Six Signers

Chapter 48: Mark of the Giant part 2

(Last time)

"Yusei, it looks like your game is spinning out of control!" Kalin cackled as Yusei spun back into the fiery wall; the friction slows him down enough that he can stop spinning.

Yusei regained his direction, and came right back, racing after Kalin. Leo is right behind them, watching the Duel.

"But now that you're back on track, I think it's time for me to get serious and settle this once and for all! Then go after that little brat you call Leo." Kalin said.

(On with the show)

Kalin ahead, follow by Yusei then follow by Leo.

"Come on, we're just getting started! If you thought my last attack was something, wait 'til you feel what's coming next! Archfiend's gonna finish Max Warrior with a-"

(IA: 1800-800)

"Hey, what's happened to my monster's ATK points, where'd they go?!" Kalin asked in surprise.

"They disappeared along with my Ghost Gardna. See, once it was destroyed, your monster loses a 1000 ATK points, but hey, don't let that stop you from attacking!" Yusei said.

"I end my turn!" Kalin snapped.

"It's my move, then!" Yusei said.

Yusei draw a card and look at it.

(Yusei's SPC: 2; Kalin's SPC: 4)

'The Kalin I know is still deep inside. But then...' Yusei thought.


"…I'm sorry. But I can't be a part of this plan. You're not thinking clearly anymore. If you're going to do this, you'll have to do it on your own." Yusei said then turned and walked away.

"Wait, Yusei!" Kalin call out.

Yusei ignores him and keeps walking.

Yusei: I thought I was doing the right thing, Kalin, I swear it. I thought if I left you would never go after Sector Security on your own.

Now all alone, Kalin has that mania, that hysterical energy, growing even stronger in his eyes.

(Night time)

A hallway somewhere inside of Sector Security Headquarters.

Yusei: But I should've known better. I should've known that once you made up your mind there was no changing it.

A line of prisoners is marched down a parallel hallway while, in this one, someone in a uniform, though not a street officer, pushes a cart with several confiscated duel disks on it.

Yusei: It was you against Sector Security, and the war wouldn't end until one of you was forced to surrender.

At these confiscated duel disks, the lights around the deck slot begin to flash green.

(Outside of the Sector Security Headquarters)

Kalin is standing on top of a nearby building, wearing a menacing black cloak, watching Security Headquarters. He activates his duel disk.

Yusei: Once I learned that confiscated duel disks, planted with electronic pulse charges, were responsible for wiping out Sector Security's mainframe, I realized the first move had been made.

Kalin draws a card from the top of his deck, and slots it into a spell/trap zone.

Yusei: And that's when I knew that I should've stayed and tried to reason with you!

Kalin declares dramatically to the night...

"Information is power!" Kalin said.


And the duel disks in the hallway explode in a blast of purply-red fire.


Kalin laughs wickedly.

"And without it you're nothing!" Kalin said.

Within moments a few runners and patrol cars are racing out toward him.

"Catch me if you can, copper! Time to see what you're made of!" Kalin said.


"I summon, this fella." Crow said, placing his Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind on the ground.

Crow sat on the ground, playing Duel Monsters with Ginga while Kokoro is watching. A little boy runs up.

"Hey Crow!" The boy said.

"Yeah?" Crow asked.

"Yusei sent me to get you! It seems Kalin attacked Sector Security's headquarters!" The boy said.

Crow stands, thunderstruck.

"He did what?!" Crow asked.


In the old theatre, Jack is sitting on the throne on the stage, eyes closed, when Crow bursts in at the back of the house, behind the audience seating.

"We got trouble!" Crow said.

Jack opens his eyes. He looks slightly annoyed at the interruption, and doesn't seem too surprised; only serious.


Leo is in his room at Martha's place, painting the figure he carved when Taka run in.

"Leo!" Taka said.

Leo looks at Taka, not liking the look of this.


Lightning cracks the sky above and rain pours down as Yusei runs through the rain and Security vehicles race by.


Crow, too, runs, teeth clenched and eyes wide with worry and fear.


Jack screams through the storm...

"Yusei! KALIN!" Jack call out.


Leo run and jump on each nearby roof top.


Kalin stands in the frame of a broken window of the second story of a building, as a spotlight pins him down. A second and a third shine on the window as Kalin ducks out of the light. He's cornered. An officer on a megaphone speaks.

