Six Singers

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Near the Tops at night, someone was sneaking there. When he got near the wall, he took out a grappling gun and aim at the very top of the Tops then fire. When it hooked, he started to climb to the top. When he got to the top, he walk to the door and with the glass-cutter, cut the glass and walk through the hole. He sneak quietly through the hall until he reach the door. He walk in the room, which is a baby's room. He sneak to the baby crib, where the baby boy is. He pick the baby up.

"You going to make me rich." The man whispered.

He then, sneak back out. But, when he got to the ground, out of nowhere, Sector Security appeared. The kidnapper run off to the sea with Security right at his tail. He then stop at the end of the dock and turn around as the Security trapped him.

"Stay back or I'll throw this kid in the sea." The kidnapper said.

"Don't do anything stupid." Security said.

"I'm warning you. One step and I'll throw the kid." Kidnapper said.

Suddenly, the dock where the kidnapper is standing, is started to collapse. The kidnapper and baby fall to the sea, but the baby fall on the floating wooden box and float away. The kidnapper rise up but the dock board fall on him and knock him out and back in the water. As the baby fall away in the fog, the Security jump in the sea. A few moments later, they rise up.

"The kidnapper is gone and we can't find the baby." Security said.

"Keep searching." The leader said.


The box where the baby is, went to the shore of Satellite. When he on the shore, three boys came by. One with orange hair named Crow Hogan, other black and yellow hair named Yusei Fudo and last blond hair named Jack Atlas.

"What's that?" Crow asked.

"That a baby in a wooden box on shore." Jack said.

They walk off but suddenly stop.

"A BABY IN A WOODEN BOX ON SHORE! WE NEED TO HELP IT!" they all said at the same time.

They run back to the baby. The wave was moving the box back to the sea but Yusei got the box and pull it back to the shore and crow pick up the baby.

'Boy, he's heavy.' Crow thought.

"Where did he come from?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, but he got a locket there." Yusei said.

Yusei pick up the locket and open it, but there's one problem...

"It's empty." Jack said.

"There a word on the lid." Crow said.

They look at the word that said 'Leo'.

"Leo? Is that the baby's name?" Crow asked.

"I think so. Let take him to Martha, she'll knew what to do." Yusei said.

And so, they carry Leo 'or Crow is' to the cottage where the caretaker Martha live.

(A few moments later)

Yusei, Jack and Crow are sitting on the sofa and Martha sitting on the armchair while feeding Leo with a bottle of milk.

"If we don't know where his parents are, we might have to keep him." Martha said.

"Well, how hard can that be?" Yusei asked.

"Don't say that word." Jack said.


The parents of Leo are in Leo's room with Leo twin sister, Luna.

"Don't honey, I promise that we'll find Leo and bring him home." Twin father said.

The twin father took Luna back to her room. When the door close, the twin mother pick up Leo's teddy bear, sit on her rocking chair and crying.

"My baby..." The twin mother said.

(How was that? The twin separate and soon reunite. What will happen when Leo and Luna see each other? Will they know that they are twin or think they just copying each other? Just to asked you, I was just thinking about Leo with his own Duel Runner, what you think? Just review and let me know.)