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331. Slaughter your Competition

Brazil was clearly the fan favorite to win the World Cup due to its host status and enthusiastic fans. Hell, even America once Belgium knocked him out was cheering on the South American team.

Well, that was until Germany made his grand appearance and effectively made a bloodbath on the field of Brazil's World Cup dreams.

"But Germany~ Brazil was your friend! You were even helping him out and hanging out before you guys had to play each other!~"

"Ja, Italy. But we both decided to not go easy on each other."

"But 5 goals in the first half hour!"

"Like I said."

It wasn't surprising that Germany ended up winning the entire thing only for Prussia to steal the trophy and begin his merciless bragging that would continue for the next four years.

332. Go on Vacation

Britain normally would avoid going over to America's place at all costs due to the fact that if he went over there willingly multiple times, America would get the wrong idea and start dragging him around everywhere much to the older country's chagrin. However, exceptions could be made when there were circumstances such as this.

"You have an entire theme park for Harry Potter."

"Yeah dude! Diagon Alley just opened up like 2 weeks ago and it's so totally awe-"

"Shut up and take me there before I regret deciding to vacation here for a month."


333. Create a Rules and Experience Book

It took centuries of chaos and most likely centuries more in the future to at least calm down some of the insane antics of the personified countries but it was a near unanimous decision to start piecing together a book of guidelines of things to try or things to avoid at all costs based on true experiences of the countries themselves. It took a little over three years to piece together but it was finally done. The one copy.

Until Italy lost it.

It wasn't until a female human happened upon it and found it hilarious and began to post it on a fiction story website because, I mean, none of this could ever be real!

Could it?