"We've got you surrounded, satellite. Now come out with your hands up!" Officer said.

A few officers carrying batons stand ready in front of the door to the building. They turn to each other and nod. They start to walk toward the door. Jack and Crow run out of the darkness behind them, leap over their heads, and run through the front door.


Yusei stands on the roof of an adjacent building. He leaps from the rooftop, a substantial fall, and grabs the railing of an outside staircase with both hands. He swings a bit then pulls himself up and leaps the railing. He opens the outside door on the stairs and slips inside.


Leo is near the building that Kalin is inside. Leo is walking backwards to get a good start.

'Here goes...' Leo thought.

With that, Leo run to the end and make a big jump to that building. Leo badly made it. He went through the vent.


Kalin, crouching out of the light blasting through the window, pulls his deck out of its slot, skims it one last time. This is his last stand.

'I hope they're ready for a fight… 'Cause I sure am!' Kalin thought.

Kalin slots his deck once more and activates his duel disk. Just then, Jack and Crow burst through the door. They don't even have to say anything, they just activate their own duel disks. Yusei crashes through one of the few windows in the room that hadn't been broken yet, ninja-style, and activates his duel disk. Leo kicks the vent and landed, activates his duel disk. Kalin begins to laugh hysterically as his three big friends and one small friend walk over.

"I knew it! I just knew you wouldn't miss this! The Enforcers are back and better than ever!" Kalin said.

"Listen, Kalin. We're not here to fight, we're here to try and end this." Jack said.

"You've gone too far this time!" Leo said.

"I haven't gone far enough!" Kalin said.

Kalin gripped their shoulders as though in a huddle, shoulders shaking with more crazy laughter. He then walked to the lit window and looked down to the large group of Security, his face a mask of wicked glee.

"Now listen up; this is the moment we've been waiting for! After this duel, Satellite will be ours. You hear that, Sector Security! The Enforcers are gonna run you out of here!" Kalin said.

Yusei, Jack, Crow and Leo watch solemnly. Yusei murmurs, unnoticed by the others.

"I can end this." Yusei muttered.

(End of flashback)

'And I really thought I could. I was naïve and worried about you. I let you down. But I've learned my lesson, and I won't let that happen again. If I could go back and do it all over, I would. Just like you risked everything for Leo that day…' Yusei thought.


"Leo, we're team!" Kalin said.

(End of flashback) (That was fast.)

'And for saving Leo's life, I'm now here to risk everything for you.' Yusei thought.

"I summon Junk Synchron in attack mode." Yusei said.

Junk Synchron

Level 3




A small, mechanical looking warrior with a white scarf appeared.

"And now I'm gonna tune it and my Speed Warrior in order to Synchro Summon Junk Warrior!" Yusei said.

Two Yusei's monsters disappear.

"Let's rev it up!" Yusei said.

Junk Warrior

Level 5




A tall, blue mechanical warrior with a white scarf and plane wings on its shoulders appeared. Its eyes glowed red and its right hand was a heavy fist.


Tiara runs in the pipe. Rex, wanting to finally get a cat (There are no Cats or Dogs except Rex in the Satellite. Just let you know.), place his head in the pipe. Tiara got out of the other side and run off. Leo's dog got his head out and went after Luna's cat.


"Next I reveal my trap card, Synchro Striker Unit! And with it in play, I can now increase Junk Warrior's ATK points by 1000!" Yusei said.

Yusei's trap created a long, slim and rectangular laser rifle that then attached to Junk Warrior.

(JW: 2300-3300)

"Time to fight! Max Warrior, take out Infernity Archfiend! And remember, when Max Warrior goes in for an attack, he gains 400 ATK points!" Yusei said.

(MW: 1800-2200)

"Go, Swift Rush!" Yusei ordered.

Max Warrior is about to attack.

"You've underestimated me, Yusei! I reveal my trap card! Infernity Force! Now if you attack an Infernity monster when I have no cards in my hand, Infernity Force deflects the attack, and obliterates your monster!" Kalin said.

"Huh!" Yusei gasped as his warrior was destroyed.

"And not only that, but I can now harness the power of this trap and summon a weaker Infernity monster from my graveyard! I summon, Infernity Necromancer!" Kalin said.

