Title: Learning from the Past
Rating: PG
Word Count: 538
Pairing: Luffy/Ace
Topic: Ace
Type: You'll see.
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: I'm back from outer space! No, not really...But this bit did manage to sneak out from my writer's block. As for why I haven't been writing, it's a mix of school, life, and a disappointment in the OP series in general. But hey, the show must go on!

Luffy's eyes suddenly snapped open, he was staring up at an orange sky. It must have been sunset. His heart was pounding, his stomach clenched and gave him a sickened feel. He could clearly remember the pungent smell of burning flesh, the weight of the brother that had just saved his life as he slumped against him, dying right then and there. Luffy remembered holding onto him tightly, hoping against all hope that he could just keep Ace there, keep him in the world of the living, keep him from slipping away. But it was no use, he could feel Ace slip from his grasp, growing cold with death.

Luffy felt tears leaking from his eyes, he sniveled, wiped them away, and sat up. He looked out at the view of a river, the setting sun made the water glisten and shine. Luffy gave a confused blink, this setting was much different than the one that he woke up from. Across the river were the buildings of a city, the faint sound of cars could be heard as they passed a nearby bridge. Luffy himself was dressed in a red hoodie and jeans rather than the vest and shorts he was in before he woke up.

"Oi! Dumbass!" a voice called out from behind.

Luffy's eyes widened with surprise. Even though he was starting to remember where he was and why he was out here that voice was music to his ears. Looking back Luffy caught sight of Ace, dressed in baggy jeans and a black t-shirt with a spade printed on the front.

"Look, I don't care if you're still pissed at me, come home already!" said the older boy. There was a hidden tone of worry in his voice, he tried to keep it hidden with stubbornness. "And I'm not apologizing either!"

Now he remembered, they had an argument over something stupid a while ago and he stormed out of the house. He remembered the last thing he said to Ace was that he hated him. It was then that that image of his brother dying in his arms played in his head again.

"Hey, are you crying?" It wasn't something Ace was expecting, especially from a kid like Luffy. Before he could say anything else he found himself being caught in a tight hug from the younger boy. "Lu...Are you okay?"

"I'm sorry..." Luffy's voice was muffled, his face was buried into Ace's chest. At that moment it didn't matter what the damn fight was about, he never wanted Ace to think that he hated him.

Ace was blushing at this point, he reached up and lightly ruffled Luffy's hair. "I'm sorry too, alright?" When Luffy finally let him go he made Luffy look up at him. "Come on, what do you say we go and get something to eat, huh?"

Luffy gave a smile and nodded. He took Ace's hand and they started to walk off. He wondered for a moment as to why he even had that dream to begin with. He stole glance at Ace, deep down he knew why. He gave Ace's hand a light squeeze. He was not going to let Ace slip away from him like that ever again.

-The End-

VTM: If you didn't quite get it, basically this is a scenario where Ace and Luffy are in a modern type of setting through reincarnation. I thought it would be interesting given the whole death stuff has finally appeared in the Anime. I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading! I hope to entertain you again sometime soon. *bows as the curtain closes*