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A/Ns: Just a fun little fic that takes a second look at Mamoru and Usagi's first kiss. For example, what if Usagi had been sober? What if Tuxedo Kamen kissed her at some place other than the embassy? What if, what if, what if? Takes place before they find Makoto, therefore Mamoru doesn't know he's Tuxedo Kamen.

Usagi sat in the arcade, chatting up Motoki, when her senses went haywire. The wonderful part of being Sailor Moon: she could sense when a youma was about to attack. "Uh... e-excuse me, Motoki-onii-san," she said, trying to escape, but was stopped when she was hit by one of the youma's claws, scratching her arm. She stumbled back, Motoki catching her before she fell to the ground. She looked around and realized this was not looking good. "M-" Her transformation was cut off by a blood red rose striking the youma's claws. She looked up expectantly to see Tuxedo Kamen himself.

"How dare you hurt these innocent people?" he questioned. "I will not allow it." He threw another rose, this one hitting the youma in the neck, thus destroying it.

"Th-thank you," Usagi blushed nervously, looking away. However, a finger was placed under her chin, directing her face upwards. Her confused eyes met Tuxedo Kamen's deep blue ones, though his were filled with... something. Love? Lust? Either way, it didn't take Usagi a second to realize what was happening as he lowered his face to hers, and she stood on her toes to meet him. Their lips gently pressed together, and Usagi thought she felt a flash of light from beside them.

That didn't matter, though. Not with the way the kiss was headed. Tuxedo Kamen brushed his tongue across her bottom lip, requesting entrance, which she gladly granted. He moved his mouth slightly before picking her up and sitting her down on one of the stools to make things more comfortable for both of them. She moaned- rather loudly- when his lips left hers and attached themselves to her neck. She moved her neck slightly to allow him better access, and to her surprise, his hand began to make its way up her shirt.

She let out a gasp when his hand met its targets, but he silenced her by placing his lips over hers yet again.

Then it was over.

Usagi opened her eyes, confused, to see that Motoki had pulled the superhero off of her and punched him in the face. She turned bright red in realization. "Um... uh... M-Motoki-onii-san, leave him alone," she finally spoke.

Motoki regretfully released the hero, who gave Usagi a simple nod before heading off. Usagi quickly grabbed her schoolbag and ran off as well, the red still staining her cheeks as she escaped the arcade. Kids stared after her, naturally, but neither she nor Tuxedo Kamen had noticed the group of kids with camera phones.

Usagi ran into her house and closed and locked the door, panting heavily.

"Are you okay?" Ikuko asked, showing her motherly concern. Noting the mark on her daughter's neck, she continued, "Usagi, where did you get that mark? Did someone hurt you?"

"N-no, Mama," she managed to breathe out. "I-I'm fine." She lifted her hand to cover the dark red mark that was surely going to stick around for a while. "Um... I-I'm gonna go up to my room, okay?" Without waiting for a response, she rushed up the stairs and into her room, locking the door. She pressed her back against the door, still breathing heavily.

"Usagi-chan?" Luna asked. "Are you okay? What's that mark on your neck?"

"It's nothing," Usagi said, turning bright red. "I just need some sleep." She lay down on the bed, but Luna wasn't going to give up so easily.

"Usagi-chan, did someone hurt you?" Luna demanded. "I swear, if someone did-"

"Luna, it was just Tuxedo Kamen," Usagi half-explained, half-snapped. Taking a breath to calm herself, she added in, "He only kissed me, and it was consentual." Okay, so she didn't excatly give consent, but the way she responded indicated that she was okay with it. Heck, she was more than okay with it!

That didn't seem to calm Luna. "How dare that man! Just walking up to Sailor Moon and kissing her!"

"Uh... I... kind of... wasn't... Sailor Moon... at the time," Usagi confessed, blushing.

"WHAT?" Luna demanded. She prepared to go into a full-on rant, but a knock on the door stopped her.

"Usagi?" Ikuko's voice came through the door. "Are you okay? I thought I heard voices."

"I'm fine, Mama," she replied, but the door still opened.

"Usagi, what on Earth happened today?" Ikuko asked, sitting on the bed with her daughter. She brushed the teen's bangs out of her face. "You're acting strange, you're jumpy, and then there's that hickey on your neck..."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Usagi stated.

"I beg to differ," Ikuko disagreed.

"USAGI!" a panicked voice yelled through the house.