Infernity Necromancer

Level 3




A skeleton-like creature with greyish hair and wore a ragged purple cloak appeared.

"Not bad, Kalin. But let's see you stop Junk Warrior from attacking your Dragon!" Yusei said.

The Striker Unit hummed loudly as it charged. And when Junk Warrior squeezed the trigger, it released a surge of glowing light that pierced the One Hundred Eye Dragon straight through the giant eye on its chest. Few moments passed until the demonic beast exploded into nonexistent bits of debris.

Kalin: 4000-3700

"Nice one, Yusei!" Leo called.


"Hey, why is Kalin laughing...?" Crow asked.

"Who am I talking to?" Crow asked.


And Kalin was indeed laughing.

"When One Hundred Eye Dragon is destroyed, I can select any card I want from my deck and add it to my hand. You might remember this monster..." Kalin said.

A card slide out of the deck and Kalin take it.

'I knew it. One Hundred Eye Dragon was just a setup!' Yusei thought.

Kalin looked over his shoulder at Yusei, snickering, as they both knew what that card was

'I better build a defense, and fast!' Yusei thought.

"I place one card face-down and end my turn! And since it's my end-phase, Junk Warrior now loses its power boost, since the effect of my Synchro Striker Unit wears off." Yusei said.

(JW: 3300-2500)

Kalin cackled and flipped the card in his hand; of course it was Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu!

'If that is what I think it is, then Yusei is in deep trouble!' Leo thought.

Yusei and Kalin race onward, neck and neck, as Leo speeding behind them.


Crow is watch anxiously.

'Come on, Yusei. Don't lose sight a' what you came here to do! I know Kalin's an old friend. I know we've all got history, but... you're here to defeat him, not to save him. You and Leo have already tried doing that before, way back then...' Crow thought.


Wide-beam spotlights shine through the pouring rain as they light up one by one. The Security officer with the pointy mustache and his troops- seven with riot shields, at least two more besides with duel disks, three on runners, at least one car, and two large tank like machines with spotlights mounted on top- stand there in the rain, besieging the building.

"We only want your leader! Turn him in, and the rest of you are free to go!" The leader (The pointy mustache) said through megaphone.

Inside one of the upper-story rooms, Kalin stands to the side of the window, out of sight. Yusei, Jack, Crow and Leo are away from the windows, out of sight. The only furniture in their stronghold is a row of lockers, a green couch, and a table.

"Not a chance, copper!" Kalin said.

Yusei, Jack, Crow and Leo look at each other. Kalin leans against the window frame, looking contemptuously over his shoulder at the assembled forces and laughing. He hears a sound and looks back inside. Yusei, Jack, Crow and Leo are removing their duel disks and placing them on the table.

"Wha? Whoa! What're you guys doing? Are you giving up? If we surrender then it's all been for nothing! Let's get out there and fight!" Kalin said.

"Get real and wake up!" Jack said.

"This little revolution of ours has gone way too far, man." Crow said.

"Wait, are you serious?" Kalin asked.

"Kalin, look. We can still escape out back." Yusei said.

Kalin almost laughs, still with that frenzied, manic look in his eyes.

"Escape? No way, I'm sick of running from these guys! Let's end this here, let's kick them out of Satellite for good! Don't you see?! This is our big moment, right here!" Kalin said.

"Right nothing. Our 'big moment' is never coming, Kalin." Jack said.

"Guys, come on!" Kalin said.

Kalin looks from Leo's face, to Jack's face, to Yusei's, to Crow's as Yusei speaks; all of them are completely serious.

"Things weren't supposed to go this far. Let's just get outta here while we still can. Come on, man." Yusei said.

"I'm sorry Kalin. We all are, but it's over!" Leo said.

Kalin stumbles backward, distraught, confused, unable to accept what he just heard.

"This can't be happening. Not here! Not now! We can't just give up!" Kalin said.

Something explodes; Security is firing something at the side of the building, and the room rocks.

"We need to get outta here, like, now!" Yusei said.

"Agree!" Leo said.

Outside, the officers with the Leader was done waiting.

"Duel them if you have to, just take them down!" Leader said.

