So yep, final chapter. Very short I know but it's what I came up with. It's been fun folks, and I would highly encourage any Lilah/Wes fans reading this to write some Lilah/Wes fanfic of their own. There is not nearly enough out there.

Lilah was getting out a file from her drawer when there was a knock at her door. Distracted by the file in her hand, and completely ingrossesed in her thoughts, she waved in whoever was at the door with her free hand.

"Come in but do not waste my time." She sighed, expecting yet another helpless intern with yet another question on a case.

"I have someone here who was hoping you could spare a little time for lunch." Lilah heard Wesley's voice say and she immediately looked up. Wesley was smiling at her while holding their gorgeous six month old Charlotte. Lilah smiled back and quickly got up to hold her daughter.

"Hi beautiful. Mommy was missing you." She murmured to the baby as she rocked her in her arms. Still smiling, she turned to Wes. "I wasn't expecting a visit today."

"Charlotte thought you deserved a surprise." Wesley laughed, admiring his girls. Lilah had taken very much naturally to being a mother. Of course there were times when Lilah tried to negotiate with Charlotte like she was another lawyer. There had been many times he had awoken to Lilah trying very hard to make deals with their crying daughter.

"Did she now? That was very considerate of her." Lilah chuckled. "I suppose I could spare an hour for lunch."

"Perfect." Wesley began to lead them out of the office when Charlotte began to cry.

"You didn't forget to feed her did you Wesley?" Lilah asked, arching her brow in a look of distrust. She knew it was right about the time Charlotte usually liked to have a bottle, and despite Wesley being a great father, she couldn't help but worry sometimes.

"Of course I didn't," Wesley sighed, "but you know how she can be. She acts as if she is full and twenty minutes later she wants to be fed again."

"Calm down Lover," Lilah sighed. "I'll nurse her and you can look over one of my case files. Something doesn't seem right about it, but I want a second opinion before I bring it up to the partners."

"Trusting me with your work now?" Wesley asked. "I wouldn't have expected that out of you Lilah."

"Come on Wes," Lilah smirked while she began to nurse Charlotte in her chair, "you should know by know never to underestimate me."

"Yes, I suppose you're right." He smiled and Lilah handed him the file from her desk. He couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as he watched Lilah gaze at their daughter. He wasn't sure who or what his little girl was going to grow up to be. He hoped that she wouldn't ever have the anger or sadness Lilah had had in her heard. In that way he hoped Charlotte would never be like Lilah. But he did want her to have Lilah's drive, passion, intelligence, wit, and poise. Most of all, her wanted his little girl to be happy, and he knew he and Lilah would do whatever they needed to do to make that possible.