed his fist on the holo-console. "We must strike now and retrieve the traitor."

"I still say it's impossible," Rhinox argued pointing at Dinobot.

"I agree with Rhinox," said Cheetor, "Rattrap always said "Better dead than Pred"." Dinobot snarled and grabbed Cheetor by his torso plate.

"Why you little…" he started to threaten before Rhinox slapped his arm and made him drop Cheetor.

"The evidence is right there!" snarled Dinobot, "believe what you will, but the truth is clear as day!"

"That's enough!" he growled, "What do you think Optimus?" Optimus stood quietly at the console.

"I think Rattrap has made is choice," said Optimus.

"But I don't…" protested Rhinox, but Optimus cut him off with a gesture. Rhinox lowered his head.

"Contact Tigatron and have him meet us at the Predacon base," said Optimus, "Traitor or not, we're going after Rattrap."

After returning to the Darksyde, Terrorsaur had called a gathering of the Predacons. He stood proudly on a hover-platform with Rattrap behind him in a cage.

"Hear me Predacons! I present you with that which will tip the balance of power in the battle with the Maximals!" Terrorsaur shouted across the ship's main hold, "I present you with my lieutenant: Rattrap!" From the cage Rattrap waved to the Predacons. "With the added power of Blackarachnia, personally retrieved by myself, and the loyalty of Rattrap who has sworn personal fealty to me, we will defeat the Maximals!" Rattrap nodded from the cage, drawing confused looks from the gathered Predacons. Megatron growled as Terrorsaur continued his speech.

"My gifts, however, do not come free!" he continued, "In return I shall become your leader!"

"You sniveling toady," growled Megatron, "This Maximal isn't your lieutenant, no." As Megatron spoke, he didn't notice the cage door swing open, or Rattrap hopping out behind him. "He must be a spy! He can't be trusted!" Megatron bared his teeth at Terrorsaur in preparation for an attack, but was blindsided by Rattrap. The current from the stun weapon shorted his circuits and left him semi-paralyzed on the hover-platform. Terrorsaur cackled watching Megatron twitch in pain.

"Shouldn't of turned your back Big Mouth," said Rattrap holding up a small device and jabbing Megatron a second time, "Now you'll find your servos scrapped."

"Transformation has been disabled as well," said Terrorsaur.

"Da better for you ta worship your new leader," said Rattrap, "And his lieutenant." Terrorsaur continued cackling and turned to the other Predacons.

"All Predacons will swear fealty to me!" commanded Terrorsaur.

"Not Scorponok!" argued the scorpion losing his coherence, "Scorponok loyal to Megatron!"

"Then you are an even bigger idiot than you look," said Blackarachnia.

"Direct as well as lovely," said Tarantulas rubbing his pedipalps together. Blackarachnia sighed in disgust and turned away. "But we should debate this in private, not in front of the Maximal."

"Very well," said Terrorsaur, "Remove him, and the deposed Megatron, to the lower chamber!" Rattrap calmly dropped the stun weapon and stepped back into the cage.

"What do you mean go after Rattrap?" asked Cheetor, "You mean rescue him?"

"Why?" Rhinox asked with a betrayed tone in his voice, "Let him go."

"He's too dangerous a weapon to fall into Predacon hands," said Optimus.

"Agreed, he should be neutralized and returned here to answer for his treachery," said Dinobot, "And to be brought to justice."

Inside the lower chamber of the Darksyde, Megatron and Rattrap sat in their adjacent cages.

"A Maximal traitor and a depraved Megatron, yes, we are an unlikely pair," said Megatron, "I will consider your fate after my restoration. Computer, process voice recognition command."

"Megatron confirmed," replied the computer.

"Open cell, summon platform," said Megatron. The cell lock blipped and clicked open. Megatron pushed the door open and stepped out onto the newly arrived platform. "A wise tyrant always insures his prisons are designed for his personal escape." Turning the platform, he floated out of the chamber leaving Rattrap alone.

"And da wise Maximal traitor always makes sure he's carryin' a hand infiltration kit," said Rattrap to the departed Megatron once he was out of earshot. Rattrap quickly transformed and waved his hand over his forearm. The Predacon insignia morphed back into a Maximal insignia and popped open. Rattrap selected a small lock pick and leaned out of the cage. Expertly picking the lock, he pushed the door open and peeked out. The cages hung over the lava pit that had burned its way through the submerged portion of the Predacon ship. Rattrap looked around and saw a door on the other side of the chamber. Climbing up onto the top of the cage, he tip-toed to the edge. In a leap of faith, he jumped from the cage and barely caught the edge of the door. His hands slid down the bar, but he was able to climb back up and squeeze through into the corridor. Rubbing his forehead in relief, he drew his rifle and started down the hall. He came to a grate in the floor to the main chamber and saw the silhouettes of Scorponok and Terrorsaur.

"Scorponok will never follow you!" argued the scorpion, "Megatron is the true leader!"