The three runners were the first forward, zooming out into the night. A pack of officers with duel disks ran up a fire escape as the four Enforcers ran across the catwalk above. They couldn't catch up to the Enforcers before they leapt the edge of the building.

Crow: We ran as fast as we could. We could've gotten away. But Kalin couldn't leave well enough alone. And that's when things finally came to a head.

Sometime later, Kalin runs down an alleyway alone, then stops and looks up into the falling rain.

"What's the point? There's nowhere to run in Satellite." Kalin said.

Kalin hears the noise of a runner engine and turns. One of the Security officers on runners has caught up with him. Kalin turns to face him, looking crazy again.

"If I'm gonna go down, then I'm gonna go down fighting! Let's Duel! I draw, I summon Vorse Raider in attack mode!" Kalin said.

With a snarl, the savage Beast-Warrior appeared, raising its halberd. The officer retorts.

"You dunno when you're beaten, do you! Fine. If it's a duel you want... I summon Montage Dragon!" The Officer said.

The three-headed dragon destroyed Vorse Raider, and the officer rode straight at Kalin, who has nowhere to run and knew it. The officer turned sideways, going into a skid.

"You're finished!" Officer said.

Kalin gasped, then noticed something above him. When the officer hits the space Kalin was standing in a moment ago, he could not react fast enough before Kalin, who had jumped up and grabbed the end of a fire escape ladder above, jumped down and landed on the back of the runner. The officer took off riding, trying to shake him off; Kalin grabbed him in a headlock.

Leo appeared at the other end of the alley, in time to see Kalin and the officer zoom past, wrestling for control of the runner.

"Kalin! No! Kalin, stop!" Leo called out.

The runner crashed through a solid wall and went flying through the air; both Kalin and the officer were thrown off, yelling. The runner hits the ground and spun a few times. The blood-stained agent lay unconscious, while Kalin groaned and stood up.

"That's it... You asked for it!" Kalin said, gasped.

"I... am gonna-"


Leo tackled him aside before he can do anything to the officer, and they were fighting and wrestling, rolling over and over through the soaking wet alleyway. Finally, Leo was able to pin Kalin to the ground.

"Let me go, Brat, we have to stop them! We have to fight back! We can't let them win!" Kalin yelled.

As Leo pins Kalin, Yusei, Jack and Crow run up behind them.

Later, Security cars search the streets while the Enforcers hide in a building somewhere. Yusei's looking out the window, back to the wall beside it to stay out of sight. At the back of the room, Jack and Crow were each gripping one of Kalin's arms, restraining him while Leo hides behind Jack.

"Yusei. It's only a matter of time before they find us." Jack warned.

Yusei looked into Kalin's eyes as the prisoner glared at him. Kalin looked almost ill, breathing heavily even though Yusei has long since caught his breath; there was little doubt that he would fight anything he could, including Yusei, if Jack and Crow let him go. Also Yusei about would happen to Leo if Kalin attack him, or would happen to both if Securities got them. Yusei seems to have made the decision in that moment, and turned his back, his face hard.

"You guys stay here." Yusei said.

As Yusei went off...

"Yusei!" Leo said.

Leo run to Yusei and hug him from behind.

"Don't go. We need to stay together." Leo said in sadness and worry.

Yusei know this is going to happen. So, manages to unwrap Leo's arms, Yusei turn, kneel down and place his hand on Leo's shoulder.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. But I need you to take care of Martha, Dr. Schmidt and other kids they look after. Can you do that for me?" Yusei asked.

Leo thought for the while before he nodded.

"That's my brave brother." Yusei said, ruffling Leo's hair.

Yusei walked out into the street, and three Security cars stopped at the nearest intersection, appearing from all directions. It did not take long for Yusei to be surrounded with headlights, and more Security appeared from every direction.

"I'm the leader of the Enforcers! I'm the one who's been organizing and planning the attacks! You said if I turned myself in, the others could go free. Well here I am!" Yusei said.

"Yusei!" Crow's voice said.

Yusei looked to see an officer with Crow by the shoulder, and five more are clustered around him, Jack and Leo. They have already been apprehended. The captain walked over to Yusei.

"We did say it was the leader of the rabble we were after, but we know who the real leader is!" Leader said.

Yusei looked up; a pair of Security officers were leading Kalin out.

I'm the one in charge!" Yusei pleaded.

