Wesley groggily tried to make himself more comfortable in his bed, but when his arm brushed against another warm body he jumped. His eyes flew open as he shoved the woman sleeping next to him out of the bed. She fell face down on the floor as he reached for the gun under his pillow.

"Get up right now before I shoot you."

"Wes? What the hell am I doing here?" The woman was clearly confused as struggled to get up off of Wes's bedroom floor.

"Lilah?" Wesley couldn't believe the love of his life was standing before him. The love of his life that happened to be dead, but had somehow ended up in his bed. Her dark brown hair was messy, but was still beautiful with curled ends. He smiled at her familiar red nightie that she had worn when he realized he truly loved her. Wes's eyes then seemed to register the small but noticeable bulge at Lilah's stomach.

"Lilah, would you care to talk about the alien creature growing in you." Wesley saw all the color drain from her face as she looked down.

"What the hell did you do to me Wesley?" He could tell she was trying to be tough, but she seemed to be out of it, like she was waking up from a coma. He quickly got out of the bed, and took her hand as he helped her to the bed. She quickly jerked her hand away as she sat on the edge.

"Lilah, I know you are upset, but you need to tell me the last thing you remember. Do you remember how you got here? Do you remember leaving Hell?"

"The last thing I remember was being called into the senior partners' office. It's fuzzy, okay? They said something about how I could be a lot of use to them for the ultimate goal."

"The apocalypse, of course." Wesley grumbled at this revelation.

"They said I would be better use here because I would ignite it somehow. I had no idea what they were talking about." Lilah's eyes widened as she had just remembered the most important thing. "They told me I was released from the contract. They said I would be returned to the living world as I should have been if I wouldn't have died. I must have gotten pregnant the last time we were together. "

"The night you-The night I lost you." Wesley whispered. Leaving her with Cordy had been the thing he thought he was going to regret his entire life.

"Heard you almost died to." Lilah smiled the sexy smile Wesley loved with all his heart.

"Right. Well, luckily Fred and I have friends in high places. We were saved somehow. Wait, Lilah do you think that had anything to do with-?"

"Damn, this is all the senior partners doing. You and Fred must be part of this thing too." Wesley noticed Lilah didn't look at him when she spoke Fred's name. He realized he had never really told her he had never truly loved Fred. For a few moments the only sound that filled the air was the LA traffic. He noticed as she absent mindedly rubbed her neck and the look in her eyes when she realized she couldn't feel any scar.

"So," He paused unsure of what to say "a baby." Wesley knew how stupid and awkward it sounded as soon as it came out.

"Wesley, don't get too involved in this. No use in getting attached to something you can't have." Lilah was the same confident self Wesley remembered. However beneath that he saw the look fear he had seen so rarely.

"Come with me Lilah. We have some places we need to go."