hello peoples! this is my second oneshot, and also the shortest thing i've ever published on this site. YAY ME! anyways, i just watched the movie Cujo earlier this afternoon, and , although i liked the movie, i found myself feeling sorrier for Cujo then for Donna and Tad. now don't get me wrong, I'm glad they weren't killed and were able to finally be rid of Cujo, but i felt really sorry for the poor dog. after all, it wasn't his fault that he got rabies! but I'm sort of getting off track here. after i saw the move, i just had to post a story for it, or, in this case, a oneshot. if you guys like this, and if you want me to, then maybe I'll write a full story for Cujo. but for now let's just see where this oneshot goes, and i really hope you like it. and i must say that, even though I'm writing a Nightmare on Elm Street story, i fell that this is somewhat one of the darker, more psychological things that I've written. well, enough of my rambling, let's get to the story... or oneshot, whatever you want to call it.

DISCLAIMER: i do not own Cujo or any of it's characters. i only own Julie

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NOTE: oh, and i might as well menton, although i think it's obvious, that, in this case, Cujo didn't die in the end, as this takes place a few weeks after the movie's events


Uncontrollable, rampaging madness was what drove the once lovable, timid Saint Bernard on his murderous rampage. Anger flooded through his veins as he rammed his body into the side of the Pinto over and over, trying to get to the helpless woman and child. Cujo was not in his right frame of mind, the venom from the bat bite consuming his mind, his consciousness, his entire being.

The madness was uncontrollable, and the thirst for blood insatiable. All he wanted was blood, to kill until he was the only living creature left. He would never be satisfied, his madness incurable. He wanted blood, wanted to kill, and anyone who came near his territory was fair game. There was no reason, no logic, only madness, madness that could never be understood, never controlled.

Cujo was an unstoppable force, a force of evil and darkness. Cujo was unlike any other rabid dog. Most other rabid dogs were cured of their rabies by the means of shots from veterinarians by means of Post-exposure prophylaxis. But alas, Cujo could never be cured. He would forever roam mad, forever possessed by a blood lust.

Not long after Donna and Tad escaped the beast, a kind, timid young girl named Julie was walking by the Camber house and was attacked by Cujo. She managed to hobble into the house and tried desperately to use the phone to call a vet, wanting to help the, "poor beast", as she called Cujo. But before she could get to the phone, Cujo was in the house and on top of her, immediately killing her, succumbing, temporarily, to his blood lust, his want, his need to kill.

Cujo can never be stopped, never be satisfied, and above all, he can never be helped, never cured of the madness and blind fury that consumes him. he would forever be a beast enveloped with nothing but...