Greetings people of the world! This is my second Hetalia story and I decided to try something out. This is going to be a crack fic, and I have a pretty popular one back in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom. So, let me know how you like this! =D


1. Cherish shared cultures

With both Austria and France sharing common songs, the French nation somehow got the frugal musician to join him in the cancan with Hungary and her video camera close behind.

2. Play Battleship

The harmless game that America introduced to England and Spain quickly turned for the worst. In about 10 minutes, it ended up with Romano and America finding Spain in the fetal position sobbing about his lost armada and England with an evil grin on his face and yelling at them all in the olden pirate language.

3. Tell the younger territories about past conquests

After England told Sealand of all the great adventures of the great British Empire, the young boy expressed a thoughtful look before disappearing for a week.

When America got a call from Florida shortly followed by a call from his precious Iggy, he found out the micro nation had conquered Sea World in Orlando.

4. Eat only one thing for a year

After pleading for days, Italy finally annoyed Germany so much that the German snapped.

"Alright Italy. If you can eat your precious pasta every day, for every meal, for an entire year, I will not bother you about it anymore."

"Ve~! Okay Germany!"

A year later, the blond regretted his words as Italy had made it without a single complaint.

5. Visit Tourist Sights

When Gilbert hear that there was a tourist spot in Germany where there were literally beer baths, he promptly kidnapped his brother in search of this rare find.

He was soon a regular customer.

For number 5, there is an actual place in Germany that has that. XD