This is a story I've been writing on and off for a few years now. I haven't gotten far, only seven chapters.

I have a better idea for the solid direction this story will be taking so I think I will be updating pretty regularly. Hopefully.

Also, when I picture this story, just like any of my stories, I imagine it as very serious and real life-like. For example, imagine a koopa but like one of those realism paintings you might find on a fan art website. I picture most of my stuff along those lines instead of the goofy childish representations of the official stories.

I can't believe that I accidentally deleted chapter 12 of "Mlaatr: Maverick Hunter X." I'm likely going to have to rewrite it if I can't find an old copy of it anywhere. That's easier said than done to recall a whole chapter written over a year ago. That's why I'm going to go ahead and release the first few chapters of this story now so you guys won't think I left you hanging.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story.

Somewhere, in an old abandoned mansion, a secret meeting was being held. The ones holding the meeting was a race of people who were usually avoided and secluded anyway, but on this occasion, they specifically wanted this particular meeting to be as secret as possible. These people were basically ghosts called Boos.

The deepest basement level was where the meeting was actually being held. In this particular mansion, the basement was anything but small and cramped. It was actually quite large. A very long table was set up in the middle of the floor and many Boos from all over the world sat at the table with worried expressions on their faces.

Keep in mind that there are millions of Boos all over the world, so only forty Boos were selected to attend this meeting. Out of the forty major Boo districts, one Boo is selected to be a representative of the Boos in that region. Neither of them necessarily held any real political power and neither of them were necessarily considered leaders either. They were merely representatives, but in case such a meeting should ever be held, these Boos' other role would be to return with any new information and let the other Boos in that region know what took place in that meeting. Also keep in mind that Boos are usually never particularly worried about anything since they are already dead, so such meetings rarely take place.

There was one seat still empty as they waited for the last representative to arrive. A sigh of relief came from most of the Boos when they could finally sense the presence of the final representative's arrival. About a minute later, the representative was seen making her way down the stairs.

"You're late Bow," One of the representatives said in an irritated tone.

She received the same irritated glance from the rest of the Boos.

"That's Lady Bow to you," Bow said in a snobbish tone as she made her way over to her seat.

"As to exactly why they chose that arrogant snob to be their representative is a mystery I will probably never solve. The way she waves that damned fan, as if she's still the queen that she once was. She should let that go. It's ancient history now," The same Boo thought to himself.

The others regained their more calm composures and prepared to begin the meeting. There were several already lit candles sitting on the table in a straight line with markings in a language that only Boos can understand written on the table around each candle. There was a space for a candle in the middle of the line, but the candle wasn't there. One of the Boos placed an unusual looking candle in the vacant space. This one was no larger than the other candles, but its appearance was very odd and would probably startle other beings if they saw it.

All of the Boos held out their hands, palms facing upwards, and each formed a small ball of fire. They all then simultaneously sent the balls of fire towards the middle candle and the candle finally lit. The strange candle's flame was a dark purple color. A few seconds later, the markings on the table lit up and the other candle's flames also turned purple. The bright light these candles created changed the overall appearance of the room. Before this, the room had a dark gloomy feel to it, but the room was now bright and lively. The purple light became bright and yellow and made the room seem as though yellow sun light were pouring in through the windows, even though there weren't any actual windows in the basement. The Boos' appearance's changed from their usual rounded mostly featureless body shapes into the shapes they were in when they were still alive. If a living person were to walk into the basement at that moment, they wouldn't be able to tell that these people were actually Boos.

"So, why was this meeting scheduled in the first place? This was a bad time for me. I don't like cancelling plans," Bow said irritated.

"Do you really mean to say that you are the only Boo in the world that hasn't noticed the imbalance?" A tall man dressed like a judge asked.

"Of course I noticed it. I would have to be completely insane not to. I just don't see why everyone thinks it's so serious. I was hoping everyone would simply ignore it," Bow explained.

Despite her rude and snobbish demeanor, both male and female Boos thought Bow's appearance was absolutely stunning. Her skin seemed completely flawless. Her long lime green hair matched her eyes perfectly. Her dress was a beautiful rich dark green with thin lime green designs in certain locations with red buttons that matched the red in the bows in her hair. Her gloves were a creamy white also with thin lime green designs all over them, but with bright red and yellow bands around her wrists that matched the bows. She also wore bright red lip stick.

To say that she indeed looked like a queen was no understatement. To say that she actually was a queen, well, that would be an understatement, in a way. She wasn't actually a queen. She was the wife of an extremely wealthy businessman from long ago. When her husband died, she inherited all of the wealth and continued his work. At the time, she was at least twice as wealthy as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, is today. Technically, that made her more powerful than most kings throughout history. She held onto that power for only three and a half years before she met her end as well.

"If you had simply ignored imbalances in your wealth when you were still alive, those imbalances could very well have ruined you financially. I'm sure you were aware of that back then, weren't you?" Another man dressed as a tax collector asked.

"Fine, you made your point. So, has anyone been able to find out any details on this disturbance?" Bow asked.

"From what we've gathered so far, it seems as though someone is behind this, and that it's not just some sort of natural anomaly. However, we still can't be sure yet. That's just the way it seems so far," An older woman dressed like an ordinary house wife said.

"The purpose of this meeting, the reason that I called you all here, is to discuss how we are to prepare ourselves in case it turns into a catastrophe," A man dressed like the general of a medieval army said.

"Why should we have to worry anyway? We're Boos now. We're already dead. How could we even be seriously affected by any of this?" A man dressed as a king asked.

"It is true that we don't know the answer to that question yet, but this imbalance is unlike anything we've sensed before. Not one Boo or anyone else who has sensed it can recognize it. What we do know though is that there are several experts that think that it's quite possible that even Boos or possibly even Phantos could be affected by all this. Some people are already trying to devise ways to prepare ourselves for this event even though they're not sure when or if it is even going to take place. The point is that a lot of us are now convinced that we cannot afford to sit idly by and wait to see what happens. That's how my army lost the war long ago, and I do not wish to see that happen to everyone now," The general said.

As the others continued to talk, Bow thought to herself "This means that the remainder of this meeting is going to consist of us discussing the particulars of what to do about all of this. This is going to be a very long one, and very boring as well. It's really too bad that only a third of them know that Mario even exists, otherwise they would've probably suggested contacting him first. I'm the only one that actually met him and knows of his capabilities first hand. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I've seen him. Maybe I should visit that handsome little man soon."