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Chapter 12

Viktor stepped in front of Harry. "Wands at the ready."

"We need to get out of here," Fleur said.

"The portkey is no longer active and we don't know where we are so Apparation is out of the question," Cedric said.

Harry felt a high level of panic shoot through him. He recognized it from the bond from his father. "Dad knows we're missing. He'll find us. I know he will."

They saw a mousy looking man come forward with a bundle in his arms. Harry cried out softly, feeling Voldemort near. He cast an unintentional disillusionment charm on the other champions. "What are you doing?" Cedric hissed as all 3 grabbed him.

"They will want me. I won't risk you dying. I can stall them. Prepare the wards for more arrivals, both good and bad," he whispered. A moment later, he was flung against a tall headstone and tied in place. "Wormtail!" he screamed at the man.

"You will be paying for your arrogance. My master has said so." He dropped the bundle which Harry realized was Voldemort. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given."

A bone lifted out from the grave below him and Harry nearly cried out in shock. "Remember the power of words," Fleur said in his ear softly, still unseen by the minion.

"Flesh of the servant willingly sacrificed," Wormtail cried out as he sliced off his hand. He walked toward Harry, the knife out. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken."

Just before the knife reached him, Harry closed his eyes, willing the blood to leave his arm and enter the cauldron. "There, my blood!"

There was a high keening noise that caused Harry to cry out in pain until he felt Fleur's magic layering several times over his ears as well as her hands to keep as much of the noise out as she could as he was still bound. Moments later the cauldron exploded. The gravestones in a 10 yard vicinity were destroyed, including the angel holding Harry. He and Fleur were both blown backward, landing painfully on piles of rubble. The disillusionment charm on the other champions faded as Harry wavered in and out of consciousness. Viktor bound a bleeding Wormtail and stupefied the already unconscious rat. Cedric helped Fleur up, as she was only a little battered and bruised, being thrown sideways from where she had been, due to the angles of everything. All 3 circled around Harry and knelt next to him: Fleur holding his head still, Cedric slowly and gently breaking apart the rocks under the boy, Viktor casting diagnostic charms to see where his injuries were, immobilizing him in places when necessary.

It was another 15 minutes or so before the distinctive sound of Apparation sounded. Severus was the first of the adults, though he was soon joined by Amelia Bones, Amos Diggory, Nikolai Krum, and Andre Delacour, to reach the champions. Nikolai took over the medical aspect from his son, allowing Viktor to join Cedric in removing the rocks.

"Harry, come on, sweet boy, look at me baby," Severus said repeatedly until he was able to focus his eyes enough to look at his father.


"That's right, baby, I'm here. I need you to stay awake, alright?"

"Tired," he muttered.

"I know, sweetie, but you have to stay awake. Tell me what happened, baby."

"Tired, hurts," he muttered, closing his eyes again after a couple minutes of trying, and failing, to explain what happened in the maze.

He looked at Nikolai who nodded once. "Alright, little one, go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." Almost immediately the child fell asleep.

"He's safe to be picked up and moved," Nikolai said as they all stepped back. "There are, surprisingly, no major injuries on his back. His right arm is broken in 3 places as well as his right collarbone, but he'll be okay until we get back to the castle. He's battered around a bit, but his ears have managed to be okay."

"We all cast charms and covered them to protect his ears," Fleur said softly. "The first cannon shot hurt them so we took extra precautions to keep them protected."

"It saved him from temporary hearing loss at the very least," Nikolai said as he levitated the small boy into his father's arms gently. "Apparate him back to the school and take him down to your quarters, I'll follow shortly."

"Severus, what about Albus? Bill's friend's results came back."

"Bill and Charlie can go in my place."

"Cedric, Amos, would you be willing to take Pettigrew back with me and see to getting him a trial set up? Cedric, we'll need your memories of your time here in order to do so," Amelia told the Diggory boys.

They agreed.

"Alright, we'll meet back up in my quarters. Just come when you get in, rooms will be set up for everyone," Severus told everyone. "Nikolai, when you finish with what you need to do, I would appreciate it if you could check on Harry again."

"I will be down as soon as I can."

