When he first saw him with his father, his first thought was that he was awfully pale, even by vampire standards. His second was that he had entrancing eyes, a beautiful deep amethyst.

He's… human?

It's starting…

You can hear it, can't you?

The sound of the moon separating….

When the school was attacked, his friends nearly killed, he'd made a choice. He was scared, and combined with his anger towards Rabi and the other attackers, he ignored the consequences and tore into that pale neck and latched onto the blood source.

I'll give you the power to fight…

Yosugara's blood was so warm…

His neck so pale, so soft…

Aldred found himself pulling on Yosugara's collar to get more of the crimson liquid down his throat. He felt… invincible. Powerful. For a single, insane, and serene moment, he forgot about his friends, forgot about the school and the other students. Then he ripped himself away from the human's neck.

Kei's eyes were wide, shocked. Aldred could tell his were just as wide.

The blood that trailed from his neck tantalized him, and he dove back down, not seeing the pale feathers that drifted up from the human. The power was endless, and it thrilled him to near completion.

Aldred screamed. The explosion shook the earth below.

A pale hand with black fingernails wrapped tightly around the handle of a beautifully formed lance.