"Do you think we're stupid? You can't fool us." Leader said.

The leader pointed at a pair of paramedics wheeling the officer who crashed earlier on a gurney.

"But that's cute that you tried to take the fall and protect your little friend." Leader said, patted Yusei patronizingly on the shoulder.

As Kalin was being hauled into the van, he looked back to see the captain patting Yusei on the shoulder, with a sickened smug on his face.

"Good job." the captain said, chuckled before he walked away.

Kalin could not believe his eyes, could not believe what he was seeing. This can't be true. Yusei will never betray him. Things are getting bad to worse since that kid left the team- the Kid!

"LEO!" Kalin said.

Leo head snapped toward the source of the screech, who lunged forward, but was dragged back by the two Security officers gripping his arms and towing him toward the van.

"Look what you done, Brat! You got Jack and Crow turn against the team! Now you got Yusei sell out his best friend like this! This is your entire fault!" Kalin said.

"You're wrong, Kalin, I-" Leo try to say.

"Kalin, no! Leo has nothing to do with this!" Yusei try to say.

The two Security officers threw Kalin into the prison van. He scrambled to his hands and knees, fighting like crazy to get at Yusei's little brother.

"MARK MY WORD! YOU'LL PAY, TRAITOR!" Kalin hoarse screaming was cut off by the steel doors slamming in his face.

The van drove off as Kalin hollered Leo's name.

As Sector Securities went off, Yusei, Jack and Crow turn to Leo who's back against the wall in darkness guilt.

(End of flashback)

"Things were getting out of hand. The riots and the fighting had to stop; you had to stop! But I was trying to help you, Kalin! I was trying to save you!" Yusei said.

"You think I believe you?! That little softy brat made you sold me out, man!" Kalin said.


"Not true! Yusei was trying to surrender to Sector Security in your place!" Crow said from his Duel Runner's console.

"Nobody should've surrendered, we should've stood up to them together! You backed down when things got tough! You let Sector Security take over Satellite!" Kalin said.

Crow's eyes went wide.


"So as far as I'm concerned you DID betray me!" Kalin said.

"I wanted to help you!" Yusei disputed.

"Well, with help like yours who needs help! Besides, if you cared 'so much' about me, why didn't you come an' visit me in the Facility?! Huh, Yusei?!" Kalin said.

"He tried to visit you, plenty a' times. But every time we came by, they turned us away!" Leo said.

Leo looked away from the Duel, pained.

"Man, I can't imagine what they did to you in there!" Leo said.

"Of course you can't, 'old friend'! I coulda handled the insults and the beatings, but they... They took my deck from me! I had nothing to my name then! I had might as well have buried myself alive! But then..." Kalin said.


Weeks had passed after Kalin had been sentenced. He was sitting in a corner of a dark prison cell he was throun into, huddled with his knees to his chest. His attire was tattered and his skin was bruised from the constant beatings. There was nothing to look forward to in a place such as this, except for the punishment and abuse he had to endure daily. Slowly his mind was wearing away. He constantly wondered how long until his mind breaks completely...

"Kalin... Oh, Kalin..." a voice echoed in Kalin's ears.

Its tune sang like a canary. However, Kalin decided to ignore the strange voice, overlooking it as a mere delusion. Suddenly he could hear footsteps in the silence of his cell. He thought it was one of the guards, but then remember the he never heard the door opened. He could spot a pair of feet exposing themselves under the moonlight neat the barred window.

"Hello, anybody home?" A figure asked.

Kalin looked up, but not enough for his eyes to be shown. He could see a person in a black cloak looking down to him.

"Looks like I managed to grab your attention. Let me give you a bit of introduction..." the cloak figure said.

The figure bent down close to Kalin's level.

"I'm a messenger from beyond the underworld." The Messenger said.

Still Kalin refused to raise his head.

"My master of the dead, know what happened to you. You were born into a life full of pain and misery. You decided to take matters into your own hands and try to make a difference. You gained followers who support you wherever you go, to liberate Satellite from the hell it was forced into. But it was only a matter of time before they betrayed you." A Messenger said.

Kalin's curiosity finally overwhelmed him and decided to look up, where he could see a skull under the black hood. The cloak skeleton could finally see Kalin's eyes. Kalin's eyes looked tired, bitter, miserable, and far past the point of despair.