He nodded and Apparated back to the school, taking back ways into the castle to avoid the crowds. Severus entered his own room and lay his son on his bed, after spelling the covers impenetrable from the grime. He began to speak quietly to his unconscious child as he undressed him carefully before cleaning the cuts and bruises, applying creams to heal the bruises and disinfectants to the bruises, wrapping them in gauze instead of healing them completely, knowing he couldn't overload magic in his system.

"I was terrified for you, little one. From the second you entered the maze, I was scared. I couldn't see you. You've been by my side nearly every day for the last 8 months so the few hours we were apart, especially due to the nature of the task, you made me nervous. I trust your abilities, but I don't trust those in charge of the tournament.

"For good reason, too, it turns out. Mad-Eye Moody, the defense instructor this year, was an impostor. He was the one to charm the cup to be a Portkey. He was really Barty Crouch, Jr. Amelia had her Aurors capture him when he started getting fidgety about an hour in, he didn't have his flask, some kid had stolen it from him. He was using Polyjuice.

"Just after you entered the maze, Bill's friend showed up. We were right. Dumbledore was the one who put the blocks on you when you were little. He knew what was going on at the Dursleys but wanted you broken in order to be able to mold you into his own pawn for when Voldemort returned. Before we left, Amelia had 4 of her Aurors take Dumbledore into custody on charges of Child Endangerment, Neglect, Misuse of Power, Magic on a Minor, and Black Magic. He has been removed from his spot in the Wizengamot and she already has sent in the paperwork to have him removed from the IWC.

"I'm very proud of you, you know. You handled yourself very well and used what you had learned. It probably made all the difference in the world. I'm sure you were your usual impulsive self, but I really didn't expect anything less than that. I'm sure the other 3 kept you in line at least a little. All your injuries are from the explosion from what I can tell, which means you weren't hurt in the maze, at least too badly." He sighed and kissed the boy's head firmly. "Soon, little one, everything will be safe for you to just be a child."

Gently he dressed the child in pajama bottoms, leaving him shirtless for the healer to check his back and the broken bones. He summoned the desk chair over and sat heavily in it as he watched his child sleep.

It was nearly an hour later before the others began showing up. Severus could hear them in the living room, but didn't move, knowing the champions knew their way around and were at ease in his quarters. Shortly after, Nikolai came in. "How is he doing?"

"He is asleep, he was only conscious for about a minute about half an hour ago." He helped roll his son onto his left side so the Healer could look at his back and heal him up,.

They were quiet for a few minutes as he healed his back. "There is surprisingly little permanent damage. He may have a few small scars from where the rocks cut jaggedly and deep, but other than that, his back seems alright." He waved his wand over it. "His magic healed him as Viktor and Cedric had moved the rocks." He looked more closely. "There is nothing out of place. I still am amazed at how proficient his magic is at healing." He set the bones and stabilized them with a sling that would keep his arm clean, warm, and dry for a week until his arm was completely healed. Shortly after, Nikolai left, informing Severus he would tell the others they would talk in the morning. Severus changed into pajamas then slid into the bed next to his son, who immediately scoot closer, searching for the warmth Severus provided in the cool dungeons.

It wasn't until the next morning near 10 that they all had gathered for brunch at the enlarged table in the kitchen, none wanting to join the massacre that would be the Great Hall this early in the morning. "Amos, what happened at the Ministry last night?"

"Pettigrew was immediately given Veritiserum and Sirius Black has been pardoned. He's at St. Mungo's for the next few months, on the Ministry's sickle, to combat the effects of the Dementors. Dumbledore is in a holding cell on the island with 24 hour Dementor watch with magic binding cuffs on both his ankles and wrists as well as a collar. His trial is set for next week, but the Healers don't expect him to live much more than a month without his magic and with the effects of the Dementors."

"I spoke with Amelia Bones," Nikolai said. "She has had the Muggle authorities arrest the Dursleys. She knows the chief in the area and passed all the information on to them. He promised that, with the evidence, Harry will never have to testify. He does not have to go to their trials if he doesn't want to."

Severus squeezed his son's hand. 'We'll talk about it later,' he said mentally to the child who had begun to shake.

Cedric spoke next. "I spoke with some of the Aurors and Unspeakables while Dad was dealing with Wormtail. They ran tests. Voldemort, as far as they can tell, is officially gone."

Severus lifted his sleeve. The Dark Mark was completely gone. "He is. Our world is finally free."