Both women furrowed their eyebrows in confusion before leaping off the bed and rushing downstairs. "Papa?" Usagi asked, confused beyond belief.

"Usagi, today at work, about half my co-workers started buzzing about a new story. Apparently many of their kids sent them pictures and videos of the exact same thing," Kenji explained. "Do you know what that was?"

"A... penguin on a unicycle?" Usagi asked hopefully.

"To be honest, I thought something similar, so you can imagine my surprise when my boss gave me the heads up that he was running this-" He took out a picture and slapped it down on the table in front of him "-on the cover."

The confused Usagi picked up the picture, and her eyes widened upon seeing it. There, staring her right in the face, was the picture of she and Tuxedo Kamen kissing in the arcade, his hand dangerously near the hem of her skirt. "It-it's not what it looks like," Usagi quickly excused. "Th-there was a youma attack and Tuxedo Kamen got knocked out, so I had to perform CPR on him." Yeah, she thought. That'll work. That's a good reason...

"That's not what the wittnesses say," Kenji declared.

"Uh... well... oh, is that Luna calling me? Gotta go, bye!" Usagi started to rush up the stairs, but was cut off by Ikuko before she could reach them.

"Usagi, Luna is a cat," Ikuko stated. "Something makes me think she wasn't calling for you. Come on." She guided her daughter to the couch, where the three of them sat down nevously. "Usagi, first things first: how long have you been seeing this boy?"

"W-We haven't!" Usagi exclaimed. "We just kissed!"

"If I ever see that boy, I will kill him!" Kenji fumed.

"Papa!" Usagi whined. "It was just a kiss!"

"I don't care!" Kenji stated. "If that man ever shows his face again, he'll wish he was never born!"

Usagi opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by Shingo running in from school. "You are not going to believe what I heard!" he exclaimed. "My friend told me Tuxedo Kamen was making out with someone at the Crown Arcade!"

Usagi turned red as Kenji handed Shingo the infamous photo.

"You were with Tuxedo Kamen?" Shingo asked before bursting into laughter. "He must have lost a bet."

"Hey!" Usagi objected.

"Both of you, stop fighting this instant!" Ikuko commanded. The siblings quickly became silent as Ikuko continued. "Dinner is almost ready. All three of you wash up, and we will not speak of what occurred between Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen until after dinner."

The three went to wash their hands, Usagi returning first to set the table. During the dinner itself, however, the blonde remained completely silent throughout dinner, nervously pushing her dinner around with her chopsticks.

"Are you okay, Usagi?" Kenji asked. "Did that boy hur-" Kenji was quickly cut off by Ikuko shooting him a glare. The rest of dinner was eaten in silence, excluding when Shingo occassionally tried to say something to ease the tension.

Usagi insisted on washing the dishes- alone- giving her time to contemplate what she was going to say to her parents. 'Oh, don't worry; he probably just kissed me because he likely found out that I'm Sailor Moon, the senshi of love and justice in a skirt so short that if I bend over more that thirty-degrees, you can see my underwear and a bodysuit so tight guys practically get a free peep show.' Ha, yeah, that'll go over real well.

She sighed nervously sighed as she put the final dish back in its place. She rested her hands on the edge of the kitchen sink, looking down into the drain as though it would tell her everything she needed to know. She stood up straight and fixed her hair before she headed into the living room, where her parents and brother were watching the news. Her jaw dropped when she saw herself on the screen, caught on camera phone, kissing Tuxedo Kamen.

"I waould tell you to explain what happened," Kenji began as the news clip ended, "but it seems there's no need for that anymore."

"Dad, it-it's not what you think," Usagi replied. "It was just... I'm not sure. It was just a one-time thing. I don't even know him; it won't happen again. I promise."

Kenji nodded slowly, accepting the answer and allowing Usagi to escape up to her room. She opened the door and let out an audible gasp upon seeing Tuxedo Kamen standing in her bedroom.

Sigh. Another Sailor Moon fic. Sorry, I know I have a lot of other stories in progress I need to update on, but I just couldn't resist! This little plot bunny was just begging to be written! I had no control over it! And don't you just love my little cliffie at the end? Oh, and before anyone asks, Kenji reacted so well (yes, I call that well; you should have seen my dad when he found out I had a boyfriend, whom I've since broken up with) because Usagi explained that the kiss was spontaneous and wouldn't happen again. If Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen started dating, then he'd be freaking out and getting his shotgun.