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Usagi yawned tiredly as she managed to wake up before Mamoru. It had been three months since Mamoru had discovered his own identity as well as Usagi's as the Moon Princess. This they were keeping under wraps, however, viewing the fact that the senshi would get way past overprotective of her if they knew the truth. They would never get to see each other if that happened!

Usagi had even made sure to keep the girls away from Tuxedo Kamen when she was with him, claiming that he may recognize them if he saw the whole group together. Not only did that keep the girls away from Tuxedo Kamen, but it also convinced them that Usagi had not been deceived by Tuxedo Kamen into telling them who they were.

Currently, they were snuggled up in her bed, Mamoru sleeping and Usagi just waking up. She smiled slightly upon seeing him lying there, looking ever-so-peaceful. He had snuck into her room the previous night, planning to fill the room with roses for when she woke up, but the blonde had still been awake at that time, resulting in the two lying in her bed and talking, eventually falling asleep.

"Usagi!" Ikuko yelled from downstairs, causing Mamoru to snap awake and both to become suddenly alert.

Laughing quietly to themselves, Mamoru pulled on his shirt, and Usagi rushed to change from her pjs to her school uniform. They kissed briefly before Mamoru escaped out the window and Usagi rushed down the stairs.

"I'm going, I'm going!" Usagi exclaimed, picking up her school bag and rushing out the door. Thankfully, most of her popularity had died down, and she was now only a minor celebrity compared to what she had been, allowing her to get to school much faster than it would have been trying to force her way through the crowds.

On the down side, the Dark Kingdom had been keeping a close eye on her. Not that she knew this, of course. They, however, knew she was Sailor Moon after the most recent battle, the battle in which they gained the last rainbow crystal.

Sailor Venus had just arrived, causing a close call, as Zoicite was about to stab Tuxedo Kamen in the shoulder. The other senshi were just arriving as well, transforming on-site, not realizing Kunzite was watching. All had escaped without any harm done, but the identities of the senshi were officially common knowledge in the Dark Kingdom.

Usagi had only been walking down the sidewalk when a red sphere surrounded her. She let out an audible gasp as she felt herself disappear.

"What do you mean 'she didn't show up at school today'?" Kenji demanded over the phone that evening. That got Ikuko's attention. Though she was often tardy, Usagi never just ditched. She listened to her husband argue with the school over the phone for a few more minutes before he hung up. "The school says Usagi didn't show up today. It's probably that no-good boyfriend of hers... She could be hurt, lying in a ditch somewhere!"

"I'm sure she's-" Ikuko was cut off by someone knocking on the door. She approached the door and opened it, only slightly surprised when she saw Tuxedo Kamen there. "Tuxedo Kamen-san?" she asked in confusion.

"Hello, Tsukino-san," the superhero replied. "Have you seen Usako? Is she sick or something? We were supposed to have a date earlier, and she didn't show up."

"No, she wasn't at school, either," Ikuko replied, now growing worried. Ditching school was one thing, but the Tsukino Usagi she knew would not miss out on a date for anything!

Sailor Moon stood in the center of a training room, crescent wand in hand, many unconscious youma around her. Her eyes now shone cold, and she looked... older?

"Well done, Sailor Moon," Kunzite clapped slightly. "I knew you'd make a fine addition to the Dark Kingdom. Only three months of training and you're ready to face the other senshi and Tuxedo Kamen." Kunzite glanced to the girl's neck and became momentarily distracted by the necklace around her neck, which contained a small, black crystal. It was what was keeping Sailor Moon from faltering. She would be easily turned back to good without the necklace, but with it, she was infallible.

The time rift in the Dark Kingdom was helpful, making six months there seem like only a few days on Earth. It had taken three months to turn Sailor Moon to darkness, then another three months to properly train her, but now she was ready. She was now strong, a killer, ready to gain the Ginzuishou and kill the princess.

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