"You fool, I am your leader now!" shouted Terrorsaur, "Obey me!" Scorponok scoffed and left the chamber. Terrorsaur growled and turned the other direction. Rattrap snickered at the Predacons and turned down another corridor. He stopped when he saw a shadow. He aimed his rifle in preparation, but lowered it when he saw it was just a rat. The rat stopped and acknowledged Rattrap with a curious look, but then continued on its way. The rat paused when it saw Terrorsaur's shadow and looked at Rattrap. Rattrap looked up at Terrorsaur then gave the rat an "ok" hand wave. The rat nodded and continued on its way.

Outside the perimeter of the Predacon base, the Maximals had gathered waiting for their right moment.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Cheetor.

"Yes, we should attack now and draw out the traitor," said Dinobot.

"We attack on my command," said Optimus, "besides, Tigatron hasn't arrived yet and we're outnumbered now."

Rattrap stood against the wall as he continued to sneak through the corridors. He quickly realized he wasn't in the corridor anymore, but on a grated walkway above the communication console. He paused and ducked down. Waspinator was at the console.

"Scanning for Maximal communications," said the computer, "Scanning. No Maximal communications detected." Nodding in acceptance, Waspinator closed down the console and flew out of the room. Sighing in relief, Rattrap holstered his rifle and dropped down to the floor. Checking to make sure he didn't attract any attention, he stepped up to the console and pulled the casing open. Inside the computer was a Maximal communications chip. Rattrap laughed and pulled the chip out of the computer.

"No wonder those dirty Preds knew what we was doin'," said Rattrap. He opened his arm panel and dropped the chip inside. Looking around he randomly chose and door and stepped through. On his way down the corridor, he stepped through an alarm laser. An electro-web appeared in his path and cut him off.

"Unauthorized access to restricted area," warned the computer.

"What in the hell is this?" said Rattrap struggling against the web as the computer continued its warning. Extending a blade from his forearm, he cut himself free and started back towards the holding chamber.

In another part of the ship, Tarantulas had captured the small rat and was prepared to eat it. The alarm drew his attention. Tossing the rat away, he went to investigate. Tarantulas arrived to see the shredded web with nothing in it. Pausing to think for a moment, Tarantulas started his own path to the holding chamber.

Rattrap had managed to make the return leap to the cage and was climbing in when Tarantulas arrived.

"So…the juicy rat has been running his maze," said the spider, "But not for long! Tarantulas, Terrori…" Tarantulas began to transform, but before he was completely in robot mode, a blast from Rattrap's rifle caught him in his exposed circuits and blew him away. Rattrap smiled and blew the smoke from his rifle. He holstered his weapon and closed the door to the cell. The damaged Tarantulas twitched in the corridor before falling off-line.

"Time to join the party big ape," said Rattrap opening his comlink to the Maximals.

Optimus' communicator beeped as the warning came through.

"What's that?" asked Cheetor.

"A warning signal?" asked the newly arrived Tigatron.

"We attack now!" ordered Optimus, "All units, Maximize!" The Maximals quickly transformed and began firing their weapons at the Predacon ship.

The interior of the Darksyde began to shake.

"What's going on?" demanded Terrorsaur.

"Maximal attack!" replied Waspinator, "Shieldzz damaged!"

"Why were we not warned by the code breaker?" asked Terrorsaur, "Where the hell is Tarantulas?"

"Code breaking deactivated!" reported Waspinator, "Tarantulas not responding!" Terrorsaur began to shout as the base shook harder. From the shadows, Megatron appeared on a hover-platform.

"Well leader…how shall we respond?" asked Megatron mocking Terrorsaur.

"Megatron, you…you will allow me to lead?" said Terrorsaur with a frightened and confused tone. Megatron chuckled to himself.

"A wise tyrant always allows an idiot to lead in a crisis," said Megatron. Terrorsaur fumbled over himself as he thought of a plan.

"Release my lieutenant and prepare to counter-attack!" instructed Terrorsaur nervously, "Predacons, Terrorize!"

The Maximals ducked behind boulders as the Predacons ran from the base for their counter-attack.

"We're outnumbered all right!" said Rhinox confirming Optimus' earlier suspicion.

"They've transformed the proto-Maximal!" said Optimus, "Keep fighting, we have a secret weapon!"

"What secret weapon?" asked Tigatron.

"You'll see!" answered Optimus over the gun fire. Optimus fired his jets and headed skyward. Rhinox emptied an entire clip from his chain gun into Waspinator taking the Predacon out of the battle.

"It's time to prove your loyalty to me!" shouted Terrorsaur to Rattrap, "shoot down Optimus Primal!" Reluctantly, Rattrap began to fire into the sky. His first few shots missed, but his last hit Optimus. The Maximal leader screamed as he fell out of the sky.

"Optimus is down!" shouted Tigatron.