"My master's friend can make all that go away. He can grant you power to make a bigger difference. All you have to do is accept the mark of a Dark Signer. And then, you will be free. You will be unstoppable. You will duel again. And finally, you will be able to raise hell on all who have opposed you." The Messenger said.

Their words were like the sweetest candy to Kalin's ears. He was being pulled by their influence. As weakened as he is, he was hopeless to resist.

"Good. But I only want revenge on one person. Just one..." Kalin said before finally, he slumped over, no longer to stay conscious.

The cloak skeleton even with the skull head, smile before he fall apart.

(End of flashback)

"I gave myself to the shadows so that I could have this one moment! This moment, where I make you feel the terror and the pain that you made me feel when you turned your back on me! It's my move!" Kalin said.

Kalin draw a card and look at it.

(Yusei's SPC: 3; Kalin's SPC: 5)

"And I now sacrifice Infernity Archfiend, and Infernity Necromancer!" Kalin said.

Kalin's two monsters turned into orbs of light and flew upward, combining to form the stone heart of the Earthbound Immortal.

"I summon to the field, Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu!" Kalin said.

A beam of light soared from his upraised card to the heart in the sky, and it began to pulse, gradually picking up pace. A fiery column of purple light shot from ground to sky, sending energy rippling across the clouds. The ground rumbled, and...

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

Level 10




The massive black golem with glowing blue designs, appeared.

"With that guy out..." Yusei said.

"It's the end of the line! Man, I've been waiting a long time to say... Ccapac Apu, send Leo's bodyguard to the Netherworld!" Kalin ordered.

Ccapac Apu reached for Yusei and his runner; the ground erupted beneath the Giant's arm, blown apart by the sheer energy.


Tiara just lose the dog.

"That was close." Tiara said.

Tiara sit down and grooming herself. Suddenly, a big paw covers the cat's eyes.

"Guess who?" a male voice asked.

"Hum... Rex the Satellite Dog?" Tiara guessed.

Suddenly Tiara's cat face press against Rex's dog face.

"REX THE SATELLITE DOG!" Tiara yelled before make a run for her nine lives.

"I love doing that on the cat." Rex said before he chases Tiara again with braking.


'The last time we Dueled and he summoned this Earthbound Immortal, my duel runner's wheel broke before it could attack, ending the duel early. But that's not gonna happen this time. This time I'm bringing that Earthbound Immortal down to earth! I hope this plan works! Here goes everything!' Yusei thought.

"I reveal my trap card, Baton of the Hero! And with it in play, I'm now allowed to choose the target of your monster's attack!" Yusei said.

"So that means-" Kalin said, gasped.

"That your Immortal's attacking Junk Warrior!" Yusei said.

Junk Warrior flew up into the Giant's hand, and exploded, showering Yusei with dust.

Yusei: 2700-2200

"Way to throw your monster out as a shield. But this attack isn't over! Not yet! 'Cause when your monster gets destroyed, you take damage equal to your monster's ATK points!" Kalin said.

Ccapac Apu glows.

"If that move succeeds, then Yusei is a goner!" Leo said.


"Come on, Yusei!" Crow said.


"I activate this, Kalin: the trap Burst Synchro Summon!" Yusei said.

A shield appeared above to protect him from damage.

"Now my Life Points are safe from taking any damage! And then, due to the power of my trap, I can bring out a monster whose ATK points are the same as the amount of damage I would've taken!" Yusei said.

"The only monster I know that is powerful in Yusei's is Stardust Dragon!" Leo said.


"That's what I'm talking about!" Crow said.


"Stardust Dragon, let's rev it up!" Yusei called as the energy shield disappeared, formed into a ball of energy and his signature dragon appeared with stardust streaming out of its wings.

Stardust Dragon

Level 8




The dragon introduced itself with a roar.

"Well you finally managed to summon your favourite monster!" Kalin said, laughed as he concluded with a face-down.

"Do you actually think it's gonna make a difference?!" Kalin said.

"Time to find out!" Yusei declared.

Yusei draw a card and look at it.

(Yusei's SPC: 4; Kalin's SPC: 6)

"Not so fast! I reveal the trap card, Brilliant Shrine Art! Now when you attack your monster has to face my Earthbound Immortal!" Kalin said.

