Ruby here.

This story, for right now at least, is put on hold. I'm not that fond of the way I have the first chapter up, so I might end up rewriting the whole thing at some point.

I'll be leaving sometime tomorrow for six days, so don't expect anything too recent. Or... like, soon.

And since I'm considerably sick of people nagging me (not just in the reviews) about this, here it is:


You weren't all horrible, but some of you were. If I don't update, it usually means I'm busy, with something else occupying my time. Or I don't have any ideas. For this story, both come into play.

I have too many things on my plate right now. Story-wise and life-wise.

I'll update when is convenient for me, when and if I get any ideas. Just hang on 'till then, okay? I understand it's been a while, but a majority of my stories are like that at the moment.