"Rattrap! It is true!" growled Cheetor. He jumped out from his cover and ran towards the downed Optimus. Optimus had landed hard just a few feet from Blackarachnia and Scorponok. The new Predacon drew her rocket launcher and aimed at Optimus' head. Cheetor fired his quasar cannon and hit Blackarachnia's claw. She shrieked in pain as her weapon was blown from her grasp. Turning towards Cheetor, she began to calmly walk towards the charging young Maximal. Cheetor kept firing, catching Scorponok and knocking him away. Another burst hit the spider legs on Blackarachnia's right arm and blew them off. A final burst destroyed the legs on her left arm. Before Cheetor could get off another burst, Blackarachnia struck out with her foot and kicked Cheetor in his face. The solid kick knocked Cheetor to the ground, his circuits spinning. Blackarachnia leaned down into his face and clicked her claw.

"Another time," she threatened. Standing straight she walked away.

Dinobot managed to wade through the fire reaching Terrorsaur and Rattrap. Terrorsaur turned and almost dropped his pistol.

"Oh no," he squeaked. Dinobot grabbed him by the neck and head-butted him. He tossed Terrorsaur away and stepped up to Rattrap.

"I have awaited this meeting traitor," growled Dinobot, "Prepare to be terminated." Dinobot reared his fist back ready to punch Rattrap in the face. Before he could swing, Megatron grabbed Dinobot by his head in his dino-arm and lifted him up.

"Time for the final test Maximal," said Megatron, "Predacon hero, or Maximal spy?" Megatron held Dinobot just far enough away that Dinobot couldn't reach him. "Destroy the traitor Dinobot." Rattrap hesitantly held up his rifle and aimed at Dinobot's face. Dinobot leered at Rattrap as he cocked the rifle.

"He is my lieutenant!" interrupted Terrorsaur, "Destroy him, I command you!" Rattrap began to squeeze the trigger of his weapon, but quickly changed his target from Dinobot to Terrorsaur. The blast hit Terrorsaur in the chin and blew his head off of his shoulders. With the distraction, Dinobot kicked Megatron in his knee and managed to free his head. Turning around, he beat Megatron to the ground before stepping away.

"Now, get Rattrap out of there!" ordered Optimus. Rhinox quickly transformed to beast mode and charged. Scorponok and Waspinator were rammed out of the way as Rhinox reached Rattrap and Dinobot. Using his horn to flip Megatron out of the way, Rhinox collected Rattrap and ran from the battle.

"Mission accomplished!" shouted Optimus, "Back to base!" Gathering themselves, the Maximals transformed and retreated back to the Axalon. Megatron weakly stood to his feet and stepped up to the damaged Terrorsaur. The other damaged Predacons, including Tarantulas, approached Megatron. Blackarachnia, however, was missing from the group.

"Well now, which of you glorious victors would still follow this fool's lead?" asked Megatron. Looking to each other the three Predacons stepped away from Terrorsaur. Terrorsaur placed his head back atop his shoulders.

"Ah yes, as I calculated. And so ends the glorious reign of Terrorsaur," mocked Megatron grabbing Terrorsaur and shaking him, "A lost battle, a missing Blackarachnia, AND WHO KNOWS WHAT DAMAGE caused by the Maximal spy!" Terrorsaur's head fell from his shoulders and landed with a thud on the ground.

"Oh, my achin' head," moaned Terrorsaur.

Once the Maximals had returned to the Axalon, Dinobot was quick to corner Rattrap in the bridge.

"Now, I will terminate the traitor myself!" growled Dinobot. He began to step up to Rattrap with his rotary blade drawn. Rattrap backed away holding his hands up to defend himself.

"No, allow me…" Optimus began, "to congratulate him on a job well done." The rest of the Maximals exchanged shocked and confused looks.

"Well done Rattrap," said Optimus shaking Rattrap's hand, "You have the chip?"

"Yea, it's a Maximal decoder," said Rattrap producing the chip, "They must've recovered it from some crash wreckage."

"No wonder they could listen in," said Cheetor, "They were using our own tech against us!"

"Certainly clever on their part," noted Tigatron.

"You mean his defection, his betrayal was all a set up?" asked Dinobot.

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Rhinox.

"We had to keep it a secret, to keep his cover safe," said Optimus, "Face it, none of us are great actors."

"Even during the battle?" asked Tigatron.

"Until we got him out of there it was necessary for his safety," answered Optimus, "Although you didn't have to make it that believable." Rattrap shrugged.

"Hey, what can I say?" he said, "I was tryin' ta miss." Optimus smiled as Rattrap pointed and laughed. Finally settling down, the other Maximals joined in.

The End

Author's Note: I felt that the episode didn't explain a lot of the Maximals actions so I added in quite a lot of extra dialogue. As any good novelization, it adds to the story without drawing away from it without a point. I also brought Tigatron in because I felt his exclusion was simply the writers forgetting he was around. I hope you enjoyed. Please R&R!