"...But my Stardust Dragon doesn't stand a chance against that thing. I'm gonna need some backup, so I activate the Angel Baton Speed Spell! Now since I have two or more Speed Counters, I can draw 2 cards and send one from my hand to my graveyard!" Yusei said.

Yusei draw two more cards and look at them. He then discard a card.

"And the card I sent to the graveyard was Stardust Xiaolong! But with Stardust Dragon already summoned, I can instantly resurrect Xiaolong to the field in ATK mode!" Yusei said.

Stardust Xiaolong

Level 1




A serpentine dragon with akin features to the original Stardust appeared.

"I set one card face-down and end my turn." Yusei said.

"This is getting good, Yusei!" Kalin said.

Kalin draw a card and look at it.

(Yusei's SPC: 5; Kalin's SPC: 7)

"You got that right, and after I play my trap Superior Protector... it's only gonna get better! See, with this card equipped to Stardust Dragon, I can only take battle damage if Stardust battles." Yusei said.

'Perfect! Now that Earthbound Immortal can't attack Yusei directly. But wait...' Leo thought.

"All you've done is made your Dragon a target! Now all I need to do is crush it, so that I can crush you!" Kalin said.

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu towered over the field, reaching one black hand for Stardust Dragon as though to grab it right out of the air.

"Looks like you and your Stardust Dragon are about to get sent to the Netherworld!" Kalin said.

"Not if I send Superior Protector to the graveyard to protect us!" Yusei said.

"Nice move, but you're still taking battle damage! Earthbound Immortal! End this now!" Kalin ordered.

The Giant's hand got to Stardust Dragon, but wasn't destroyed. A wave of impact got to Yusei and Yusei cried out in pain as he took the hit.

Yusei: 2200-1700

The ground around the Giant's feet began to cave and erode; the road cracked, and Kalin was forced down into the side of the road that was sinking and smashing itself to pieces, forced to the edge of the purple fire.

"Kalin!" Leo said.

Leo speeding up to get himself between Kalin and fire wall. Then, using his Duel Runner, try to push Kalin away. However because of the broken road and Leo's Duel Runner is smaller than Kalin's, they both slowly heading to the purple fire.

"Kalin, Leo!" Yusei said.

Yusei, on the edge of the fracturing sinkhole, veered down onto the broken track, closer to both Kalin and Leo.

"Leo! What are you doing?!" Kalin asked in shock.

"Saving you! We're still a team!" Leo said as he push hard.

Kalin was shocked as it caused him to remember when he saved Yusei from falling off a building back then...

"You two! Take my hand!" Yusei call out.

Kalin looks up as Yusei was actually offering him his hand.

"If there's anyone's fault, it's mine! I made the wrong call, Kalin! I thought I could help you, I thought, 'maybe if I take the heat Kalin will turn himself around!' But I get it now! You and I are friends! I should've found a way for us to fix things together! I should've stood by you!" Yusei said.

Leo's mark began to glow.


"Tiara! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty! I have your favourite treat!" Luna call out for her beloved cat.

Luna's mark also glows.


And so has Jack's. He looked at it, then off into the distance toward the duel.


And even Akiza's.

"I can feel us all drawing together...!" Akiza said.

Yusei's mark shone like a beacon, even brighter as he reached toward Kalin.

"Jack, Crow and Leo feel the same way, Kalin! And right now, like back then, we're fighting alongside our friends for something we believe in! But I'm not fighting to defeat you! You have to believe me! I'm trying to save you! I'm trying to save my friend from the Dark Signers!" Yusei said.

"Your friend? ...You can't! It's too late!" Kalin said.

Kalin then screamed as he slid down further toward the fire.

"It's. Never. Too. Late!" Leo said as he and his Duel Runner push as harder as ever.

Yusei cried out for his friend and little brother as his mark glowed even brighter, before it vanished. Soon enough, his back was etched with the crimson light, forming the arched seal of the Crimson Dragon.


"That the same thing happen to Leo!" Crow said.


"We're all in this together, right now we're all as one!" Yusei said.

Suddenly the top card of Yusei's deck started glowing bright golden.

"Something's calling to me... Time to find out what!" Yusei declared.

Yusei draw the shining card and look at it.

(Yusei's SPC: 6; Kalin's SPC: 8)

"Of course, that's what I've gotta do! Just like the others and I had to become a team to fight the Dark Signers, my monsters have to unite to win this duel! And to make sure that happens, I summon Majestic Dragon to the field in ATK mode!" Yusei said.

Majestic Dragon

Level 1




A small, pink tadpole-shaped creature with spoke-styled wings appeared.

"Next, I tune Majestic Dragon with my Stardust Dragon and Stardust Xiaolong!" Yusei said.

Stardust and Xiaolong soared high, one beneath the other, and Majestic Dragon rolled over midair and spread its spoked wings wide. It grew bigger, beginning to shine pink, until Stardust and Xiaolong were surrounded with pink light.

"And now it's time I Synchro summon... Majestic Star Dragon!" Yusei said.

The myriad of stars zoomed into place and aligned with Majestic Dragon's core star, creating a wash of light. It engulfed Yusei and then...

Majestic Star Dragon

Level 10




A massive white crystalline dragon with spoked wings like Majestic Dragon's, appeared.

Yusei's new dragon is the next level beyond Stardust. Its design is futuristic, with spoked wings, built perhaps for space but not for flying through the sky. It's very presence causes the air to shimmer with iridescent light.

"Kalin, your Earthbound Immortal's special abilities are powerless against my mighty dragon! In fact, my dragon can absorb them all and use them against you! Go, Sublimation Drain!" Yusei ordered.

The air around the Giant began to sparkle with little blue lights. The monster reeled, confused and weakened. Majestic Star Dragon absorbed the lights, looking right at the huge Immortal, into its heart.

"And now, Majestic Star Dragon... end this duel! Attack with Star Shine Shred!" Yusei ordered.

Majestic Star, now shining with blue light, folded back its wings and bulleted toward Ccapac Apu, indeed appearing to be a shooting star. It blasted right through the Immortal's chest and flew out the other side, not even scratched, soaring away into the sky as the Immortal collapsed behind it, bleeding out all the souls it had absorbed. A huge wave of darkness exploded from its back, threatening to engulf the Dragon, but Majestic Star easily outran it. As Yusei looked down, he saw Kalin's runner skid out of control, plunging both Kalin and Leo into the geoglyph flames.

"Hang on, you two!" Yusei said.

Majestic Star Dragon dove down, penetrating through the geoglyph flames to grab up Kalin and Leo into its body before flying up again, Yusei holding Kalin in his arms with Leo by Yusei's side.

"Come on, stay with me! I'm not giving up this time; this time, I'm gonna save you." Yusei said.

Kalin opened his eyes and looked up at Yusei; his eyes had turned their normal colour again. Kalin then, turn to Leo.

"Leo... I spent years hating you and planning my revenge. I let my anger devour me and I willingly gave myself to the darkness...! But in beating me, Yusei... you've found your friend, and although the shadows await..." Kalin said.

Yusei and Leo gasped.

"... I need you to promise me something, Yusei, Leo. Stop beating yourself up over what happened. I'm the one who really messed things up. But now, finally, here at the very end, you did what you set out to do; you saved me!" Kalin said.

"Kalin..." Signers said.

"You're not going to go and do something stupid like... lose to the Dark Signers... are you two?" Kalin asked.

Yusei and Leo shook their head no. Kalin smiled, peaceful and benign.

"Don't back down, Yusei. No matter what happens... push the shadows back where they belong...!" Kalin said.

With a small gasp of pain, Kalin turned to black dust, evaporating in Yusei's arms. The Signer stared at them; even knowing this would happen could not soften the pain.

"Kalin..!" Yusei said.

"No..." Leo said.

A while later, Yusei and Leo standing alone, staring out at the desolate Satellite landscape. Yusei and Leo's shoulders were shaking.

"They came to you when you were afraid and hurt. They took advantage of your pain. They twisted you so that they could use you as their pawn! They won't get away with it! I won't let these Dark Signers win..." Yusei said.

"They'll pay for this... THEY'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!" Leo cried out into the heavens.

(How is that? Next time, it's Leo's turn but to make sure Leo won't use Ancient Fairy's special ability, Roman is going to new Duel way. Will Leo win? Just wait and see.)